Okay, enough of that rant on the top of my page.  It's time for some joy! I've just found a bunch of random things that have brought a smile to my face and I wish to share them with you. There's nothing really specific and no set theme.  Just something to enjoy on this chilly Saturday -

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Baby Time!

Jul. 5th, 2011 01:32 pm
So, my niece was born last night (4th of July baby - hooray!)  I was with my parents and my siblings at the Demolition Derby while Mom was getting regular text message updates from the hospital.  Right around the time it started raining and getting miserable, we left for home and ten minutes after we got home, my brother-in-law sent a text announcing the baby was born and in good health and everything was great.  We headed down a little while later to see her.  And she is a sweetie!

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 It's not like I'm not on LJ all the time - but I just peruse my comms and get on with my day.  But lots of good things have happened and here they are - 

1. First, the BIG THINGS - Salt Lake County Library hired me as a substitute librarian.  Which means I check online once a week (or so) and see if there are any open shifts in the system (there are over 20 library branches in SLCo) and take as many shifts as I want up to 30 hours a week.  I don't get benefits - BUT the County is constantly hiring internally, so it's likely I will get moved up as the system grows.  Shoot, they're building three brand new libraries this year - I'm sure to get in on a permanent basis soon.  Even so - JOB! MONEY! FREEDOM! (er... something like that).
    1a. I'm also working on a practicum ("internship" with a fancy word) and my practicum supervisor is a branch manager and she said she started out as a sub and just worked her way up to being the Head Boss Chief Big Cheese in Charge.  So that's heartening.

2. My dear friend K, after years of going to school and paying dues and putting up with crap from family, friends and neighbors about her family situation, has also gotten a job.  She's the Family/Consumer Science teacher at a local high school - in fact, she's THE Family/Consumer Science teacher - the ONLY one.  So she's in charge of that department and she gets to teach these kids whatever the heck she wants (so long as she follows the state curriculum).  She's excited to get started and I'm insanely happy for her because she deserves it.

3. My mom called and said that this family in our home branch is finally moving!  Now, this family has pretty much gotten on my mom's, my sisters' and my brother's nerves for the past year or so.  They've been coming in on our ranch and telling us how to run our place and take care of our cows and we've all just about had it with them (but we can't tell them to leave us alone because that wouldn't be "very nice" and they actually do good work with helping us and a bunch of other crap that I just don't want to get into here DX)  But, they're leaving and I shouldn't be as happy as I am, but I don't care -THEY'RE GONE! HAPPY DAY!
4. I've just about finished my (ahem) SOOPER SEKRIT project for my little niece (who will be making her appearance in the next few weeks or so).  I will post pictures because, frankly this thing is too cool for words (at least, I think so.  But I'm biased ^_^)
::My posting on LiveJournal has been slim of late - and I realize that I never posted my review of last week's Doctor Who here.  But I posted it at my other blog and I don't feel like reposting it here.  So, have a handy link and enjoy (fair warning - SPOILERS for "The Almost People")

::I've moved up to Salt Lake now (we'll... in the Salt Lake area, anyway) and hopefully will be started my practicum tomorrow *fingers crossed*  I wish it would have started sooner because I've spent the past few days moping around the house because I don't have anything else to do and I don't have a job.
   :::Oh, here's a great story - one of the jobs that I applied for was to be a substitute for the Salt Lake County Library system.  On the application, I put my address as where I'm living (which is not quite in Salt Lake, but it's close enough as far as I'm concerned).  I got an email from the County yesterday morning saying (quote) "It appears, with your past work experience, that you are qualified for the position, but because of the volume of applications, we are not considering anyone who lives and works in a distant location." (emphasis mine).
      Well, I came uncorked at that because 1) I've been driving 70 miles round trip every day for the past ten months ON DIRT ROADS to work at the high school.  To me, twenty minutes on the freeway is like running to the corner market for bread and milk. 2) I fully intend to move into Salt Lake City proper when I get an actual job - I just have to live where I do because I don't have the money to get a place in SLC yet.  PLUS - I'm doing a practicum in West Jordan, which means I'll be driving into the Salt Lake Valley nearly every day anyway.  I called the County up and told them as much (I was a lot nicer than if I'd picked up the phone the minute I got the email) and they said they'd consider my application.  Sooo... yeah... *more crossing fingers*

::I finally got out of the house today, though.  I went to the Jordan River Temple, which was nice.  I hadn't been to the temple for a long time and I hadn't realized how much I missed it (also how much better I feel after being there).  It was a good feeling, that's all.

::What else? My cousin is getting baptized on Saturday and my aunts are giving my sister a baby shower afterward, so that's going to be fun (I threw a shower for my sister a few weeks ago).  And my other cousin had her baby last night, which is great.  Yup... it's great.

That's it for today.  I'm working on a baby quilt for my sister, so I want to get that finished before the baby's born.  I'm about halfway done.
... and I am super-stoked about it!!!

