I know my updating has been sparse of late. I blame it on the fact that I can't post from work (a combination of being too busy and I would feel bad about doing that stuff while I'm on the clock). But I have a few things to write about and here they are in no particular order -

- Radio Free Skaro (though Traveling the Vortex scooped them on this) announced that The Caves of Androzani Special Edition will be released in North America on February 14!!  As a HUGE 5th Doctor fan, this is very exciting news to me.  I've been chomping at the bit for this one and Resurrection of the Daleks to be released over here, as those Revisitation sets have already been available in the UK for quite some time.

- I recently started back in to The Wheel of Time series that I gave up on back in high school.  I read the first seven of those books and enjoyed them quite a bit back then, but I had no idea where he was going with this and it just seemed to go on and on and on with no resolution in sight.  So, I resolved to set them aside and  and come back to them when the series was finished (or at least close to being done).  Well, since Robert Jordan passed away in 2007 and Brandon Sanderson took over to round out the series, i figured it was time to get back into it.  Though I'm going to audiobook route on this go-round.  Thanks to an hour-long commute to work (which I don't compain about since I actually don't mind the drive so much), it's a good way to go.  Plus, the library has all of them on audiobook and I've pretty much stopped buying all my books because Ican get them for free at work, so I can burn them onto my iPod and listen to them that way.  I think it's great!

- Work is... work.  I shouldn't say it that way - it's one of the best jobs I've ever had!  Probably another reason I haven't been posting on LJ - I don't have anything that's annoying me (wow - that's pretty sad when the only things worth blogging about are things that piss me off.  I ought to blog about good things too!)  I work in a freaking library, for goodness sake!  I get to see all the new books coming in and preview them (briefly) as I'm checking them in!  The other day I had a morning shift at one library and an evening shift at another one, so I just hung around reading at yet another library in the branch during the interim hours before I had to go back to work again.  You know you have a great job when you like spending your off-time there hanging out.  Plus, I get to know where everything is and I know the staff and they know me.  Of course, it'll be great when I'm working full-time at one branch (preferably as a librarian rather than a clerk), but I'll take what I can get for now.  The Salt Lake City system has a few job openings for library assistant (which has the duties of a librarian and a clerk rolled into one - pretty decent entry-level job that isn't a substitute), so I've applied there.  Even though I love working at Salt Lake County, I'll happily go work for the City if they'll take me (a great job, plus higher pay and benefits.  Sure, why not?)

- I am thisclose to being done with school.  And, boy howdy, do they make you earn it!  I have to put together a portfolio website (which is much better than writing a thesis that no one will ever read other than me and my professors) and I have to outline theories of library services.  Which is pretty stupid because library services is all about practicality.  I have a patron with a question, I help them with their question, we find what the patron is looking for and all is well.  I'm not going to sit back and contemplate the theory behind the service I'm rendering while I'm rendering it.  Maybe other, more intellectually snobby people do but that's a pain in the butt as far as I'm concerned.  And I highly doubt the public gives a flying ant fart about the theory of library services.  Sheesh... this is why I've had it with academia.  Anyway...

- My fantasy football team hasn't done so great this year, but I should be improving now that I have much of my fall semester behind me and I can turn my attention to more fun things.  I'm just in a league with my family and some friends - it's not like any of us has money in this thing.  I mean, I follow the NFL fairly well (better than most people I know), but I sometimes don't know which players I should put in.  My brother finally had to tell me I had one of the best running backs in the NFL on my bench and I could have been winning more if I'd put him in my starting lineup.  Well, of course I would figure it out the week the Bills have a bye.  Oh well - I don't think I have to play my obnoxious little cousin again.  He gloats so bad when he wins - it's miserable (and he's only thirteen - but he's been insufferable since he could talk.  He cheers for the Patriots, if that gives you any idea how big of a turd he can be).

All in all - I've been doing quite well.  Can't complain too much.  I feel like my life is coming together and I really don't have anything to be worried about.  I mean, I love what I'm doing, I don't have to deal with anybody I don't want to and I pretty much keep to myself and I'm happy about it.

(and hopefully I'll post again soon.  I have been check my flist on a regular basis - I just don't post stuff here very much.  And that's kind of sad).

 Trying to wind down after a stinking long week (which is why I haven't been on LJ for two weeks).  I've been packing as many hours as I can for my internship so I can be done by the time fall semester is due to start.  I have 17 hours left to go, which doesn't seem like much, but I have to pack those hours around work, which makes my work days seem a lot longer.  But I think I can get the rest done by next Wednesday and then I'm done and everyone is happy.

I had an interesting experience yesterday - one of the places I can go sub is the county jail library.  Obviously, working at the jail library is vastly different from working at the public library.  I had a pretty good time - for being at the jail.  Basically, all I'm doing is Reader's Advisory.  The prisoners fill out a form asking for certain books and we pull them from out shelves.  But if we don't have something they ask for, we have to find something similar.  I didn't get to deliver the books so I didn't see any of the inmates, but some of the notes they wrote on their request forms touched my heart.  Some of them asked for self-help or feel-good books - many asked for religious books.  They can only request books once every two weeks, so I guess they really want to make their requests count.  Some of them did ask for some questionable items (one request form asked for a book about growing marijuana.  Needless to say, I did not fill that request.  I think I substituted a graphic novel), but for the most part, I got the feeling that most of these prisoners are trying to do good and be better people.

