Just posting so I have something new to say for once.  Actually, there has been some good news in the last few days.  I got two wonderful pieces of mail -

1 - A letter from school informing me that I have been awarded TWO scholarships for spring semester!!  A few months ago, Emporia informed my adviser that they had set aside some scholarship money for the Utah cohort and we all were encouraged to apply for it.  I figured everyone would apply (there's only 30-40 people in our group) and I wouldn't get anything because I've never really worked in a library (apart from part-time at the school - but that's not my number one responsibility) and so many other people already know what it's really like.  But I must have said something the committee liked.  Both scholarships amount to just shy of $1000, which is nice.  It's less that I'll have to pay back, so YAY!

2 - I received a Christmas card from a lady I knew on my mission.  She's a member of the Church, but her husband wasn't - but now she's informed me that he got baptized!  This is super exciting because I knew them both from my first area, but then I actually got to work with them in my second area.  This lady is just the nicest, super faithful-est person you'll ever meet (and she's a fantastic artist - she's done artwork for book covers and she gave me a print of one that she had up in her house that I said I liked!  I still need to get it framed.  This isn't something you just get a cheapie Wal-Mart frame for, either).  Her husband was the type that got along well with the missionaries but just didn't see the point of religion, but he was so funny and so snarky - I loved him to bits.  And now, he's baptized!  DOUBLE YAY!

I finally got my room organized with all my new Christmas goodies.  I find myself now pining for the day that I will have my own place and not just living in a room in my parents' house.  With the position that I'm in now, it's just not feasible to rent somewhere.  There's really no where out here to rent.  Plus, my parents need someone to watch the place while they're in town, which is pretty much all the time, though they pop in for the weekends and when my sisters are out of school.  Honestly, it's more like I'm house-sitting, which sounds better than "I'm still living in my parents' house," but still - I'm working toward getting my own place.  If I were to have my own place, I feel like I know what I want in it and how I want it organized.  Shoot, between what I have here now and stuff I have in storage, I could fill one room with bookshelves and have my own library! (Well, it'd really be a library/office, but you get the idea).

I kind of don't want Christmas vacation to be over, but at the same time I miss working at the high school.  Depending on how my schoolwork load is (I'm taking three classes now instead of the usual two), I might get put in charge of another play.  I wouldn't mind doing it again - I had a ton of fun with the Christmas play.  It's good for the kids to have something to do out here other than schoolwork.  They don't have a whole lot of extracurricular things to look forward to.  And if there's one thing I've learned this year is that, in order to be happy, you have to have good things to be excited about.  You can't just trudge through all the crap you "have to" cope with - whether it's boring, everyday stuff or bad situations you somehow find yourself in.  Even a small event like a visit with a friend or a new movie that you want to see can bring you out of the dumps (well, it did for me this year).  You can just about convince yourself that the bad things you're dealing with don't matter as long as you have something good to look forward to.

Well, that's me waxing poetic and philosophical for the evening.
My nerves are frazzled - and that all came before 7:00.  All day - ALL DAY - our electricity was blinking on and off.  Our phone and our internet were down at random times.  We had to open presents this morning in the dark (though the sun came up toward the end of the process) and breakfast was cold cereal.  The power eventually came back on - then it blinked off and on at random intervals during the day.  

Happy Christmas...



Not that I'm complaining - but when you have the DVR set to record "Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol" on BBC America at 7:00 pm, you sort of want it to, you know, WORK!

Well, it did.  Mostly.  The power blinked off for about five minutes in the middle, but it came right back on (luckily, some of what I missed was commercials) and I was able to enjoy the happiness and glee that is experiencing an episode of "Doctor Who" (somewhat) simultaneously with the rest of the world.  Below the cut are some of my initial "OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG!" responses.  None of these are very coherent - in fact, I'll be surprised if you see any semblance of proper English grammar (but there are spoilers - now, those you might actually figure out).

Welcome to Christmas, Santa Moff! )
Now, I need to post this before something goes berserk again!
Our internet was out all day, which means I am woefully behind on all my internet stuff.  But, it's Christmas Eve and that meant that I actually got presents wrapped among other sundry things.

The cousins and I are caught up and ready for the Doctor Who Christmas Special tomorrow (squee!)  And there's presents and food and family and all that wonderful stuff that comes with the holidays, so this is pretty exciting!

