Moar Good News!!!  This calls for a cracked-out, giddy fangirl video to celebrate!! (I had two of these to choose from, but this is the one that won out.  This is the link to the other one).

(1:48-1:50 is LOVE! 0:52-1:05 is awesome too ^_^)

I just got off the phone with the principal at the high school and he told me that the school board approved the teacher's aide position I applied for - and since I'm the only one that applied for the position, it's MINE!!!!


*runs around house flailing like an idiot*

(doing homework now is nigh on impossible)
I had a job interview today at my old stomping grounds at Snow College.  I'm not sure I'll get the job because I don't think I have enough experience.  But whatever.  I got to wander around campus for a bit this afternoon and it made me feel nostalgic.  They built a brand new library right behind the Noyes Administration Building - and the new library actually looks like the historic Noyes Building (a bit).  One of the people interviewing me told me I should go walk around the new library before I left, but they were doing landscaping and some touch-up construction work and I felt funny walking inside, so I just walked around the outside.
Where I did go inside was the old humanities building, which hasn't changed a bit since those long nights at The Snowdrift.  The room numbering is still as weird as ever and there's still that one brick in the connecting hallway that isn't as shiny as the rest.  But they moved The Snowdrift office - the old newspaper production classroom  hidden off in the corner is... just a plain old regular classroom!  Sad day! :(  And I couldn't find where the newspaper office is now (though the Department of Communication got some nifty new signage.  Meh).  Oh well... I guess you really can't go home again (yet the student radio station is exactly where it used to be).

So I got home and saw an email from the American Library Association telling me that I didn't get a scholarship that I had applied for.  Well, I figured that I didn't because I applied for this thing months ago and hadn't heard a thing from anybody.  But as part of the sender's signature and contact information, there was this quote: "Experience is what you get when you don't get what you want." Make of that what you will.

BUT - this is the big thing for the day.  I think I've mentioned how my student loan for summer semester didn't quite cover tuition and fees and I've got to come up with $800-some-odd (and I think it's gone up to $825 because of a late fee).  If I don't pay this, I am screwed for the semester.  I have fall and spring covered (I think), but I have to get through summer or I'm not going to have all the credits I need.

So today, Mom called me to see how my interview went.  During the course of our conversation, my sister brought in the mail.  Mom said I had something from the high school and asked if she should open it.  I told her to go ahead and open it and tell me what it was.  Turns out, it was a check from the school district reimbursing me for gas (going to the high school from our house is a 40 mile round-trip - the school district has a fund that reimburses the families of students who have to drive that far every day) and a note of appreciation for working on the yearbook with the kids. Now, I always figured on this gig being a volunteer effort - I never expected to be paid for doing it or be reimbursed for gas.  And the check was for (drumroll please!) $800!  So, basically, I have the balance of tuition and fees covered and I didn't even know it!

Boy, that's a story for the Ensign.
Went up north with my dad for the day for some business stuff (thrilling).  I guess things are going according to plan, which is good because the amount I still owe Emporia keeps going up.  Some of this business deal is going to pay for school, but it would nice to know what the full amount is so I can give it to them >_<

While I was in "Hurry Up and Wait" mode, I had occasion to check on Facebook on my phone and I saw that my boys from Train had mentioned that a certain Prodigal-country group had covered the toe-tappingly wonderful "Hey, Soul Sister."  To say I was unimpressed by the Chicks' efforts would be grossly understating the situation.  I barely think it deserves a link in my LJ, but since people probably wouldn't know what I'm talking about otherwise, I have provided the offending YouTube link (you have been warned - OH DEAR HEAVEN MAKE IT STOP!!!!!!!)

(As an aside and for the record, I didn't think the Dixie Chicks were that great even before their President-Bush-Bashing episode.  That event merely helped solidify my not-liking of them.  Between them, Rascal Flatts and Carrie Underwood, I cannot stand listening to country radio anymore.  And that they would sully one of my favorite songs from one of my favorite bands is nigh unto unforgivable.  Like I needed any more excuse to not-like them).

Just to clear the palette (and to remind you that this song is made of win when performed by the oh-so-fun-and-awesome-and-squishable Train), here's the not-official-yet-still-on-the-band's-official-YouTube-channel video that I like even better than the official video.

