I realize I have not posted about "24" or "Heroes" this week.  My only defense is that I have a class this weekend and I am elbow-deep in textbook reading in preparation for it, not to mention keeping up with my other two classes and a cross-stitch project I want to have finished for a friend for Mother's Day (she's not my mom but, she's as good as and it's unlikely she'll get many gifts from her own children.  Long story, but it boils down to the fact that her ex-husband is a bastard).  But I have a few thoughts on the matter that I can quickly share:

Spoilers Involved for 24 and Heroes )

Okay - I have to go now - that was longer than I meant it to be.
Our internet's back!! I feel like I've been on planet Mars for the last few days without my internet connection (crap, I hope this doesn't mean I'm addicted to the internet - I was just listening to a John Bytheway talk about turning off TV and video games and doing something productive with your life.  Some of the examples he cited were of people who were insanely addicted to RPGs and some of them ended up dead because they neglected food and sleep in favor of video games... oy... that's enough to get anybody off the computer...)  But I'm back with scores of updates to add to the ol' LJ.  The first is an adventure in weenie dog ownership and the last two are "24" and "Heroes" rehashes, respectively.  Blood and surgical warning for the first one and spoiler warnings for the last two.

Calling Vincent van Gogh! )

24 - I've Never Seen a Guy Miss His Thumb That Bad )

Heroes - The Sullivan Bros. Psycho Flying Circus and Murderous Pony Show )

Okay, I have school stuff to attend to - and I feel a little drained of fandom.  Off to face reality!
Through the magic of DVR, I was able to watch last night's episode of "Heroes" this morning.  And, through the magic of schizophrenic internet connections, I am just now recording my thoughts on it.  Of which there are many.  Spoilers ahead!

Daddy Never Hugged Me - and I Turned out FINE! )
Only because I've been without internets for three-four days.  Oy...  Boy, the flist stays busy when I'm not around to check it. But - through the magic of DVR, I did NOT miss the return of "Heroes" for 2010. A few spoilers, then back to reality:

Scattered Thoughts )

I spent a few days visiting a friend.  She helped me make some cute PJ pants out of Colts flannel (we went shopping at WalMart and she's a fabric nerd and she found it.  Which was good because I was returning some PJ pants that I got for Christmas that didn't fit) and I showed her the first season of Heroes (I figured I had rewatched seasons 2 and 3, why not round out the set?)  I'm proud to say I got her hooked, but she says she can't watch it when I'm not around.  Which is fine because I'm going back in a few weeks to stay with her while I go to my grad school orientation.

(can't wait for my online classes to start!  I'm so excited to be getting back into school!)
Even a joyous occasion like being accepted into grad school can't make me miss an episode of "Heroes." Spoiler warning - and away we go!!

Heroes tonight. Spoilers as well.

I've stumbled upon the perfect solution for my Monday night conflicts.  No longer need I choose between watching Monday Night Football and Heroes.  I watch Monday Night Countdown on ESPN then the first little bit of the football game.  Then, at 7:00, I turn on Heroes for an hour and by the time Heroes is over, it's the second half of the game, which is the most exciting part anyway.  And I am no longer dependent on my internet connection for TV.

So, tonight marks the first episode of Heroes I watched at its normal time.  And this calls for a Heroes Rehash (yay!!!!)  Spoilers are a given.

Episode 8 - Shadowboxing )
Also, some thoughts on the the football game - Broncos vs. Steelers:

There are a lot of Terrible Towels in Denver.  Ha ha ha ha.  I don't like the Broncos.  I don't care if they're the closest NFL team.  I'm happy the Steelers won.  And Ben Roethlisberger is extremely attractive.  With all the good looking guys in football, I wonder why more girls don't watch football.

Speaking of quarterbacks - where did Denver find Kyle "Porn 'stache" Orton?

Troy Polamalu - Just put him in on offense too.  He'll get you a touchdown.

