T-minus four hours (or so) until the ultimate Holy War breaks out! That's right, folks - it's Utah-BYU Rivalry Day. I am sooo happy I'm home for this. We're all clad in our red and white and ready for a barn-burner. It's going to be a blast being home and watching the Utes whomp on the Cougars. ^_^
Usually, I would let something like this go, but they've had a free pass for waaaaaay too long.

I've always said the reason I hate and despise many BYU fans is because they have no class.  They whine when they lose and they rub it in your face ad nauseum when they win.  For that reason, I was not surprised when Austin "Lassie Run Home" Collie insinuated that the reason BYU won was because the BYU fans and players are oh-so-innocent and Holier-Than-Thou goody-goodies who go to church and don't mess around while those associated with the Utes are always running off to some bar, molesting pre-teen girls and smoking dope (his direct quote was "Obviously, if you do what's right on and off the field, I think the Lord steps in and plays a part in it." emphasis added because that's the part I'm most ticked off about).

You know, if you want to say that kind of stuff in the locker room, that's well and fine.  But you don't say that on the radio right after you've won.  You can say "I want to thank God" or whatever, but you don't say that you won because you're morally superior to the other team because you don't know that (there are lots of Returned Missionaries on Utah's football team - probably just as many as on BYU's team.  And a number of them might actually attend Institute.  The U's Institute is actually one of the best 'tutes in the world - BYU doesn't even have one ^_^).

Newsflash: God does NOT sit up there in heaven with his BYU "Fully Invested" game-day t-shirt and waving a "Go Cougs" flag.  The starting BYU quarterback does NOT have a free ticket to the Celestial Kingdom.  Bronco Mendenhall is NOT a General Authority (and LaVell Edwards is NOT the next prophet).  Finding your soulmate on a hike to "Y" mountain does NOT preclude you from having problems in life and being tempted.  The Utah-BYU rivalry is fun and all, but leave the Church out of it, please.   This may be a shock to some BYU fans, but you don't wear Cougar Blue in the temple (then again, the football team is still wearing Aggie Blue, so I guess that argument doesn't work quite as well).

I've put up with this inane ignorance for a long time and I'm sick of it.  I try to explain this to people and they laugh me off like I'm some paranoid weirdo.  But here it is in all it's glory - broadcast for the entire state of Utah (well, those on the Wasatch Front, at least), the complete arrogance and idiocy of BYU.

Now, a group from my Salt Lake ward is trying to get some people together for a fireside put on by the BYU 21st Stake.  Well and good.  Most of the great firesides are put on by BYU; I have no problems with that.  But check out the last line from this paragraph lifted from the e-mail (underlining is mine):
-----Original Message-----

The BYU 21st Stake (the one that has a mix of wards very similar in age
to H4) is doing a Christmas musical production this Friday night in the
Tabernacle - should be an amazing event with several hundred singles
from BYU (you know, the school with the really good football team :).
You know, I've never gloated this much and as far as to include it in a social invitation... I tell you, they just can't win good.  I can guarantee something: with this kind of sickening attitude, the Ute fans in the ward (yes, there are Ute fans in the church - what a shocker!) probably won't be attending.  I suppose that's what they want - they wouldn't want to be seen socializing with any of those scummy, bar-hopping, heathen University of Utah fans.  They might be called in for a bishop's council or something.

Like I said, I wasn't going to say anything about any of this, but I'm tired of these rude insults.  For me, the gloating or grieving period is limited to 24 hours (that's for any game - any team, any sport, college or pro).  But for BYU, the gloating period is until the Second Coming (just to let you know, that is NOT the Second Coming of Harvey Unga).  The game was on Saturday.  Today is Tuesday.  It's bowl season and that's what I'm focused on.  The Rivalry Game was last week.  It's over, put it away.  They won't, but you know...

For these reasons: "A Utah Man am I, sir, and will be 'til I die!" (A Utah Missionary in a few months, btw ^_^
A couple things hit me this evening.

First off, the Utes lost!!!  And I still hate the Zoo!! D:< T_T ;_; Ugh... next year... we'll get 'em (it'll be even cooler 'cause it'll be a home game next year.  Those are always fun.  But for now, let me mope).

But a few notes, slightly related: WHOSE FREAKING IDIOTIC IDEA WAS IT TO GIVE THE MOUNTAIN WEST CONFERENCE THEIR OWN EFFING CHANNEL?!!!  Those morons didn't know what the hell they were doing!  From the commentary to the camera crew, it's like they found these nits off the back off a hog truck.  Praising Johnny Beck (aka the 40-Year-Old Freshman) for "turning the Miami Dolphins around" when the Fish haven't even won one game and Beck got his lunch ate last week isn't exactly qualifying for the John Madden All-Star Commentator Team (maybe trying for the "Chicken-Neck" Collinsworth All-Pinhead Team).  Good hell, I've heard Dora the Explorer monologues that were more intelligent.  Don't even get me started on the camera crew and the graphics geniuses.  Like we'd rather watch the sideline reporter chicky-poo interview Timpview High's football coach than watch something like, oh say, THE FOOTBALL GAME??!!!! And who gives a flying bat turd about the turnover comparison when Johnson is trying to hit Godfrey in the endzone?!!  Whoever brought the idea for The Mountain channel up at the board meeting needs to be run out of town and shot repeatedly.  And then tied behind a dump truck and dragged the entire length of I-15 at freeway speeds.  And then used as the dirt for the PBR Rodeo Finals in Las Vegas.  And then maybe (maybe) my thirst for this person's pain will be sated. < /end violent rant >

(I'm not typically a violent person, but you sit through three hours of The Mountain's garbage and then we'll see if you're not looking for a blunt object on which to impale somebody.  Add to the fact that my team... I'm suffering from insult to injury).