Phew, that's over (Crisis averted!  Everyone, back to your stations!)

There is good news on the job hunting horizon.  Today, I had to call the principal of the high school that I did the yearbook adviser volunteer gig this year for to finalize some details.  And he informed me that they have a part-time aide position open for next year that no one (to his knowledge) has applied for and since I have my Bachelor's degree and am perfectly qualified, I should apply.  So, inbetween all my comings and goings, I downloaded an application, filled it out and mailed it to the district.  Mostly, I would be in charge of getting the PolyCom system set up with the other high school in the district and spearhead that on our end - kind of be the tutor/teacher since the actual teacher is on the other end of the county.  I could also do the yearbook thing again next year.  The only monkey wrench I could foresee coming up is the fact that the student population of this high school has gone down a lot and will probably go down even more (if the parents are to be believed - but I've noticed that some of these parents talk tough, but when it comes to taking any action... yeah, not so much).  But it would be a fun job and I'd get some paid experience in a high school to go on my resume, which may come in handy when I go shopping for a high school librarian job.

In fandom news (which has been somewhat sparse of late), I caught a rerun episode of Doctor Who last night (and tonight, but yesterday's was much more fun).  This one is where the Doctor and Martha go back to Shakespeare's time and the three witches try to end the world (darned if I could remember what the witches were called - eh, probably couldn't spell it anyway).  As an English and Shakespeare nerd, I could appreciate the use of "Love Labour's Won" as a plot device in the episode.  As a Harry Potter fan, I giggle endlessly at the use of "Expelliarmus" in the witches' defeat (and this episode originally aired about a month before "Deathly Hallows" was released).  And I have to say - I've seen David Tennant and Christopher Eccleston both play the Doctor... so far, I prefer David Tennant.  There's just something more fun and glib about him that I like (for what it's worth - bear in mind I've only seen three episodes.  I also prefer Rose over Martha so far as well and I haven't yet seen an episode with David Tennant and Rose.  Figure that one out).

I meant to give this more playing time, but since I haven't had time to research it and this was supposed to be a quick update (pffft!) I'lll just briefly mention it - Dad and I were listening to the radio coming back home and they said that Colorado was heading to the PAC-10 as of tomorrow?  But last I heard, Utah was going to the PAC-10!  If you can't beat the BCS, might as well join em - what the heck happened?  Oy, I'm confused (and that's another topic for another day - I'm about to fall over)
It's funny how life works.  You sludge through all the BS The Greater Cosmos(tm) hands you and you take it like an adult because you know somehow, somewhere, it's all going to work out just fine.  At least, that's what you've been told.

Well, how's this for a story?

I just got a phone call from my friend, K (the one with the Glenn Beck kitten) and she's been having a time of it.  She just finished her bachelor's degree in Family, Consumer Science Education and after years upon years of taking crap from life and going to hell and back, she feels like she owns the world.  Until her darling sister comes to visit (and this particular sister makes the Red Queen from "Alice in Wonderland" look like a kind, thoughtful, sensitive individual) and sets off her little "I'm so picked on, nobody likes me, I hate you all" nuclear bomb.  Add to this, K is feeling a little deflated because the school district she'd like to work in just laid off a bunch of teachers and they aren't hiring anyone.  Well, K's feelings are hurt, but instead of feeling sorry for herself, she decides that she is going to get her Master's degree because a faculty member that came to observe her student teaching told her she ought to go for her Master's in Technology in Education (this faculty member apparently is a Big Deal in the Department of Agriculture and he doesn't give compliments lightly).

So, this morning, she went to the extension and got all the information she needs and she's going to do it!  (She might even be eligible for a grant that'll pay for a significant portion of her tuition, which is a plus).  She called to tell me all about it - and minutes after I got off the phone with her, I got some happy news of my own.

I applied for a grant writer position at Snow College (even though I have little formal grant writing training, but I have been writing loan proposals for my family's LLC - how much different could it be?)  I did this weeks ago and had heard a thing from them, so I figured they'd just hired somebody else.  But they called me and told me they'd like to set up an interview with me on Friday!  This is something I actually went to school for (well, I did a lot of different kinds of writing, anyway) and I'd be doing some heavy-duty research, which is something my MLS is training me to do as well.