Seriously, I thought they were going to interview Jimmy the Greek in the pregame.  I got all excited.  Then I remembered he was dead.

Well, I'm off to watch "V."  It's finally on Hulu.  Took them long enough.

sigh... ABC isn't as faithful as NBC or Fox putting up new episodes.  I've heard some good things about this new "V" show.  Problem is, I didn't catch the pilot episode last night.  So, I thought I'd just watch it on Hulu... yeah, they're not going to stream it until Saturday - with director's commentary and the like.

Mmmm... don'care... I just want to watch it.  Forget all the fluffy frills, just let me watch the darn thing already!!

At least if I miss Heroes or 24, I will be assured of the new ep the next day.

Oh, speaking of Heroes, I have been watching it on Hulu (either my computer or my internet connection - or both - wreak havoc with life, so the quality is pretty jumpy.  Or it must be Hulu - because I watch stuff on Veoh and it doesn't have issues).  So far, it's pretty good.  I should be recapping it on LJ, just to give me something to write about since topics for gossip have been sparse lately.

Some Belated Heroes Thoughts )

Someone just came to look at the apartment and it sounds like she might take it (ohpleaseohpleaseohpleaseohplease). She did say that she may want to take it by the end of this week or the beginning of next week, so if she says yes, I will be faced with the problem of moving my stuff out (then again, this is the sort of problem that I want to be faced with).

Fall Finale Time! A little bit of Chuck and then some Heroes spoilers.

First, let me apologize in advance for making so many outside references in this week's Heroes Rehash.  In my defense... nope, I have no defense.  Spoilers, and then...

This was the first episode of "Heroes" I've ever watched at my parents' house (if they didn't think I was nuts before, they know it now). Do you know how hard it is to explain "Heroes" to someone who has never seen it but wants to watch tonight's episode with you?  I guess [profile] adjie1026 and I need to have a "Heroes" marathon or something (I'm glad my sister is as weird as I am).

Yes, and spoilers.

But it wasn't like it was terribly difficult.  "Heroes" rehash.  Spoilers, of course.

And now, I have a date with the NyQuil.  Urrrrgggh... I hate colds...
Well, Real Life in general has been a frenzy lately, but I referred to Election Day simply because I'm quite opinionated about this Referendum 1 that's a big issue this election cycle (and since that was the only thing on my ballot).  I'm for Referendum 1 simply because I'm for parents having a say in their kids' education and because public schools have been doing jack crap with the property tax money we're forced to give them anyway, so why not kick them to the curb and tell the teacher's unions to stick it where the sun don't shine?  I think it's ironic that the public school folks used the motto "Referendum 1: Full of flaws. Fails Utah's families" because public schools have been failing for at least the past 20 years (well, as far as I can remember).  I guess that would make public schools experts at failing Utah's school kids, so maybe they really do know what they're talking about.

I graduated from high school nearly five years ago and it's really sad when I can count on one hand the truly exceptional teachers I had in the public school system .  I can think of more teachers who I swear they picked up off the side of the road than I can think of teachers who made it their business to teach us how to read and write.  Despite what those sissies at KSL say, those heartwarming "Teachers of the Week" deals are the exception rather than the rule around here.

Anyway, enough politics (besides, that post is out of date by now, even though I had planned to do it.  Oh well...) I was coming back from home last night when I suddenly got a migraine, you know, the kind that make you dizzy and you can't see straight.  The problem was that I was in the middle of nowhere on the freeway going about 70 miles an hour when it hit.  Thankfully, I made it to Grantsville where my family has a house where I could crash for a few hours while my head tried to kill me.  I mention this because my usual "Heroes" rehash is a full day late, but I did catch it.  And it was a doozy.

Ugh... it's been a weekend... but I made it back in time for "Heroes," so it's all right ^_^

*sigh*... well, I've coped with the big Dumbledore news fairly well. For the schpiel, go here. (I'm steering clear of any Harry Potter related stuff for a while, maybe a looooong while, depending on how crazy this is going to get - Note to my family: let me know if any of you passed out from reading that). For now, I'm just sitting here watching "Chuck" and waiting for "Heroes" to come on (thank heaven for multiple fandoms).