He's been serving in the Argentina Buenos Aires North Mission.  He left before I came home from my mission in Florida, so I haven't seen him in over three years.  The last time I saw him was when my family took me to the Missionary Training Center in Provo and the last thing I said to him in person was to wish him luck in the state basketball tournament (they won the consolation bracket).  He left for his mission about three months before I came home from mine, so we completely missed each other.  The only time I've talked to him (other than emails and letters) is Mother's Day and Christmas phone calls.  But tonight around 7:00 MDT, he'll be getting on a plane in Buenos Aires and he'll land in Salt Lake tomorrow afternoon around 4:40 (that is a stinking long plane trip - to be fair he has two super-long layovers in Atlanta and Dallas.  Poor kid's going to be exhausted).

Anyway, I've had this song stuck in my head all day long and I figured why not share in my excitement?

This is going to seriously be the longest day in my life - then again, it'll probably go pretty quick (come on clock - MOVE FASTER!!)
Yesterday the school went to the Pioneer Theatre Company's production of "The Diary of Anne Frank" as part of their English class and since I'm their on-site teacher-type-person, I went with them.  I got to see a fantastic play, hung out with my awesome students and the school district said it'd be okay if I was paid for the full day instead of just my usual half (since I didn't get home until 11:30, I'd say that's more than fair).

However, while I was on the bus with everyone, I checked Facebook on my phone and found this little gem waiting to send me into a fangirl spiral of OMG-ness:

And through the magic of technology, I captured and now share my priceless reaction with you now:


Well.  Something like that.

Like I said before, I got home at, basically the crack of midnight. I had enough composure to let the dog in the house (she was waiting so patiently for me too - it was adorable), get into my PJs and flop into bed.

This morning, I left for work and I took the dog outside. When I came home, the poor thing could hardly move. She was shaking really bad and she just wasn't as peppy as she usually is (you should see how crazy she was when I came home last night. Like I said - adorable). She drank some milk (which I later found out is not really good for dogs - hey, I'm not a vet!), but she just wouldn't move very much and I started to get scared. I called my dad and told him what was going on and he said I should bring her in to the vet (a friendly reminder: I live 90 miles away from town. Getting anywhere substantial involves at least an hour and a half drive in the car). So, I call work in a frenzy telling them what's going on - my boss is uber-understanding and tells me that he'll take care of getting me a sub for tomorrow (that's the nice thing about everyone out here being ranchers - when you have a sick animal, you get that creature the help it needs ASAP), I pack up my stuff for the weekend since I was planning a small vacation anyway, load up the car and head out.

The good news is that my dog perked up a bit by the time we got to the vet's office. He checked her out anyway and said she had a pancreatic inflammation and he could take care of it. He gave her a couple shots (poor girl is still mad at me, I think) and some medicine for later. She does look tons better now, so I'm glad that I brought her in.

However, this little side-trip threw a monster of a monkey wrench into my life.  I have a HUGE research paper due on Sunday that I *cough* haven't really started... *cough, cough* and I'd planned on really getting going on it today.  Friday and Saturday I'm going to spend at K's house - I got tickets for the Saturday Morning Session of General Conference for us both to go - I'm still going, but I'll just be spending the Afternoon Session doing homework and not really paying attention like I usually do.  AND I have a class weekend next week that I have to prepare for (and this is for my other class - not the one I'm writing the paper for).

Oh, did I mention we have Region Drama competition next week and I'm the drama coach? (How, how, how did I - of all people - become a high school drama coach?  Not that I don't enjoy it - I'm just wondering out loud to myself).  Plus, I'm getting my sister's baby shower all arranged for next month AND I'm getting ready for the ULA conference in May AND I'm meeting with the librarian I'm doing my practicum with next week?

Umm... so, yeah... if you need me, call on April 11.  I might have time to squeeze you in.
Sunday night - Mom and my sisters have gone back to town, so it's just me, Dad and the dog hanging out with no football to watch, but plenty of homeworky-type things to do.  Am I doing any of it?  Oh, heavens no!  But I am blogging a list.  And what a list it is -

- Mom and I had a nice chat about things and that was good.  She's a bit happier, which I think is fantastic - been planning a few things for herself that have nothing to do with certain unpleasant things that usually bring her down.  We talked about the baby shower I'm throwing for my sister in May and I'm excited to for that.  Not just the party, but the fact that I'm going to be an aunt and I'll have a little one to spoil greatly and have fun with without actually being the parent (still don't know if it's a niece or nephew yet.  Sis and Bro-in-Law know, but they aren't telling anyone right now.  Should I be running a betting pool?)

- Like I've said recently, it's really nice to throw things away.  We've been cleaning things that have been in storage since we moved nine years ago.  Most of that stuff was stuff that, at the time, I couldn't bear to part with.  But now, I'm happily throwing things out in the trash and in the burning barrel and watching it go up in smoke.  It feels like a metaphor almost.  I'm getting rid of old crap that was weighing me down and now I have room for things in my life that are new and wonderful without worrying if they'll fit in with the old stuff I had hanging around before.  I have so many ideas and fun things I want to do - I don't want to feel beholden to the past as though I owed it something (that was profound and deep, actually).