I also saw Thor and Captain America this week and I have to say that I am really excited about The Avengers movie next year.   Honestly, I'm really impressed with how Marvel has put this whole thing together.  It didn't seem like a full-on series when the first Iron Man came out, but now they've  I've never really been into comic books - not out of distaste, but because I never could find them - but now I actually want to read some now (oh, and I'm really excited about the new Sherlock Holmes movie - I'm becoming quite the Robert Downey, Jr. fangirl ^_^)

What else - oh, I'm going to start writing for HillBuzz.  Not as a regular writer - just as a Ground Report submitter/correspondent/column-writer-person.  I sent a few in (this is the most recent one) and Kevin liked it and he asked me to send in stuff more regularly.  This will be interesting - I tried to write political columns for the paper back in college, but I was always too chicken to try.  But I think I've gotten better at it - and I give even less of a crap about the hate mail I'm certain to get.  Besides, the commenters at HillBuzz are pretty mature (at least, most of them know how to spell).

Also, one of the librarians where I'm doing my internship has me convinced to do NaNoWriMo.  She does a writer's circle once a month and she's going to sponsor a Write-In event.  Since I've had this idea for a novel for a long time and just haven't sat down to do it, I'm think I'm going to buckle down this November and just get it out.

Well, that's it for me - mostly to let my LJ friends know I'm not dead.
 24 hours.  I HAVE WORKED 24 HOURS THIS WEEK, PEOPLE!! *joy*

Okay, okay, this might not look that impressive to you full-time 9-5 working stiffs, but for someone who has only been able to secure part-time work for the last year-and-a-half, this is momentous news.  Especially since in a couple of weeks, I'm signed up to sub for 31 hours in one week (including a couple of 8-9 hour days.  Well, the nine-hour day is including an hour lunch break, but I'm not going to get paid for that, obviously).

So, I've been working.  And it's made me tired.  But it's a good tired, like I've said before.  The only complaint I have is that I've been working more hours in the backroom than actually with the patrons.  It's not like I'm on a probation where I can't help patrons until I have so many hours being the grunt girl and then I can work the front desk because I've done plenty of front desk hours so far.  It's just how the scheduling works - sometimes you're up front, sometimes they hide you in the back where you lug books, shelve DVDs and sweat your armpits off (if there is any justice in this world, that little chub on my tummy will melt off from all the lifting and running about I've done).

Though I will admit, just looking at the stuff I've had to check in - kind of makes me want to start reading or watching some of this stuff.  I've never seen any of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but the library has it and there's no reason I couldn't check it out and watch it (I think it's on Netflix too, if I wanted to go that route).  Same with Battlestar Galactica.  And there's so, so, SO much YA stuff that looks good too.  There's a manga version of "Much Ado About Nothing" and I actually squealed when I saw that sitting on the cart (the other circ staff looked at me like I was nuts, but I didn't care).  I'm also a little curious as to what the big fuss is about authors like Janet Evanovich and Dean Koontz.  Not curious enough to put myself on the hold list for those books, mind (for those hold lists are long and legendary - I've hardly touched a copy of "Sizzlin' Seventeen" without a hold slip being spat out at me), but just wondering why those books are so popular.  Besides, I've checked out plenty of other stuff that I'm enjoying, so let me get through this stack before I start borrowing more crap.

In the meantime, I have a paper due on Monday that I decided to change topics on mid-stream.  Off to toil away!
 After about a month of training (which was actually a few days interspersed throughout a month), I finally got to start picking up shifts at the library!  I am super-excited about this because it has been entirely too long without having some kind of set schedule for myself.  I did get some of my internship hours in while I was training, so it's not like I was a completely lazy bum during that time, but still - nice to have steady work hours after being semi-unemployed.

However, my body didn't want to admit that I am a working woman again and I came back after an early before-hours shift (I was there at 8:00 pulling holds and sorting delivery items) and thought I'd lay down for a short nap.  Yeah, three hours later - THREE HOURS LATER - I wake up, still groggy and not quite sure where I am.  Oy...

Still, I'm just happy to have a job, even if it's just subbing.  But I have to say (with an incredible amount of knocking on wood) that this is by far the job I've enjoyed the most.  Today I was scheduled to be the backup circulation person for an hour, which means if the main person on the circ desk gets bogged down, I come in to help.  But even after we'd taken care of all the patrons, I just didn't want to go back in the backroom so I stayed out front (more or less under the pretense of "I'm still new and want to get more experience on the desk."  I don't know if that'll work in a few months).  It's not that I didn't like being in the backroom - I'd just rather be out in the library helping patrons.  Even if it's just making small talk with the kids operating their self-check-out - I just don't want to be someone who sits in the back and never sees the people coming in and out.

Something about just being in the library - whether I'm on staff or an actual patron - just soothes me.  It's not like other jobs where I'm deathly afraid that a manager is going to come and chew me out for some itty-bitty mistake.  Even if I do screw up, they're really forgiving (knock on wood, knock on wood, knock on wood).  And, dude - it's the LIBRARY!  I just love it.
::My posting on LiveJournal has been slim of late - and I realize that I never posted my review of last week's Doctor Who here.  But I posted it at my other blog and I don't feel like reposting it here.  So, have a handy link and enjoy (fair warning - SPOILERS for "The Almost People")

