Doctor Who, season 3, episode 7 - "42" - I need a "squee/I-can't-handle-this-right-now" post.

You've Got to Tell Me When You're Going to Pull Crap Like That )

It was once purported that Jem was a huge "24" fan and released this song because of that.  So, what better send-off than to play the song on my LiveJournal (and of all the video makers on YouTube, no one has made a fan video using footage from "24" to this song.  Maybe when I get a new computer - and a DVD ripper - and an ice cream-crapping unicorn - I'll try my hand at the art).  If you have any kind of bass in your car, I recommend cranking it up with this song.

Series finale tonight!  I'm a little melancholy about it all, but before I get to that - SPOILER WARNING!

Dammit, Chloe! )

I really should have been doing videos with these posts the whole time.  But this week's was just too easy.  Well, I tried first to find the Back to the Future "My Name is Darth Vader from the Planet Vulcan," but everyone on YouTube had to edit it themselves and inserted every bad song from Lady Gaga to Rick Astley into the scene.  Honestly, why mess with the original Van Halen version?

Even though it is my birthday (and thanks to everyone who extended well-wishes and a BIG THANK YOU to [ profile] narniadear  for her "Birthday Emergency" post.  And a big thanks to Jack for the birthday flowers ^_^), the "24" Rehash is here at it's usual time.

If you have a bladder control problem, you're probably aware of it. )
"24" tonight and the rehash.  Obligatory spoil alert and we're off like a dirty shirt!

I Do Not Think It Means What You Think It Means ) 
"24" tonight - and the countdown begins!  Sorry I don't have a snarky video to go along with this.

Before I proceed, I have to say something - I know all my rehashes sound like I'm too critical of the show, but you have understand something.  If I like something well enough to dedicate full posts to it in my LJ, you know I like it (unless I come out and say that something is really, really, REALLY stupid - and you can typically tell when that happens).  This is all just fun and games and to show my love and adoration of "24."  What can I say?  I don't have a boyfriend (oh wait, yes I do - his name's Tony Almeida ^_^)

Just Who is President These Days? )
 I'm glad to see the promo guys figured out that there are five hours left of "24."  Spoilers, but first a video! (Everyone say it with me - Oh, people with way too much time on their hands!  Thank you YouTube... And thank you for not letting me embed the official version.  Bleaggh...)

You're Hot Then You're Cold )
My mom has this awesome recipe for fruit dip - I've been chowing on strawberries with this cream cheese and whipped cream dip all night and it's amazing.  Just thought you'd all like to know that.

Also - "24" tonight.  The second week in a row that there's only six hours left.  The guys in charge of putting together promos failed second grade counting, I guess.

Forging Into New Territory. )
"24" tonight.  They just keep giving great material to work with (or just make me want to throw something at the TV).  Spoilers under the cut!

I Know a Weenie Man, He Owns a Weenie Stand )
I feel a bit like those birds that fly into unnaturally clean windows in those Windex commercials - I've been all over creation and then some in the rain, wind and snow (welcome to spring in Utah - or as I like to call it, schizophrenia).  Can anyone tell me why the wind must blow insanely whenever I need to go somewhere?  This is getting beyond ridiculous.

Nonetheless, "24" must continue and so must the Rehashes.  This time, it's a special 2-hour save-the-world-just-in-the-nick-of-time (mostly).

I knew the woman was crazy... )
*sigh*... my life's over.  I just found out today that this season is the last season of "24" - EVER!  The only thing I have to say is that they'd better pick it up fast because ending this with Bubba Gump, Freddie and White Trash Boy-Toy's Mole Girl is not my idea of going out with a bang.

But, please - let me weep over my impending loss...  What am I going to watch now?

Okay, cry-fest is over - let's enjoy the 24 Rehashes while we still have time to do so.

Alarm! Alarm! Alarm! )
ETA:  Tomorrow, I'm heading back to the big city to get geared up for an event later this week that I will post about - well, later.  I want to save it as a surprise because it's sort of a big deal for me.  No worries - there will be a full report as well as pictures!  (and if you are one of the very few who knows what this is about, please no spoilers!)
Scout wants attention and she doesn't want me to blog today.  Well, guess what, Puppy -

Okay, I'll go let you out...

All right - the dog is outside now.  So, inbetween watching mourning for my country and watching Pearl Harbor get bombed again (this time, by a guy in the White House), I managed to catch "24" and "The Big Bang Theory."  And I realized that life will go on in spite of all this crap.  And the Rehashes must continue as well.

First - TBBT -

It's official.  I am an unashamed Leonard fangirl.  In spite of Sheldon walking out in that extremely HOT suit - mothers, hide your daughters! - I wanted to give Leonard a big *squish* hug because his stupid mother compared him to his stupid brother and made my Lenny-poo cry (there - I gave Leonard a nickname).

Sheldon and shopping for a suit - "I found it in the prom department." XD

Howard's "pretending to give a damn" power doesn't count.  I do that every day.

I wonder where I can find that YouTube video... on second thought... maybe not

Okay - to "24"!

