... and I am super-stoked about it!!!

He's been serving in the Argentina Buenos Aires North Mission.  He left before I came home from my mission in Florida, so I haven't seen him in over three years.  The last time I saw him was when my family took me to the Missionary Training Center in Provo and the last thing I said to him in person was to wish him luck in the state basketball tournament (they won the consolation bracket).  He left for his mission about three months before I came home from mine, so we completely missed each other.  The only time I've talked to him (other than emails and letters) is Mother's Day and Christmas phone calls.  But tonight around 7:00 MDT, he'll be getting on a plane in Buenos Aires and he'll land in Salt Lake tomorrow afternoon around 4:40 (that is a stinking long plane trip - to be fair he has two super-long layovers in Atlanta and Dallas.  Poor kid's going to be exhausted).

Anyway, I've had this song stuck in my head all day long and I figured why not share in my excitement?

This is going to seriously be the longest day in my life - then again, it'll probably go pretty quick (come on clock - MOVE FASTER!!)
Just posting so I have something new to say for once.  Actually, there has been some good news in the last few days.  I got two wonderful pieces of mail -

1 - A letter from school informing me that I have been awarded TWO scholarships for spring semester!!  A few months ago, Emporia informed my adviser that they had set aside some scholarship money for the Utah cohort and we all were encouraged to apply for it.  I figured everyone would apply (there's only 30-40 people in our group) and I wouldn't get anything because I've never really worked in a library (apart from part-time at the school - but that's not my number one responsibility) and so many other people already know what it's really like.  But I must have said something the committee liked.  Both scholarships amount to just shy of $1000, which is nice.  It's less that I'll have to pay back, so YAY!

2 - I received a Christmas card from a lady I knew on my mission.  She's a member of the Church, but her husband wasn't - but now she's informed me that he got baptized!  This is super exciting because I knew them both from my first area, but then I actually got to work with them in my second area.  This lady is just the nicest, super faithful-est person you'll ever meet (and she's a fantastic artist - she's done artwork for book covers and she gave me a print of one that she had up in her house that I said I liked!  I still need to get it framed.  This isn't something you just get a cheapie Wal-Mart frame for, either).  Her husband was the type that got along well with the missionaries but just didn't see the point of religion, but he was so funny and so snarky - I loved him to bits.  And now, he's baptized!  DOUBLE YAY!

I finally got my room organized with all my new Christmas goodies.  I find myself now pining for the day that I will have my own place and not just living in a room in my parents' house.  With the position that I'm in now, it's just not feasible to rent somewhere.  There's really no where out here to rent.  Plus, my parents need someone to watch the place while they're in town, which is pretty much all the time, though they pop in for the weekends and when my sisters are out of school.  Honestly, it's more like I'm house-sitting, which sounds better than "I'm still living in my parents' house," but still - I'm working toward getting my own place.  If I were to have my own place, I feel like I know what I want in it and how I want it organized.  Shoot, between what I have here now and stuff I have in storage, I could fill one room with bookshelves and have my own library! (Well, it'd really be a library/office, but you get the idea).

I kind of don't want Christmas vacation to be over, but at the same time I miss working at the high school.  Depending on how my schoolwork load is (I'm taking three classes now instead of the usual two), I might get put in charge of another play.  I wouldn't mind doing it again - I had a ton of fun with the Christmas play.  It's good for the kids to have something to do out here other than schoolwork.  They don't have a whole lot of extracurricular things to look forward to.  And if there's one thing I've learned this year is that, in order to be happy, you have to have good things to be excited about.  You can't just trudge through all the crap you "have to" cope with - whether it's boring, everyday stuff or bad situations you somehow find yourself in.  Even a small event like a visit with a friend or a new movie that you want to see can bring you out of the dumps (well, it did for me this year).  You can just about convince yourself that the bad things you're dealing with don't matter as long as you have something good to look forward to.

Well, that's me waxing poetic and philosophical for the evening.
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A few days ago, I realized this week I would be celebrating one year since I've been home from my mission.  A year ago today I was in Orange Park, Florida having my exit interview with my mission president with a handful of other missionaries also heading home.  It's so weird that it's only been a year - I feel like I've done so much since then.

