... sigh... it was a great game - close right up until 4 minutes to go.  And that stupid interception ran back for a touchdown... I maintain that if that ding-dong Zoobie Collie had made the play before that, there wouldn't have been an interception... now all the sports media are going to be snotty and sarcastic about my boy Peyton and that he's not that great and he has to win another Super Bowl to have any credit and blah blah blah.  I don't know why people don't like him.  Just because there isn't any of this craptastic drama with the Colts...

I think it would be more fun to watch the Saints win the Super Bowl if they didn't beat my favorite team to do it.  But they're a classy team too and I can't begrudge them the victory.  I'd be pissed if it was someone I didn't like.  But the Saints are a good team and they deserve this.  And it was cute when they showed Drew Brees with his little boy.

(There will not be a sober person in New Orleans tonight - party it up, folks!)

(The kids at school tomorrow are going to be disgusting...)

Some Thoughts on Commercials:

How about that "Avatar: The Last Airbender" movie?  Or... I guess they're not calling it "Avatar" because Dances With Smurf-Gully already stole that.  M. Night Shymalan - however you spell it - is going to direct it, so this should be interesting.

The Green Police - that was a creepy ad, I'm not going to lie.  I had the jibbilies just watching it.  I'm going to have nightmares of cops in green pants coming after my Explorer... *shudder*

Doritos did some pretty crazy things.  They always do.

Budweiser - the longhorn and the Clydesdale buddies was endearing.

Survivor - does anyone get the feeling this franchise is on its last legs? *tries not to sound hopeful - but fails*

ETA: I thought of a few things to add as my post Super Bowl funk has progressed:

1) The Saints used to SUCK - like, fans would wear paper bags over their heads at the games because the team was so bad.  But since they have now won a Super Bowl, this means that there is still hope for the Detroit Lions (and Detroit is pretty much a train wreck - not unlike New Orleans was after Katrina.  Except Detroit's woes weren't caused by a colossal natural disaster.  Just socialist government meddling.)  If anywhere else deserves some winning-team joy, it's Detroit (and I'm not just saying that because my great-uncle played for them years and years ago).

2) Also - the last four years has been a see-saw between the two conferences - in 2007, the AFC Champion (Colts) won the Super Bowl; 2008 was the NFC Champion (Giants); 2009 was the AFC (Steelers) and now 2010 is the NFC (Saints).  How long do you think this trend will go on?

3) Another thing that occurred to me that makes this loss easier to take: Peyton Manning grew up in New Orleans (his dad, Archie, played for the Saints back in the day).  I can be happy for the hometown of my football hero.

ETA2: I seriously need to go to bed...
Some first half Super Bowl thoughts while I'm enjoying the halftime show:

So Much for Offense: Maybe I'm speaking too early, but what happened to the millions of points both offenses were supposed to be scoring?  I guess the defenses got tired of being ignored so they came out to dominate. (c'mon, Manning - pick it up already!)

Goal Line Stand: But I'm happy Indy's defense stuffed the Saints' 4th and 1 run.  Wish our offense could get more than 6 minutes in the second quarter...

Timmy and Ma Tebow: That was what all the Feminazis had their panties in a twist about?  I almost missed the whole thing.  Seriously, I didn't realize that was the commercial.

Head-Slap: Best commercial so far - NCIS and everyone trading handshakes for head slaps.

Second Place: I would have nominated the commercial-bump with Sheldon Cooper from "The Big Bang Theory" hacking his way into the Super Bowl and wishing your team luck - but that's not exactly a commercial.

Okay - score is 10-6 for the Colts.  See you after the game!
Thus beginneth the weekend to end all weekends!  Since I have class all weekend, I have to post this now.  And I am quite pleased with the Super Bowl this year.  As I've said before, I was pulling for a Saints-Colts Super Bowl when they were both going undefeated (and I spit in the general direction of the Cowboys for ruining that - oh well, they're all sitting at home with a bowl of Cheetos this weekend anyway).  I have to say - it's much more fun to cheer for someone rather than cheering against a team you despise.  In 2008, I was pulling for the Giants to win because I hate the Patriots - but that performance gained the Giants another big fan.

