My MLS Capstone is tomorrow.  Two years of the hard slog in grad school comes down to this - putting together a 10 minute presentation showcasing what I learned in those two years and praying that I learned the right things (as far as my professors are concerned, at least).  So, in honor of the occasion, I have a couple of theme tunes floating around in my head.  The joy of having a blog is that I get to annoy share them with you all.

1. Theme from "Rocky"

2. "My Way" by Frank Sinatra

Dear Sweet Gallifrey, this whole thing is making me loopy.  I'll be glad when it's Monday.
Okay, enough of that rant on the top of my page.  It's time for some joy! I've just found a bunch of random things that have brought a smile to my face and I wish to share them with you. There's nothing really specific and no set theme.  Just something to enjoy on this chilly Saturday -

Follow the Cut to Lots of Good Things )

I want to do a video with this song. I just need the right inspiration. Hm...

I have an assignment due in two weeks that requires I interview a collection development librarian and write up a report about it.  We worked on an acceptable list of interview questions during our last class weekend and I'm sitting here getting ready for the interview tomorrow.  As I'm perusing the list, I realize that as we got to the end of the brainstorming of questions, we were getting exceedingly creative.  Questions such as "What circumstances was your collection development policy designed to accommodate?" start creeping into the equation.  Honestly - what day-to-day working librarian is going to have that on their mind?  (That's what you get from a room full of graduate students, I suppose).

Other than that, I'm having a really good evening.  I'm figuring out what my big research paper is going to be on for my management class (which is a relief because I really hate this class - if it wasn't required, I wouldn't be taking it at all) and the topic is actually relevant to my interests (by and large, management is NOT on my list of top ten things I want to learn about.  I hate being in charge and I try to avoid any situations where I might be put in charge of something.  Doesn't always happen, but there you go).  Plus, I watched last night's "Mike and Molly" on my DVR from last night - that was probably the funniest episode so far.  I love, love, LOVE Carl's grandma!  And this time, instead of Mike seeking her wit and wisdom, Molly was the one receiving Nana's sassy sarcasm (and Molly ends up dishing it right back, so it works out fabulously.  Forget Molly's stoner sister and horny mother - I want more scenes with Molly and Nana!)

All in all, a pleasant night.  :)
Suddenly got incredibly giggly, so here's a meme.  No one tagged me - just thought it'd be fun to do (but [ profile] narniadear  and [ profile] litlover12  had it up, if you're curious).

1. write down every letter of your name.
2. then type a song that pops up in your mind in each letter of your name as the first letter.
count the letters of your name, and tag that many people.

C -
"Carry On Wayward Son" by Kansas (Respect the classics, man!)
H - "Hey, Soul Sister" by Train
R - "Rocking Horse" by Sara Evans
I - "Imaginary" by Evanescence
S - "Starlight" by Muse
S -
"Some Fantastic" by Barenaked Ladies (this one... it helps that I was listening to it 20 minutes ago)
Y - "You Do the Math" by Brad Paisley

Tags... um, if you'd like to do this, go for it!

(Further proving that my tastes in music are wide and varied.  Just the way I like it ^_^)

Bed time!
I just got my billing statement for fall semester and I am totally jazzed!!  My student loan will cover every penny of tuition and fees and have enough left over for books AND a new laptop!!! (and probably still have a bit to pay my travel expenses).

*this is the dance we dance when school is paid for!!*

AND - I'm up north for my class weekend and, having found myself at a bigger thrift store than what I have at home, I found the perfect Tenth Doctor suit for $15!  It's a little big, but I have a friend who is the Yoda of Sewing and is about the nicest person you can find anywhere and she's agreed to help me tailor it to fit me!  Add that to my new cream-colored Chucks - all I need to do is borrow a tie from my brother and mock-up a sonic screwdriver!  Yay for Halloween!! (I take my holidays very seriously ^_^)

AND - I haven't posted this yet here, but I made yet another Doctor Who music video.  It's hardly an original idea in the Whoniverse, but I like it (I took a different tack on it just because I could).  The song certainly sets the tone of my mood today, and I share it with you all!

AND - my next-to-youngest sister has been doing some really amazing drawings lately!  I don't have any to show off, but if I did - holy crap, I would.  She's been working on an original manga, but it's entirely on hard copy paper.  I dunno... I'm just really proud of her and happy.  It's just a happy, happy day! ^_^\/
...sigh... sometimes, I really really hate Facebook.  A friend of mine from high school recently got married and I stupidly clicked on the pictures on Facebook.  You have to know, I haven't been in touch with this friend for a good number of years and I didn't even go to her wedding.  You know how these things go - who really keeps track of people from high school?  It was a little unnerving to see her married (I have no clue who the guy is) because we were the little tomboys that pointedly avoided dating at all costs.  I know that people change and get older and things... but still, it's really strange.

It's so odd - I see people that I've known all my life getting married and having kids and I'm ... not.  Not that I want to run off and get engaged to the first loser that comes along (one of these days, I should tell you all about the bastard my aunt married - listen to enough about him and you'll be off to the nearest convent), but it's just... bleagh!  You all know what I mean, right?

