This is just a fun commercial and I think it deserves to be spread far and wide.

Super Bowl goodness - yay!  I enjoyed myself.  It helped that I didn't care who won (and I didn't notice Christina Aguliera (however you spell her name) flubbing the National Anthem - maybe I'm bad American or something... Honestly, after all the pre-game festivities and what-have-you, I was ready to get going with the game).  The ads were okay.  Nothing really stood out - it was all Super Bowl quality stuff (really, I think the only way a Super Bowl ad could get noticed is if it were your basic run-of-the-mill regular season ad.  I could have done without all the shameless Glee promos, though.  Seriously - I do not understand the draw of that show.  Is it just the music?  Because the characters are so... WB (or CW, if you like).  Really, since "24" was canceled, I don't watch Fox TV shows anymore.  They all just seem so shallow and pointless (that being said - I probably would enjoy "House" just because Hugh Laurie is amazingly funny and sarcastic, but I'm not much for squicky medical dramas).

What else - had a great class weekend.  Lots of things got done - I feel really good about my chosen field (which, a year into my master's program, is a very good thing).  My adviser is working on finding a library to host me in my practicum this summer, which is exciting.  I'm going to the Utah Library Association conference in May and I can't wait!  But this is a really good story - I was going to ask my classmates if any of them wanted to go in on a hotel room, just to make the cost more reasonable (I'm poor and a little bit cheap at the moment) and three people offered to have me stay at their houses!  Plus, there's one lady who's a substitute for the Salt Lake County Library, which would be a great entry-level way for me to eventually get a full-time job.  I asked her how she got on there and she told me (she's got kids at home, so she's not going to be doing full-time stuff anytime soon) - then, she said that if a position opened up, I could use her as a reference!  I've got some really great classmates. :)

Also - some of my students might go do Region Drama competition in April, which I sort of volunteered to be their coach (still knowing next-to-nothing about drama - beyond having participated in one drama competition when I was in high school, plus directing the Christmas play).  It'll be fun... but piled on top of everything else I'm doing this semester (did I also mention I'm planning a baby shower for my sister in May? - yeah, we'll see how my sanity holds up.  But really, I'd rather be busy than bored out of my skull like I was last summer.  Last summer was pretty crappy (other than being introduced to a certain science-fiction series we all know and love - oh, guess what!  I got a TARDIS USB hub from ThinkGeek! It's sitting on my desk now looking so awesome and I love it!)

Last week I also got released from the Relief Society presidency.  They didn't have us in for too long, but the other counselor went on a mission and the secretary's getting ready to go and the president's been having family issues she's dealing with... which meant I was more or less running the branch Relief Society for two months.  I didn't mind - but I live clear in the heck far away from the rest of the branch, which was really hard for me to do anything.  So, the branch presidency reorganized the Relief Society and I am currently without a calling.  Well, that's not entirely true - I was told they have something for me to do, but nothing's official yet.  Stay tuned for further updates.

I have so much homework to do... except I have at least two teeth that are giving me so much pain and anguish right now.  I have a dentist appointment in a few weeks (after I get paid and have a day off from work), until then, Motrin is my friend.  I'm just lucky this goes in spurts - I won't feel anything for a while, then it'll just start this shooting pain through my head and giving me a headache.  Oy...
Went up north today with my mom and dad for some late-minute Christmas shopping and to deliver a few items.  My shopping was done, but any excuse to visit the Gateway is fine with me! ^_^  There was a mother in Bath and Body Works that I had to feel sorry for - but at the same time, i was very grateful that I was not her.  She had two boys (okay, what possesses you to take your two seven- or eight-year-old boys into BBW?) and they kept fighting over who got the blue or green hand sanitizer with what kind of reindeer on it.  The clerk was trying to find the boys what they wanted, but they were beyond negotiations.  It's moments like this that make me glad I don't have children.

Speaking of having children - shopping with my sister on Monday wasn't too bad.  I think pregnancy has given her a sense of humor.  Mostly I let her and my mom talk about baby-birthing-stuff, which I have little-to-zero interest in.  Personally, I think babies are much more fun once they're born (without even considering the fact that they aren't mine).

We got snowed on yesterday, but it was basically just glorified slush and it turned into rain today.  I'm almost scared to go back out to the ranch because my bedroom's probably flooded - though we called out there and found out that the precipitation was still snow, so maybe I've been granted a reprieve?  The only thing I know is that when it rains and rains and rains, my bedroom floods.  Snow is okay - even when it melts, it doesn't flood.  I should ask someone to go check on it, but I'm almost thinking ignorance is bliss.  At least for now.

While the fall semester has ended, my graduate cohort decided to get together on Facebook and have a Christmas reading group until school starts up again.  Someone chose "Dune" by Frank Herbert, which I've never read.  Luckily, the high school library had it, so I've been reading that and it's pretty good so far.  I'm partway through the second section and it's finally getting exciting.  The first part was kind of boring, but I blame all the necessary exposition.  I know there was a miniseries of this book some time ago, so maybe after I'm done with this, I'll hunt that down (after the great "Doctor Who" rewatch of Christmas 2010 - my little cousins are nearly done with Series 5.  I told them they couldn't see the Christmas special until they'd finished).