And I'm also happy that the Colts are playing the Saints.  Honestly, I would not be too upset if the Saints did win, other than they would beat my team to do it.  And I'm glad we don't have any big scandal or controversy to deal with either or no drama-queen thugs running their mouths off (Chad 85 from Cincinnati, Terrell Owens from Buffalo - those kinds of idiots.  I guess that's why they had to drum up the Tim Tebow ad crap so the news media would have something to talk about).  Both these teams are very classy and very disciplined, which will make for an exciting game, but it doesn't make TMZ or ET (they're mourning the fact there is no Tom Brady child to report on).  And it's going to be an offensive shoot-out and that's always fun :)

So, whether you're a Colts fan, Saints fan, football expert, football know-nothing, cheerleader or just like watching the commercials - everyone have a Happy Super Bowl Weekend and I'll see you at the after party.
First off, I would have been  posting celebratory craziness yesterday - HAD IT NOT BEEN for the fact that my internet at home is down (I'm on my cousin's internet, so this will be short, sadly).  But, here it is - 12 hours late:


(I apparently have some family members that like to lurk about here and post idiotic comments anonymously.  Luckily, I screen anonymous comments so I can delete them later, so that little bit is for them - so's the icon - ha HA!!)

So, I'm happy.  Actually, I was rooting for a Colts-Saints Super Bowl when they were both undefeated - and I contend that they BOTH should still be undefeated (damn Dallas - Tony Romo, I hate YOUUUUUUU).  But, this'll be good anyway.  Of course I have to go with my boys in blue over the Saints - team loyalty and what-have-you.  LET'S HEAR IT FOR A COLTS REPEAT!!!  YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY!!!

And speaking of "Who dat?" - how about that Vikings-Saints finish last night?  I'm a little sad Brett Favre went out the way he did, but that's the way it goes, you know.  (And I don't care if the old man is retiring or not.  They'll figure that all out as they go).

But I'm out for a few hours/days/weeks (oh gosh, I hope not weeks...) until the internet technician peeps can get out here and fix whatever's wrong.  Have a good one anyway, folks ^_^
When the Colts play the Patriots, I need to not watch the first half and then the Colts will pound the Patriots well before my blood-pressure goes skyrocketing.

It happened in 2007 - when the Colts played the Pats in the AFC Championship game, I turned off the game at halftime because New England was up a bazillion to 3 and I couldn't stand the Brady bootlicking. Then I turned on to see highlights later... only to find out that the Colts were going to the Super Bowl thanks to some fantastic 2nd half heroics.

It happened in 2009 - just two minutes ago - I turned off the TV partway through the 3rd quarter because Chicken-Neck drooling over the Patriots was making me physically ill. Then Dad called to see if I was watching the game and told me to turn it on because the Colts just might win. Good thing I did because then I could see the wonderful, wonderful-ness of Peyton Manning's last-minute scoring drives.

A few thoughts:

- I hate the Patriots.

- If there was one guy I could count on to screw things up, it's Austin Collie. WAY TO FREAKING GO LASSIE!!! WHY DO YOU DROP A PASS FROM PEYTON MANNING???!!! In the name of all that is good in heaven and earth, WHAT IS WITH THE RETARDED INTERFERENCE CALL???!!! Can't you at least pretend you're making the Utes fans miserable again? The Patriots do have red in their uniforms. I have two words for you: REDEEM YOURSELF!!

- I hate the Patriots.

- Pierre Garcon= LOVE

- Dallas Clark=LOVE!

- Reggie Wayne=DOUBLE LOVE!! (and love for the "Blue Crush" leap a la Lambeau there at the end. Every team needs something like that).

- I hate the Patriots.

- I hate Bill Belichick. I hate Tom Brady. I hate Randy Moss.

- I LOVE the Colts.

- It's interesting that the two 9-0 teams are the Colts and the Saints. For those who are uneducated in NFL history, Peyton's dad, Archie, played for the New Orleans Saints back-in-the-day. They weren't very good then, but obviously they've improved over the years. How would it be if the Colts played the Saints in the Super Bowl? Hm....

- Now Al and Chicken-Neck are talking about the idiocy of Belichick going for it on 4th and 2 - well, it's not hard to figure out. Belichick likes to run the score up on teams. If there's an off-chance he can beat the Colts by more than a touchdown, he'll take it and statistics be damned. Belichick and the Patriots are freaking emotional two-year-olds and they like to win as such. And they're pretty poor losers as well.

- I love how the Colts can win when they have no business winning a game. (see Week 2 vs. Dolphins) How can you not cheer for a team like that?

- I hate the Patriots.


(Austin Collie has some repenting to do)

9-0 SQUEE!!!