::I've moved up to Salt Lake now (we'll... in the Salt Lake area, anyway) and hopefully will be started my practicum tomorrow *fingers crossed*  I wish it would have started sooner because I've spent the past few days moping around the house because I don't have anything else to do and I don't have a job.
   :::Oh, here's a great story - one of the jobs that I applied for was to be a substitute for the Salt Lake County Library system.  On the application, I put my address as where I'm living (which is not quite in Salt Lake, but it's close enough as far as I'm concerned).  I got an email from the County yesterday morning saying (quote) "It appears, with your past work experience, that you are qualified for the position, but because of the volume of applications, we are not considering anyone who lives and works in a distant location." (emphasis mine).
      Well, I came uncorked at that because 1) I've been driving 70 miles round trip every day for the past ten months ON DIRT ROADS to work at the high school.  To me, twenty minutes on the freeway is like running to the corner market for bread and milk. 2) I fully intend to move into Salt Lake City proper when I get an actual job - I just have to live where I do because I don't have the money to get a place in SLC yet.  PLUS - I'm doing a practicum in West Jordan, which means I'll be driving into the Salt Lake Valley nearly every day anyway.  I called the County up and told them as much (I was a lot nicer than if I'd picked up the phone the minute I got the email) and they said they'd consider my application.  Sooo... yeah... *more crossing fingers*

::I finally got out of the house today, though.  I went to the Jordan River Temple, which was nice.  I hadn't been to the temple for a long time and I hadn't realized how much I missed it (also how much better I feel after being there).  It was a good feeling, that's all.

::What else? My cousin is getting baptized on Saturday and my aunts are giving my sister a baby shower afterward, so that's going to be fun (I threw a shower for my sister a few weeks ago).  And my other cousin had her baby last night, which is great.  Yup... it's great.

That's it for today.  I'm working on a baby quilt for my sister, so I want to get that finished before the baby's born.  I'm about halfway done.
I can't believe this is finally happening!

Pardon this sentimentality, but it's moments like this that I really have to look at life.  I mean, I was still in high school when "The Lord of the Rings" movies came out (okay - I was in my first year of college when "Return of the King" came out, but still).  It's very unlikely that I'll see "The Hobbit" with the same group of friends I saw LotR with - most are married, some with kids and all are living far away from me.  Plus, I really don't keep in contact with them (one of the great blessings of moving before graduation).  But some of my best memories from high school are congregating at someone's house to watch the Extended Edition DVDs - even if some of the people there couldn't care less about the actual movie (who invited them?  Honestly...)

So, maybe it's silly that I'm looking at the initial production stages of "The Hobbit" and getting a little emotional about it (Me? Get emotional?  No!), but I measure life's events with fandom.  It really doesn't feel like much has changed since then, but in reality it has.  Anyway - I'm going to stop before I sound even more stupid than I think I am.

- Speaking of sentimentality - most of the kids at school were gone today.  The few that were there were getting Prom decorated and stuff, so I ended up with no students.  I got my stuff done for the library, so I went in to the gym to watch Mrs. L and the special ed student, D, play Around the World.  Long story short, I wound up playing with them.  It was nice to be shooting baskets again.  I even made one from almost half-court - which NEVER happened in my center-forward basketball career in high school (three-pointers?  NU-UH!  I always blocked the middle under the basket.  I had MAD DEFENSE SKILLZ ^_^).

No, serious - it really felt good to do that today.  I need to get out from behind my desk at school and go shoot hoops more often, especially when I have moments of boredom at work.  I think I would just rather play by myself and not in front of other people, even if those "other people" are my students (I'm just odd that way, I guess).
Yesterday the school went to the Pioneer Theatre Company's production of "The Diary of Anne Frank" as part of their English class and since I'm their on-site teacher-type-person, I went with them.  I got to see a fantastic play, hung out with my awesome students and the school district said it'd be okay if I was paid for the full day instead of just my usual half (since I didn't get home until 11:30, I'd say that's more than fair).

However, while I was on the bus with everyone, I checked Facebook on my phone and found this little gem waiting to send me into a fangirl spiral of OMG-ness:

And through the magic of technology, I captured and now share my priceless reaction with you now:


Well.  Something like that.

Like I said before, I got home at, basically the crack of midnight. I had enough composure to let the dog in the house (she was waiting so patiently for me too - it was adorable), get into my PJs and flop into bed.

This morning, I left for work and I took the dog outside. When I came home, the poor thing could hardly move. She was shaking really bad and she just wasn't as peppy as she usually is (you should see how crazy she was when I came home last night. Like I said - adorable). She drank some milk (which I later found out is not really good for dogs - hey, I'm not a vet!), but she just wouldn't move very much and I started to get scared. I called my dad and told him what was going on and he said I should bring her in to the vet (a friendly reminder: I live 90 miles away from town. Getting anywhere substantial involves at least an hour and a half drive in the car). So, I call work in a frenzy telling them what's going on - my boss is uber-understanding and tells me that he'll take care of getting me a sub for tomorrow (that's the nice thing about everyone out here being ranchers - when you have a sick animal, you get that creature the help it needs ASAP), I pack up my stuff for the weekend since I was planning a small vacation anyway, load up the car and head out.

The good news is that my dog perked up a bit by the time we got to the vet's office. He checked her out anyway and said she had a pancreatic inflammation and he could take care of it. He gave her a couple shots (poor girl is still mad at me, I think) and some medicine for later. She does look tons better now, so I'm glad that I brought her in.

However, this little side-trip threw a monster of a monkey wrench into my life.  I have a HUGE research paper due on Sunday that I *cough* haven't really started... *cough, cough* and I'd planned on really getting going on it today.  Friday and Saturday I'm going to spend at K's house - I got tickets for the Saturday Morning Session of General Conference for us both to go - I'm still going, but I'll just be spending the Afternoon Session doing homework and not really paying attention like I usually do.  AND I have a class weekend next week that I have to prepare for (and this is for my other class - not the one I'm writing the paper for).