Also - yesterday I went with my mom and my sisters to get some stuff for youth conference and I met up with my last mission companion, who is now working and going to school in Provo (I forgive her for that - she's the biggest sweetheart in the whole world and I was very blessed to have her as my last companion).  It was so fun to reminisce about mission stuff and to hear how things went after I came home.

I'm also happy to report that the new mission president is going to keep the mission blog going - my mission president and his wife went home at the beginning of the month and I was afraid that the mission blog was going to go the way of the dodo (different mission presidents do different things).  I just like being able to see what's going on with all those wonderful people I got to serve around.  I recognize the missionaries less and less, but I know the places.  It's like when you've been out of high school or college for years and years, but you still get happy and squee-ful when you hear that their teams are having success (I can apply sports to pretty much anything).

Shifting gears for a moment - I bought my one textbook for fall semester and it was $30 and I am happy.  The syllabus for my other class doesn't list a textbook, so I'm thinking I'll only have one book to buy.  That makes me happy because I'm going to have some excess money coming from my student loan and I can use that for a new laptop and for travel expenses (now I'm waiting to hear back from the high school if I have that aide job - which, it looked good as of a week or so ago.  And I wouldn't have to move).

Beyond that - I have one more project to turn in that's due in two weeks.  It's an annotated bibliography, which feels more like busywork.  I'm trying to find one more article to annotate, but it's getting harder to find what I need for my topic.  Something will turn up, though.  I'm having too good a day to have that go down the tubes.

Oh - for something completely unrelated (but cool nonetheless), here's a video!  I found this when I was lurking about on HillBuzz.org's comment threads and I thought it was pretty good.  I've gotten to where I like to share fun videos on my blog because - well, because I can.  I feel like I have a backlog of stuff to share - I might do some kind of 30-day meme where I post a video each day that I find entertaining.  Hmm... I'll have to think about that. 

What's this? Two non-Doctor Who related posts in a row?  In one day?

I posted both of these on Facebook, but tradition dictates that LiveJournal must get them as well (and it calls for some happy music to dance to!)

1 - Sean Hannity is moving over to KNRS.  It's no secret that I love me some conservative talk radio, Sean Hannity being one of my favorites.  The problem is, in Utah Sean is on the KSL radio station, which used to be pretty conservative, but in recent years, they've become your typical Utah-RINO liberal-wannabe station.  Some of the minority liberal rhetoric in the state has gotten so bad that KSL has caved and become the "Let's All Get Along At the Expense of Our Principles."  When you look up "spineless RINOs," the KSL execs must be listed alongside all the other right-wingers who've sold out over the years.  It drives me absolutely insane.  I can't even listen to the commercials on KSL because they all just sound like a bunch of Utah County butt-kissers that still hold out hope that maybe someday, Nancy Pelosi will invite them to dinner (don't hold your breath).

Now, KNRS isn't perfect, but I much prefer them over KSL and I've been waiting for them to move Sean Hannity to KNRS for a long time now (they have Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and Dave Ramsey and a few others that are pretty good).  I can finally get the liberal KSL weenies off my radio preset - this is the best news I've had in a long time.

2 - Firehouse Subs Announces 23 New Restaurants in Salt Lake City.  When I was on my mission in Jacksonville, my absolute favorite place to eat out was Firehouse Subs.  These guys make Quiznos look like McDonald's - their sandwiches are amazing!  That was one of the things I knew I'd miss about Florida (everyone else was hot to Whataburger, but it reminded me too much of A&W and I haven't been able to eat there since I worked there in high school).  I made a point to buy a bottle of the Captain Sorenson's Datil Pepper Sauce before I left.  I've been putting it on hot dogs and hamburgers, but it just isn't quite the same outside of Firehouse.  I never in my life thought we'd ever get Firehouse in Utah because it's mostly in Florida plus a few locations in Texas, but that's about it.  But now (and just as my supply of Captain Sorenson's is running out), I've received news that they are opening Firehouse in Utah!  It must be my birthday or something because this is simply fantastic!

That was about the most random post I've done, but when there's so much happy to pass around, you have to share with all you meet!
Still one of the funniest lines in all of movie history.

I should have thought of this last night, but my losing battle with the kitchen cabinet kind of took precedence. Oh well, never mind, I need a post for tonight (and it's not about football for once!)

Flux Capacitor... Fluxing )

What the hell is a jigawatt?!! )

Oh gosh - I am so screwed...