ETA: I find it hilarious that, during the post-game press conferences, Peyton Manning is dress like he just played a football game (ball cap, t-shirt) and Tom "Backstreet Boy" Brady is dressed for his next GQ shoot. Something that was pointed out during the game was that Brady and Manning are on a lot of magazine covers. And they showed some samples. Most of Brady's appearances were GQ and Esquire while Manning was on Sports Illustrated and ESPN Magazine. Gee - who's the more focused quarterback? (not to mention I think Peyton's a LOT more attractive than Brady).
Just an update on the Rush Limbaugh/NFL deal.  Tony Dungy, former head coach of the Indianapolis Colts, had this to say about the whole affair.  I knew there was a reason I liked him:

DUNGY: You know, I guess it bothered a lot of people, it really didn't bother me. I think anybody should have the right to pursue whatever they want, they should go through the process just like anyone else and there would be 28 owners that would vote and I think the process should be able to go forth. I don't like it when people say "because of this he shouldn't be allowed to do that." We don't have any minority ownership in the NFL right now, and I think, you know, that just strikes me as the same thing, because of the way this guy looks, because of the way he sounds, because of his political bent, that he shouldn't be allowed to own a team, I think that's something that the 28 owners should decide and not the general public.

Cheers to you, Coach!  At least someone associated with the NFL has sense.

(Link to story from RushLimbaugh.com):

You'd all laugh at me - I'm sitting here with a cold washcloth perched on top of my head because I cracked my head on the corner of our very poorly designed kitchen cabinet.  And it won't stop bleeding (at least it isn't pooling blood like it was an hour ago - oy, that was scary).  So, now I have a goose egg on my head (and I gave it a nice cold-compress nest to sit in.  I'm sooo nice).

Just what you all wanted to know, I'm sure.

PS, The Colts won tonight.  They basically won in the first half, so we football TV watching-types have to suffer through listening to Chicken Neck try to make a 28-9 game exciting.  I almost feel sorry for Tennessee, but it's their fault for not playing better.  But my vomit reflexes at all the Austin Collie-love are getting more and more under control.  I guess it helps when he scores touchdowns for your team.  It would make it easier if they didn't keep referring to the fact he went to Zoobie-land.  My flashback reflexes are as good as any (again, I blame Collinsworth.  Everything bad that happens is Collinsworth's fault because I can't stand the idiot).

Oh - here's another question that people can't seem to shut up about: According to the NFL Players Union, it's not okay that Rush Limbaugh wants to buy part of the St. Louis Rams.  If it's so terrible that a political commentator wants to be involved in professional sports, why in the world is Keith Olbermann doing analysis for Sunday Night Football?  I'm more irked that Dave Checketts is connected with the deal - it's his fault I can't watch the Utes on KJZZ anymore - him and his stupid mtn. scheme to fund his retarded soccer team. But that's neither here nor there.

If anyone stands to gain, it's the Rams.  They've pretty much sucked the last few years (sorry, Mom, it's true).  Rush Limbaugh is a football guru.  He's not going to make a bad investment on a team that stinks (notice he's not buying part of the Detroit Lions).  Insofar as owners have a bearing on team success, he's going to protect his investment by doing everything in his power (hiring decisions and what-have-you) to help the team do better.  So - if players want to win, they can tell the players union to put a sock in it.

I'm pretty skeptical of players unions anyway (actually, unions of any kind are bad news).  They're the reason professional seasons get locked out and everybody loses out on watching the games.  As far as fans are concerned, players unions are run by Satan himself.  Oh for the day when he is bound!!

(That was a long PS)
Sunday Night Football - I missed the first quarter because of a church meeting and I got back to see the score as Colts 0 Cardinals 3 with the first quarter almost over.  I was surprised - but not as surprised as the Cardinals were about to be.

Come on, folks.  It's Peyton Manning.  Colts went through and scored three touchdowns.  Cardinals scored a bit, but the score ended up being 31-10.  Nothing much happened in the fourth quarter. Except NBC had a graphic of Peyton Manning in a suit, which sent the fangirl in me reeling ^_^

The fourth quarter was dead boring.  I know my Colts ate the Cardinals' lunch and I'm happy that they did.  But I came to the point where I was quietly cheering for Arizona to score, just to make things interesting.  Anything to shut Cris "Chicken-Neck" Collinsworth up.  He and Al Michaels should never eye Jay Leno's job, just so you know (actually, I wish Collinsworth hadn't been eying John Madden's job, but what do you do?)

Chris Berman is wonderful, speaking of commentators.  One of my favorites.