Oh, did I mention we have Region Drama competition next week and I'm the drama coach? (How, how, how did I - of all people - become a high school drama coach?  Not that I don't enjoy it - I'm just wondering out loud to myself).  Plus, I'm getting my sister's baby shower all arranged for next month AND I'm getting ready for the ULA conference in May AND I'm meeting with the librarian I'm doing my practicum with next week?

Umm... so, yeah... if you need me, call on April 11.  I might have time to squeeze you in.


Mar. 17th, 2011 08:34 pm
I think I've lost my wallet.

I had it at work and I thought I put it back in my purse. When I got home, I had to go to town with my dad right away so I was pretty rushed - I didn't realize it was gone until we got in cell phone range. I called work to see if I'd left it, but nobody seemed to be able to find it. I figured it had just fell out of my bag when I set it on the couch - but no luck. And the dumb thing is that there aren't a whole lot of places it could be. Maybe it really is still on my desk at work and people weren't looking in the right places? I don't know... I hope it's still there. Maybe I'm freaking out for no reason.

Just indulge me a moment of despair D:

ETA: I called one of the other teachers that lives next door to the school to go check and it turns out someone found my wallet and stuck it in the top drawer of my desk. Crisis Averted!
A few things this evening -

1. Jerry Sloan, who has coached the Utah Jazz since forever, resigned today (see what happens when I abandon the internet for a day?) Coach Sloan was one of the classiest, hard working coaches in any sport ever and I'm going to miss him a lot.  Another piece of my childhood passes on.

     1a. You know, this is one of the moments that it really pisses me off that Sloan never won Coach of the Year (even though there were a few times that it should have been his).  But he never was bitter about it - so I guess I shouldn't be either.

      1b. Same goes with the Finals.  As they say - we was robbed (I'm really bad at letting things go - so's my mom.  It's a family trait, I suppose).

2. I missed last week's "The Big Bang Theory," so I caught up today on the DVR.  I almost got a little teary-eyed with Sheldon's performance as his mom bidding little "Shelly" good-bye as he departs to the 23rd century with Spock. *tear*

    2a. But what in the name of Captain James Tiberius Kirk was up with this week's episode and Leonard re-enacting "The Graduate?"  Has Leonard taken up the role of slut boy nerd or something?  Weird...

3. I had two of the biggest book orders come in the last few weeks (I still have about five more books to catalog).  And there is some dang good stuff in there.  Expect reviews.

4. Watching "CSI" - Nick Stokes is too gorgeous for words.

5. Just got an announcement from my YA services class - now I get to learn how to write a paper in report form.  Yeeeeeeeeaaaahh...

This is just a fun commercial and I think it deserves to be spread far and wide.

Super Bowl goodness - yay!  I enjoyed myself.  It helped that I didn't care who won (and I didn't notice Christina Aguliera (however you spell her name) flubbing the National Anthem - maybe I'm bad American or something... Honestly, after all the pre-game festivities and what-have-you, I was ready to get going with the game).  The ads were okay.  Nothing really stood out - it was all Super Bowl quality stuff (really, I think the only way a Super Bowl ad could get noticed is if it were your basic run-of-the-mill regular season ad.  I could have done without all the shameless Glee promos, though.  Seriously - I do not understand the draw of that show.  Is it just the music?  Because the characters are so... WB (or CW, if you like).  Really, since "24" was canceled, I don't watch Fox TV shows anymore.  They all just seem so shallow and pointless (that being said - I probably would enjoy "House" just because Hugh Laurie is amazingly funny and sarcastic, but I'm not much for squicky medical dramas).

What else - had a great class weekend.  Lots of things got done - I feel really good about my chosen field (which, a year into my master's program, is a very good thing).  My adviser is working on finding a library to host me in my practicum this summer, which is exciting.  I'm going to the Utah Library Association conference in May and I can't wait!  But this is a really good story - I was going to ask my classmates if any of them wanted to go in on a hotel room, just to make the cost more reasonable (I'm poor and a little bit cheap at the moment) and three people offered to have me stay at their houses!  Plus, there's one lady who's a substitute for the Salt Lake County Library, which would be a great entry-level way for me to eventually get a full-time job.  I asked her how she got on there and she told me (she's got kids at home, so she's not going to be doing full-time stuff anytime soon) - then, she said that if a position opened up, I could use her as a reference!  I've got some really great classmates. :)

Also - some of my students might go do Region Drama competition in April, which I sort of volunteered to be their coach (still knowing next-to-nothing about drama - beyond having participated in one drama competition when I was in high school, plus directing the Christmas play).  It'll be fun... but piled on top of everything else I'm doing this semester (did I also mention I'm planning a baby shower for my sister in May? - yeah, we'll see how my sanity holds up.  But really, I'd rather be busy than bored out of my skull like I was last summer.  Last summer was pretty crappy (other than being introduced to a certain science-fiction series we all know and love - oh, guess what!  I got a TARDIS USB hub from ThinkGeek! It's sitting on my desk now looking so awesome and I love it!)

Last week I also got released from the Relief Society presidency.  They didn't have us in for too long, but the other counselor went on a mission and the secretary's getting ready to go and the president's been having family issues she's dealing with... which meant I was more or less running the branch Relief Society for two months.  I didn't mind - but I live clear in the heck far away from the rest of the branch, which was really hard for me to do anything.  So, the branch presidency reorganized the Relief Society and I am currently without a calling.  Well, that's not entirely true - I was told they have something for me to do, but nothing's official yet.  Stay tuned for further updates.