- I really, really, REALLY like cinnamon gummy candy.  These cinnamon Easter bunnies are the best!

- I bought a plastic needlework thread organizer box for all my stray cross-stitching floss.  I'm starting to feel like a real cross-stitcher-person-thing!  It's just so relaxing to me and I love it.  Though, I need to find something to do with all my cross-stitching projects when they're finished.  Gifts, I suppose.  I'll see how this works out.

- I have so much to be happy about right now.  I'm right in the thick of my Master's degree, I'm going to do a practicum this summer, I'm finally getting to move out of my parent's house(!), I'm in a fandom that I completely adore and I find things to be absolutely giddy about at the drop of a hat.  And I'm in a job that I love that will help lead to other good things that I just can't wait for!

That video makes me squee so happily. I don't even know why.

It's been a busy weekend, to be sure. So, I'll just hit the highlights and move on with my life.

- My extended family is nuts. Not in the literal committed-and-on-meds way - just a little odder than most people are. I had to drive my (much older) cousin home to Salt Lake over the weekend - the poor guy is so shy. He doesn't say "Boo!" without apologizing profusely, which is okay, I guess, until you've heard it fifty times. But he wanted relationship advice from me (he's 15 years older than me) and in asking for my help, we ventured into the mystical land of TMI and Brain Bleach... do I want to deal with this? Heavens no! Sheesh - I've never had a relationship of my own (nor do I want on). Why am I being asked to fix someone else's problems? -_-'

'kay, that's over - NEXT!

- I. LOVE. STUDYING. LIBRARY. SCIENCE. Laugh if you must, but this weekend I went up to Salt Lake to meet up with my MLS Cohort buddies and enjoy a full weekend of discussing collection development. Beyond getting all this new information so I can be a good librarian when I get to that point, I just love being around my classmates and colleagues. Maybe it's because I had a real downer week (the kids at school were being little twerps and I'll just leave it at that), but it felt good to get away and do something that makes me feel good.  I honestly can't wait to do my practicum this summer.

- While I was up north, my dad had me move some of my stuff that's been in storage since we moved nine years ago. We'd had it stored at this old house my parents own but are now selling (which, why we didn't sell it years ago is beyond me, but I'm not the one calling the shots). But since I don't have my own place to move all my stuff to, it just moved into another storage area (into a friend of mine's garage - I'm going to be living with her this summer anyway). Most of my stuff ended up getting thrown out because I didn't need it or because of mice (yeah...), so I actually have less stuff than I thought I did.

- Here's a funny story - for my class weekends, we meet in a small-ish library in Salt Lake City down the road from the University of Utah. It's right next to a Barnes and Noble, which does not help my finances at all. I'd arrived at the library early on Friday night, so I thought I'd go browse B&N to see if they had anything good. I ended up in the DVD section, perusing their Doctor Who DVDs to see if there was something I really wanted that 2Entertain wasn't planning a Revisitation version of later. Turned out they had the Black Guardian Trilogy at a decent enough price, so I bought that. The guy at the counter noticed what I was buying and actually seemed impressed that I was buying a Doctor Who boxed set and he started asked me who my favorite Doctor was - I replied that I really didn't have a favorite yet (well, I do, but I haven't seen them all yet, so I'm reserving judgment), but I'd been on a Peter Davison kick lately (hence, my purchase) and I really liked both David Tennant and Matt Smith. I think the guy thought it was cool that there was a 20-something girl in Utah that actually knew what Doctor Who was - even enough to buy some of the Classic series on DVD (or maybe I'm just giving myself gratuitous pats on the back).

As I left the store, I had to get on the escalator down and I noticed a guy walk in with either his wife or girlfriend. This guy had a black t-shirt on with white lettering in the shape of a TARDIS that said "Bow Ties are Cool" and a white image of a bow tie above that. I wanted to yell out "Nice shirt!" to the guy, but he'd passed by the time I got to the bottom of the escalator (plus, I'm a little shy about yelling out in a crowded store - and I try not to get too over-zealous about my love of all things Who, especially in public. I don't do well with awkwardness). But seriously - how cool is it that I encountered not just one, but TWO people who seemed to know what Doctor Who was and even were fans of it? 'Course, I was in Barnes and Noble, which I lovingly refer to as "The Geek Store" but it just made my heart happy ^_^

I am grateful for Lortab.

This morning, I went to the dentist to have a tooth looked at that has been giving me problems for a long time.  I had a root canal in it a few years ago and I thought that was the end of it.  But turns out the sucker got reinfected, so I had to get it pulled and I'll have to get an implant in six months or a year - depending on how I feel about it.  As miserable as I am right now, I'll be glad when it's all healed up because it was giving me headaches and crap before.  For now, I'm doped up on Lortab and antibiotics and spending my Monday off watching the Doctor Who TV Movie DVD I bought over the weekend (I wish there was more Paul McGann as the on-screen Doctor - he was fantastic).