(I've always said that the Lions could do with a logo update.  They've had the same logo and colors that they had when Uncle Jack played for them in the 1930s.  And I just am now seeing a replay of their win and I see that they added some detail lines to their lion.  Yippee.  Yes, you read right, the Lions beat the Redskins.  Begin the Second Coming watch).

Whoa - I'm watching SportsCenter right now and saw that Tim Tebow got hurt and sent to the hospital.  That's intense - wish I was back on my mission and in Gainesville.  There are some Florida fans that could use some religion right about now.

EDIT: Wow - there's an entry in Wikipedia for Uncle Jack.  That's awesome ^_^  I should expand on them.
A warning to my flist: Extreme Capslock to follow.  Earplugs advisable.

Dear Indianapolis Colts,



Thank you for your time,
A Concerned Fan

ETA: Thank the Maker for the defense.  But torches and pitchforks to the idiot ref who blew the "inadvertent" whistle.  The Colts' mascot is going to put itch powder in his jock strap next week.

ETA2: Following Peyton Manning's fourth interception: It's official - Eric Weddle aside, I hate San Diego.

ETA3: Okay, okay, I really don't hate San Diego.  Sometimes, I just wish I didn't care so much.  Sheesh, even the Lions lost today.  And the Cowboys won.  I guess The Greater Cosmos realized that since the Patriots had a bye this week, something else had to happen to piss me off.  Note to TGC: You win.  Now, give me back my fantasy points.
First, for the good news:

The Indianapolis Colts won the Super Bowl!!!11!!!  My team won the Super Bowl!!  A team that I've actually been cheering for since Day 1 won the Super Bowl!!  It's a miracle!

I love being vindicated in my loyalties ^_^

It was wild, it was wet and it was exciting.  Nails were bitten and howls were emitted.  And I loved every surprising minute of it.  Of course, I loved it more when it was apparent that the Colts would be taking home the Lombardi trophy.  I think the reason they have such hilarious commercials for the Super Bowl is because the fans that have such a vested interest in the game need a way to relax and a break from all the white-knuckle intensity.  It's not so much to bring people who could care less about football, even though it's a good way to get ratings.  Whatever intercepts your Rex Grossman pass, I say :)

One of the best parts of the game was that it was a competition between two class-act teams.  There was no drama, no weird news from the players, no bizarre twists leading up to the game... nothing!  Everything was acted out on the field between the Colts and the Bears, as it should be.  T.O. and that dweeb on ESPN's "1st and 10" might not like it, but they're idiots (I wish I could remember that dweeb's name).

Anyway, yeah for the Colts getting their defense up to snuff for the playoffs and for the offense being brilliant, as usual.  I honestly didn't know who they'd give the Super Bowl MVP to.  Peyton Manning was incredible, but so was Joseph Addai and Dominic Rhodes and if I could bake cookies for the Colts' defense, I would (whether or not they'd want to eat them is another story).  Then, there's Mr. Classy-and-Awesomeness, himself, Coach Tony Dungy. *bowage*  I'm just so thrilled to no end.

Then, of course, I have to get off my high horse long enough to go to class on Monday and am brought back to reality.  I'm really starting to hate college and having to be so snooty and intellectual.  Last Thursday, I had a poem workshopped in my Poetry Writing class and the feedback I got was that it was too obvious and not depressing enough for all these emo beatniks.  I intended it to be straightforward, yet applicable to anyone who read it.  They don't want that, I guess.  They want to appreciate the art for art's sake and to heck with me trying to teach them anything.  Bozos.

Then there's the perils of literary fiction.  I have learned that literary fiction is literary fiction because the character changes without ever leaving the couch and the "60 Minute" rerun.  It's all philosophical (which I hate) and nothing of consequence ever happens.  It's supposed to be how life really is, except that's stupid.  I dunno... it's hard to describe, but it's certainly not what Jo Rowling or Tolkien writes.  I guess plot is all out of style.  Too bad, because I get into really good story lines, but that's not what get published in literary magazines.

I guess I should be thankful that I have experience in other fields of English and that the subject of a degree matters little once you actually have the darn thing.  I'm probably not going to be another Franz Kafka (read him if you want your head to explode), but my idols are the likes of JK Rowling, JRR Tolkien and CS Lewis (and Christopher Paolini is moving up the list).

As if I ever want to become a jaded, cynical, pothole of a human being (also known as the English professor).  I'll talk about this more when I have time (and when I'm really irked about it again).