The Utah-Boise State bowl game is tonight, which should be exciting.  For the sake of my Utes, I hope so - the radio analysts kept predicting a Boise State blowout.  But I've learned that sports analysts know pretty much nothing about games that they comment on.  In fact, if you go back and listen to the pre-game commentary after the game, they sound pretty stupid.  Honestly, I think anyone that can at least fake a cocky-locker-room-jock attitude can comment on sports - there's no magic formula to that job.

That's about it for me tonight - I'm just ready for some nice Christmas relaxation.
But before I get to that, I have to lament for a while.  If you'd like, feel free to skip and proceed on to my sports ramblings.

- Today was crap.  The power must have blipped off in the night because when I woke up, my alarm clock was flashing some ridiculous middle-of-the-night time, even though it was nice and sunny outside.  I checked my watch to see that it was 8:20 and I have to leave the house by 8:00 to get to work on time.  Consequently, I was late and stressed when I got to work (I called before I left to tell them I was running late and it wasn't a big deal that I was).  So, I wound up being uptight and edgy all day - which is not a good combination when one of your more lippy students is also uptight and edgy (said lippy student is also one of my best students, with regards to her schoolwork, so I can't really get after her too much.  Unless her attitude really sets me off - which she did today).  All in all, I was glad to get off work and come home for a nice weekend in which I can blow off steam through watching football (Utah vs. TCU tomorrow - this should be good.  It'll be even better if Utah wins - please?  I've been a good girl, Santa!)

- Some fandom joy - I love watching Doctor Who with my younger cousins.  The little girl, H, is eating this up.  We just finished "Human Nature"/"The Family of Blood," which is one of my favorites and I think H liked it too.  But she's excited that Captain Jack is coming back soon (one of the episode-ending trailers had a scene from "Utopia" with Captain Jack running to the TARDIS in Cardiff and H went nuts).

But I feel kind of bad, though.  I had been watching Classic!Who, but I got bogged down in the middle of season 3.  After Vicki left, I just don't really care about the First Doctor's era anymore (sad, but true).  I'm thinking I should just skip ahead to the Doctor's first regeneration, but then again, I don't want to miss anything important.  Then again (again)... the [ profile] doctorwho  comm has rehashed the topic of Classic!Who over and over ad nauseum and there seems to be a consensus that skipping to the Patrick Troughton era would be a perfectly acceptable thing to do in this case.

- Okay - here's a link to my sports post on my Blogspot blog.  It's about an article from this week's Sports Illustrated about Utah and being ranked in the BCS and playing TCU this weekend.  It also touches on the Utah-byu rivalry (I never put byu in capital letters on principal - it's a long story), which, coming from someone who isn't from Utah and who isn't LDS, it's quite a fair look at why the rivalry is the way it is (may I venture to say that some byu fans could take a lesson here?)  Anyway, I liked it and I felt the need to add my two cents.

- Oh and this from Facebook:
  1. Go to Google Maps
  2. Click on "Get directions"
  3. Type "Japan" as the start location
  4. Type "China" as the end location
  5. Go to direction #43
  6. Laugh
Too funny ^_^
Second term has begun and I love that my students are realizing that we only have a month in which to practice our play (a month, moreover, that loses half a week because of Thanksgiving break). So, we've decided to take a half hour every day out of our third period class and quickly practice a scene or work out something with sets.

Also, in regards to Monday Night Football last night - I love how everyone's ready to bail off the Colts bandwagon at the first sign of "trouble" (like, losing to the Texans in week 1) and say how they're washed up and they have all these injuries and Peyton Manning isn't that great... and then the Colts still win in prime time. Thus proving that all the analysts and pundits really have no idea what they're talking about. The most entertaining thing to do: DVR any of the Sunday NFL pregame shows and watch their predictions and picks after the games have been played, just to see how totally off-base they were (and to further prove that nothing in professional football is ever settled - even when you know the Raiders and the Lions are going to lose... sometimes, they still win). This could be an example of the pot calling the kettle black, of course, seeing as how I make my own picks every week - but I can't resist a little ribbing of the guys in the studios (probably why I enjoy watching Frank Caliendo's picks on Fox every week).

I figured out how to use my webcam and it's pretty fun.  I spent a half an hour just talking about things I think about (sort of how I blog) and I think this is a good way to keep a "journal" - it doesn't have to be a pen-and-paper sort of thing.  Just turn on your webcam and record yourself talking about stuff.  Hopefully in 50-60 years when my grand-nieces and nephews find it and want to watch it, the video file will somehow be compatible with whatever video-viewing capabilities they'll have, but it's entertaining to say the least.

Oh, and it's Election Day today. Rather than launch into my own brand of punditry (which would take all day and just raise my blood pressure and I actually have a project due tonight that I need to work on), I'm going to just say this: payback's a bitch.