There's not much else I want to say - except for you all to have a Merry Christmas and thanks for being such a great flist!  And also - to post this video that I have already posted, but I want it up for today and tomorrow -

Went up north today with my mom and dad for some late-minute Christmas shopping and to deliver a few items.  My shopping was done, but any excuse to visit the Gateway is fine with me! ^_^  There was a mother in Bath and Body Works that I had to feel sorry for - but at the same time, i was very grateful that I was not her.  She had two boys (okay, what possesses you to take your two seven- or eight-year-old boys into BBW?) and they kept fighting over who got the blue or green hand sanitizer with what kind of reindeer on it.  The clerk was trying to find the boys what they wanted, but they were beyond negotiations.  It's moments like this that make me glad I don't have children.

Speaking of having children - shopping with my sister on Monday wasn't too bad.  I think pregnancy has given her a sense of humor.  Mostly I let her and my mom talk about baby-birthing-stuff, which I have little-to-zero interest in.  Personally, I think babies are much more fun once they're born (without even considering the fact that they aren't mine).

We got snowed on yesterday, but it was basically just glorified slush and it turned into rain today.  I'm almost scared to go back out to the ranch because my bedroom's probably flooded - though we called out there and found out that the precipitation was still snow, so maybe I've been granted a reprieve?  The only thing I know is that when it rains and rains and rains, my bedroom floods.  Snow is okay - even when it melts, it doesn't flood.  I should ask someone to go check on it, but I'm almost thinking ignorance is bliss.  At least for now.

While the fall semester has ended, my graduate cohort decided to get together on Facebook and have a Christmas reading group until school starts up again.  Someone chose "Dune" by Frank Herbert, which I've never read.  Luckily, the high school library had it, so I've been reading that and it's pretty good so far.  I'm partway through the second section and it's finally getting exciting.  The first part was kind of boring, but I blame all the necessary exposition.  I know there was a miniseries of this book some time ago, so maybe after I'm done with this, I'll hunt that down (after the great "Doctor Who" rewatch of Christmas 2010 - my little cousins are nearly done with Series 5.  I told them they couldn't see the Christmas special until they'd finished).

The Utah-Boise State bowl game is tonight, which should be exciting.  For the sake of my Utes, I hope so - the radio analysts kept predicting a Boise State blowout.  But I've learned that sports analysts know pretty much nothing about games that they comment on.  In fact, if you go back and listen to the pre-game commentary after the game, they sound pretty stupid.  Honestly, I think anyone that can at least fake a cocky-locker-room-jock attitude can comment on sports - there's no magic formula to that job.

That's about it for me tonight - I'm just ready for some nice Christmas relaxation.
Now that school is out, I'm here with my mom getting ready to go up north for a shopping trip.  My married-and-expecting sister is planning on going with us since she has Mondays off... but she's been pretty sick, so we'll see.  I haven't spent too much time with her since she announced she was pregnant (actually, I haven't spent too much time with her at all - pregnant or not.  We just have that kind of relationship).

Last night was a hoot.  There was a performance of Handel's Messiah at the church last night and my mom wanted to go.  I went as well as my two sisters and their friend that's staying with them and going to school in town as well.  This friend wasn't too keen on going at first, but he didn't want to be at the house by himself.  So, we're all sitting in the back during the performance and I guess our friend got bored because he started making goofy faces at me and my sisters during the Hallelujah Chorus and I started laughing and I couldn't stop!  I'm such a bad concert-goer...

My weekend was good.  We finally got our Christmas tree up.  It's kind of small, but I think it works.  But then our little cousins came over.  Bear in mind that have what I call "Tree-zilla" in their living room.  Seriously - it takes up half the house and barely leaves a walkway into the kitchen.  Well, they took a look at our cute little tree-lot Christmas tree and the oldest boy make some snarky comment on how tiny it was.  The the little girl said it looked like a weed.  Then I came back and replied "Well, we can't all have Tree-zilla in our front rooms."  That shut them up momentarily, until the oldest boy (the Master of Non-Sequitur Arguments) came back with the ever-so-witty comment of "Well... well... who's team has a 7-6 record?"  I reply with "...are you kidding me?"

[I know I've won when the kid is reduced to taking the mickey out of my football team.  But the Colts won yesterday and they currently own first place in the AFC South - so NEENER NEENER!]



[I realize that, on the surface, it might be bad form to descend into an argument with a twelve-year-old, but this kid has the most incredible winning-streak I've ever seen - meaning he wins at a lot of things without even trying.  Doesn't matter if it's football teams, card games, fights with his siblings, arguments with adults that aren't his parents - this kid wins at everything.  And he gloats like it's no tomorrow and it's really annoying.  So, whenever I can bring him down a couple of notches, it feels really good.]