Love from,
Jenny Wildcat

The Indianapolis Colts are going to the Super Bowl!!!!111!1!

I already did it on my MySpace blog and profile (you'd think I was happy about this or something), but the good news needs to be spread all over my sphere of influence on the 'net.  The Colts beat the Patriots 34-38 and I am just giddy-drunk with excitement!

For all the naysaying and all the weenie-boys at CBS predicting a Patriots dynasty (evidently, three Super Bowl wins in the last five years counts as a dynasty to some people... and next year, it'll be all about how they've won three Super Bowls in the past six years... o_O) and all the talk about how Peyton Manning can't win the big games, we finally get to shut the analysts up and we get to shut the Patriots fans up (which, I've been trying to do since 2001).

The sad thing is that I think I jinxed the first half.  I watched the Patriots score first and I watched the Patriots fumble the ball and the Colts "recover", but somehow the Pats ended up with it in the endzone (the lineman of all people... I ask you...)  I watched until the Patriots intercepted the ball and made the score 21-3.  I agonized and fumed and cursed Tom Brady and Bill Belichick and the Colts' defense and the CBS commentators and finally had to turn off the TV because I would not be able to stand watching my fellow Colts fans look so pitiful and the Patriots celebrate.  So, I worked on my memoir for my Creative Non-Fiction class (which is another monster altogether).  I finished that and turned the TV back on and saw that the Colts had scored a few more times, but I was in time to watch the Patriots run a kickoff back for a touchdown.

Disgusted with myself and figuring I was the bad luck, I turned the TV off, but it didn't last long because, like any good fan, I Just Couldn't Stand It!  I got up the guts to watch one more play and, as I turned on the TV, I could hear Indy fans cheering, saw Brady throw the ball and...  one of the Colts caught it!!! I didn't even see who it was; all I could see was a blue-and-white jersey over the football, Peyton Manning come off the bench in celebration and hear the RCA Dome explode.  Right there (and
[profile] shellic can attest to this) I WENT NUTS!! The last time I jumped up and down so crazy like that was when the last time the Jazz went to the Finals.

It's easier to tell the ensuing insanity in a bulleted list:
  • My nine-year-old cousin is a HUGE Patriots fan.  We have not been able to convert him from the dark side, but I called and told my sister to give him a few "NEENER-NEENER"s for me.  Mom, however, told me to be nice and classy, even though my cousin never was/is.  Tell you what, you be classy.  I have a few noogies to hand out.
  • Speaking of class (or a lack thereof), why couldn't Belichick just shake Peyton Manning's hand on the way out?  Murgh...
  • I finally have a team to cheer for instead of against in the big game.  I don't think that's happened since the Raiders were in the Super Bowl.  It's been cheer against the Patriots or the Seahawks, but I finally get to cheer for a team that I like.
  • All season, I've watched Peyton Manning put on that Colts ballcap when he's on the sideline and after games, but it looks pretty good to see him put on a "Colts AFC Champions" hat and shirt.  It'll look even better when it says "Colts Super Bowl Champs"
  • As much as I've cheered against him when he was a Patriot, it's nice to have Adam Vinatieri on your side.  Especially after last week against the Ravens.
  • And I have to give mad props to our defense.  After all the analyst crap about how the Colts are just Peyton Manning and the offense, the defense has really stepped up in the playoffs.  It's kind of like a sleeping giant analogy or something clever like that (I think my adrenaline starting to wear off.  I'm, becoming less and less snappy)
  • Have I mentioned that Peyton Manning is a freaking good football player?  Not to mention a hard worker?  Not to mention a really great and funny guy?  Not to mention cuter than Tom Brady? (spoken like a true female sports fan ^_^  Seriously, Tom Brady looks like a boy-band reject.  Peyton's got this down-to-earth charm that just...sigh...works)
  • Tony Dungy and Lovie Smith (the coach of the Chicago Bears who are the NFC Champs, by the way) are good friends.  They're playing each other in the Super Bowl.  They're also the first African-American coaches to play in the Super Bowl.  Hm... that's cool.  I guess that'll give the analysts something to hash over in the ensuing days.
  • The Colts Are Going To The Super Bowl!!!!!  The only thing that could make it sweeter was if they beat the Patriots to get there... oh that's right: THEY DID!!!11!
  • I think interjecting 1s into my series of exclamation points is starting to get old...
And I think it's funny that this is really the first time I've blogged about professional football and my loyalties thereto.  Just a random observation.  In the meantime... Go Colts!

Love from,
Jenny Wildcat



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