I just hope something good comes of this.  I'm starting to get a little discouraged from all this applying for jobs and interviewing and having nothing to show for it (except a really high score in Bejeweled Blitz - hey, I have to have something to do to take my mind off things).  But, just to let myself know that things will work out and that I have to just keep at it, this is a talk from the last General Young Women Meeting by President Dieter F. Uchtdorf.  My mom told me about it and that he said some pretty profound things (and it's really cute when he talks about courting his wife and he ended up giving her mom a ride to church on his bike ^_^) - plus I've been known to liken fairy tale stories to life and the gospel, so this was definitely up my alley (it's fun when you hear Apostles talk about things that you yourself have thought about before). "Your Happily Ever After" by President Dieter F. Uchtdorf

It'll all work out somehow. ^_^\/
Job interview this morning - It's for a staff position at a locked-down boarding school for troubled, at-risk teenage boys (these boys for whatever reason cannot live at home and they're from all over the country).  If I got the job, I'd be staff support, basically because they're supposed to have one staff member for so many students in the school, depending on the time of day.  There's the possibility of doing graveyards, but that seems like it's just glorified babysitter (the kids are all asleep, but who knows what could happen).  I could also do some work in their library and as a substitute teacher if one of their regular teachers has a meeting or something to do.  It seems like something I would like to do - at least, I want to work with teenagers and youth.

I always feel like these interviews go well, but I'm wary of something - the lady interviewing me made it a point to impress on me that they don't want someone that's going to quit in two weeks, which makes me think that they've had a problem with employees, which makes me think that this might not be the most fun job in the world to have.  However, beggars can't be choosers.  Maybe I'm reading too much into it - maybe these kids'll be respectful to someone in power because they've been in trouble before and they really want to do something better with their lives.

Does anyone know anything about working with at-risk youth?  What's your experience been?  I would love to be an influence for good for these kids, but at the same time, I wonder if I'm I the right person for the job.  I would like this job to last a while, if I get it.  And it would be good experience for working with teenagers, should I wind up working as a youth services librarian (like I want to do).

Just musing to myself...
After a really, really, REALLY crappy past couple of days, I woke up this morning and checked my email to find that there is a job posting for a customer service position in the Salt Lake County library system and would I like to apply?

*ahem* HECK YES I WOULD!!!

So, before I'd even had breakfast, I was on the SLCo website applying and pimping myself out to the best of my abilities in the hopes that they would think me perfect for the job.  It's an entry-level position, but it pays pretty well.  Basically I'd be checking in books, collecting fines, dealing with patrons' problems and stuff like that.  The main requirements were that the candidate has experience collecting money in some kind of customer service/cashier capacity.  It's a far cry from the top dog head librarian position I want to be in someday, but you've got to start paying your dues somewhere.  And it'll be great to have some work experience on my resume to go along with my Master's degree (not to mention it'd be great to have some actual paying work to do).

So, I had a pretty good morning.  And then I had to go sign some papers for a deal the ranch is doing and the guy I talked to was pretty much an ignorant douche and acted like I was this stupid little girl that didn't know what the heck she was signing or had responsibility for (the papers were for a line of credit we need to purchase some property).  Good grief, if I didn't know what I was signing, why in the hell would I be in there taking his BS?  But that's neither here nor there - I was pissed off for a while, then I talked to my dad about it and I remembered I applied for a library job that I'm more than qualified for and I felt better.

And THEN!  I got to come home and put my room back together.  The carpet's finally dried enough from the flood we had and I just went nuts.  I hadn't rearranged the furniture since before I left on my mission and I thought it was time for a change.  It looks really nice - a lot more open and inviting from before.  Maybe I'll post pictures.  That hadn't occurred to me until just now.

I'm in a great mood! ^_^\/
Oy... so I went to the dentist office I applied at earlier to ask if the receptionist position had been filled yet and to remind them that a certain person (me) was still looking.  Well, they'd already filled the position, so I was really bummed out.  Mostly because that job would have been perfect with my school schedule because they aren't even open on Fridays and I have classes on Fridays and Saturdays.  Phooey...

And then I finally find out about the state endorsement to be a school librarian - and you already have to working in a school library to even be considered to receive your endorsement.  And the only schools in the state that are hiring librarians are charter schools (which, I wouldn't be opposed to working in a charter school, but now I have to figure out which ones are hiring - the lady at the state education office wasn't too keen on divulging much information).