Noooo!! Not the Boy Scout!! )
Before I get into the "24" Rehash - can I just say that the night sky out here is brilliant beyond all reason?  Where I used to live had a great view, but when you get out in the sticks with absolutely zero outside lighting - there are stars that show up that I don't even think NASA has seen yet.  Just - wow.  You city-dweller-types are missing out.  See what happens when you punt on third down? (I think only my flist will get that obscure reference, but they are my flist and as such are entitled to certain inside benefits)   ^_^

Okay - that's enough of the Discovery Channel.  And on to "24!"

Don't the Hours Grow Shorter As the Days Go By? )
ARGGGH!!! I just had my "24" rehash AND my analysis of "The Big Bang Theory" typed up - then I hit "post" and it all WENT AWAY!! And it didn't post!! I must go cry...

Okay - I'm back - will try to reconstruct... (stupid didn't copy/paste... stupid, stupid, stupid... *headdesk*)

Since I was coming home last night, I missed "24" and "The Big Bang Theory." But - that's what DVR is for!

Short carp session - can someone explain to me why I schedule myself for so much crap this week? It's all stuff I want to do (some are a lot more fun than others *points to Thursday night*). And since my car is still in the shop, I am at the mercy of others for rides into town. Luckily, in the "I am blessed" column, my dad is coming back to the desert tomorrow night and then he has to go back Thursday morning and has agreed to let me hitch a ride. And before you all say "Are you crazy?" let me just mention that this is normal for my family. And yes, we're crazy.

Okay - "The Big Bang Theory" - last week was Stan Lee and Marvel, this week was Lord of the Rings. It's has been a non-stop-geekery-fest for me these past two weeks.  Watch - next week will be Narnia or Harry Potter :)

Things to love:

- Sheldon going Gollum (and here I thought he'd just drop the Ring down the drain)

- Penny punching Sheldon when he tried to molest her in the middle of the night and Leonard going "That's my girl."

- Leonard.  He just wins.

- Raj's lawyer cousin and the jet-ski ultimatum

- Howard flinging insults at Sheldon's Me-Maw and Sheldon's resultant indignation.

- Leonard's total sell of having sent the Ring back to New Zealand and really he had it stash under his bed in a shoebox (Anything Leonard, really.  Have I mentioned he wins at life.  Too bad - he wins at life).

On to "24" - I am more concerned with these spoilers because if I spoil "24" for people, they hate me more.

Splatter! )
I'm on the shiiiiiiny computer in Delta today ("Star Trek" ain't got nothin' on this bad boy).  And through the combine efforts of DVR and Hulu, I was able to catch both "24" and "The Big Bang Theory" a day late, but never a dollar short.

Spoilers, yes.  Laughs aplenty, even more yes (and heaven knows I need them):

Excelsior!! )
On to "24" -

The Lady of Shalott Meets the Swamps of New York ) 
"24" was tonight - and yes, that is a reference to the Olympic ice dancing competition.  It was quite unnerving to see the French team dancing to Johnny Cash (maybe not as strange as watching Russians do a pseudo-aboriginal dance, but odd in it's own right - and since when are the Dixie Chicks considered folk music?).  But it seemed apropos given tonight's episode.  Yes, there are spoilers.

It's Too Late For You and Your White Horse )

Dang - these Russians have some crazy costumes...

Yes, I know - I didn't rehash last week (and I didn't do the season finale of Heroes either - well, there wasn't much to say).  But tonight - there is much to pontificate about!

Cue the Aerosmith )
I realize I have not posted about "24" or "Heroes" this week.  My only defense is that I have a class this weekend and I am elbow-deep in textbook reading in preparation for it, not to mention keeping up with my other two classes and a cross-stitch project I want to have finished for a friend for Mother's Day (she's not my mom but, she's as good as and it's unlikely she'll get many gifts from her own children.  Long story, but it boils down to the fact that her ex-husband is a bastard).  But I have a few thoughts on the matter that I can quickly share:

Spoilers Involved for 24 and Heroes )

Okay - I have to go now - that was longer than I meant it to be.
Our internet's back!! I feel like I've been on planet Mars for the last few days without my internet connection (crap, I hope this doesn't mean I'm addicted to the internet - I was just listening to a John Bytheway talk about turning off TV and video games and doing something productive with your life.  Some of the examples he cited were of people who were insanely addicted to RPGs and some of them ended up dead because they neglected food and sleep in favor of video games... oy... that's enough to get anybody off the computer...)  But I'm back with scores of updates to add to the ol' LJ.  The first is an adventure in weenie dog ownership and the last two are "24" and "Heroes" rehashes, respectively.  Blood and surgical warning for the first one and spoiler warnings for the last two.

Calling Vincent van Gogh! )

24 - I've Never Seen a Guy Miss His Thumb That Bad )

Heroes - The Sullivan Bros. Psycho Flying Circus and Murderous Pony Show )

Okay, I have school stuff to attend to - and I feel a little drained of fandom.  Off to face reality!
Part two of the "24" season premiere - and we get to the good stuff fast.  Spoilers, yes.  Explosions, even more yes.

All the Cool Kids are on 24! )
I must admit, I enjoyed the "New York Gets Jacked" tagline.  Kudos to the creativity department.

Okay, it's a new season of "24," which means the return of the "24" Rehash.  Obligatory spoiler warning and here we go!

"I'll think about it" Nothing! )



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