Over the weekend, I attended our stake's Women's Conference.  I almost didn't go because I was feeling so lousy about life and a few other things.  Just - you know - I'm not measuring up to other people's expectations for me and why isn't my success more visible.  Didn't help that on Friday, I spent a shopping trip with my mom and my sisters - including my married-and-pregnant sister whose entire topic of conversation with my mother was squicky pregnancy details and rehashing all the drama that accompanied her wedding (mother-in-law and dresses and all that crap).  Yeeeeeeaaahhh... I had nothing to add to that.  Nor did I want to.  It's not that I'm not excited about her having a baby and me getting to be an aunt - I just don't have any interest in that sort of stuff.  I don't even have any ideas for my own wedding and I never have.  Usually I'm perfectly content to not discuss those topics as they pertain to me because I'm working on school and I have a job that I enjoy and I have other things to occupy my mind.  But it would be nice if other people (certainly other family members) recognized that I'm having my own version of success and that I'm happy.

Back to the Women's Conference on Saturday - Dad noticed that I wasn't feeling too well that morning.  He suggested I go with him on a few errands and I ended up crying about what I just described in the previous paragraph.  Dad, being my awesome dad that he is, pointed out all the great things I've done and told me that he's not worried in the least about me and that I'm doing fine and other people have problems that have nothing to do with me even though I get caught in the crosshairs.  He said a few other things and I felt so much better.

During Women's Conference, the theme was "Count Your Blessings" and it was wonderful.  One of the speakers said something that really hit me hard.  I can't remember it exactly, but it was along the lines of the Lord gives us tender mercies to fit the conditions and particulars of our lives.  What is a miracle to one person might not be the same thing someone else needs.  So, someone could post some silly YouTube video on their Facebook page just to be funny and not think too much of it, but I could see it and it'll cheer me up after a really hard time I've been having and it somehow reminds me that Heavenly Father is still looking out for me (that happened once).

Okay, well I'm going to head back home now.  I just wanted to get that down for posterity.  Made me feel good, anyway :)
I'm sitting here waiting for my family to get home from town and reading my flist and thinking "Gosh, a lot of people have their '2010 Year in Review' things going."  So, I get to thinking about how 2010 was for me - and this is what I came up with:

Cut for length and sentimentality - but it's important to me, anyway.

Time falls away, but these small hours still remain )

So - to everyone who made it this far through my ramblings: congratulations. I wish I had a medal to give you. If you didn't read it, that's fine too. But everyone have a happy and wonderful 2011!
Went up north today with my mom and dad for some late-minute Christmas shopping and to deliver a few items.  My shopping was done, but any excuse to visit the Gateway is fine with me! ^_^  There was a mother in Bath and Body Works that I had to feel sorry for - but at the same time, i was very grateful that I was not her.  She had two boys (okay, what possesses you to take your two seven- or eight-year-old boys into BBW?) and they kept fighting over who got the blue or green hand sanitizer with what kind of reindeer on it.  The clerk was trying to find the boys what they wanted, but they were beyond negotiations.  It's moments like this that make me glad I don't have children.

Speaking of having children - shopping with my sister on Monday wasn't too bad.  I think pregnancy has given her a sense of humor.  Mostly I let her and my mom talk about baby-birthing-stuff, which I have little-to-zero interest in.  Personally, I think babies are much more fun once they're born (without even considering the fact that they aren't mine).

We got snowed on yesterday, but it was basically just glorified slush and it turned into rain today.  I'm almost scared to go back out to the ranch because my bedroom's probably flooded - though we called out there and found out that the precipitation was still snow, so maybe I've been granted a reprieve?  The only thing I know is that when it rains and rains and rains, my bedroom floods.  Snow is okay - even when it melts, it doesn't flood.  I should ask someone to go check on it, but I'm almost thinking ignorance is bliss.  At least for now.

While the fall semester has ended, my graduate cohort decided to get together on Facebook and have a Christmas reading group until school starts up again.  Someone chose "Dune" by Frank Herbert, which I've never read.  Luckily, the high school library had it, so I've been reading that and it's pretty good so far.  I'm partway through the second section and it's finally getting exciting.  The first part was kind of boring, but I blame all the necessary exposition.  I know there was a miniseries of this book some time ago, so maybe after I'm done with this, I'll hunt that down (after the great "Doctor Who" rewatch of Christmas 2010 - my little cousins are nearly done with Series 5.  I told them they couldn't see the Christmas special until they'd finished).