I feel drained.  Even though I logged onto Blackboard today and and saw that I pulled a 4.0 this past semester, I'm a little depressed.  And I get to wondering - it seems like my birthday has been colored by a job search every year the past five years (except for the time on my mission, of course).  Sometimes it's been good news, but other times (like right now) it's been really crappy.  And it's not like I'm completely destitute - I am part owner of our family's ranching LLC.  But all the money coming in for that sucker goes to pay bills and pay down debt that's been accumulated through the years because of my dad's failed business dealings (and, just like everyone else's sob stories, it's the damned economy).

So, I think this is what I'm going to do.  And bear in mind this is in the earliest of planning stages.  I have a Blogspot blog that I'm less anonymous with and a little more formal, but I honestly don't use very much.  It feeds into my Facebook page and I originally intended it as a way to keep friends and family in real life apprised of my comings and goings.  But people in my immediate circle rarely have time to read my musings (they, like most others, barely have enough attention power to read over a Facebook news feed for the latest gossip).  So, I think I'm going to give my blog a regular topic (that topic remains to be seen - I've been toying with the idea of book reviews, since I asked my flist for things to read, but that's far from being set in stone.  More like set in pudding) and do ads with Google AdSense and try to make some money that way.  It sounds a little desperate, I know, but blogging is something I already do often and to actually make money on it, you have to have a regular topic with regular readership who'll come and see what you have to say with some regularity (geez, now I sound like a Metamucil commercial).  At least, that's what I gather from other blogs that do make money.

Of course, it won't be enough to go out and buy a house or a car, but I just need a form of cash flow, that's all.  And I've learned quite a bit about the internet and the ins and outs about it, so why not?  Artsy people sell their drawings and prints on DeviantArt and crafty types peddle their wares on their own sites.  Why can't I sell my writing?  After all, I fancy myself a writer - I might as well start to profit from it. I made a little money on it in college writing columns for the paper and it worked out. And truth be told, I miss having a weekly deadline.

This should be fun.
Quite a bit has entered my mind in the past 72 hours and I need to blog it out of my system.  Sometimes, it helps when I see it out in print.

Job Hunt 2010 has not gone the way I'd hoped (how does that surprise anyone?)  I'm thisclose to breaking down and looking outside of Millard County for work.  Truly, honestly, I want to work in a library since that is what I'm getting my degree in and it'd be nice to have some experience to list on a resume to go along with my fancy degree.  But the Delta library probably won't hire anyone new until someone dies, and even then it'd only be a part-time gig.  Besides, I'm sure I'll be in a practicum next year and I'm 90% sure it'll be in Salt Lake or thereabouts, so I'm going to have to move up there anyway.

My big hang-up is this (and slap me if you think you need to) - I looooove the Delta singles branch.  Love, love, love.  I have an awesome calling (2nd counselor in the Relief Society) and I love the Relief Society sisters that I'm over.  But, there are next-to-no jobs here and I am broke.  I am trying to get through school on student loans, which I am loath to do in the first place, but you do what you have to do.  And deep down in my heart of hearts, I know I would not be happy going to church in a singles ward in Salt Lake.  I tried it once and I hated it.  I know it's not supposed to matter where you go to church because the gospel's the same wherever you go, but I would rather shove bamboo shoots under my fingernails than go to a singles ward in Salt Lake (and you can boil me alive in motor oil before I'll even think of going to a ward in Utah County).

Here's what it comes down to - I love my branch in Delta, but there are no jobs.  There are jobs in Salt Lake, but I don't want to go to church and be forced to have a social life up there.  Don't ask me to explain why because we'll be here all day.

However, a Facebook friend sent me a posting from the Washington County Library System (ie, St. George) and they are hiring and the position doesn't look too bad.  Actually, the pay and benefits are better than that editing job I had in Salt Lake a few summers ago (that one had great pay, but zero benefits - it was a temp job, though).  Of course, it would mean living in blistering 120 degree heat in the summer, but it's an indoor job and they have air-conditioning.  And if it worked out - freak, winter would not be that bad either.  I would have to move of course and give up my amazingly awesome calling in my branch, though.