Now sit back and watch the drama unfold (pass the popcorn, please).
Yay! Sports news that has nothing to do with South Africa!!! (a rarity this summer)

It's officially official!  The Utes are saying so long to the Mountain West Conference and saying hello to the PAC-10 (soon to be PAC-12, I'm sure).  This is exciting for a number of reasons, which I shall now enumerate:

1. The Utes can now be recognized as legitimate contenders in the BCS.  Not that they weren't legitimate contenders before, but since the "My crap don't stink" nitwits from the BCS refuse to let anyone get in the way of Ohio State or USC or Florida's red-carpeted road as perennial champions, this is the best for the Utes in terms of ever being able to pull off a national championship.  By way of the Boise State-TCU Fiesta/Baby-Sitters Bowl, the BCS has shown that they're never, ever, ever, ever, EVER going to let the "small fry" teams in, no matter how badly they beat Michigan State (and with USC out of contention in postseason play because of suspension from the NCAA, this is akin to the news of Michael Jordan's retirement after the second Bulls-Jazz NBA Finals.  But this time, there's not a lockout to screw with veteran players' health, thus thwarting any chance the Jazz had at the title).    Like they say, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

(By the way, I've been waiting my whole life for a Utah-based team to come away with a national title and so far, I've been given the finger by The Greater Cosmos(tm).  The Jazz had their shots in the '90s, as did the Utes basketball team, but we've always had to settle for second place and it gets pretty tiresome.  I do take great pride in the Fiesta and Sugar Bowl victories, but I want that darn national championship!!  Real Salt Lake's soccer title doesn't count because (a) the game ended in a tie and they won the shoot-out, which is like deciding a World War II on a game of horseshoes (b) if the whole of the European continent says I must love soccer simply because the rest of the world loves soccer, that is immediate grounds for me to hate soccer with a passion unbridled)

2. No more listening to The mtn!!! Or, as I like to call it - Sports Broadcast School Rejects.  It's like they got the UNLV student journalism class to run that stupid station (yes, Otis, I'm sure it looks good on your resume, but I want my football game, dammit!)  If have to listen to them interview the football coach from Timpview High School while the Utes are running a pick-six on BYU one more time, I'm going to slit my wrists with a rusty spoon.

3. Speaking of the Zoo... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! You guys had this wonderful season, even beating the Utes in the grand finale (thank you Maxie-poo) - and YOU GOT SNUBBED!!  The BCS never even sneezed in your direction and the Utes got in twice!  And won - twice!!  And now the Utes are one step closer than you've ever dreamed of being! (your 1984 "title" doesn't count - that was pre-BCS.  In fact, I'm willing to bet it's your fault we have to deal with all this crap).  I think I speak for all Ute fans when I say - See what clean living does for ya?

Enjoy your continued success against UNLV and Wyoming.  No, really, I mean that with all sincerity (it's amazing I can say all that with a straight face ^_^)

Also - Brad Rock chimes in on the news.  I knew he would.  And he's almost as giddy as I am (with a touch more professionalism - eh, whatever).
I'm back from my class weekend - new semester, new instructor, new set of rules to get use to, but I love it.  Oh, and two EXTREMELY funny YouTube videos that were shown in class (and I'm too lazy to embed them, so just hit the links)

Improv at the New York Public Library: here

The Gen Y Guy: here  (this one, I have to say - I am 25 and I write in cursive, I would rather handwrite a note, and with text messaging, I spell everything out AND I use commas.  Just goes to show that generations are NOT exclusively exclusive... yeah... anyway... )

It's going to be a good semester.  Oh, and I found "Enchantment" by Orson Scott Card at Barnes and Noble (I rarely have a class weekend where I don't find the siren of B&N calling me over to spend money I don't have during my Saturday lunch break - luckily, this particular volume was rather affordable).  It came HIGHLY recommended (as in [ profile] narniadear  insisted I put it up at the top of her list of books for me to read, so I'm going to take her advice), so I'm excited to read it.  I also found "Iron Man" at Wal-Mart for a reasonable price, so I used my birthday money to buy that DVD, which I will watch and then go see "Iron Man 2" while it's still in theaters.

Also, somewhere along the line of driving home from class this weekend, I launched into a monologue about the Arizona immigration law and some of the arguments people have made against it.  I was in the car talking to myself (yes, I am that nuts) and just gave the whole speech as though I was in front of a big crowd of supporters (or non-supporters) of the law.  I felt a lot like Julia Sugarbaker when I was formulating it, actually (thank you for introducing me to Miss Sugarbaker).  It went in some interesting directions and if I can get the whole gist of it into print, I think I might post it.  I'm sure my flist can guess where I stand on it, but my answer of why I feel that way may surprise you.  But I'm in too good of a mood to post it right now.  Maybe tomorrow.

And I think I've got my mom convinced to go back to school.  She has her associate's degree and we kids are more or less raised (the youngest two are in high school, but it's not like they need constant attention like when they were babies) and I've thought for years that she should go back and finish her degree.  So, that's going to be my next project is helping my mom get through school (she can do it - she just needs to have the confidence to actually do it.  Maybe that's a trait of many adults going back to school later in life?)

OH - and I keep forgetting - I got "The Blind Side" on DVD for my birthday and it is EXCELLENT!!  I'm a little upset at myself for not seeing in theaters, but whatever.  I think if your'e looking for a happy, upbeat, feel-good movie, that is a good one to see.  If you know next to nothing about football, the movie explains everything you'd need to know for the purposes of the story so that's not an excuse.  Sandra Bullock is one of the actresses I like to see and she's fantastic and the kid who play Michael Oher is really cool too and SJ is a hoot (he's the younger brother).  You know what, I just LOVED this movie!!  And I think everyone else should see it and love it too! (but decide for yourself).

