(I had this all typed up, but for some reason Chrome decided "Backspace" means "Go back to the last page you were on and erase everything in the text window." -_-')

Monday night I went in to do my internship at the library.  Now, I'd had a pretty crappy day on Monday and I toyed with the idea of calling my supervisor and telling her I wouldn't be able to come in (they're pretty flexible with me since I'm not actually acting in an employee capacity).  But I figured the sooner I got my 120 hours in, the better.

I went to the reference desk and my supervisor gave me a project to do which required my full attention, but it was a bit tedious.  I was actually happy to have the task because I was ready for something slightly mindless, but that needed to be done.  While I was doing that, a seven-year-old girl came up to the desk and asked me if the library had any books about "rare creatures."

After getting through a few specifics (which is what they trained us to do in library school), I figured out that she wanted books on endangered species.  I started searching through the database and found some nice children's non-fiction picture books that I thought would work for her.  But before I could show her what I found, she told me she wanted "big thick books with lots of words" and she didn't want anything with very many pictures because that was kids' stuff.

Hand-over-heart, that's exactly what she told me.

So, I scrapped my last search and started looking for adult non-fiction books on endangered species.  I found a few titles and I took her to the animals section of adult non-fiction.  I found one title - and it was this huge biography-looking thing.  Even after our reference interview, I was still a little nervous about giving her something too advanced for her.  But she took the book from me and cuddled it like it was her favorite teddy bear.  She even said that her parents didn't let her read that stuff because they thought it was too old for her, but she would sneak her dad's books out and read them.
On the one hand, I didn't want any parents upset at me.  On the other hand, it's library policy to give patrons whatever they want - regardless of how old they are (unless they're kids with restricted cards - and even then the only thing we can restrict is R-rated movies).
We found some other titles she said looked good.  She said she wanted to look around on her own for a bit and I went back to the desk. About 45 minutes later, I was helping another patron when she came back and ended up talking to another librarian at the desk.  In addition to the books I had found for her, she had about three more books and was asking for more.
It just made my heart all warm and fuzzy to see a kid that age asking for books like that.  And being dead serious about it too.  The best way I can describe her attitude was "Don't patronize me with that childish BS."  Kids like that give me hope for the future.
I love my job :)
I know that's from a song, but can I remember which one?  Of course not!

I just finished reading "Enchantment" by Orson Scott Card.  And can I just say, that was one of the cutest darn stories I've read in a long time!  Spoilers! )

I also had my class weekend - I think it's just because I had a pretty stressful week leading up to it, but I didn't enjoy class as much as I usually do.  Some of it was fun, but I've kind of been grumpy lately about a whole slew of things that have nothing to do with school.  Maybe The Greater Cosmos(tm) just decided I needed to have a downer week for no good reason.  Wish TGC(tm) would give me some notice about these things.

But church was wonderful today.  There was a lot about being patient and remembering that life works on the Lord's timetable, not mine.  And adversity makes us tougher.  Oh, and we had a Relief Society presidency meeting this morning and we got our first activity planned and started on getting Visiting Teaching going.  And I'm going to be getting a blog set up for our Relief Society so the girls can get online and see what activities are going on.  Anyway, church came at just the right moment.  I love my calling!

Summertime has officially begun.  Which means that I will be seeking out the darkest, most air-conditioned basement to hole up in until September.  I hate the hot weather.  Since coming home from Florida, I've especially grown to hate the hot dry weather (which, incidentally I grew up in - I don't know why 18 months in humid Florida would make that big of a difference).  I like spring and fall weather the best because it's that middle-of-the-road cool/warm.  I hate being sticky and sweaty, even worse than I hate freezing.  At least when I'm freezing I can put another pair of socks on.