I have so much homework to do... except I have at least two teeth that are giving me so much pain and anguish right now.  I have a dentist appointment in a few weeks (after I get paid and have a day off from work), until then, Motrin is my friend.  I'm just lucky this goes in spurts - I won't feel anything for a while, then it'll just start this shooting pain through my head and giving me a headache.  Oy...
Just a quick check-in today.

I finally got an email back from the Books Inside people (after almost a week), but the guy said that he'd been out of internet commission for a few days (I can understand that).  So, I guess this is finally going to happen!  I love it when things actually come to fruition after lots and lots of talk.

(May I make a note here - this entire endeavor took less than a month to develop, orchestrate and execute.  I think there are a few business-types out there that can take a lesson from my experience.  I'm not naming names, but from the times I've observed business deals - whether real estate or otherwise - takes months and even years to go through, I've just decided that stuff gets taken to ridiculous levels of ridiculous-ness and I say to heck with it).

Also, yesterday I got talking with my cousin-in-law, who was recently elected to the school board (in the same district I work in - full disclosure).  We were just talking about random things with school and such when he mentioned the superintendent of the district had asked if I would be interested doing the Alternative Route to Licensure (which I've mentioned before) because it's possible the principal out here may be retiring soon... maybe.  Possibly.  Actually, nobody knows.  I don't even think the principal knows what he's doing yet, but evidently the district's thinking about the future (which is their job).  Nothing's set in stone yet - it's just an idea (one that's floated in my direction before).  But it means that the super is starting to look for someone to take over and be in charge out here and I guess I'm a pretty good candidate at this point (btw - ARL also gives you your M.Ed, which is what you need if you're going to be a principal.  I think).

This looks great - on the surface.  But it also means that I would be IN CHARGE of everything out here - and I don't know how I feel about that.  I would much rather get my feet wet and ease myself into it before taking on the entire universe.  And I've also decided that I hate being in charge.  When I say "I hate being in charge," I mean like in managerial-type positions.  There are some things I don't mind spearheading (like the school play or the yearbook).  What's funny is that I just barely started taking a Library Administration class (it's required - I probably wouldn't have taken it otherwise), but that has nothing to do with this train of thought.

See, I really hate it when I think I know what I'm going to do, then something comes along that seems perfectly viable and it has a better chance of actually happening... but it's the complete opposite of what I had planned to do in the first place.  But it's as close to a sure thing as I can have at this point.  I dunno... I seriously have no clue what I'm going to do right now.  But truly, I don't need to know what I'm going to do because I'm doing all I can possibly be doing right now in my life.

And that's the most frustrating thing of all.
I really should find reason to post more often.

We just came back from the Delta boys' basketball game - talk about nostalgia!  I haven't been to the Palladium since before my mission (and that was my brother's senior year - he's been out of high school almost three years now).  It was an intense game - double overtime.  I think our boys could have pulled it out, but they got called for a ticky-tack traveling and made some goofy passes.  But it was fun anyway.

Today also marks halfway done with the school year (for the kids, anyway).  They sure do leave things to the last minute (oy...) - I'm going to be punching in final scores all weekend to get things done in time for next week.

The principal called me in his office yesterday - just to chat about how things are going, nothing serious.  He wondered if I would like to give teaching a try and do the alternative route to licensure.  I thought about it... for all of two minutes.  I really don't want to teach - there's too much stress involved.  It would be nice being at a small(ish) school, but I would likely get a job at a bigger school where it's harder to keep track of the students.  Plus, you know there are always going to be those kids that give you a hard time over the fact they haven't turned in their work and they want to make a big stink about having a bad grade.  And I have to do MORE school and incur MORE debt.  No thank you.  I think I will stick to being the librarian - still has its own set of challenges, but I think I'd prefer dealing with those.

Also - I'm trying to find this picture of me from when I was five years old (a certain one, mind you.  I didn't just wake up with a craving).  When I was five, I found this pair of red plastic glasses rims - probably from a pair of kiddie sunglasses with the lenses removed.  I started wearing them because I thought they made me look smarter (I kid you not).  I think I even wore them to school a few times.  There's a picture of me playing outside with my sister and I have them on and I look adorable.  I want to find it just because I want proof that I wore "brainy specs" before I even knew what the heck they were (I was destined for geekdom from the start - it was inevitable).

I should go to bed now.  The thing about double overtime games is that you get home much later than you intended (and cheering at basketball games is very exhausting).

Oh ... by the way - GO PACKERS! (my team's out of the playoffs, so I have to cheer for somebody.  I'll also be happy with the Steelers if they get through.)
With a new year comes a new semester (more or less) and I've found something new to do that's going to take up the better part of my time and sanity (but it's all for a good cause).  The high school library has a shortage of shelving space.  I could invest in new shelves... but then I got looking at some of the books that are taking up all the space and the kids don't read them.  Actually, nobody reads them.  Ever.  Most people just request new titles and I buy them (hence, why I am looking for more shelf space).

In a somewhat unrelated twist, the librarian before me had begun weeding out old titles and taking them out of the system, but she didn't know what to do with all the old books.  She thought about a few things, including a book sale, but if people want to buy books, they can go get new ones from Barnes and Noble or Amazon.  So, we've got at least three huge boxes of old books in storage with no idea what to do with them (I say "at least three" - I think there are others stored elsewhere.  I haven't had time to go on an exhaustive search, but that's for tomorrow).