ETA -  This is completely unrelated but I was looking at the Facebook friends of an old friend from high school (we go waaaay back).  She has a boatload of Facebook friends and it was a little surreal to see some of those people.  Oy... high school... flashbacks...  I don't think I want to do that again.... therapy, please....

I spent the last few days in SLC with Sister Jones (my first mission companion), thus I was out of commission for a while.  So, I get home and start checking my Facebook and find out that the mother of an elder that I serve with passed away suddenly.  One of my old companions, Sister Wells, is getting a group of RMs from the FJM together to support Elder Cooke (he's coming back for a few days for the funeral).  I hope I can finagle it so I can go - the viewing's on Friday and the funeral's on Saturday in Salt Lake.  I'm also trying get all my crap together so I can move back up to Logan this weekend too.  Then again... my classes don't start until Tuesday - so if I have to, I can hold off until Monday.  Which, given my home circumstances right now - any wiggle room I have is a good thing.

Part of the reason I haven't been online as much as I would have liked is because my mom's pretty much freaked out on the whole world.  For no explicable reason.  Something happened while I was in Florida - I've been debriefed on much of it - the rest, I just don't get.  Nothing is good enough for her.  She has to complain about everything - I mean, EVERYTHING.  I think she enjoys being miserable.  The bad part is that Dad and I have discussed this at length and we both know what she should do - but she doesn't want to do it.  There are days that I feel like my family is falling apart and there's not a darned thing I can do about it.  I don't want to think that my parents' marriage is on the rocks or anything - but sooner or later, I might have to seriously entertain that notion.  There are no words to describe how bad this sucks.  My parents have been a great example to me of making things work when everything says that it shouldn't work out.  But - I guess things really don't work out.

Well, that's not fair.  One thing I learned on my mission is how marriage should work out.  I saw so many married couples - newlyweds, oldyweds and everything inbetween - and just the sweet interaction that was there.  I guess I can look to that for my hope.  But for right now, I'll be honest: the next time Dad gives me grief about not actively seeking a husband - even in joking - I'll point to how wonderful married life's been to him.  Seriously - my dad treats my mother like a princess... and she treats him like the deadbeat bum that does absolutely ZERO while his wife works doubles at IHOP and Merry Maids.  That is NOT the case at all - my dad works hard to support our family.  Sure, it's been rough (the economy's in the tank - everyone's having problems - haven't you noticed?) but why, why, WHY do you have to be such a beast about it?  And nothing is good enough for her.  If Dad brings home a check for $1000, she'll whine that's it's not for $2000.  Even my next youngest sister - who is not prone to disagreeing with Mom - got into a big fight about it with Mom.  Sis was actually defending Dad - which NEVER happens.

I really don't want to be anywhere near home when the real fireworks fly - like, lawyers and court crap and all that BS.  Not that anything of that nature has been brought up.  Maybe a miracle will happen and Mom will suddenly love Dad again.

That's another thing I learned in Florida - trust in the Lord and miracles are waiting for you in the eleventh hour.

(I realize this is kind of an odd post.  I hadn't intended to write so much about my family woes, but I guess it's something that's been weighing on my mind since I've been back.  Such a nice "Welcome Home from Your Mission" present...)

But I have been writing my story more.  Oh - it's getting good ^_^  That's a happy thing

Thank you Facebook!!

I posted a passing comment on Facebook that I have a LJ (my Facebook friends list is slowly but surely becoming enormous - happiness!)  And who should reply, but the first person that I taught and got baptized on my mission - saying that she has a LJ and that I should friend her.

Uh... YES!!!!  (waves to [profile] good_enoughh )  I love you kid! (yay for having flist peeps that I know in real life!)

[Hopefully I don't scare her off with my insane geekery.]

And I'm going with my dad to the temple tomorrow - nearly a year since I've been.  Even though Orlando was a mere two hours away from Jacksonville, mission rules were such that I only got to go once the entire time I was in Florida (Orlando has its own mission).  So, when Dad pulled in and asked me if I wanted to go to Manti with him tomorrow - heck YES!!

I am insanely jealous of my brother.  There's a temple actually in Buenos Aires.  Darn kid getting called to Argentina...

I reported my mission today to the high council and one of the high councilmen asked me to come to Mission Prep tonight and share something I learned on my mission.  They ask RMs to do that to get the kids pumped for missionary life and what-have-you.

