Oy - I've been working on my final interview project for my 802 class all morning (except a quick lunch break).  I finally decided to take a breather and watch my DVR'd "Big Bang Theory."  Spoilers under the cut (and a few mentions of last night's "24")


Back to the homework grind, I suppose... (after I go curl up in the corner and weep).
Scout wants attention and she doesn't want me to blog today.  Well, guess what, Puppy -

Okay, I'll go let you out...

All right - the dog is outside now.  So, inbetween watching mourning for my country and watching Pearl Harbor get bombed again (this time, by a guy in the White House), I managed to catch "24" and "The Big Bang Theory."  And I realized that life will go on in spite of all this crap.  And the Rehashes must continue as well.

First - TBBT -

It's official.  I am an unashamed Leonard fangirl.  In spite of Sheldon walking out in that extremely HOT suit - mothers, hide your daughters! - I wanted to give Leonard a big *squish* hug because his stupid mother compared him to his stupid brother and made my Lenny-poo cry (there - I gave Leonard a nickname).

Sheldon and shopping for a suit - "I found it in the prom department." XD

Howard's "pretending to give a damn" power doesn't count.  I do that every day.

I wonder where I can find that YouTube video... on second thought... maybe not

Okay - to "24"!

Noooo!! Not the Boy Scout!! )
ARGGGH!!! I just had my "24" rehash AND my analysis of "The Big Bang Theory" typed up - then I hit "post" and it all WENT AWAY!! And it didn't post!! I must go cry...

Okay - I'm back - will try to reconstruct... (stupid didn't copy/paste... stupid, stupid, stupid... *headdesk*)

Since I was coming home last night, I missed "24" and "The Big Bang Theory." But - that's what DVR is for!

Short carp session - can someone explain to me why I schedule myself for so much crap this week? It's all stuff I want to do (some are a lot more fun than others *points to Thursday night*). And since my car is still in the shop, I am at the mercy of others for rides into town. Luckily, in the "I am blessed" column, my dad is coming back to the desert tomorrow night and then he has to go back Thursday morning and has agreed to let me hitch a ride. And before you all say "Are you crazy?" let me just mention that this is normal for my family. And yes, we're crazy.

Okay - "The Big Bang Theory" - last week was Stan Lee and Marvel, this week was Lord of the Rings. It's has been a non-stop-geekery-fest for me these past two weeks.  Watch - next week will be Narnia or Harry Potter :)

Things to love:

- Sheldon going Gollum (and here I thought he'd just drop the Ring down the drain)

- Penny punching Sheldon when he tried to molest her in the middle of the night and Leonard going "That's my girl."

- Leonard.  He just wins.

- Raj's lawyer cousin and the jet-ski ultimatum

- Howard flinging insults at Sheldon's Me-Maw and Sheldon's resultant indignation.

- Leonard's total sell of having sent the Ring back to New Zealand and really he had it stash under his bed in a shoebox (Anything Leonard, really.  Have I mentioned he wins at life.  Too bad - he wins at life).

On to "24" - I am more concerned with these spoilers because if I spoil "24" for people, they hate me more.

Splatter! )
I have to give a shout out to [livejournal.com profile] _dennis_csi_  for my new icon from "The Big Bang Theory."  He had a request page going and I've wanted this quote from TBBT for a long time, so I requested it and he made it!  He actually ended up making two, so I'll rotate the other one in when I do another userpic overhaul.  I love it - so thank you!! :)
I'm on the shiiiiiiny computer in Delta today ("Star Trek" ain't got nothin' on this bad boy).  And through the combine efforts of DVR and Hulu, I was able to catch both "24" and "The Big Bang Theory" a day late, but never a dollar short.

Spoilers, yes.  Laughs aplenty, even more yes (and heaven knows I need them):

Excelsior!! )
On to "24" -

The Lady of Shalott Meets the Swamps of New York ) 
Last night's Big Bang Theory episode was epic (hit the link and go down to episode 46 "The Cornhusker Vortex").  Yes, it's a rerun, but sine I only recently got into the show, I had never seen it before.

How cute was it that Sheldon was teaching Leonard about football?

How absolutely ADORABLE was it that Leonard was trying to learn about football for Penny's sake?

How cool is it that Penny is watching the game with the guys while all their girlfriends are talking in the kitchen? (well, it sucks for Leonard, but I love Penny).

(I want a Leonard.)
 Following the lead of good ol' Strong Bad himself, the fam has just acquired a nice, new shiny desktop computer.  Like, Compy Compe, widescreen, HD awesomeness.  And it doesn't take a whole trimester to load.  It's pretty sweet (and I'm getting the hang of using Windows 7, which makes me want a new laptop all the more - mostly because my Lappy is about to die anyway.  Shiiiiiiiny object...)

Oh, and I have a date next Thursday.  This couple in our branch knows a guy that works at the University of Utah (teaches? works? not sure) in the computer science department.  They asked my dad if they should set me up with him and my dad said go for (without consulting me before he gave permission.  Eh, oh well).

Last night, I was visiting my friend Kathryn and was having a jolly time when my dad called and said that he had relayed my phone number through the couple in our branch to their friend, Tom (and I have yet to learn his last name), who would likely be calling soon.  Much to my chagrin and just being plain nervous about talking to this guy, I agreed (Kathryn was excited as all get out and ready to coach me through the phone call. 10-15 minutes later, my phone rings.  I don't recognize the number, so I figure it's Tom.  After a hurriedly exclaimed "Oh crap, what do I do?!!" I answer and talk to Tom.  He sounds nice, which is the best I can do at this point.  He proposes we meet next Thursday and have dinner at a place yet-to-be-determined, but he'll let me know.  We say good-bye and I hang up.

And Kathryn is bouncing off the freaking wall!  She's got it all planned out - "wear those jeans with your heeled boots - I'll borrow a purse from my niece - oh, you'll need a nice jacket ..." and it continues.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining about that.  I'm just glad somebody knows how to dress for success on a date, because I certainly don't.  I'm like the female version of Leonard Hofstadter, PhD, but without the PhD (hm, maybe that's why Leonard is my favorite character on "The Big Bang Theory.")  I have a penchant for making things incredibly awkward and blowing things out of proportion and reading too much into things, which is why I have avoided dating in the hopes that the time-honored tradition of arranged marriages will somehow make a comeback.

Oh, well - maybe this won't be so bad.  Granted, I stress more than is necessary.  It's a wonder I don't have some kind of anxiety disorder (I'm serious - I'm not making fun of people who have this problem.  I've been known to have panic attacks over the most stupid things - but that's another post for another day).



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