That's my weekend updates.  I have a lot of stuff going on, so that's why things have been so scattered lately.  Hopefully things will start to calm down at some point and I can post more directed subjects and not just "What I Did Today" kind of stuff (the final "24" Rehash EVAR! will be on time, don't worry about that - not like you were, but you know...)
Okay, so the NFL Draft is tonight and while I'm not a big fan of actually watching the Draft on TV (it's slower than crap and boring as hell) , I do have to give a nod to my mom's Rams having the #1 pick.  And it's nice to see Chris Berman and Steve Young back on ESPN again.  What can I say?  I'm a sucker for any off-season football moments I can find.

Here's to the Class of 2010 - I hope the Rams get somebody good and that everyone's NFL dreams come true (with a few exceptions, but you know who they are).
This made me happy: Eli Manning refuses to take money from a hospital that's going broke.

I'm glad to see that Yahoo Sports doesn't just follow the gangsta divas and actually gives a hat-tip to a really classy guy doing a really classy thing.  I love Eli Manning. :D

And poo to the jerk in the article that says that it's probably Eli's fault the hospital's in trouble in the first place - or however it put it, check the link.  Like it says - he probably didn't know that the hospital was in financial trouble when they first paid him.  Honestly, I'm not sure that many NFL players would have done as much as Eli did and is still doing - he's going to do some more marketing for them for free as well.  So, don't give me that BS that he shouldn't have taken the money in the first place.

Sigh... we can't have a positive story without throwing around some controversy.  Eh, morons.

I still love Eli.
Thus beginneth the weekend to end all weekends!  Since I have class all weekend, I have to post this now.  And I am quite pleased with the Super Bowl this year.  As I've said before, I was pulling for a Saints-Colts Super Bowl when they were both going undefeated (and I spit in the general direction of the Cowboys for ruining that - oh well, they're all sitting at home with a bowl of Cheetos this weekend anyway).  I have to say - it's much more fun to cheer for someone rather than cheering against a team you despise.  In 2008, I was pulling for the Giants to win because I hate the Patriots - but that performance gained the Giants another big fan.

And I'm also happy that the Colts are playing the Saints.  Honestly, I would not be too upset if the Saints did win, other than they would beat my team to do it.  And I'm glad we don't have any big scandal or controversy to deal with either or no drama-queen thugs running their mouths off (Chad 85 from Cincinnati, Terrell Owens from Buffalo - those kinds of idiots.  I guess that's why they had to drum up the Tim Tebow ad crap so the news media would have something to talk about).  Both these teams are very classy and very disciplined, which will make for an exciting game, but it doesn't make TMZ or ET (they're mourning the fact there is no Tom Brady child to report on).  And it's going to be an offensive shoot-out and that's always fun :)

So, whether you're a Colts fan, Saints fan, football expert, football know-nothing, cheerleader or just like watching the commercials - everyone have a Happy Super Bowl Weekend and I'll see you at the after party.
First off, I would have been  posting celebratory craziness yesterday - HAD IT NOT BEEN for the fact that my internet at home is down (I'm on my cousin's internet, so this will be short, sadly).  But, here it is - 12 hours late:


(I apparently have some family members that like to lurk about here and post idiotic comments anonymously.  Luckily, I screen anonymous comments so I can delete them later, so that little bit is for them - so's the icon - ha HA!!)

So, I'm happy.  Actually, I was rooting for a Colts-Saints Super Bowl when they were both undefeated - and I contend that they BOTH should still be undefeated (damn Dallas - Tony Romo, I hate YOUUUUUUU).  But, this'll be good anyway.  Of course I have to go with my boys in blue over the Saints - team loyalty and what-have-you.  LET'S HEAR IT FOR A COLTS REPEAT!!!  YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY!!!

And speaking of "Who dat?" - how about that Vikings-Saints finish last night?  I'm a little sad Brett Favre went out the way he did, but that's the way it goes, you know.  (And I don't care if the old man is retiring or not.  They'll figure that all out as they go).

But I'm out for a few hours/days/weeks (oh gosh, I hope not weeks...) until the internet technician peeps can get out here and fix whatever's wrong.  Have a good one anyway, folks ^_^
Feel free to skip if you're not inclined to NFL talk, but I was emailing my brother who is on his mission in Argentina.  Every week, after I give him the spiritual thought of the day, I also update him on sports action, with a little color commentary of my own.  And this week's was exceptionally good, I thought (it's the playoffs - you have to bring your best game).  In that spirit, I share this with my readership:

(Background: Mom emailed him during the Packers-Cardinals game when it looked like the Packers had thrown in the towel and said as such.  After that barn-burner, which was a lot more entertaining than the rest of this weekend's Wild Card games put together, I felt that he should be treated to a better play-by-play.  Oh, and Johnny is my obnoxious 11-year-old cousin that everyone loves, but he annoys the crap out of me.  I guess he mellowed out while I was gone, which is great for everyone else, but it sucks for me because we took up where we left off - except I have no backup from anyone else because everyone else loves him now.  In the words of my dearly departed grandmother, Johnny is a little S-H-I-T.  And he loves the Patriots:)

(Start Email) - Anyway, I know Mom emailed you earlier and said the Packers were basically done.  Well, they came back and made it interesting.  Green Bay scored, then they did an onside kick and recovered and got another touchdown on about 4th and 1.  Then the Cardinals scored and it just went back and forth.  Neither defense could play their way out of a wet paper bag.  It was tied 45-45 and the Cardinals went for a field goal at about the 30, but the kicker shanked it, so it went to overtime.  The Packers got the ball first, but the Cardinals defense finally showed up and forced a fumble and recovered and went into the endzone, thus saving the poor kicker's life.