So, I went and I demonstrated the standard Florida Jacksonville Mission door approach - "Gathering through the Grove."  For those who don't know, "Gathering" is basically testifying of two things: (1) that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ appeared to Joseph Smith in the grove; (2) that the Book of Mormon is true - that Christ appeared to the people of ancient America after His resurrection.  And then you ask them to be baptized - because they felt the Spirit testify to them that those two things are true (simple).

Now, if President Newman ever reads this, I want to let him know: even after I've been released and even after I've turned in my name tag - "Gathering" still WORKS!!  The class spent the whole time talking about the importance of the Book of Mormon and how important it is to find the elect as a missionary.  They were riveted because it was the Spirit that showed them how easy it is and how much success they could have with it.  (The teacher asked me about other door approaches I used on my mission and I told him there weren't any others.  He didn't know what else to do ^_^)

Isn't inspiration from God a wonderful thing?  Isn't great that it's been restored?  Isn't it great that this is the true Church?


Jul. 22nd, 2009 07:03 pm
Guess what - I'm hoooooome!!!

Yes, friends, after 18 months of jolly mission goodness - I'm back from the Lord's vineyard in Jacksonville.  And what a glorious time it was.  Yessirree.

Man - missions are amazing.  If you are LDS and considering it, I highly recommend it.  And if you're not LDS - well, I recommend that you seek out your nearest Mormon missionaries pronto and join us in this happy journey ^_^

There is too much I want to say and I have a crapload of... stuff ... to wade through.  But I wanted to give a quick post to let you all know I made it safely.  A longer, more detailed account will be forthcoming (with even more jolly goodness).

Peace out ^_^
LiveJournal Mission Hiatus

Such a special occasion as this deserves my "Mad Graphix Skillz" (or lack thereof, *thank you MS Paint*) so I made up a stylized version of the missionary nametag for an On Hiatus banner.

Anyway, in a few short hours, I will be leaving for the Missionary Training Center in Provo, where I will be spending some weeks learning to preach the gospel and serve others while in Jacksonville, Florida.  After that, I'll travel to Florida where I will be assigned an area in my mission.

If you are on my "Mission Flist" (which is basically my regular flist, since nobody asked to be excluded from the special list), you will see posted LJ updates from me on my mission via my sister, [profile] adjie1026.  I've set it up so she has my LJ password and when I write her, I will include a paragraph or two for her to post here.  So, you guys won't be totally left out of what I'm doing.  If you're not on the Mission Flist, well, you'll probably have to hit my parents up for my mission address and snail-mail me (or just wait until I come home in August-September 2009 ^_^)

Last of all, I want to share with you all why I am putting my life on hold for 18 months while I serve the Lord: this gospel has been with me through my whole life.  I've learned the lessons and the scripture stories since I was very young.  But it took growing up and moving away from home before I really felt like I knew what I'd been taught was true.  My parents, leaders, teachers - wonderful though they were and are - could not put into my heart what the Spirit did.  The Spirit taught me the things that I'm now going to go teach the people in Florida:  Jesus Christ died for our sins; He rose again on the third day and lives today;  this is Christ's church and He stands at the head;  we have a loving Father in Heaven who looks out for each of us;  He knows us personally and knows our strengths and weaknesses;  He desires all His children to return to Him; The Book of Mormon stands as a witness with the Bible of the teachings of Christ and His disciples; Joseph Smith was called to restore Christ's church as it was organized in ancient times before apostasy took the fulness of the gospel away from the earth; President Thomas S. Monson has been called of God to lead and direct this church in the way that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ want it led.  These things, and many more, are the reasons I am going on a mission.

I have been greatly blessed, not the least of my blessings has been my friends (in real life and online) that have been with me through so much.  I am grateful that you have been willing to share in this chapter of my life and I hope I do you all proud (or well-pleased, if you'd prefer ^_^).

True to the faith that our parents have cherished
True to the truth for which martyrs have perished
To God's command, Soul, heart and hand
Faithful and true we will ever stand
("True to the Faith" Hymns #254)
After a whole weekend of family and Farewell Bunco parties and "Not-Farewell" speaking in church, I finally came to a realization: I have only two days to pack for the MTC.  I have to fit clothes, shoes, bedding, toiletries, scriptures, etc. enough for 18 months in two suitcases plus a carry-on and my smallish missionary bag.  Ugh... and I thought packing up my apartment before graduation was nuts.