Here I come - bright-eyed and full of idealistic... ideas.  I haven't been able to implement very much (lack of money, lack of time, lack of people), but I did find an interesting place to take our old books.  One of my classmates in my graduate program has connections with the library at the state penitentiary and brought up Books Inside, a not-for-profit group that provides books to prison libraries.  Looking at their website, it looks like they don't really care what condition the books are in because the inmates can repair them and they're always looking for more books and things.

You can all see where this is going, can't you?

Pending district approval, all our old books are going to the prison.  On the surface, it seems like an odd place to take our stuff, but I have the feeling that most of these inmates are serious about paying their debt to society and they'll be better people when they get out.  Besides, they could probably do with some good books to pass the time while they're incarcerated (according to my classmate, the library is one of the most-used facilities in the prison).

Now - I have to finish the weeding process, de-catalog (is that even a word?) the old books, box them up and get them to the Books Inside people.  And I'll finally have room for the new stuff.  Everyone wins. :)
I'm sitting here waiting for my family to get home from town and reading my flist and thinking "Gosh, a lot of people have their '2010 Year in Review' things going."  So, I get to thinking about how 2010 was for me - and this is what I came up with:

Cut for length and sentimentality - but it's important to me, anyway.

Time falls away, but these small hours still remain )

So - to everyone who made it this far through my ramblings: congratulations. I wish I had a medal to give you. If you didn't read it, that's fine too. But everyone have a happy and wonderful 2011!
Just posting so I have something new to say for once.  Actually, there has been some good news in the last few days.  I got two wonderful pieces of mail -

1 - A letter from school informing me that I have been awarded TWO scholarships for spring semester!!  A few months ago, Emporia informed my adviser that they had set aside some scholarship money for the Utah cohort and we all were encouraged to apply for it.  I figured everyone would apply (there's only 30-40 people in our group) and I wouldn't get anything because I've never really worked in a library (apart from part-time at the school - but that's not my number one responsibility) and so many other people already know what it's really like.  But I must have said something the committee liked.  Both scholarships amount to just shy of $1000, which is nice.  It's less that I'll have to pay back, so YAY!

2 - I received a Christmas card from a lady I knew on my mission.  She's a member of the Church, but her husband wasn't - but now she's informed me that he got baptized!  This is super exciting because I knew them both from my first area, but then I actually got to work with them in my second area.  This lady is just the nicest, super faithful-est person you'll ever meet (and she's a fantastic artist - she's done artwork for book covers and she gave me a print of one that she had up in her house that I said I liked!  I still need to get it framed.  This isn't something you just get a cheapie Wal-Mart frame for, either).  Her husband was the type that got along well with the missionaries but just didn't see the point of religion, but he was so funny and so snarky - I loved him to bits.  And now, he's baptized!  DOUBLE YAY!

I finally got my room organized with all my new Christmas goodies.  I find myself now pining for the day that I will have my own place and not just living in a room in my parents' house.  With the position that I'm in now, it's just not feasible to rent somewhere.  There's really no where out here to rent.  Plus, my parents need someone to watch the place while they're in town, which is pretty much all the time, though they pop in for the weekends and when my sisters are out of school.  Honestly, it's more like I'm house-sitting, which sounds better than "I'm still living in my parents' house," but still - I'm working toward getting my own place.  If I were to have my own place, I feel like I know what I want in it and how I want it organized.  Shoot, between what I have here now and stuff I have in storage, I could fill one room with bookshelves and have my own library! (Well, it'd really be a library/office, but you get the idea).

I kind of don't want Christmas vacation to be over, but at the same time I miss working at the high school.  Depending on how my schoolwork load is (I'm taking three classes now instead of the usual two), I might get put in charge of another play.  I wouldn't mind doing it again - I had a ton of fun with the Christmas play.  It's good for the kids to have something to do out here other than schoolwork.  They don't have a whole lot of extracurricular things to look forward to.  And if there's one thing I've learned this year is that, in order to be happy, you have to have good things to be excited about.  You can't just trudge through all the crap you "have to" cope with - whether it's boring, everyday stuff or bad situations you somehow find yourself in.  Even a small event like a visit with a friend or a new movie that you want to see can bring you out of the dumps (well, it did for me this year).  You can just about convince yourself that the bad things you're dealing with don't matter as long as you have something good to look forward to.

Well, that's me waxing poetic and philosophical for the evening.
I finally finished my final project in my web design class and I am so relieved.  So now, my third semester is over and I am halfway done with my Master's degree (crazy).  In other news, I finally got the dog to calm down.  She's been barking at who-knows-what for the better part of the last half hour and it's driving me crazy.  There's no one coming in the house, no cars coming into the yard and no scurrying creatures in the house (those are what she usually barks about).  I love my little dog, but I think she might be getting a muzzle for Christmas (who knows? We got her a Snuggie last year and she hated it - so maybe she'll actually like the muzzle.  She's weird that way)

Oh - the play on Friday.  First of all, the place was packed, which is a big deal for us.  Usually it's just the parents of the kids involved in the audience, but we had all sorts of people from all over the valley - the district superintendent and his family even showed up!  My dad and my sister came in at the very last minute, but that's because they had to come in from town.  The play itself was fantastic!  The kids knew their lines (even the kid playing Ghost of Christmas Present - he kept psyching me out during practice that he couldn't remember his lines - EVEN DURING THE DRESS REHEARSAL!  I swear, I could have slapped him).  The music and the lights worked out wonderfully and everyone had fun.  All in all, it was a success and I'm happy with it.  The only disappointing thing is that the mother of the soldier we were raising money for couldn't make it, which is a shame, but the play made about $50 for his family which is a lot, considering our size.  We're continuing the fund-raiser through the end of the basketball season (which ends January 22), so we can add to it from there too.