[When have i ever been the portrait of maturity anyway?]
I got off a day early because the Jazz Bear (the mascot of the Utah Jazz NBA team) is taking the students in our school district on a Christmas shopping spree.  Every year, the Jazz organization picks a school district where the families that live in that district are seen to be less-well-off and they take the elementary kids from that district on a shopping trip (this seems to be in a rotation because my younger sisters did this a few years ago when they were in elementary school).  Anyway, I was going to go with them to be a chaperone (they send an adult chaperone with each kid so that the kid doesn't spend more than their allotted $100), but they told me they had enough people and I didn't have to if I had something else to do.  I would have liked to go (there were rumors that some Jazz players would be going on the trip as well and that would have been cool to meet them), but I've been neglecting some home duties and I've got to get that done because.  Besides, this trip is more for the kids and I'd feel weird being an goofy fan-adult-person when the kids are the ones that the players are there for.

So, I'm home cleaning up the house.  I've done the dishes, started some laundry and swept up the hard floors in the house.  I would vacuum, but I hate using my mom's vacuum.  She has a Rainbow that is the epitome of the redundant piece of crap.  Every time I pull it out of the closet, the attachments fall all over me, the cord tries to strangle me and it uses this ridiculously huge water tank instead of vacuum bags and it's a pain to empty.  the best part - you have to take it apart to store it and it comes apart in about twenty different pieces that you have to haul all over the house when you want to vacuum.  Maybe if you enjoy spending inordinate amounts of time cleaning the house, then I guess it's okay.  I try to point this out to my mom when she asks me to vacuum, but she'll never hear a word against it.  Me, I'd rather take the vacuum out of the closet, pull it into whatever room I'm vacuuming, vacuum and then go to the next one.  I don't want to be making like Dad on Christmas Eve when the kids get a brand new swingset every time I try cleaning.  So, I'm sticking to sweeping up the hard floors and I'll let my mom use her beloved Rainbow.

I think I'm just being bored now.  Luckily, the washer's about to go off.  And the dog won't stop barking.  I wonder if she's seeing things...
I finally finished my final project in my web design class and I am so relieved.  So now, my third semester is over and I am halfway done with my Master's degree (crazy).  In other news, I finally got the dog to calm down.  She's been barking at who-knows-what for the better part of the last half hour and it's driving me crazy.  There's no one coming in the house, no cars coming into the yard and no scurrying creatures in the house (those are what she usually barks about).  I love my little dog, but I think she might be getting a muzzle for Christmas (who knows? We got her a Snuggie last year and she hated it - so maybe she'll actually like the muzzle.  She's weird that way)

Oh - the play on Friday.  First of all, the place was packed, which is a big deal for us.  Usually it's just the parents of the kids involved in the audience, but we had all sorts of people from all over the valley - the district superintendent and his family even showed up!  My dad and my sister came in at the very last minute, but that's because they had to come in from town.  The play itself was fantastic!  The kids knew their lines (even the kid playing Ghost of Christmas Present - he kept psyching me out during practice that he couldn't remember his lines - EVEN DURING THE DRESS REHEARSAL!  I swear, I could have slapped him).  The music and the lights worked out wonderfully and everyone had fun.  All in all, it was a success and I'm happy with it.  The only disappointing thing is that the mother of the soldier we were raising money for couldn't make it, which is a shame, but the play made about $50 for his family which is a lot, considering our size.  We're continuing the fund-raiser through the end of the basketball season (which ends January 22), so we can add to it from there too.

We managed to get some pictures of the play, which are under the cut:

God bless us, every one! )

Today during our PolyCom biology class, the biology teacher told us that he stopped by the superintendent's house on Sunday and the super couldn't stop talking about how much he liked our play.  I don't know what the biology teacher wanted to visit to the super about, but that news stroked my ego ^_^

Unrelated question - My mom asked me on Sunday what I wanted for Christmas.  I'm really bad about on-the-spot questions like that, especially when it about something I want.  But after some consideration, I think I want a Kindle.  I mean, I buy so many books already (from Amazon, no less), I might as well get them cheaper and stored on one little gadget.  The only bad thing I can think of is that the Kindle isn't like the iPod where I could load music from CDs I already owned onto the thing.  I'm not sure how I would take books on my bookshelf and load them on my Kindle without buying them again.  But I think I'll be okay being a hybrid ebook/hardcopy-book reader.