Oh, and the Patriots lost to the Ravens (Happy Day!!!)  But it sucks because I'm not allowed to tease Johnny about it.  When did he become the golden boy?  He gives me constant grief over the Colts losing to the Jets when the Colts sat their starters, but I can't say one word to the twerp.  Any time I say something, Mom goes on about how her team is crap but they got the first draft pick and Dad tells me not beat up on his little buddy and how he remembers forty years ago that the Lions still sucked (sorry I wasn't born forty years ago to witness Fran Tarkington and the Vikings beating up on the Rams.  Who the crap is Fran Tarkington anyway?  That was a rhetorical question.  I can't live with Mom and not know who Fran is.  But just to spite her, I am cheering for the Vikings because I like Brett Favre and I wasn't around for whatever drama there was with him.  So there).  The Eagles-Cowboys game was so stinking boring.  The Cowboys were all over the place.  McNabb thought he was playing women's rugby or something.  Even Chicken-Neck was eager for it to be over.  And the Bengals-Jets... good grief, for all their ghetto-talk, you'd have thought the Bengals would have thought to show up for the actual game. (End Email)

Have a great week, everybody!
It's Saturday out at the ranch.  And I have a few scattered thoughts on some things that, by themselves would not make a good LJ post.  But together, I can make up a list.  Hearkening back to my days as editor-in-chief of The Snowdrift, I resurrect "Liner Notes."

I Can See Polar Bears From My House:  Arctic wind has taken over much of the continental United States.  This has created a condition that most of us call "January."  Florida and much of the deep South is seeing record low temperatures.  A little closer to home, the stockyard is basically a giant ice block.  Snow that fell off the roof and onto the front porch in December is now a pile of ice that defies any attempt at dumping salt or Ice Melt on it.  The polar ice caps' distant cousin has taken up residence in my front yard and will probably be there until April.

So, I ask global warming nuts - those who can only brave the arctic cold in mid-July when the Earth's axis tilt has those cute polar bears staring down the sun.  Those that videotape these cuddly creatures floating on their summer ice boats and say the bears pitifully floating out to oblivion (when in reality the polar bears are just out fishing and can't figure out if what the bearded hippie is pointing at it is a camera or a gun).  Those that demand that the rest of us sacrifice our lifestyle by turning off lights and using flashlights (oh wait, the batteries are bad for the environment - and we certainly can't light any fires, either).  I ask all you who have not bathed since Woodstock - if this Arctic wind has settled over the northern hemisphere, does this mean that this global warming (that is melting the ice caps and drowning polar bears) is officially over?  This cold kinda puts a damper on all your big plans for taking down capitalism (India and China are saying "Can we get back to business now?)

I Am Proud of Who I Am... I Am - a Librarian!! I got my syllabus for two of my classes this semester!  And wait until you hear what one of my assignments will be.  The professor has given us all a list of movies to watch and write a paper on one, answering questions that she will provide.  And guess what two of the movies are - The Mummy and The Mummy Returns.  I have them both on DVD and seen both many times.  (In an odd twist of fate, "The Mummy Returns" was on Starz last night).  I have gone from having to read obscure literary fiction that only pasty college professors read in their dark holes to doing homework that embraces popular culture.  It's a breath of fresh air!

Playoffs? Playoffs???  Don't Talk About Playoffs!! It wouldn't be Wild Card Weekend if I didn't have something to say about football.  I refuse to cheer for the New York Jets.  Not that I have any big beef with them and not that I have any great love for the Cincinnati Bengals.  Just that they would not be in the playoffs at all if the Colts and the Bengals hadn't sat their starters the last two weeks of the season.  By rights, they shouldn't even be here. 

And the Bengals just lost.  That's what happens when you take your foot off the gas when you have everything wrapped up.  Let this be a lesson to you ding-dongs.

Actually, maybe I should be cheering for the J! E! T! S! Jets! Jets! Jets! to go all the way.  Maybe that would finally illustrate the stupidity of throwing games at the end of the season when you have the top seed/home-field advantage/division title wrapped up.  But the dumb thing is that nobody of prominence would point that little detail out. ...sigh...

Prediction of Doom: Speaking of the playoffs, it seems like all the teams I've been pulling for this year folded the last few weeks of the season (with the possible exception of the Vikings, but it was the Giants...)  I've always hated the Dallas Cowboys and I've only recently gained a dislike of the Jets.  But they're both suddenly hot and it would be my rotten luck that we would have a Jets-Cowboys Super Bowl.  And the Cowboys would win.  What can I say?  I'm being a pessimist this year.
Breathe?  Breathe?  Nah - don't need to.