I don't get it - I love this branch and I love my calling!  Are you supposed to be this attached to a church calling?  I can't bring myself to peel away from it, even though callings don't last forever and callings in singles wards last even less.  I haven't even been in it a month and I just don't want to leave.  But a job ought to take precedence, don't you think?  I don't know... I could apply for this job in St. George and see what comes of it.  There's no guarantee they'd hire me anyway - I'm only in library school and I don't have any real library experience to speak of.  If I already had my degree, that'd be a different story.

...sigh... I wish I knew what to do... I wish I could find something in Delta.  I truly do.
Doctor's appointment today - further proving that I am indeed my father's daughter (and my grandmother's granddaughter - just in case there was any doubt, which there wasn't).  I am exhibiting all the classic symptoms of anxiety disorder - I go over and over things in my head so much that I can't sleep and I get headaches and otherwise unnecessary stress.  The doctor prescribed me the exact some kind of medication that he prescribed my dad.  At first, I thought he'd give me an anti-depressant (that's was the first option he mentioned, at least), but then he said we'd try this other anxiety medication that I take as I need it.  It's supposed to help me sleep better, which should take care of all my other problems.

The good news is that I realize that all this stress doesn't make any sense, especially not at 3:00 in the morning.  When I wake up, I recognize that there is nothing I can do about anything I'm stressed out about, yet I continue to stress.  It's a sign that I don't have depression, so I guess that's why he ruled out the anti-depressant.  In any case, I feel better that there's a clinical reason for this mess and that it can be treated.  Obviously, it's a genetic thing (Dad has it, Grandma had it, my children - if I ever have them - will likely have it.  Oh happy day...) Mom says she doesn't get us because she thinks she ought to be more stressed than the rest of us are, but she can easily relax about things, where Dad and I spaz out over some pretty simple things and take things to extremes.  Just add that to the list of things that I'm jealous of my mom over (right after she has a higher metabolism and never gains any weight -_-')

In other news, I stopped by the dentist's office after the doctor and asked if he'd filled the receptionist position I applied for yet.  He was in with a patient, but the lady at the front desk said he'd been meaning to call me, so that's good news.  He's supposed to be calling me today, so I hope he doesn't forget (my sister that used to work for him said he's a little scatterbrained and forgets stuff).

And my branch president just now called me and asked to meet with me tonight at 7:00 because they're going to extend a calling to me.  Don't know what, but I guess we'll find out.

I'm also trying to find out what the hiring requirements are for a school librarian in the State of Utah.  I've called several different places looking for that information, but I don't really understand what they're saying.  Some states require you to have a teaching certificate, which I do not have.  I heard that Utah just requires an MLS plus a state endorsement, which I'll have an MLS when I'm done with my program, but I don't know how to go about getting a state endorsement or what that even is.  I don't even know if that's true or not - that's what I'm trying to find out, but no one will give me a satisfying answer *headdesk*  I guess I just need to make a bigger pest of myself, which I hate doing. (And now I'm back to my original anxiety problem.  I can't win, can I?)
 (my redneck brother has greatly influenced my hunting analogies, so that's a nod to him).

Job Hunt 2010 continues - I have an appointment at the local staffing service today at 3:00.  My sister got a permanent position by going through these guys, so there is some semblance of hope.  I filled out the online application - I never feel like I can give my full skills set by just applying online.  I always feel like there's more I could explain in person instead of on these dinky online fill-in fields.  But I guess that's why you have the staffing agent as well as the online thing.
And Mom's insisted that I go to the doctor because I have been a stressed-out basket case lately.  I thought it was hormonal, but now I really don't think that's the case.  I've been driving myself crazy the past few weeks and now my mom's noticed.  She asked me what was wrong and when I explained what was wrong (I had to get my car licensed, I couldn't pay my phone bill, etc., etc.), she said that none of that was worth giving myself anxiety over.  Plus, I've had a heck of a time sleeping and I keep getting these obnoxious headaches and I always feel weepy and tired.  So, I have an appointment next Tuesday to see if there's something the doctor can do.

