A few things this evening -

1. Jerry Sloan, who has coached the Utah Jazz since forever, resigned today (see what happens when I abandon the internet for a day?) Coach Sloan was one of the classiest, hard working coaches in any sport ever and I'm going to miss him a lot.  Another piece of my childhood passes on.

     1a. You know, this is one of the moments that it really pisses me off that Sloan never won Coach of the Year (even though there were a few times that it should have been his).  But he never was bitter about it - so I guess I shouldn't be either.

      1b. Same goes with the Finals.  As they say - we was robbed (I'm really bad at letting things go - so's my mom.  It's a family trait, I suppose).

2. I missed last week's "The Big Bang Theory," so I caught up today on the DVR.  I almost got a little teary-eyed with Sheldon's performance as his mom bidding little "Shelly" good-bye as he departs to the 23rd century with Spock. *tear*

    2a. But what in the name of Captain James Tiberius Kirk was up with this week's episode and Leonard re-enacting "The Graduate?"  Has Leonard taken up the role of slut boy nerd or something?  Weird...

3. I had two of the biggest book orders come in the last few weeks (I still have about five more books to catalog).  And there is some dang good stuff in there.  Expect reviews.

4. Watching "CSI" - Nick Stokes is too gorgeous for words.

5. Just got an announcement from my YA services class - now I get to learn how to write a paper in report form.  Yeeeeeeeeaaaahh...
It feels like it's been a week since I posted, but it's actually only been two days.

I'm trying to take a break from finishing up my reflective journal that's due tomorrow (I know I keep saying I'm done with this semester, but I'm really trying to finish all these little ticky-tack tasks that I need to have done regardless). It would have been done yesterday, but The Greater Cosmos(tm) decided that I needed to have a fight with the stomach flu. The dumb thing is that I felt like I had a head cold yesterday morning, then my stomach started to hurt, but I figured I'd be okay.  I went to yearbook and one kid decided he'd get smart with me, so I gave it right back to him (hey, the school district isn't paying me - I don't have to put up with this little asshat's crap).  Once said snotwipe went off to the corner to sulk, the rest of the kids were actually quite productive.  Today they're going to town to get sponsors for the yearbook and I was supposed to go with them, but... well, I didn't.

Anyway, came home, felt even crappier than before and wound up passed out on the couch moaning and sipping Fresca (with semi-frequent breaks to... yeah, I don't have to paint you a picture, do I?)  On the flip side, I did get to watch some stuff I've had DVR'd and haven't been able to watch lately (Hello "V"!) and I also caught the Jazz-Nuggets game, which after the Jazz beat Denver at home the other night, I thought they'd have this all wrapped up.  Turns out that no, we absolutely MUST go to game 6 (I suppose the "Utah Fans of 'Melo" wanted to get their money's worth - good grief, that was a stupid commercial.  Carmelo Anthony is one of the most overrated NBA players in recent memory and I hate that he's in the Jazz's division and we have to watch him so often.  But I must ask - is there a coalition of "Denver Fans of Kyrylo?")  Sigh... well, another game on Friday.  Here's to another Denver meltdown - plzkthx.

Oh, and today marks one year since my brother left on his mission and one year until he comes home.  Not that I'm going to rub that in to him.  It's bad form to remind missionaries how long they've been out and how long they have left.  It just depresses them.  I speak from experience (though at one point I did have some kind of countdown going on right before I came home).

Tonight I have a Relief Society leadership meeting - oh, yeah, I forgot to mention that I got called to be the second counselor in the branch Relief Society presidency.  Number 1 - I'm glad it's not president (been there, done that, got the t-shirt).  Number 2 - I'm glad I have something to do.  But we're also having a presidency meeting before the stake leadership meeting, so I have to drive into town earlier.  Which would have been fine, except I'd planned to go with the yearbook kids on their sponsor-getting trip and just stay in town, thus saving on gas and miles on my car.  But I still felt crappy this morning, so I didn't go, but now I feel better and I want to go to this leadership meeting, so now I'm driving back and forth for the next few days.

This is going to be one crazy weekend - the high school is also having Prom on Saturday and some kids from town are coming out (so our high school kids don't have to go with their cousins), and I've been volunteered to be the taxi driver to and from town.  Boy, I'm soooo glad I got sick this week... because, you know, I had nothing better to do...  And now I think it's going to rain.

Thus endeth the random post of randomness.  Yeah, that's pretty much it.  Except the dog is snoring.  And it's kinda cute. ^_^


Feb. 23rd, 2010 03:05 pm
So, up on the front page of Yahoo is a story celebrating that the Atlanta Hawks beat the Jazz in Salt Lake City - a feat that they haven't accomplished for 17 years.