Yet, I finally find myself at home without anyone hollering for me to do anything for them.  Took a hour and a half drive with three very obnoxious children (two of which I didn't know I would be carting) yammering in the backseat, plus the weenie dog nesting in the front seat.  Did I mention the snowpacked gravel roads?  Oh yes, it was a joy...  Oy - I remain a firm believer that baby-sitting is the best form of birth control (the second best form is being called to teach the 3-year-olds in church, which explains why my sister and brother-in-law have elected to wait to have kids.  Personally, I do not blame them).

Well, I do have some updating to do, which I am going to do while I watch the Giants and the Eagles grapple in the fourth quarter.  What Eli was thinking when he slid for a first down and ended up fumbling I will never know.

Let's begin with Wednesday (yes, I am that far behind)

Go Rogue With the Rest of Us! )

Actually, that's probably all that I haven't posted about. I've just been going a million miles a minute - doing everything I possibly can and getting nothing accomplished.  Such is my life.  Sarah Palin pictures will be coming.  I'm just too lazy to go find my camera cord.  Plus, I think I'd rather wait until I get the picture of me actually with Sarah.  They had a professional photographer there and you have to order the picture with Sarah.  It may be online by now - who knows?

(Dang it - the Giants are losing.  That makes me sad...)
Back on a Monday after a long weekend. Thanksgiving was fun - more fun than usual, it seems. Of course, I missed it last year, so maybe that has something to do with that. Here's the rundown of my weekend, if you care to know.

Family, Friends, Food and Football - Everything You Need for a Great Holiday )

And the footnote:

Capital Letters Are Reserved for Classy People. Like Jesus. )

(Hopefully nothing in this post gets me into trouble...)
T-minus four hours (or so) until the ultimate Holy War breaks out! That's right, folks - it's Utah-BYU Rivalry Day. I am sooo happy I'm home for this. We're all clad in our red and white and ready for a barn-burner. It's going to be a blast being home and watching the Utes whomp on the Cougars. ^_^
It's just my luck. You know, I've cheered for the Utah Jazz and the Utah Utes (football and basketball) all my life. I've seen these teams have success, but never win any championships. They've come close, but never got there, much to my disappointment and many tears (ask me about a Jazz Finals game I went to when I was 13. Heartbreaking...).

So, in order to be more "diverse" Davey Checketts brings Euro-trash - I mean, soccer - to Salt Lake. And wouldn't you know it, they would win their retarded championship. The one pro team in Utah I hate - and they win their championship (after having a losing season, it seems). There is no justice in this world. This idiotic Real Salt Lake team has only been around for - what - five years? The only people who will be celebrating are all the illegal Mexicans. What about us white folk that have been holding out for one of our American teams to do well? This is SO not fair!!

How the crap do you win by tying? What kind of stupid game is this? What kind of stupid name is Real Salt Lake? Can't you at least have a real team name? This isn't Spain - this is the Wasatch Front. We're not trying to impress people here. If you want to be accepted in this country, have a name like - Tigers or Bulldogs. We're not France or England or any other stupid country in Europe. And we're sure as heck not Mexico (contrary to what some people might think).

I hate soccer (or as I like to call it, Cat-Herding). Because it's popular in Europe and the "world" likes it and they tell Americans that we have to like it, I hate it. I could be more tolerant of it if they weren't so snotty about it.

I will say this: at least they don't have "Utah" in their name. I don't have to cheer for them. I don't live in Salt Lake. They have no claim on me and I have no claim on them. Just like I don't live in Provo, so I don't cheer for BYU (there are other reasons, but that's the relevant one right now). If it was Real Utah - I'd move to Nevada.

Now the Jazz need to win the Finals. It's only fair. They've been in town longer and they've been denied for more years. More importantly - I've been denied for longer than soccer's been around. Cough up, NBA, NCAA.

(Barring that, Davey Checketts can fork out some money and give Utah an NFL team. If the Rams still stink it up in St. Louis - they can move to Salt Lake. They wouldn't even have to change their initials. Checketts owes us for this humiliation).
When the Colts play the Patriots, I need to not watch the first half and then the Colts will pound the Patriots well before my blood-pressure goes skyrocketing.

It happened in 2007 - when the Colts played the Pats in the AFC Championship game, I turned off the game at halftime because New England was up a bazillion to 3 and I couldn't stand the Brady bootlicking. Then I turned on to see highlights later... only to find out that the Colts were going to the Super Bowl thanks to some fantastic 2nd half heroics.

It happened in 2009 - just two minutes ago - I turned off the TV partway through the 3rd quarter because Chicken-Neck drooling over the Patriots was making me physically ill. Then Dad called to see if I was watching the game and told me to turn it on because the Colts just might win. Good thing I did because then I could see the wonderful, wonderful-ness of Peyton Manning's last-minute scoring drives.

A few thoughts:

- I hate the Patriots.

- If there was one guy I could count on to screw things up, it's Austin Collie. WAY TO FREAKING GO LASSIE!!! WHY DO YOU DROP A PASS FROM PEYTON MANNING???!!! In the name of all that is good in heaven and earth, WHAT IS WITH THE RETARDED INTERFERENCE CALL???!!! Can't you at least pretend you're making the Utes fans miserable again? The Patriots do have red in their uniforms. I have two words for you: REDEEM YOURSELF!!

- I hate the Patriots.

- Pierre Garcon= LOVE

- Dallas Clark=LOVE!