(okay, I'm kind of exaggerating about stuff enough to last my 18 months.  It's not like I can't get shampoo at a Wal-Mart in Florida or have my mom mail me things I might need.  I might be stressing out at the end of 18 months of how I'm going to get everything home).

But a tip to anyone packing a limited amount of items for a long period of time: get those Space Bags for storage.  You know, those ones that can pack 10 quilts in a plastic bag and make them paper-thin through a nifty vacuum-hose-sucking-out-air-sealing process?  I actually found some travel-sized ones that don't need a vacuum to work (I just open the valve and sit on them until all the air is out).  I got my sheets, a blanket, a couple of bath towels and washcloths stuffed into two of those and I have plenty of room for other stuff in my suitcase - whoever invented those do-hickeys deserves a Nobel Prize.

I'm not quite done packing, but my room looks a lot cleaner.  I decided to put the totes that have been sitting next to my window for two months in the closet and everything looks much better (not to mention I got all the junk that's been sitting on top of the totes inside the totes for a change).  It would figure that I would get my room organized and I only have a day to enjoy it (we're spending the night in town tomorrow night, so tonight is my last night in my own bed).

My laundry just went off -- I'll be back later to type-up an "On Hiatus" post.
Was gone again for the past three days and I am now catching up on email and various other items of internet business.  Dopey me left my cell phone AND my wallet at home.  Not only could I not call anyone (or check my email, which I can do with the phone I got for Christmas), but I didn't have any cash or anything else that might be of importance.  Fortunately, I was going to town with my parents and was not expected to pay for much, but I couldn't run any of my own errands.  I've done some pretty stupid things in life and this ranks up there with joyriding with high school buddies two days after I got my driver's license (no one was hurt and no one was in trouble, except me with my parents.  You'd think I'd learn...)

Also, there are suddenly quite a few projects I'm tempted to start, but with two and a half weeks before my mission (wow, two and a half weeks?!! Oy...), that might not be wise.  I can only hope that the desire is still there when I come back.  In the meantime, I've come to the realization that all my efforts and time will be spent on the Lord's Errand for the next 18 months and I am glad to do it.  I used to think it would take an enormous commitment bordering on giving up your firstborn to serve a mission.  But (and there are other forces at work here) my heart's been softened and my attitude's changed.  I'm not saying it's going to be easy, but I'm ready to do my best and give my all for it.  I'm looking forward to serving.

When I initially made the decision to go on a mission, I knew it was the right thing to do.  I also knew that I would have to be reminded of that from time to time and I think this is one of those times.  I've been getting so caught up in shopping for missionary clothes and telling family and friends and all the other stuff I have to do that I've been neglecting thinking about why I'm doing this in the first place.  It's because I believe something so strongly that I want to share it with others who are looking for the truth.  It's very likely that some people won't understand why I'm taking 18 months to teach the gospel full time, but that's okay.  If nothing else, this will be good for me (but I do want to help other people).  I'm excited and nervous all at the same time.

"But still, as long as I am here, I guess a new experience could be worth trying." - Giselle from "A Happy Working Song" from "Enchanted"
Ugh, I hate mice! Alive, dead, I HATE mice! Today, there was one waddling around down in the basement. Mom said it was waddling because it had probably eaten poison and was about to die and all I had to do was smack it with a broom and scoop it outside. Well, I got the broom and dustpan, but I couldn't bring myself to do it. Not because I felt sorry for the poor bugger, but every time it moved, I would scream and jump back up the stairs. I could barely come within broomstick-reach of the thing, so Mom got sick of my freaking-out-ness and took care of it herself. Sheesh, I don't mind blood or snakes and I never hesitate to kill spiders, but put me in a room with a mouse and I run screaming for the hills. I'm such a baby.

In the category of "Funny How These Things Happen," Dad came home the other day from town with some interesting news. Back when my sister, E, and I were in elementary school, E was friends with a girl, S, but something happened and they ended up hating each other (Dad says they were "rivals." As a side note, I was friends with S's older brother in elementary school, but we just grew apart). My parents are still okay friends with S's parents and we even got a Christmas card from them and it mentioned that S was going on a mission, but she didn't have her call yet. Well, Dad came home a few days ago with the news that S had her call. You will never guess where she is going. Go ahead, guess. I'll give you thirty seconds... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Time's up. S is going to the Florida Jacksonville Mission. The exact same mission I'm going to (except she's going a month later than I am). I'm not sure how E feels about it, but I don't care. Like I said, funny how these things happen.