The Utah-Boise State bowl game is tonight, which should be exciting.  For the sake of my Utes, I hope so - the radio analysts kept predicting a Boise State blowout.  But I've learned that sports analysts know pretty much nothing about games that they comment on.  In fact, if you go back and listen to the pre-game commentary after the game, they sound pretty stupid.  Honestly, I think anyone that can at least fake a cocky-locker-room-jock attitude can comment on sports - there's no magic formula to that job.

That's about it for me tonight - I'm just ready for some nice Christmas relaxation.
Now that school is out, I'm here with my mom getting ready to go up north for a shopping trip.  My married-and-expecting sister is planning on going with us since she has Mondays off... but she's been pretty sick, so we'll see.  I haven't spent too much time with her since she announced she was pregnant (actually, I haven't spent too much time with her at all - pregnant or not.  We just have that kind of relationship).

Last night was a hoot.  There was a performance of Handel's Messiah at the church last night and my mom wanted to go.  I went as well as my two sisters and their friend that's staying with them and going to school in town as well.  This friend wasn't too keen on going at first, but he didn't want to be at the house by himself.  So, we're all sitting in the back during the performance and I guess our friend got bored because he started making goofy faces at me and my sisters during the Hallelujah Chorus and I started laughing and I couldn't stop!  I'm such a bad concert-goer...

My weekend was good.  We finally got our Christmas tree up.  It's kind of small, but I think it works.  But then our little cousins came over.  Bear in mind that have what I call "Tree-zilla" in their living room.  Seriously - it takes up half the house and barely leaves a walkway into the kitchen.  Well, they took a look at our cute little tree-lot Christmas tree and the oldest boy make some snarky comment on how tiny it was.  The the little girl said it looked like a weed.  Then I came back and replied "Well, we can't all have Tree-zilla in our front rooms."  That shut them up momentarily, until the oldest boy (the Master of Non-Sequitur Arguments) came back with the ever-so-witty comment of "Well... well... who's team has a 7-6 record?"  I reply with "...are you kidding me?"

[I know I've won when the kid is reduced to taking the mickey out of my football team.  But the Colts won yesterday and they currently own first place in the AFC South - so NEENER NEENER!]



[I realize that, on the surface, it might be bad form to descend into an argument with a twelve-year-old, but this kid has the most incredible winning-streak I've ever seen - meaning he wins at a lot of things without even trying.  Doesn't matter if it's football teams, card games, fights with his siblings, arguments with adults that aren't his parents - this kid wins at everything.  And he gloats like it's no tomorrow and it's really annoying.  So, whenever I can bring him down a couple of notches, it feels really good.]



[When have i ever been the portrait of maturity anyway?]
I got off a day early because the Jazz Bear (the mascot of the Utah Jazz NBA team) is taking the students in our school district on a Christmas shopping spree.  Every year, the Jazz organization picks a school district where the families that live in that district are seen to be less-well-off and they take the elementary kids from that district on a shopping trip (this seems to be in a rotation because my younger sisters did this a few years ago when they were in elementary school).  Anyway, I was going to go with them to be a chaperone (they send an adult chaperone with each kid so that the kid doesn't spend more than their allotted $100), but they told me they had enough people and I didn't have to if I had something else to do.  I would have liked to go (there were rumors that some Jazz players would be going on the trip as well and that would have been cool to meet them), but I've been neglecting some home duties and I've got to get that done because.  Besides, this trip is more for the kids and I'd feel weird being an goofy fan-adult-person when the kids are the ones that the players are there for.

So, I'm home cleaning up the house.  I've done the dishes, started some laundry and swept up the hard floors in the house.  I would vacuum, but I hate using my mom's vacuum.  She has a Rainbow that is the epitome of the redundant piece of crap.  Every time I pull it out of the closet, the attachments fall all over me, the cord tries to strangle me and it uses this ridiculously huge water tank instead of vacuum bags and it's a pain to empty.  the best part - you have to take it apart to store it and it comes apart in about twenty different pieces that you have to haul all over the house when you want to vacuum.  Maybe if you enjoy spending inordinate amounts of time cleaning the house, then I guess it's okay.  I try to point this out to my mom when she asks me to vacuum, but she'll never hear a word against it.  Me, I'd rather take the vacuum out of the closet, pull it into whatever room I'm vacuuming, vacuum and then go to the next one.  I don't want to be making like Dad on Christmas Eve when the kids get a brand new swingset every time I try cleaning.  So, I'm sticking to sweeping up the hard floors and I'll let my mom use her beloved Rainbow.

I think I'm just being bored now.  Luckily, the washer's about to go off.  And the dog won't stop barking.  I wonder if she's seeing things...
I made it back home from Reno last night at the crack of midnight (okay, it was really 9:30, but when you've been sitting in the front seat of a truck for 8 hours with four very hyper/cranky/sleepy children with the inability to control their bladders, it feels like getting home at midnight).  The drive wasn't terribly terrible - I kept the kids quiet with my laptop and iPod full of "Doctor Who" episodes (I think I may even have the twelve-year-old boy converted to Who-dom, which is a miracle - he was very adamant about not liking DW for the longest time *evil cackle*). 