To which I ask The Greater Cosmos - WHY MUST YOU CELEBRATE THINGS THAT MEAN MY TEAM LOSES??  You don't celebrate the things that my team does well.  But nooo... we have to celebrate the mediocre Hawks when the Jazz are making another run for the playoffs.  Quit picking on my team.

All I have to say is that Sloan probably said some naughty words last night.  Just as well - they deserve to get it handed to them.

...sigh... I'm still waiting for that trophy, Davey Checketts.
Jazz lost to San Antonio and SA is going to the NBA Finals.  Honestly, I'm glad that the Jazz lasted as long as they did because, as rabid and loyal a fan as I am, I also know when to be realistic.  The end of the Jazz's season was not very hopeful, but they kicked Houston and Golden State out of the playoffs when people were saying Houston would sweep the Jazz and the Jazz suck and blahdy-blah, etc, piss me off.

But, no.  The Jazz made a great run at the playoffs and I actually got to see some games (I never got to watch while I was in school, but I was able to keep tabs on the box scores and things).  It reminded me a lot of the Stockton-Malone glory days and I reveled in every aspect of it.  Now that the team has had this playoff experience, they can get better and find what works and what didn't work and get ready for next season.  I'm optimistic for next year and I'm also ready to cheer for San Antonio (it's always been my policy - if I can't cheer for the Jazz, I cheer for the Spurs.  Besides, I'm sick of hearing about great LeBron James or the Detriot Pistons are.  The West is going to win, just you watch.  Because of that, I don't feel too bad that we lost).

The bad thing is that now I have to listen to only how wonderful it is to have a professional soccer team in Utah, which is actually a load of bullshit.  We won't hear anything good about the Utah Blaze, which is our Arena Football League (remember football? Hitting, running, passing, scoring, testosterone, real men?), but Real Salt Lake is that loser Dave Checketts baby and he's so wonderful and I want to puke?  Though, there was something funny on the radio today.  One radio commentator said that a RSL fan could read a book better than a Utah Blaze fan, to which I replied that the only book the RSL fan could read would be Dora the Explorer (Go! Diego Go! means run over that border, Diego! -- I never said my blog would be politically correct, and thankfully so).  The only people who like soccer are illegals and yuppies from South Jordan.

Go Jazz! (and would RSL please relocate?  Or can little Davey Checketts pony up some dough to get a real sport in Utah -- like an NFL team?  I think he owes us that after all this humiliation).

Love from,
Jenny Wildcat
THE UTAH JAZZ ARE BACK IN THE WESTERN CONFERENCE FINALS AFTER A NINE YEAR ABSENCE!!!!!  This certainly merits a Chinese-Firedrill-Type lap around the house in complete and total fan-giddiness!!! AAAAAAHHHHH!!!!

I know I ought to be asleep, but who cares?! (blame it on TNT scheduling us for the late game)  I have to post my happiness to the world!!!

The last time I was this excited  was when John Stockton made that three-pointer in the Conference Finals against Houston to send the Jazz to the NBA Finals the first year (the second year, we all knew we were going to cream the Lakers, but it was cool anyway).  This is almost just as fantastic because everyone has been predicting the Jazz would flop out the first chance they got (they tried a couple of times -- I guess they like to keep things interesting for the fans).

This Jazz team reminds me so much of the teams that went to the Finals.  First off, you've got your extremely well-rounded roster of players.  It's not just one or two players running the show.  We have the starting five (Boozer, Williams, Kirilenko, Fisher and Okur -- who my dad affectionately calls "The Goon Squad" [they may not be pretty, but they get the job done]), but then we've got Harpring off the bench (who is brilliant when he's spot-on), Dee Brown who can pick it up when the other guards get in foul trouble, and Paul Millsap (who I want to bake cookies for and I'll explain why in a minute).  Our bench is so deep for when we need to make changes in the lineups or when they just need a break.  Now, back in the day, we had the legendary Stockton-to-Malone, but there was also Jeff Hornacek, Antoine Carr, Bryon Russell, Adam Keefe and even the lovable goober, Greg Ostertag (we never said the center position was our best).

