Maybe I'm tired of school and all the stupid hoops they make you jump through.  Either way, it's rant time.

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I Must Rant

Jun. 9th, 2010 02:30 pm
And it's all due to my own scatterbrained stupidity -_-'  But in the interest of not spoiling your day, the following will be placed under a cut so you can continue with your sunshine-and-lollipops day, if you so choose (but if you're really curious of what's got me so uptight, then consider yourself warned).

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PPS - Cutting through my rantings and general frustration with life (and so you don't think that my life is a total crap-sandwich), I found the first(ish) episode of "Doctor Who" online (the first one with Christopher Eccleston - which confused the heck out of me because I thought David Tennant was the main guy.  But then, Wikipedia obliged with an explanation of the Doctor's regeneration and what-have-you and I was satisfied).  Anyway, I quite liked what I saw and I have since set my DVR to record "Doctor Who" because I'm not a fan of watching shows online with Chinese subtitles.  I figure since "24" has ended and "Heroes" is set to end and "CSI" has jumped the shark, I guess I need something new to fangirl over (and none of network TV's summer offerings look that great - then again, do they ever?).  S'pose I should find some "Doctor Who" iconage to go along with it (yay!  Something happy to look forward to!!)
Friday night.... nothing to do.... no one to do anything with...  Well, what do I expect the day after I move into a new place?  Oh well, I'll probably be pretty busy come Monday when I start working (moneymoneymoneymoney)

Been spending the day on the internet since we don't have TV (Comcast is a whore) and I have found a new toy.  It's called TV Links, which is kinda like YouTube except they haven't been raping their own site.  My sister introduced me to it since there isn't much else to do.  They have pretty much everything you could ever want - 24, Heroes, Reba, Animaniacs - the list goes on.  It's divided into categories: TV Shows, Cartoons, Movies, Music Videos, Anime (except the only anime they have is dubbed, which I know isn't some people's cup of tea).  Some of the links are bad, though, and you just have to curb your disappointment and find something else.  But if you have an afternoon to waste, I'd recommend spending some time there and bookmarking anything you think you'd like.

Speaking of the whore that is YouTube, I was unpleasantly surprised to find that the user that I've been watching Tokyo Mew Mew from has been having his/her TMM episodes slowly deleted.  I suppose this is all because of that retarded mass purge I've been hearing about.  Friends, I have only a few things to say about that: This is the age of the Internet.  People are going to find free copies of whatever they want, if they are resourceful and determined enough and have access to the right equipment (which, even that isn't hard to find).  If YouTube thinks it's going to curb piracy by deleting all the anime-related videos on the site, they are smoking some pretty potent stuff.  I just went and found a BitTorrent that had all the Tokyo Mew Mew episodes (and I was directed there by the YouTube user that had them up there in the first place).

Thank You and The End.

Love from,
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