We finished the 2009 Specials on this trip and started in on Series 5 because two of the kids want to be caught up in time for the Christmas Special on... well, Christmas.  But I must say - "The End of Time" always, always, ALWAYS gets me.  It was even worse at the part where the Doctor gives Donna (via her mother and grandfather) a wedding present - a lottery ticket the Doctor bought with money he borrowed from Donna's (deceased) father.  Because Donna has no pockets (a joke from "The Runaway Bride" - Donna's first appearance in DW), she puts the ticket in her bra for safekeeping (it's discreet and tasteful - after all, this is considered a family program).  At the part, little cousin H giggled and said "Pockets!"  I was trying to be cool and calm about this in front of the kids, but I suddenly got the sniffles there and there was something in my eye (hey, Ten was dying and I'm a wimp where that's concerned - it was endearing, all right?)

Oh, and while I was in Reno, my cousin set me up on a blind date with a guy whose parents are in her ward.  I, like an idiot, agreed.  This is stupid on my part because I hate going on dates and for me, a date is more tiring than all the all-night driving-road-trips in the world put together (but I have a really, really, REALLY nice cousin - they kind you feel really bad about saying no to).  The date itself was okay - the mental abuse I put myself through afterward was not (not to mention the fact my cousin's ten-year-old daughter kept asking me if I was going to marry this guy -_-').  Will there be a second date?  With an 8-hour trip to visit the guy?  Probably not.  But I survived and that's all that counts.  Moving on.

Here's something funny - we stopped to get food yesterday at Jack in the Box.  I was with the cousin I came with, plus my other cousin from Elko and her brood.  We all were standing in line to order when we all of a sudden heard this ear-splitting scream coming from the bathroom.  Both my cousins rushed in because we knew it had to be one of their kids.  Turned out the three-year-old boy was screaming about something - I expected to see him coming out with a bruised hand or a jagged gash across his face - something terrible and painful.  Turned out, it was none of that.  He simply couldn't get the hand dryer to turn off and he freaked out because of it.  The only reason I can laugh is that it wasn't my child (seriously - I love my cousins and their children, but a little of them goes a long way.  I think a weekend surrounded by thirteen children all under the age of 12 is enough to keep my legs crossed for at least another five years).

I am still dead beat tired.  And I had to be at work all day today (one of the afternoon teachers had a doctor's appointment today and I said I'd take her class - I can use the extra hours), but that was okay because we worked on the play.  And one of the kids' parents came down to set up lights WHICH WE HAVE NOT HAD IN PLAY PRACTICE ALL YEAR!!!  So we FINALLY got to practice with the lighting schemes and that made the WORLD of difference!  As exhausted as I am from today, I finally feel like this is going to start happening and that's exciting.  Nerve-wracking, but exciting nonetheless.

Other than that... our DirecTV box got fried, so we had to order another one.  It's not that big of a deal, except my sisters and I lost all the things we had recorded on the DVR, which is sad, but it'll be fine.  It's a little quiet around here - maybe I'll actually get something done (like that final project for my web design class that's due next week.  You think?)

Road Trip!

Dec. 3rd, 2010 10:36 pm
Just a quick post - I'm at my cousin's in Reno.  Her son is getting baptized tomorrow, so I hitched a ride with my other cousin and her kids and made a weekend of it.  It was a stinking long drive and the kids were pretty rowdy.  But then I pulled out my laptop and we all watched "Doctor Who" between Wendover and Reno (I have a massively good battery - when the battery was dead, we switched to episodes on my iPod).  It's amazing how quiet they were when the Doctor was on the screen (we got through "The Next Doctor" to "The Waters of Mars").  Even the older boy that doesn't really like DW very much enjoyed having something to other than torture his siblings.

Along the way, my Reno cousin called and proposed that I go on a blind date with someone in her ward.  You'd think I'd have learned my lesson last March, but she's really nice and it's not like I can make anything last with this guy (with a six hour drive between us, you see).  But whatever.  I've never been to Reno, so what better way to see the sights, I suppose (yes, everyone's thinking how deprived I am from never having been to Reno /sarcasm).

I'm excited to be visiting... but I have the feeling that it's going to be an exhausting weekend.  In a good way.
Well, anyway, we've got a monster of a storm coming in.  Just in time for Thanksgiving.  Happy day.  (/sarcasm)

The kids at school today were too far gone to do anything productive.  The most we managed to do was first period Biology - they're getting ready to have a mock-debate about wolves and ranchers around Yellowstone.  But the English teacher didn't come on the PolyCom, so we just played Farkle the rest of the day.  I've never played Farkle before - and quite honestly, I stunk at it.  But it was fun anyway.