- Reggie Wayne=DOUBLE LOVE!! (and love for the "Blue Crush" leap a la Lambeau there at the end. Every team needs something like that).

- I hate the Patriots.

- I hate Bill Belichick. I hate Tom Brady. I hate Randy Moss.

- I LOVE the Colts.

- It's interesting that the two 9-0 teams are the Colts and the Saints. For those who are uneducated in NFL history, Peyton's dad, Archie, played for the New Orleans Saints back-in-the-day. They weren't very good then, but obviously they've improved over the years. How would it be if the Colts played the Saints in the Super Bowl? Hm....

- Now Al and Chicken-Neck are talking about the idiocy of Belichick going for it on 4th and 2 - well, it's not hard to figure out. Belichick likes to run the score up on teams. If there's an off-chance he can beat the Colts by more than a touchdown, he'll take it and statistics be damned. Belichick and the Patriots are freaking emotional two-year-olds and they like to win as such. And they're pretty poor losers as well.

- I love how the Colts can win when they have no business winning a game. (see Week 2 vs. Dolphins) How can you not cheer for a team like that?

- I hate the Patriots.


(Austin Collie has some repenting to do)

9-0 SQUEE!!!

ETA: I find it hilarious that, during the post-game press conferences, Peyton Manning is dress like he just played a football game (ball cap, t-shirt) and Tom "Backstreet Boy" Brady is dressed for his next GQ shoot. Something that was pointed out during the game was that Brady and Manning are on a lot of magazine covers. And they showed some samples. Most of Brady's appearances were GQ and Esquire while Manning was on Sports Illustrated and ESPN Magazine. Gee - who's the more focused quarterback? (not to mention I think Peyton's a LOT more attractive than Brady).
I've stumbled upon the perfect solution for my Monday night conflicts.  No longer need I choose between watching Monday Night Football and Heroes.  I watch Monday Night Countdown on ESPN then the first little bit of the football game.  Then, at 7:00, I turn on Heroes for an hour and by the time Heroes is over, it's the second half of the game, which is the most exciting part anyway.  And I am no longer dependent on my internet connection for TV.

So, tonight marks the first episode of Heroes I watched at its normal time.  And this calls for a Heroes Rehash (yay!!!!)  Spoilers are a given.

Episode 8 - Shadowboxing )
Also, some thoughts on the the football game - Broncos vs. Steelers:

There are a lot of Terrible Towels in Denver.  Ha ha ha ha.  I don't like the Broncos.  I don't care if they're the closest NFL team.  I'm happy the Steelers won.  And Ben Roethlisberger is extremely attractive.  With all the good looking guys in football, I wonder why more girls don't watch football.

Speaking of quarterbacks - where did Denver find Kyle "Porn 'stache" Orton?

Troy Polamalu - Just put him in on offense too.  He'll get you a touchdown.

Seriously, I thought they were going to interview Jimmy the Greek in the pregame.  I got all excited.  Then I remembered he was dead.

Well, I'm off to watch "V."  It's finally on Hulu.  Took them long enough.

... it's time for an LJ dump!

Letssee...  (ooh ooh - "New Moon" TV spot - pardon the ADD moment... okay, I'm back) ... the actual week was okay - nothing crazy to report.  My second job asked if I could post my articles, which amounts to some extra hours (yay!!)  Then the weekend - I went home because our stake was having big devotional at the Manti Temple (like, in the upper priesthood room; like, a once-in-a-lifetime big deal thing).  That was pretty sweet and I enjoyed it.

Also, we had our family Halloween party (apparently, this tradition started while I was on my mission - it's a tradition I can support, though).  A few nights before, I decided I was going to go as one of the Twilight vampires (didn't have a particular one in mind, just whoever), so I had to scramble for what I needed.  I had makeup (I'm fair-skinned as it is, so I just had to go a little paler) and some cool looking high heeled boots.  I went online to see how to be a Twilight vampire and they all said you had to have colored contacts, which I can see.  But I already wear prescription contacts and getting colored prescription contacts for one night is pretty stupid (I'm NOT going around with yellow eyes in real life).  But - intelligent me, forgot the button-up shirt that I'd found to wear, so I had to turn my Gators shirt inside out (lucky it was black).  But it was cool.  When I go to the Scream on Friday, at least I won't be leaving parts of my costume other places.

(TV-ADD Moment: Oh jeez, these Redskins stink...)

The party was fun - got to see some cousins that I don't always get to see.  Then Saturday, Mom and Dad went to the Utes game and I stayed in Delta with my sisters and the dog (hands down, the dog was better company).

I have a beef, however - Why is it that Utah State's football team, who aren't exactly headed for any championships anytime soon, can get on ESPN, but the two teams in the state that are ranked in the BCS (Utah and BYU) have to cater to the small fish at Versus and Comcast?  We have DirecTV at home and the idiots at Comcast has bought out Versus and said that no one else can carry that channel.  Versus was the ONLY chance Mountain West fans had to watch the games on TV because we have to have that insanely retarded mtn. channel - it's not even big league enough to spell anything out, I'd like to point out (hate you, Dave Checketts, HATE YOU!!!)  It sucks that I can watch every NFL game that I want, but I can't even get a simple local college team on TV.  Sigh... an argument that's been levied for at least three years and probably will be revisited until the rest of forever.  It's like universal health care - no one wants it, but they snuck it through and now that we have it, we can't get rid of it.

