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Maybe I'm tired of school and all the stupid hoops they make you jump through.  Either way, it's rant time.

I finished my Capstone portfolio (link for those that are interested - http://chrissyjohnson.yolasite.com/) and I was so happy to have it done.  The only thing left to do is to work on a presentation based on my portfolio, present it next month at the Capstone and everyone is happy and yay-whoo!

Well, then my professor sends my feedback on my portfolio and carps about how I have no theories listed on this website and I didn't listen to her comments before and I'd better fix it before Capstone.

First of all - I NEVER HEARD A DAMN THING ABOUT THEORY UNTIL THIS STUPID CLASS!!  I think I had one theory class at the very beginning of this program.  Nobody else ever, ever, EVER talked about theory.  Everything was practical knowledge and experience.  Which is what I think education should be focused on.  Theory doesn't do you a stinking lick of good if you don't know what to do with it.  The part-time teenage shelvers could help a patron better than a certified librarian could.

It only gets better - one of my classmates said that she had to look up outside sources for child development theories for the children's services class.  Sources that I never saw or heard about.  So, I have to go into topics that I've never heard of or even considered for my portfolio in order for this professor to be satisfied?  You know, maybe a bunch of snotty academic muckety-mucks find this fascinating, but when I go in for a job, any employer is going to be looking for how much hands-on experience I have.  They don't care if I can recite the names and dates of a bunch of theorists that they don't give a flying leap about and neither do I.

I am so done with school.  I'm sick of all these pretentious bastards dictating how wonderful they are because they have a bunch of degrees listed after their names and I don't know schiz because they say so.
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