And, in the spirit of the political season, [profile] shellic had this quiz up on her LJ, so I figured that I ought to get on this sweet action.  And, of course, I offer my take on the results:

I hadn't planned on rehashing my New Year's Day goings-on because... well, there wasn't much to report.  But I'll do it anyway.

The Short Version:

My little sister had to go to her tutoring sessions on New Year's Eve and New Year's Day because my brother has a basketball game in Cedar City on Friday and running back and forth to both was not an option for my mom, so that's how she scheduled it.  Plus, my mom wanted to take me and do some missionary clothes shopping and get the rest of my crap out of my apartment, so that's what we did.

On Friday I'm substituting for the school out here.  Now, you guys all know that my family lives in the middle of nowhere on the ranch, right?  This school covers K-8 and there are nine kids in the whole school and one teacher teaches them all (Think "Little House on the Prarie"-one-room-schoolhouse-type school [Even though there is more than one room in the school.  But I digress]).  I'm excited to do it.  The teacher out here is really nice and even though she's not a member of the church, she asked me to do this because she knows I'm going on a mission and could use the money.  I'm going at 3:45 today so she can show me what I need to do.  I know all the kids (heck, four of them are related to me: two sisters and two cousins) and, according to my mom (who has substituted before), they're really helpful to subs.  We'll see how this turns out.
In the Florida Jacksonville Mission!!!

Whew, there it is, my mission call.  I'm going to Florida (and the extreme southern part of Georgia).  I leave for the Provo Missionary Training Center on February 13.  I'll be there, I think six weeks (I'm really not sure how long I spend there) and then I'll leave for Florida from the MTC.

[profile] adjie1026 guessed somewhere warm, but I forgot to write down that my mom had also guessed Florida.  It was while we were discussing missionary clothes shopping, but she didn't want to get anything yet because (and I quote) "We'll get you a bunch of sweaters and stuff and then you'll get called to somewhere like Florida." (hee hee)

As another side note: my cousin actually went to Florida Fort Lauderdale on his mission.  And since I'm only the second grandchild on my mom's side of the family to go on a mission, this might be a trend (you hear that other cousins?  The next one to go'll get sent to Miami or something.  Now that I've said that, they'll go to Alaska ^_^)

Oh, and the thing about the postage?  My mission prep teacher last year had a theory, which sort of still holds true:  If your postage on the mission call envelope is around $1.35 and higher, that means your going foreign.  If it's $1.10-$1.17 and thereabouts, it's stateside.  There were a few anomalies in that class: someone had postage that was $1.24 and they went to Canada and someone actually did have a $1.30 that went to Florida.  I don't know why the postage works like that, but it does.

Well, this'll definitely be a new experience.  The only thing I know about Jacksonville is the Jacksonville Jaguars.  My little sister wondered if I was anywhere near Disney World, though.  I told her no, though Gainsville's (Florida Gators, anyone?) in the mission too *waves to Coach Urban Meyer*

Florida here I come!

I hold in my hot little hands (actually they're freezing cold because I just came in from getting the mail, but you get the idea) a white envolope with the return address of the Office of the First Presidency!  Postmarked yesterday with $1.31 in postage.

But I'm not opening it just yet. (*listens for the insane prat falls all across the f-list*).

Why, you ask?  This is like Christmas - you have to wait for everyone to be here before you can open anything (admittedly, some people cheat, but I don't want to).  Like I said earlier, the only person here is [profile] adjie1026, who stayed home from the school field trip with a migraine headache (not the stomach goop, thank goodness).  The rest of the family will be here late tonight (like 11:00 pm late) and we could probably get my brother on speakerphone.

Besides, this is a good exercise in patience.

Bottom Line: If I don't post again tonight, I'll post tomorrow morning.