Oh well - the Utes won.  BYU got spanked.  Even though they beat BYU, TCU is fast becoming the Patriots of the Mountain West - where the crap did they come from, can we please shut up about them and will the Utes please beat the snot out of them?  I just don't want them beating MY team, that's all.

Oh - my roommate had some fun updates from Steve - I guess he told her mom that we were "good people."  Let the analysis begin!  I guess the way he said it makes this significant.  This means that we must go back and make it a BIGGER visit (not sure what "BIGGER" means - I'm not going in a wedding dress or anything).  But my roommate is taking over the logistics, which is good, because I haven't a clue what to do - if anything should be done at all.  I reiterate: I wouldn't mind getting to know this guy better - he's really cool and had life pretty well figured out.  But how do I do this and not look like a desperate twit?

(TV-ADD Moment - I usually love adaptations of "A Christmas Carol," but this Disney 3D version looks like a hack job just to have a 3D Christmas movie.  Hm...)

And last night, I got back at 12:30 am - and I'm getting a cold (Zicam, NyQuil and orange juice are on hand), so I am wiped out.

Well, that's what's on my mind.  At least, what's on my mind that I could post on LJ and not get my butt kicked by certain people (and they know who they are).  But that's what hard copy journals are for ^_^
Rush Limbaugh is dropped from a group to buy the St. Louis Rams. I will try to keep the capslock to a minimum, but no promises.

This has gotten me so infuriated. Number one: Rush Limbaugh can't buy an NFL team, but Keith Olbermann can flap his gums during analysis on Sunday Night Football? And people say it's not the same thing, but Olbermann is involved with the NFL's public image more than Rush would be because Keith is on TV. Tell me what is wrong with this picture because I'm apparently too stupid to get it.

Honestly? Fans don't care who the team owner is - unless your team stinks (which, the Rams are awful - sorry, it's true). NFL fans knows the name of one, maybe two people who owns any professional sports team (everyone knows who Jerry Jones is because ESPN craps their pants every time someone associated with the Dallas Cowboys bends down to tie their shoe). The players don't care because they get paid as long as they play well - even some who don't play well get paid. To my knowledge, no active NFL players have said anything about his bid for the team (I've heard some vague reference to "players who wouldn't play" for Rush, but none were named. Granted, that came from the players unions, so I don't know how reliable that information is).

BUT... the lovely players unions have to get involved (which, because of the unions, there may be an NFL lockout next year). And Commissioner Roger Goodell... I really respected him because the NFL hasn't had a lot of problems other pro leagues have had largely due to his efforts, but his comments on Rush's ownership of the Rams are hypocritical, especially after he let Michael Vick back into the league (which, great that he's forgiving and what-have-you). Even the owner of my Colts, Jim Irsay, has to give his two cents and that ticked me off (to illustrate my earlier point, this is first I've heard the name of the Indianapolis Colts owner and I've been following them for a good ten-twelve years).

Number two: Rush has been a big fan of the NFL for a long time. He references football quite often on his show and discusses it when it comes up, to the chagrin of some listeners that would rather Rush "stick to the issues." But it's something he enjoys and, honestly - it's fun. After a day of deconstructing liberal idiocy, everyone needs hobby. So, Rush has had success in his career and he wants to use his OWN MONEY to dabble in a hobby of his and they all say "Oh no, you can't do that because you're controversial and we can't have any controversy in sports" (Controversy? Sports? No...) Rush has given the NFL quite a bit of free airtime on his show. It's mostly water-cooler-type talk, but it's still coverage. Next question: Is this how you repay someone who has been a fan for years and years and now has the means to be involved on an executive level? Good grief - you let the morally-image-challenged Fergie buy a share of the Miami Dolphins but nobody's getting their shorts in a wad over that.

99.9% of controversy around Rush comes because the idiot out-of-context media can't quote him right on anything. I've listened to Rush since childhood and I am hard pressed to think of something that was LEGITIMATELY racist (you know, something that wasn't sarcasm or a joke. I guess conservatives aren't allowed to joke. Add that to the list right underneath "like football" - by the way, to any liberals that are lurking around here, I was making a joke.  Go ahead and take me out of context and run me through the mud.  I eagerly await a call from Katie Couric - wait, I wouldn't even have that much notice, would I?).

The Rams need help. They are 0-5 (good grief, the Detroit Lions, who were winless last season and are perpetually awful, have a better record than the Rams) and have stunk for a while. I've said it since it was announced Rush was part of the bid to buy the team: Rush knows football and he would certainly be an asset to any organization that wants to win. And I have to point out that (A): Rush wasn't even the head of this operation. Dave Checketts was (which, I'm not a Checketts fan for reasons too numerous and too unrelated to get into here) and (B): The Rams aren't even officially up for sale yet (the organization is only reviewing the team's ownership, which means there's a chance they won't be sold at all - correct me if I'm reading this wrong).

You know, my mom is the biggest fan of the St. Louis Rams and has been since she was a little kid - she was vindicated when they first won the Super Bowl. And I liked them too. And I wished they would do better. But after this nonsense, I hope they pull a Detroit Lions (and they're on the road to it). Apologies to St. Louisians, but this is so ridiculous.




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