Second off, I have to go back to Salt Lake tomorrow night (or perhaps Monday morning - depending if I want to brave the Thanksgiving traffic or not).  I'm a little down simply because there's not much for me to do there, but I need to get my apartment situation dealt with.  *sigh* I shouldn't think about it too much because then I get stressed out and there's nothing I can do about it.  Feh...

Third off, I have to give the Relief Society lesson in church tomorrow.  Not that I'm nervous or whatever, but I've never really gotten the hang of teaching.  Even if people come tell me that I did a good job afterward, I still feel like I totally bombed out.  I suppose I'm too hard on myself - it's not like I'm giving a talk in General Conference or anything (boy, if that ever happened, I would probably take off far, far away.  Someone might want to send a search party.  To the moon).  I'm always worried that I'll go over time or I'll go under time or I'll sound stupid or whatever.  It shouldn't stress me out - I'm just teaching a small group of older ladies, most of whom are really pretty nice.  But I'm stressed nonetheless.  The dumb thing is that I'll be just fine once i get going.  Waiting for it to happen is much worse that actually doing it.  *sigh*

Bleah... what a lame way to end the Thanksgiving holiday.  And the thing is, I've actually had a good time this weekend, college football notwithstanding.

That being said, I wonder how Utah State did (ha! That's a good one...)

ETA: Wow, Utah State actually won!  And they won last week too!  Where have I been?


Sep. 15th, 2007 06:10 pm
They said it couldn't be done.  They said it was impossible.  #11 Powerhouse UCLA vs. injury-plagued-winless-loss-to-Air-Force Utah?  After the Bruins killed Mountain West darlings BYU?  Start carving those pine boxes... (maybe paint 'em crimson)

Wait just one second... with five minutes left to play in the game, the score is 44 to 6... for UTAH?!!!!

OMGWTFBBQ?!!!  w00t!! *does happy victory dance in celebration that doomsday predictions did NOT come true*

The only thing that could make me happier is if BYU loses to Tulsa.  I'm looking forward to church tomorrow (I have a disproportionate amount of Zoobies in my ward.  It's been a lonely year so far.)

Ha ha! UTES WIN!!!  LOVE!!!

ETA: BYU lost to Tulsa.  And my roommate's wishful boy-toy (I call him Ichabod Crane - if you saw him, you would too), congratulated me on the Utes' win.  I guess not all Zoobies are snotty and whiny ^_^
SQUEE!!  I'm going hoooooome tonight!!  I'm down to about five hours before I get off work and make the trek west.  And I've finished the project work had for me this week, so I'm just chillin' until 3:00 rolls around (wish it would roll faster).

I'm excited because I get to detach myself from real life for a while and be a goofy kid.  There's no cell phones reception at home (yes, we're that far off the map) and I typically limit my internet lurking when I'm with the fam (unless my brother's found something funny to gawk at).  Plus, my cousins will be out and it's Labor Day and I get to run around in my jammies if I want to and ... *relaxing sigh*  Sometimes, you just need to retreat into a bubble and not worry about real life (and I'll actually be able to do it - I got paid today and my bills are paid, so I really don't have to worry about much).

Well, I'm not going straight home - I'm going to stop over in Delta for my brother's football game.  I'm hoping they do better than Utah did against Oregon State last night.  After I bragged them up and stuck up for them, this is what they do to me?!!  They lose their starting running back AND their quarterback to injury AND get pummeled!  This does not bode well for the rest of the season - gah! What, are we three and out already?!  This is NOT supposed to happen before you've barely even scored.  Oh well, if you're going to be a fan, you'd better stick with 'em through the craptastic (but I don't have to like it... ugh,  I hope I don't run into that Zaney Zoobie that my roommates like before I leave D:<)

Oh yeah, Utah State played UNLV last night.  They lost (but only by a touchdown).  In other news, sun rises in the east, cat gets stuck in tree and Americans are fat.

Anywho, Delta was pretty good last year, they still have some of the guys back and they're playing Grantsville, who are nearly as catty as their cheerleaders (Yes, guys can be catty - and it's even infested our football teams.  I know this because I attended Grantsville High School at one point in my life.  They're a testament to the statement, "the more things change, the more they stay the same."  Good grief).  It wouldn't be a problem for them if they'd just leave their problems off the field, but EVERYBODY needs to be a big hero (not everyone can be a hero.  That's why they're called heroes).  Anyway, I'm predicting Delta to win, just because the play more as a team than anything.

Sports woes aside, Wesa goin' hooooome!! This will be a good weekend.
There's been another cave-in at the Crandall Canyon Mine.  Three rescuers were killed and six more were injured.  Now they're talking about stopping the rescue effort because it's just too dangerous to continue.

I cannot begin to imagine what is going on with these families - both families of the men trapped and the families of all the rescuers.  Like I've said before, I wish there was something more I can do (and I'm sure more people feel the same way) but my thoughts and prayers are with them.  God bless them and be with them and all of us affected by this.
We interrupt tomfoolery and geekdom to bring something slightly more serious (cut because I am long-winded when it comes to discussing heated opinion).



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