I really didn't want to go to the doctor because Mom's got enough to pay for with some of my dad's medical stuff and we had to drop our health insurance a few months ago because of financial stress (gee, do you think that's where all this turmoil is coming from?) and I have no insurance - I guess I just feel guilty because I know my parents are having a hard time financially and I'm trying not to add to the problem, but crap just keeps happening.  They say they don't mind helping me, since I'm going to school and I'm helping them out with some business deals, but I just want to be independent and not have to worry that what I'm doing is putting my family out.

Oy - I hope I get a job.  Part-time, full-time - I don't care.  Anything would be a massive help to me right now.
 Job Hunt 2010 Update - turned in two more resumes today.  Had one job interview on the spot (it was a data entry job).  It was funny - I walked in wearing my nice white collared shirt and flirty spring skirt.  I had no idea where this place was, but once I found it - turns out it's in a dirty old seed and farm equipment warehouse with some offices.  Oh well, better overdressed than under-dressed, right? (If I do get that job, I'll get to wear jeans!  Yay!)

Anywho, the interview basically was "Let me show you what we do and ask you if you could do it - oh, and here are some basic questions about using the computer."  I think it went well, he really let me talk about what I can do on the computer and how I figure things out.  I wish more employers did that - I've taken maybe on computer class in high school.  The rest of what I know is self-taught (thank you LiveJournal!  Seriously - a lot of what I know is because I like my blog to look spiffy.  I was surprised at how much I actually knew how to do).  Well, he said he liked me and if it doesn't work out for this position, he has another bookkeeping position that he'd consider me for.  It's less hours than the other one, but it's more money per hour, so I guess it's a fair trade-off.

The other one I applied for was a bookkeeping job at a variety store, but I don't know if I'll get that one.  As I was filling out my application, I realized how weird it looks that I have an 18 month gap in my work history thanks to my serving a mission.  I explained the situation on my resume, so it should be all right.

Total Jobs Applied For: 3

Dad said I looked depressed yesterday.  I don't know why.  He had some business guys over at the house talking about... whatever... and I just didn't want to be underfoot while they were doing it.  So, I holed myself up in my room, finished some homework and watched some more subbed episodes of "Sailor Moon".  'Course, watching episodes of one show for so long puts me in kind of a weird funk, so that could be what he was referring to.  Meh... it's nice not to have to think about things for a while - just shut your brain off and relax.
That was an odd attempt to imagine the Crocodile Hunter (rest his soul) in the job hunt.  I've decided that I need at least some type of part-time work if I'm going to get through school (full-time would be heaven, but I'll take what I can get).

In the course of this past weekend, I got to talk to my sister who has recently been hired on permanently in the power plant's administrative department (lucky stiff...).  She told me that they were hiring, so I called the head of personnel and she told me "Ha ha - made you look!" (not in those exact words, but you get the drift).  BUT - I also found out that my sister's sister-in-law recently quit her job as the head-receptionist chick at our dentist's office, so I gave them a call and faxed my resume over.

Initially, this looks good - they asked me over the phone if I was working and if I was looking for part-time or full-time.  I told them that I was looking for whatever I could find and the only thing I have going on in my life right now is school, but that's all online excepting four weekends in the semester where I go to Salt Lake for face-to-face class time (did I mention that this dentist is closed on Fridays and that my classes are on Fridays and Saturdays?  Perfect scheduling!)  The lady I talked to sounded like I would have a good shot at this one (or maybe she does that to everyone that calls in), so we'll see.  Oh, and my sister worked for this dentist for a time while her sister-in-law was having a baby, so that might work out in my favor? (He would have offered her the job if she didn't already have one).

If worse come to worse, there's always the staffing service in town.  Or my sister also suggested going down to Cedar City (she was going to go work down there had she not gotten married).  I reeeeeeeally don't want to work in Salt Lake because that would mean I would have to live there (been there, done that, got the t-shirt).  And I'm certainly not jumping at the chance to move to Provo (I'm allergic to anything in Happy Valley).

So, thus beginneth Job Hunt 2010.  Joys...  In the meantime, there is more homework to do!  And this doesn't include my final projects that are due in two weeks.  And the yearbook deadline is the beginning of May and I found out today that the kids aren't as close to being done as I initially thought.  There are pages that are mostly done, except for a few minor details that are still waiting on something or other.  Sooooo... yeah... I need a break.

On the plus side, "24" is tonight.  And so will be a rehash.  I savor these moments ^_^



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