[A Vytorin commercial just came on - you know, that cholesterol medicine that has the split screen of the food and the people dressed up like food? They used to be kinda funny, but I think they're running out of ideas.]

I didn't have to work today. Tomorrow's my last day with this real estate assistant job and I'm going back to the temp agency. I wasn't getting many hours with this job anyway. This guy hasn't even paid me yet and it's been - what? - three weeks (luckily, I still have his phone number and I know where he lives - he works out of a home office). So, yeah, it's back to temp stuff. At least I know the temp agency will pay me. And I almost don't even care what I do. I'm at the point where the seasonal positions at Target or Victoria's Secret are looking like viable options (college degree be damned). A job is a job and money is money.

Though, a funny thing happened last week. Someone from the Dugway Army Proving Ground e-mailed me and invited me to apply for two positions (they found my resume on Monster). One is a Technical Writer and the other is a Technical Editor. If I got either of those, I would be sitting dang pretty (money, benefits, tons of goodies). It's just that it's out in the middle of nowhere and I'd have to live in Grantsville, which I really don't want to do (social life is a moot point. I don't even have that here in Salt Lake. But that's another rant).

Oh cool, Heroes is starting.

Ummm.... intro here.  Heroes rehash.  Insert warning about spoilers.  And this is it.

We are all connected in the Great Circle of Life(tm) )
Well, we're starting to get somewhere...  And my wireless internet connection just went out.  Again.  Spoilers for Heroes 2.3: "Kindred"

I was all ready to go this morning, but my boss called and told me that he didn't need me today. Just as well. This job is not going to last very long and I need to find something more substantial (it only pays $10/hr with no benefits and I don't get very many hours. Granted, it's better than absolutely nothing). Luckily, I didn't wait for today to figure that out - I have an interview today at 3:30 with one company and should be scheduled for a second interview with a different company this week (I had the first last week, so this is good news). Both have pretty good pay and benefits (yay for benefits!) Cross your fingers that I'll have something soon.

But for today, I'm just cooling my heels on this Columbus Day (side note: this is the first time I've ever had Columbus Day off. School was never out for it, though I may have had it off when I was in first grade and they quit doing it somewhere along the line). Got some errands done that I didn't get done over the weekend (rainy/snowy Saturday will do that. Plus, it was General Conference and I rarely have a desire to get out of the house during the "bye" week).

"Heroes" is on tonight too, and I hope that we've had enough filler-set-up episodes and we actually start getting to the meat of the story. The problem with all these many characters in separate plot lines is that you have to keep track of them all and you forget about characters and things get muddled (sort of my beef with the "Wheel of Time" series - too many lines to keep track of, everyone is separated and you'd go whole books without seeing any of the main characters). With Heroes, I'm hoping that some of the characters' storylines will take them into other characters' storylines so everyone will be together and we can keep track of it easier.

But all that aside, after two weeks of teasing, it seems that Sylar will indeed be returning to the story. I keep thinking the girl with him in the promo looks like Ali Larter, which means that maybe Jessica and Niki are now separated? Or Sylar's been caught and he's in some drug-induced hallucination that creates the illusion that he's retired to the super-evil-villains Tahiti. I wonder if the Company(tm) caught him. Hmmm... so much speculation...

And a Quiz Because I'm Bored )
Yeah, so I ended up not going to FHE because my roommate wanted to go out for dinner (Training Table has some of the best burgers around, not to mention the dangerously greasy but oh-so-tasty cheese fries and hickory sauce... man, I wish I had a doggie bag).

The point is, I watched Heroes tonight and thus my usual spoiler-filled episode rehash is here on time:

And limited plot exposition, apparently.

Heroes Premiere night, all.  Geekdom to follow.  Complete with spoilers.



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