So now I'm just waiting for my family to get through this blizzard.  Our branch is supposed to be having Thanksgiving Pie Night tonight.  Mom bought a couple of Marie Callendar pies and told me to get them ready. I've got one pie thawing out and one pie... well, I put it in to bake, but it wasn't done.  So I let it bake longer - and I think I burned it.  Well, half-burned anyway.  Luckily, those weren't our Thanksgiving pies because that would have sucked.

The power's probably going to go off tonight at some point.  Even so, I'm here being bored and I got looking through my DVR archive - and guess what recorded a week or so ago at 4:00 am?  The full two-parts of "The End of Time" on BBC America.  And that must be watched.

*crickets chirp*

Well, I thought it was cool anyway.

Oh cool - time is ending.  Bye now!
It's Pioneer Day today in Utah... and while for city dwellers it means the sequel to the 4th of July (parades, picnics, fireworks) we out on the ranch actually recreate the 25th of July - where the pioneers got to work clearing brush and planting crops and building settlements (okay - we don't actually build anything, but Mom's got us all doing yard work and Dad's cleaning up his tractor for some unknown reason).  I've lived in Utah my whole life, but the 24th of July has never been a big deal at our house - just another day on the farm, I suppose.  We did get to watch the Days of '47 Parade on TV - that can be quite entertaining.  Not just the floats and marching bands, but the commentary.  The best was when the anchor chick called a team of mules horses (and they think we rednecks are idiots).  I just smile and metaphorically pat their little heads.  Sometimes, they're just too cute to get terribly upset at.

But it's fun to be back out because my cousin's little girl is visiting from Reno for the summer (don't know how she finagled that) and she has decided that I am her new big sister.  I'm serious - yesterday when she saw that I was here, she glomped me in 0.5 seconds.  Then my other little cousin who actually lives out here and sees me a lot and really doesn't care whether or not I'm here glomped me too.  It's was strange.  But it's cute. 

One of my cousin's kids is in New York for the 100th anniversary of the Boy Scouts, which gives me a break from his constant obnoxiousness (I swear, that kid's mission in life is to get me arrested for murder.  So far, he has been unsuccessful).  Everyone thinks he's a great kid and such a polite boy, etc. - but he's actually quite the little shit.  Either that or he knows how to push all the right buttons with me.  But I'm glad he's gone for three weeks.

I also got a packet from the school district that I need to fill out and send back (background checks, W-4s - that kind of stuff).  I  actually prefer to be filling that stuff out than yet another job application.

Okay, I've just been invaded by the natives, so I have to go cater to them for a bit.  More later.
On Facebook today reading one of my classmate's wall posts about a paper that's actually due today (mine's almost done!)  Some of my other classmates mentioned that there was yet another paper due on Monday and I about had a heart attack because I wasn't planning on having anything else due for this class!  Luckily, I worked out that I had actually finished that paper early and turned it in weeks ago - so that's why I hadn't been thinking about it.

And then - I find out that I have to have my part of another presentation done by tomorrow and in to our group leader (I'm just about presentation'd out by now) - when I figured I at least had this weekend to finish it.  Oy... this cataloging class is kicking my butt.  Anybody know anything pertinent about the uses of Medical Subject Headings?

Oh, and my sisters all want to go see "Eclipse" tonight.  I've been anti-social towards them enough this summer, so I think I'm going to go with them.  Personally, I wish they'd have excluded me from this one and let me go with them to see "Toy Story 3" a few weeks back.  *sigh...* Oh well, I'll have something funny to post about when I get back.

PS - I've also found the joy of Doctor Who audiobooks.  I finished "The Feast of the Drowned" last night and I quite liked it.  But now my inner monologue sounds a lot like David Tennant.  I don't know if that's a good or a bad thing, but I'll just go with it.  Reminds me of when I'd listen to the Harry Potter audiobooks and I could only think in Jim Dale's voice.
Oy... it's been a crazy past two days.  First off all, I got back to the ranch on Thursday and began spending some quality time with the Lappy... except the poor Lappy was making the infamous loud whirring sounds that indicated she was about to crash.  Which she just about did the next day (Friday).  There were tears and cursing and general "I'm sooo pissed off at you right now!" going on, but I couldn't do too much about it until this morning.

Well, actually, not this morning because I woke up to the weenie dog's incessant yapping at something in my brother's room (my brother who is currently in Argentina on his mission).  Come to find out, our patio door blew open in the night, letting one extremely fat and feral tomcat into the house which had taken up permanent residence under my brother's bed where Scout had cornered it.  We spent a good chunk of our 4th of July morning trying to coax this creature out from under the bed and out the window without getting terribly maimed (I came close - I nearly had it by the scruff of the neck before it took a swipe at me and darted off.  Lucky I was wearing gloves).  It took a while, but we got the thing out.