Paul Millsap is a rookie, but he reminds me so much of John Stockton in his attitude and his character.  Maybe it's just because he's a rookie and still learning the ropes, but Millsap can come out, kick your butt and make you like it.  He doesn't show off or anything; he just goes out there and gets the job done.  If he gets a double-double in the process, that's just because that's what's going to win the game for his team.  And he is freaking amazing on the court.  I sincerely hope the Jazz keep him and I hope that he stays this awesome because that's what I miss about Stockton retiring.  I've never liked the NBA going to this showboat-alley-oop-circus-jungle-ball style just to sell tickets.  When Stockton retired, I thought we'd probably lose the last shred of dignity the NBA had, but as long as players like Millsap come along, I think things will be fine. </gush>

Now, I am a dedicated Jazz fan (having watched them rabidly since I was gumming Gerbers), but I do know a challenging situation when I see it and I know when the boys need a little tough love from the fans (not that they're ever going to hear it, but they make enough bone-headed mistakes that it makes me feel better).  We're going to end up playing either Phoenix or San Antonio, neither of which is going to be a cake walk, especially since we won't have home court advantage no matter who we end up playing.  All season long, the Jazz have played a lot of close games.  Some they won, but some (especially in the home stretch at the end) they gave up.  Tonight was pretty darn hairy.  For a few minutes, it looked like the only two who didn't want to go back to Golden State were Fisher and Kirilenko (how do you miss a set of three free throws from flagrant and technical fouls?!)  If we get San Antonio, history is not on our side.  I don't think the Jazz have won on the road in San Antonio since 1994 (I could be wrong on my year, but it's somewhere in that general area).  Phoenix is wickedly amazing and either one is going to be tough to beat.  I certainly don't think we'll be scared, but looking at the situation realistically, it's going to be hard and I wouldn't be surprised if we didn't make it (surprised, no; disappointed, yes).

On the other hand, if we did win and make it to the Finals, I would be able to turn and go NEENER, NEENER to all those fair-weather fans who only follow the Jazz when they're good and who told me that it was stupid to cheer for a team when everyone I grew up watching was gone and that it was stupid just to cheer for a logo and assorted other bullshit that I hate taking from all these retarded bandwagon jumpers.

I can dream, can't I?

Love from,
Jenny Wildcat

PS, I have another reason for wanting the Jazz to continue: Anything to keep Dave Checketts and the incredibly stupid Real Salt Lake soccer team off the major sports headlines.  The only good thing about this asinine venture is that the team bears only Salt Lake City's name and not Utah's.  I'm not from Salt Lake City and hence, have no obligation to cheer for them.  I am from Utah, so I can happily cheer for the Utah Jazz, the Utah Blaze arena football, the University of Utah and Utah State University.  See the difference?
First, before I get going too crazy, [livejournal.com profile] rosevixen had one of these and the little geek in me just had to get in on this sweet action:

Wildcat's Pok├ęPet

Moonlight the level 85 Umbreon!

Umbreon was always my favorite of the Eevee evolutions, which are made of win in and of themselves.

I r the smart! Utah State even says so (or they will when I finally get my diploma in the mail). As I embark on this journey of a four-year degree recipient, here are some random thoughts:

- It wouldn't be my last day in Logan without a snowstorm. I not only got my Bachelor's Degree, I also got a cold.
- The trends continue: when I graduated from Snow College with my Associate's, it was raining.
- For a room full of PhDs, you'd think that the professors who were coordinating this effort could come up with a more efficient way of getting us out into the Spectrum without making the claustrophobics crammed in the tunnel nervous.
- According to the HASS (Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences; the college within Utah State that houses the English department) valedictorian, the world is going to hell because Plutarch said so ten million years ago (I'll have to take your word for it; I wasn't born then).
- They said they guy graduated in History and Classics with minors in Latin and Greek, but his speech said that he graduated with a Melodrama degree with a minor in Masculine Bovine Defecation. (if you got that joke, you deserve your degree)
- I don't think HASS students were really hip to attending sporting events. None of them sang The Scotsman (our very enthusiastic and rousing fight song) when about five of us in the row prompted.

Also in other great news: the Utah Jazz beat the Houston Rockets on the road in Game 7 . I am more than ecstatic about this because I have spent the past four years since Stockton retired and Malone went to the Lakers (*obligatory gag*) listening to all the fairweather fans talk about how bad the Jazz suck and why am I watching the games and assorted other kinds of bullcrap. Now the Jazz are back in the playoffs and even past the first round. And it was an exciting series. That's just the cherry on the cake. Apparently only three teams have won a series in seven games as the road team and the Jazz have made it four. Never let it be said that we shy away from records ^_^

I'll be home in the desert for a while, just chilling and packing away all my crap (I've got so much junk to pack in my room. I might be able to put it on eBay and make some money!)

Love from,
Jenny Wildcat



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