Luckily for me, I collect things that help me feel better about things like this, particularly music.  I love uplifting lyrics - and they don't even have to be in English!  For example, this song from "Sailor Moon" is amazing.  It's called "Otome no Policy," which translates to (depending on who you ask) "A Lovely Maiden's Policy."  Basically, it's all about being brave on your own even when things are totally going to crap (and if you know anything about the second season of SM, you can tell that it fits the story very well.  At least, I think so).  It's just one of those songs that give me the warm fuzzies and I love it!  Anyway, this video is the full version of it and I've included the translation beneath the cut.

There's nothing I'm afraid of! )
I'm jut chilling out until I have to go to my class at 5:00 tonight.  Mom had some errands for me to run while I'm up in town, but I'm also waiting for the printers to call about our yearbook proofs.  The kids finished the yearbook yesterday and I sent it to the printers, but I guess something went wrong in the transmission, so the pictures look "bitmappy" (those were our sales rep's words).  Anyway, while I'm up here, I might as well go see what happened and if there's anything we can do to fix it.  Darn it, I was so excited yesterday to have the blasted thing finally done and now there's more drama to be had.  Welcome to the wonderful world of high school yearbooks.  If it wasn't a such a source of pride (and the one bright spot in my blighted high school career), I'd say to heck with it all.

But I have to share this rather funny (and quite juvenile) thing that happened last night as I was driving up north.  I was almost to my friend's house that I stay at when I have class weekends and I got stopped by road construction (there are four seasons in Utah - cold, very very cold, very very hot and construction).  I was just waiting for the flagger to let us go when a little beater '80s Honda Civic full of kids pulled up behind me beating the subwoofer like they owned the place.  Well, my little dirt-covered Explorer may not be much to look at, but it's got quite a nice bass, if I do say so myself (I think the previous owner did some overhaul to the sound system because I certainly didn't install anything in it).  And I HATE it when these little tin can cars act all "gangsta" and pound the speakers (just one of my little pet peeves), so I decide to find the bass-iest song on my iPod (which I had connected to the radio) and pound MY bass right back.  Linkin Park obliged quite nicely and I just smirked until the flagger flipped his little sign to "Slow" and we were on our merry way.  And the Honda Civic gave me a wide berth after we got out of the construction, to which I felt justified (let's hear it for passive-aggressive methods!)

Well, I guess I should go run errands now.
Even thought it's really Wednesday (snerk).

I found the video for Taylor Swift's song "You Belong With Me" and there was something that I picked up on that I quite liked (well, I could relate to it, anyway). The blonde character (played by Taylor Swift) looks a lot like me in high school - ratty blonde hair, glasses and a little nerdy (I wasn't a band nerd, but I was a yearbook geek. Cut from the same kind of mold). The bratty cheerleader (also played by Taylor Swift) has sleek brown hair and... well, she's a bitch (sorry - sometimes, you just have to say it).

You may think this is shallow or whatever - but I love that the sweet, geeky girl is blonde and curly-haired and the snotty girl has sleek brown hair. No offense meant to my many brunette friends, but there is this perception in movies and TV that blondes are these gorgeous supermodels that have all the hot guys and everything else you could possibly want (I'm exaggerating, but only slightly) and that brunettes are mousy and scroungy. Well, I was mousy and scroungy in high school (still am, to a degree) and I love my blonde hair. Some days, I even love my curls (when they aren't abjectly obnoxious and driving me nuts).  And I still wear old t-shirts to bed.  And yes, I even acted weird and loopy in my bedroom singing along to the radio and dressed up like various whatevers.  I did not, however, have a semi-cute neighbor boy that kept peeking in my window when I did that.  My room was in the basement and we didn't have neighbors.  Made that a little difficult.

Crap, where was I?  Oh yeah... So, I love this video. And I'm glad I found a version that would let me embed it. Happiness!!

Still doesn't mean I'm not jealous of girls who can get their hair slick and pretty and not have to worry about it poofing out. I look nice when I first straighten it, but then I go outside and I into Hermione in the first Harry Potter movie. The sad thing is, Emma Watson was wearing a wig in that movie. That fact does nothing for my self-image.

Made it home to Callao for the weekend.  I swear - I get lazy whenever I come home (I did practice guitar for a half hour).  Our neighbors have this huge Labor Day weekend picnic every year and it's like Woodstock Revisited - only with rednecks and hippies (proof that we can all get along - at least over a three-day weekend).

I had BIG plans to write this weekend - it never happens.  But I have to mention this: I 'm taking a cue from Stephenie Meyer.  Do you know how vastly inspirational music is to the writing process? (I'm sure certain members of my flist are rolling their eyes in fine "Well, duh" fashion).  Seriously - yesterday as I was driving out here listening to a mix CD of Big & Rich, Creed, Nightwish and Nickelback, I worked out a huge plot element that had been bugging the snot out of me for weeks.  And now - I am quite happy ^_^

[If you follow the link to Stephenie Meyer's website, she has playlists that she listened to when she was writing the "Twilight" books (they're under each of the separate books' sections).  And - just as a point of ironic interest - I'm listening to the Twilight playlist and the popout window for has an ad for The Vampire Diaries on CW. Funny.]



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