Oh, here's a funny story from the weekend - when I go up for my classes, I stay with my friend, K.  A month or so ago, our cat had kittens and K said she wanted one to help keep the gopher population down in her yard.  So, over this weekend, I took one of the kittens up to K.  Now, I had a box to put the kitten in while I drove up.  Most of my trip was out of radio range, so I listened to Glenn Beck's "Arguing with Idiots" audiobook on my iPod.  But when I came to a point where I had radio reception, I decided to switch because my friend Sean Hannity was on.  Now, up until this point, the kitten was happy and content in his box.  But when I switched the radio from Beck to Hannity, the kitten climbed out of his box and demanded that I pay attention to him.  He even climbed up to the front seat and under the pedals (did I mention I was trying to drive the freeway at the time?)  Anyway, Hannity's show got over and Glenn Beck's radio show came on and I swear, the minute Glenn came on, the kitten calmed down and went back to the back seat and fell asleep.  It was the weirdest thing ever.  I told K about it (she's a Glenn Beck fan) and she said that we picked the perfect kitty for her (and yes, she named the cat Glenn).

Woke up this morning with a killer headache and the house was empty.  The Young Men and Young Women are going on a shotgun shooting activity this morning.  Mom's the Young Women president and Dad's the branch president, so they're in charge, plus my younger sisters are in Young Women.  Anyway, I was sitting on my bed moaning because my stomach started to hurt and - long story short, I am now drinking a Diet Pepsi from my mother's stash.  I usually hate Pepsi and Coke and their diet counterparts, but it's actually one of the few things that make my stomach feel better when I'm sick.  I guess we all have our uses (and the caffeine is helping my headache, which is good, I guess).

I came into town last night (as was mentioned previously), thinking I'd only be here overnight so I didn't bring a whole lot to keep me occupied in my down time.  Except I got a phone call from a place I applied for a job at and they want to interview me tomorrow (Friday).  Which puts me staying here an extra day, which I don't really mind.  But then I realize I've finished reading all the books I brought out with me and the ones I was holding off on until I'd finished what I was working on are out at the ranch.  I suppose I could call my parents and have them swing by home and grab them for me.

I come to LiveJournal and realize there's a whole slew of stuff I've been wanting to post about but I just haven't had the time to do it and do it thoroughly.  So, under the following cuts are things I've been stockpiling for at least a month or so.

Boy, Nature Got the Better of You! )

"The Princess and the Frog" - A Review )

"Iron Man" - Review )

"The Goose Girl" - A Review )

Holy crap - that was a lot of stuff to talk about and I feel like I was all over the map.  Which, I kinda was.  Hopefully I've got all this out of my system now...
I'm back from my class weekend - new semester, new instructor, new set of rules to get use to, but I love it.  Oh, and two EXTREMELY funny YouTube videos that were shown in class (and I'm too lazy to embed them, so just hit the links)

Improv at the New York Public Library: here

The Gen Y Guy: here  (this one, I have to say - I am 25 and I write in cursive, I would rather handwrite a note, and with text messaging, I spell everything out AND I use commas.  Just goes to show that generations are NOT exclusively exclusive... yeah... anyway... )

It's going to be a good semester.  Oh, and I found "Enchantment" by Orson Scott Card at Barnes and Noble (I rarely have a class weekend where I don't find the siren of B&N calling me over to spend money I don't have during my Saturday lunch break - luckily, this particular volume was rather affordable).  It came HIGHLY recommended (as in [livejournal.com profile] narniadear  insisted I put it up at the top of her list of books for me to read, so I'm going to take her advice), so I'm excited to read it.  I also found "Iron Man" at Wal-Mart for a reasonable price, so I used my birthday money to buy that DVD, which I will watch and then go see "Iron Man 2" while it's still in theaters.