[screw the basketball game, Mom and Dad, just GET HERE!!! - told you, I need practice in patience]
Okay, so I'm expecting my mission call to be here this afternoon, probably sometime around 2:00 (eeee!)  I might not open it tonight, though because my family is scattered all over today: parents are in town for Christmas errands, youngest sibling on a school field trip and won't be back until way late, one sister is on her way home from college, brother has a basketball game tonight.  The other sister is home and sick (which is sad, because she had to miss the field trip.  But I hope I don't get whatever crap she has.  I was sick for Christmas last year - it's not something you ever want to experience, trust me.  Twice in a row is probably bad luck or something).

I did have a roommate who went on a mission a few years ago and it took her call weeks to get there for some reason.  I hope mine isn't too late, but our mail is a little wonky.  It's especially wonky this week because the postmaster passed away and they close the post office for the funeral on Monday.  Since we're out in the boondocks, we only get our mail three days a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday), but the did deliver yesterday (Tuesday).  I dunno... I guess it'll get here when it gets here.

So, I'm figuring on opening the call tomorrow, so watch this space for the announcement.  There is still time to get your guesses in (do I sound desperate?  Nah, I just want something to discuss while I wait ^_^).  Here's the list so far:

[profile] [livejournal.com profile] rosevixen: Somewhere foreign, but still speak English
[livejournal.com profile] shellic: [profile] Europe at least - possibly France or Russia. Then again, it might be Ohio; maybe the Phillipines[profile] [livejournal.com profile] adjie1026: Japan or Hawaii - somewhere warm (Christmas with palm trees is going to be kind of weird, though)
Emily: England or Ireland, somewhere in Western Europe that speaks English (her guess would have been China, except there's not a mission in China. Heh. )
Aunt Paula: New York or somewhere in Europe
Dad: Boise, Idaho (He was joking, but I'm putting it down for kicks)
Mark: France.  Yup, definitely France (that'll make Shalayne jealous.  But if she could persuade Mom and Dad to do it, they could fly out at the end of my mission and pick me up.)

Okay, folks, let's do this!
I'm taking a break after the Detroit Lions' heartbreaking loss to the Cowboys (after those dorks led the whole game, they lose it in the last minute of the game *shakes fist*).  Right now, the stinky Patriots are playing the Steelers, but I can't stand listening to those idiot CBS commentators licking Tom Brady's shoes (*vomit*)

We came back home yesterday in a veritable blizzard, which is not fun when you're the only vehicle on the road for 50 miles (the occupational hazards of living 100 miles from civilization - don't get me wrong, I wouldn't trade it for the world.  It just means a little extra preparation when you travel).  This morning, there were about 10 inches of snow, which is mind-boggling when you live in the dry, dry, dry desert.  Everyone's crediting me because I put in my mission papers and the last time we had a missionary out, we got precipitation every other week.  My brother'll be the next one to put his papers in and we'll overlap a bit.  The folks out here are going to have to build an ark (Mission Call ETA: three days!)

Anyway, since the county sucks cheese when it comes to road maintenance out here (there's probably one really good road crewman and the rest are monkeys with snow plows - we credit them with the rollover accident my brother and sister had a few years ago.  No one was hurt, thankfully.  Sadly, we can't prove that it was the road crew's fault because they got rid of the evidence before we thought to properly document it), we had to cancel church today (20 miles on icy, snowpacked roads = Not Fun).  It's melting now, but we're supposed to get slammed next week.  As long as I don't have to travel in it, it's kind of nice to be home with the family, reading scriptures, watching football and just enjoying each other's company while it storms outside.
As of yesterday at 3:45 pm, my mission papers were turned in to the stake president, who sent them off to Salt Lake City last night.  And in about two weeks (give or take a day or two for mail routes and such), I will have my mission call!

So, this is everyone's chance - Where am going to be serving my mission?  Stateside?  Foreign?  Will I be learning a new language?  Maybe I'll meet up with someone famous or I could meet up with your relatives.  Take a guess.  If you guess right... you will have the great honor of knowing you guessed where I'm going.  Also, don't forget to say why you think I'm going there, because I'll be curious.  It could be as simple as "That's just what I thought of" or something more complex.

As they say in Vegas: Place your bets, people (not with any actual money, of course ^_^)
... are in to the stake president!! All I have to do now is have an interview with said stake president and then my mission papers will be sent to Church Headquarters, from which will come my mission call (eeeee!!)

This is cool. ^_^

(by the way, my Relief Society lesson went really well.  I consider it a warm-up for the next couple of years.)



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