We managed to get some pictures of the play, which are under the cut:

God bless us, every one! )

Today during our PolyCom biology class, the biology teacher told us that he stopped by the superintendent's house on Sunday and the super couldn't stop talking about how much he liked our play.  I don't know what the biology teacher wanted to visit to the super about, but that news stroked my ego ^_^

Unrelated question - My mom asked me on Sunday what I wanted for Christmas.  I'm really bad about on-the-spot questions like that, especially when it about something I want.  But after some consideration, I think I want a Kindle.  I mean, I buy so many books already (from Amazon, no less), I might as well get them cheaper and stored on one little gadget.  The only bad thing I can think of is that the Kindle isn't like the iPod where I could load music from CDs I already owned onto the thing.  I'm not sure how I would take books on my bookshelf and load them on my Kindle without buying them again.  But I think I'll be okay being a hybrid ebook/hardcopy-book reader.

Speaking of - just in case I haven't spammed your flist enough, here is my Christmas present to the internet!

Merry Christmas Indeed! )

(And may I say that, for uploading videos, YouTube really hates me.  I've tried to upload a couple of fan-made music videos lately that have be downright blocked while scores of similar fanvids go prancing off happily into the internet sunrise.  Maybe it's just me? idk... :/  So, I give up on posting to YouTube and instead will opt for my Vimeo account.)

Well, that's that.  I'm off to do... something.  Probably nothing productive.


Dec. 9th, 2010 05:57 pm
Am I just silly or what?

Before I get in to what I REALLY am on here about, I think it's time for a MASSIVE HARRY POTTER RE-READ!  I've been reading Mark Reads Harry Potter from the beginning and I am feeling inspired to go back to my fangirl roots (fair warning: Mark often employs language that many - including me - find objectionable, but somehow, I manage to sleep at night).  Currently, I'm reading "The Hunger Games" trilogy for the second time (am now in the middle of "Catching Fire"), but after that, I'm going to go through all the epic goodness that is HP.  Reading Mark's chapter-by-chapter reviews remind me of why I fell in love with Harry Potter in the first place and it's so endearing to read one person's first-time reactions to the series.  If I wasn't such a "OMG - I MUST KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT!!!!!11!1!" nut, I could have done something similar.  Maybe I'll keep that in mind for the next STINKING HUGE AND AWESOME book series - just for my own amusement.

(Speaking of "The Hunger Games," that's what Mark is reading right now.  He's already been through "Twilight," but I elected not to read those reviews - erm, well, I elected not to FINISH reading those reviews.  I've already been there and I don't care to go back - too much WTF-ery for me to stomach, honestly).

But onward - tomorrow is the BIG DAY!  Tomorrow is when my high school students put on "Ebony Scrooge: A Modern Christmas Carol."  And I just got some seriously-epicly-awesome news: Remember how my students said they wanted to raise money to donate to the family of a local soldier who was killed in Afghanistan?  Well, I finally got in touch with some people I know who also know this family and they said the mother of this soldier is going to come to our play tomorrow!!  She works on the army base out here that isn't too far away from our school (relatively speaking) and she wants to attend!

Oh. My. Goodness.  This is... just... holy cow - WOW!  I'm floored, really.  I just feel honored that she'd want to come out here just for this.  I mean, no one out here really knows the family (my connection is just one of those "Six Degrees of Separation" things).  I'm kind of a speechless-mumbly-mess-of-goo right now.  I have such respect and admiration for soldiers and military families and even though I don't know anyone personally who's served (I know family members of soldiers, but not the soldiers themselves), I'm just glad that my students wanted to do something for this family, that's all.

Beyond that - the preparations for the play are going really well.  Tomorrow at noon is our dress rehearsal and the actual production goes on at 6:30.  I think everyone's ready.  Our Ghost of Christmas Present kept faking me out that he didn't know his lines, but then he went and gave a spot-on performance in practice today (I swear, that kid eats sarcasm for breakfast).  The lights look great - the costumes are great (since this is supposed to be set in modern times, Ghost of Christmas Past is dressed like a hippie, since we figured Ebony would have been a kid in the 70s - it's fantastic) and the music is great.  And I'm excited for this.  Nervous as all get out, but excited.
Just got back from school - the boys had a basketball game tonight and I got volunteered to run the clock (English teacher, Librarian, play director, yearbook adviser, captain of the good ship "PolyCom" ... and now basketball scorekeeper?  Is there anything I can't do?)  I used to keep the book when I was in high school, but I've never operated the scoreboard (I thought I had, but I got behind that scoreboard... and yeah, I've never done it before).  The refs were really nice - luckily it was just JV.  Moreover, JV of the first home basketball game our high school has had in five years.  We don't have varsity because technically we're a "brand new" program.

There was one moment I thought I'd added an extra two points to our score, but the bookkeepers missed a shot (one of the bookkeepers was the superintendent.  I just wanted to throw that out there), so it wasn't me.  I did miss getting the clock going with about 30 seconds to go at the end, but we were down by 15 points, so it didn't matter anyway.  It would have been worse if I'd screwed up a close varsity game with playoff implications.  I don't think I would have made it out of the parking lot.  Trust me, I've been an irate fan before and I've threatened (under my breath, of course) to jump the scorekeeper or the refs after the game.  I never did it, but I was mad enough to say it.