Back to the Lappy - I finally got to where I could reinstall my operating system (I'm anal about backing up my files - I've had this computer for six years, but it's gotten worse since I got home from my mission last year).  I have most of it back and running, which is good.  I would have had it done except we had my sister, her husband and the in-laws make the trek out to the desert for a visit, plus our neighbors had a barbecue (which, that was fun - they were also celebrating their dad's 50th birthday in conjunction with the 4th, so there was plenty of cake and sugar to go around).  I'm still working on getting the rest of it up and running (iTunes, Media Player updates - that sort of thing).

I have a pretty good student loan next semester that I'm praying will cover tuition, fees and books and leave some left over for a new laptop.  My mom's desktop in town is a beautiful sight to behold, but I want to have my own computer that I can take with me to class because it's so much more convenient to have a laptop in this program.  I don't want to take this one into Salt Lake with me precisely because it's so slow and outdated and it would be more of a hindrance than a help.  I did take it in once and I think all the other laptops were laughing at it.

ETA: Okay, I'm really, really, REALLY annoyed.  Because I have to install all kinds of service pack updates for my computer.  Since I bought this thing practically in the Stone Age of computer technology, the vanilla stage is severely outdated.  And does Microsoft just let you download and install service packs?  Ha!  Of course not!  I have to wait for the automatic updates to run through six years of updates so I can install iTunes and the DivX codecs.  Normally, I wouldn't care, but you guys - I STILL HAVE THE FINAL EPIC 2-PART SPECIAL OF "DOCTOR WHO" TO WATCH!! And I can't watch it until all this stuff is updated!!  (my downloads are all DivX .avi files, which the 2004 edition of XP apparently can't handle -_-').  Oh my gosh, this is annoying!!  As sad as I will be to bid farewell to my beloved Tenth Doctor, I just really want to be caught up to the rest of the Who-verse (part of the reason I did the whole vanilla-wipe thing anyway was because it was taking so long for my video files to load yesterday, which makes zero sense since I'd been watching DW episodes on this thing the day before yesterday).  So now, I am still just waiting.  Unless, of course, I go back to the house in town sometime this week and use the computer that I know my files work on (speaking of making zero sense...)

I just need a new Lappy.  That's all.
Oh look, a non-Doctor Who related post.

This seems to happen every time I come back to the ranch after a prolonged absence.  I've been in town for a month pretty much left to my own devices and I've been content to be on my own.  But while I've been gone, my dear sweet cousin whom I love dearly has been busy.  They had a family reunion out in Reno last month and she wound up staying with her sister (my other dear sweet cousin whom I also love dearly) and her family for about a week longer than they'd planned because of car trouble.  Well and good (not that they had car trouble, but that they got to spend time together).

Well, I come back out for the 4th and my cousin says she met a guy out in Reno that she wants to set me up with.  And his qualifications are: 1. he's a diesel mechanic, 2. he's about 6' something tall, 3. he's really nice.  And he said he'd take me out on a date if I came out to Reno to visit (which, I wouldn't be opposed to visiting Reno to see my cousin and her family - I've thought about doing that on a couple of vacations and I just haven't done it).

Just as I'm about to tell my cousin "thanks, but no thanks," Mom walks in and gives me the "You've been home for almost a year and you really haven't dated anybody, so just go and think of it as a free meal."  Okay, 1. I did too go out on three dates with that one kid that ended up pissing me off after I got my hopes up and stuff (and which my flist knows only too well about).  2. The "free meal" mindset on dating is the most pathetic and asinine thing ever dreamed up by the mind of a lonely spinster woman.  And 3. Just... no.

(As an aside, this cousin is the same cousin whose darling little children were standing outside my window last night trying to open the window to climb inside my room (glad I had it locked from the inside) and yelling and shouting and throwing things down the window well and - I swear they were - peeing on the glass.  Luckily, I was preoccupied with nursing my broken soul after watching "The Waters of Mars" and also fangirling over David Tennant videos sent to me by [livejournal.com profile] narniadear, so happily I was able to ignore them.  I affectionately call these kids "The Greatest Form of Birth Control" because after spending even an hour with them, I think anyone would be screaming for the nunnery).

Anyway, this doesn't have me as upset as it sounds, but it's just annoying that I've been gone for about a month and had two big class weekends while I was gone and had a great time with all of that, but the first thing people want to talk to me about when I come back is my dating life.  Good grief - I am achieving great and marvelous things with my schooling and with my church calling and I am enjoying my single-ness-hood-ship (whatever you call it).  Plus, I finally got our printed yearbooks and we're probably going to have our little yearbook-signing party tonight and I consider that something good.  I'd rather talk about those things than whine and mope that I haven't had a date in months because what good does that do?

What kills me is that it's not even me that's bringing this up!  I love my family, I truly do (even the Birth Control children - in moderation).  I am glad that my married sister is happy and that she has a terrific husband (seriously - I have an awesome brother-in-law).  But I think it bothers my family that my younger sister was married before I was.  But it doesn't bother me at all - I always figured she'd get married before I did.  We're just that different and it's perfectly okay.  I've gone at my own pace my whole life and I'm happy to continue to do so.



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