Also, somewhere along the line of driving home from class this weekend, I launched into a monologue about the Arizona immigration law and some of the arguments people have made against it.  I was in the car talking to myself (yes, I am that nuts) and just gave the whole speech as though I was in front of a big crowd of supporters (or non-supporters) of the law.  I felt a lot like Julia Sugarbaker when I was formulating it, actually (thank you HillBuzz.org for introducing me to Miss Sugarbaker).  It went in some interesting directions and if I can get the whole gist of it into print, I think I might post it.  I'm sure my flist can guess where I stand on it, but my answer of why I feel that way may surprise you.  But I'm in too good of a mood to post it right now.  Maybe tomorrow.

And I think I've got my mom convinced to go back to school.  She has her associate's degree and we kids are more or less raised (the youngest two are in high school, but it's not like they need constant attention like when they were babies) and I've thought for years that she should go back and finish her degree.  So, that's going to be my next project is helping my mom get through school (she can do it - she just needs to have the confidence to actually do it.  Maybe that's a trait of many adults going back to school later in life?)

OH - and I keep forgetting - I got "The Blind Side" on DVD for my birthday and it is EXCELLENT!!  I'm a little upset at myself for not seeing in theaters, but whatever.  I think if your'e looking for a happy, upbeat, feel-good movie, that is a good one to see.  If you know next to nothing about football, the movie explains everything you'd need to know for the purposes of the story so that's not an excuse.  Sandra Bullock is one of the actresses I like to see and she's fantastic and the kid who play Michael Oher is really cool too and SJ is a hoot (he's the younger brother).  You know what, I just LOVED this movie!!  And I think everyone else should see it and love it too! (but decide for yourself).

That's my weekend updates.  I have a lot of stuff going on, so that's why things have been so scattered lately.  Hopefully things will start to calm down at some point and I can post more directed subjects and not just "What I Did Today" kind of stuff (the final "24" Rehash EVAR! will be on time, don't worry about that - not like you were, but you know...)
I was at the library earlier and I cannot find anything good to read (I like going to the library because it creates the illusion that I'm getting new books, even though I don't get to keep them).  Ever since "Harry Potter," I've been on the hunt for something really good - something that keeps me reading into the wee hours of the morning.  But I have been woefully disappointed on many fronts.  I tried "Eragon," which was fine for a while, then the damn kid started hitting on the elf girl (and then there's the fact that it was originally only supposed to be three, and now it's four... oy... -_-').  There was the stint with "Twilight," which I can appreciate... until I get to "Breaking Dawn" and then I want to slap somebody (really, that last one was completely unnecessary.  And don't get me started on the movies, regardless of how good the soundtrack was.  Too much over-hyped teen drama - it was better in book form.  I never imagined Edward as this teeny-bopper heartthrob.  Ugh, just the term "heartthrob"... *puke*  I'll probably still see these last ones, if just for the MST3K value).  Really, how hard is it to find something compelling to read that doesn't fall flat when you get to book four or five?

Maybe it's the concept of a book series.  Recently, I read "Elantris" by Brandon Sanderson and I enjoyed it immensely.  I found myself wishing there was more, but upon reflection, it was probably better as a stand-alone (on that note, Stephenie Meyer ought to ignore her fanbase's demands sometimes and stick with one-shot deals.  "The Host" was pretty good.  Then again, I've only read it once).  Not that I'm knocking the idea of series - I started Shannon Hale's "The Books of Bayern," but I haven't finished the first one of those quite yet, so the jury's still out on that one.  I intend to get to "Fablehaven" soon and then there's the "Artemis Fowl" series I started back when it was new and never finished (only because I found other things I wanted to buy and read - still, that's not a good sign).

I just want something to really get into.  And I want to appeal to my flist - what's something you all have read lately that kept you reading up until all hours?  I'm looking for all recommendations - it doesn't have to be fantasy or sci-fi (though those are my favorite genres).  If there's a sweet little love story thrown in there, so much the better. That's probably why I liked "Elantris" so much, come to think of it (nothing too racy - I'm not into graphic sex scenes, mind you).  Anyway, I just wanted to throw that out there and see what you all had to say.



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