The play is going well - we've got out lights and sound and sets ready.  I'm excited now, but I'm nervous too.  Not for anything in particular, just that it's nerve-wracking to be in charge of something like this.  But it'll turn out okay.

And ... one last project nearly done.  My final assignment in my web design class is almost finished (helps that I stayed at the school all day today.  Even though I'd clocked out at lunch, it would have been stupid to leave school at 12:30, drive 30 miles home, get a few little things done, drive 30 miles back to school at 2:30).  I've got one more page to add to my site and it'll be ready to be turned in next Tuesday.

I made it back home from Reno last night at the crack of midnight (okay, it was really 9:30, but when you've been sitting in the front seat of a truck for 8 hours with four very hyper/cranky/sleepy children with the inability to control their bladders, it feels like getting home at midnight).  The drive wasn't terribly terrible - I kept the kids quiet with my laptop and iPod full of "Doctor Who" episodes (I think I may even have the twelve-year-old boy converted to Who-dom, which is a miracle - he was very adamant about not liking DW for the longest time *evil cackle*). 

We finished the 2009 Specials on this trip and started in on Series 5 because two of the kids want to be caught up in time for the Christmas Special on... well, Christmas.  But I must say - "The End of Time" always, always, ALWAYS gets me.  It was even worse at the part where the Doctor gives Donna (via her mother and grandfather) a wedding present - a lottery ticket the Doctor bought with money he borrowed from Donna's (deceased) father.  Because Donna has no pockets (a joke from "The Runaway Bride" - Donna's first appearance in DW), she puts the ticket in her bra for safekeeping (it's discreet and tasteful - after all, this is considered a family program).  At the part, little cousin H giggled and said "Pockets!"  I was trying to be cool and calm about this in front of the kids, but I suddenly got the sniffles there and there was something in my eye (hey, Ten was dying and I'm a wimp where that's concerned - it was endearing, all right?)

Oh, and while I was in Reno, my cousin set me up on a blind date with a guy whose parents are in her ward.  I, like an idiot, agreed.  This is stupid on my part because I hate going on dates and for me, a date is more tiring than all the all-night driving-road-trips in the world put together (but I have a really, really, REALLY nice cousin - they kind you feel really bad about saying no to).  The date itself was okay - the mental abuse I put myself through afterward was not (not to mention the fact my cousin's ten-year-old daughter kept asking me if I was going to marry this guy -_-').  Will there be a second date?  With an 8-hour trip to visit the guy?  Probably not.  But I survived and that's all that counts.  Moving on.

Here's something funny - we stopped to get food yesterday at Jack in the Box.  I was with the cousin I came with, plus my other cousin from Elko and her brood.  We all were standing in line to order when we all of a sudden heard this ear-splitting scream coming from the bathroom.  Both my cousins rushed in because we knew it had to be one of their kids.  Turned out the three-year-old boy was screaming about something - I expected to see him coming out with a bruised hand or a jagged gash across his face - something terrible and painful.  Turned out, it was none of that.  He simply couldn't get the hand dryer to turn off and he freaked out because of it.  The only reason I can laugh is that it wasn't my child (seriously - I love my cousins and their children, but a little of them goes a long way.  I think a weekend surrounded by thirteen children all under the age of 12 is enough to keep my legs crossed for at least another five years).

I am still dead beat tired.  And I had to be at work all day today (one of the afternoon teachers had a doctor's appointment today and I said I'd take her class - I can use the extra hours), but that was okay because we worked on the play.  And one of the kids' parents came down to set up lights WHICH WE HAVE NOT HAD IN PLAY PRACTICE ALL YEAR!!!  So we FINALLY got to practice with the lighting schemes and that made the WORLD of difference!  As exhausted as I am from today, I finally feel like this is going to start happening and that's exciting.  Nerve-wracking, but exciting nonetheless.

Other than that... our DirecTV box got fried, so we had to order another one.  It's not that big of a deal, except my sisters and I lost all the things we had recorded on the DVR, which is sad, but it'll be fine.  It's a little quiet around here - maybe I'll actually get something done (like that final project for my web design class that's due next week.  You think?)
Well, anyway, we've got a monster of a storm coming in.  Just in time for Thanksgiving.  Happy day.  (/sarcasm)

The kids at school today were too far gone to do anything productive.  The most we managed to do was first period Biology - they're getting ready to have a mock-debate about wolves and ranchers around Yellowstone.  But the English teacher didn't come on the PolyCom, so we just played Farkle the rest of the day.  I've never played Farkle before - and quite honestly, I stunk at it.  But it was fun anyway.

So now I'm just waiting for my family to get through this blizzard.  Our branch is supposed to be having Thanksgiving Pie Night tonight.  Mom bought a couple of Marie Callendar pies and told me to get them ready. I've got one pie thawing out and one pie... well, I put it in to bake, but it wasn't done.  So I let it bake longer - and I think I burned it.  Well, half-burned anyway.  Luckily, those weren't our Thanksgiving pies because that would have sucked.

The power's probably going to go off tonight at some point.  Even so, I'm here being bored and I got looking through my DVR archive - and guess what recorded a week or so ago at 4:00 am?  The full two-parts of "The End of Time" on BBC America.  And that must be watched.

*crickets chirp*

Well, I thought it was cool anyway.

Oh cool - time is ending.  Bye now!



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