Speaking of - just in case I haven't spammed your flist enough, here is my Christmas present to the internet!

Merry Christmas Indeed! )

(And may I say that, for uploading videos, YouTube really hates me.  I've tried to upload a couple of fan-made music videos lately that have be downright blocked while scores of similar fanvids go prancing off happily into the internet sunrise.  Maybe it's just me? idk... :/  So, I give up on posting to YouTube and instead will opt for my Vimeo account.)

Well, that's that.  I'm off to do... something.  Probably nothing productive.


Dec. 9th, 2010 05:57 pm
Am I just silly or what?

Before I get in to what I REALLY am on here about, I think it's time for a MASSIVE HARRY POTTER RE-READ!  I've been reading Mark Reads Harry Potter from the beginning and I am feeling inspired to go back to my fangirl roots (fair warning: Mark often employs language that many - including me - find objectionable, but somehow, I manage to sleep at night).  Currently, I'm reading "The Hunger Games" trilogy for the second time (am now in the middle of "Catching Fire"), but after that, I'm going to go through all the epic goodness that is HP.  Reading Mark's chapter-by-chapter reviews remind me of why I fell in love with Harry Potter in the first place and it's so endearing to read one person's first-time reactions to the series.  If I wasn't such a "OMG - I MUST KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT!!!!!11!1!" nut, I could have done something similar.  Maybe I'll keep that in mind for the next STINKING HUGE AND AWESOME book series - just for my own amusement.

(Speaking of "The Hunger Games," that's what Mark is reading right now.  He's already been through "Twilight," but I elected not to read those reviews - erm, well, I elected not to FINISH reading those reviews.  I've already been there and I don't care to go back - too much WTF-ery for me to stomach, honestly).

But onward - tomorrow is the BIG DAY!  Tomorrow is when my high school students put on "Ebony Scrooge: A Modern Christmas Carol."  And I just got some seriously-epicly-awesome news: Remember how my students said they wanted to raise money to donate to the family of a local soldier who was killed in Afghanistan?  Well, I finally got in touch with some people I know who also know this family and they said the mother of this soldier is going to come to our play tomorrow!!  She works on the army base out here that isn't too far away from our school (relatively speaking) and she wants to attend!

Oh. My. Goodness.  This is... just... holy cow - WOW!  I'm floored, really.  I just feel honored that she'd want to come out here just for this.  I mean, no one out here really knows the family (my connection is just one of those "Six Degrees of Separation" things).  I'm kind of a speechless-mumbly-mess-of-goo right now.  I have such respect and admiration for soldiers and military families and even though I don't know anyone personally who's served (I know family members of soldiers, but not the soldiers themselves), I'm just glad that my students wanted to do something for this family, that's all.

Beyond that - the preparations for the play are going really well.  Tomorrow at noon is our dress rehearsal and the actual production goes on at 6:30.  I think everyone's ready.  Our Ghost of Christmas Present kept faking me out that he didn't know his lines, but then he went and gave a spot-on performance in practice today (I swear, that kid eats sarcasm for breakfast).  The lights look great - the costumes are great (since this is supposed to be set in modern times, Ghost of Christmas Past is dressed like a hippie, since we figured Ebony would have been a kid in the 70s - it's fantastic) and the music is great.  And I'm excited for this.  Nervous as all get out, but excited.
I love ordering stuff online.  Seriously, Amazon.com and I are BFFs.  They have EVERYTHING!!! (close second is Half.com - love to the cheap, secondhand crap).  Whereas you get to the mall looking for this ONE thing, and they don't have it.  Maybe it doesn't bug city-dwellers as much, but when it take you two hours to get to a grocery store, the internet is a wonderful thing.

Alas, with this wonderful piece of ingenuity, there comes a little snag.  You see, we don't have our own zip code.  We have to go through other "nearby" towns ("nearby" meaning 80-90 miles away).  And while the US Postal Service comes with regularity through Town 1, FedEx and UPS use completely different Towns 2 and 3 - all of which have different zip codes.

So, I have one rural route address for the US mail, but I have to use a different one for UPS.  Add to the fact that my street address includes a Box number and some mailing systems take that to mean it's a PO Box and they don't deliver to PO Boxes... oy, it's gets even crazier.  Let me put it this way - if I put my US mail zip code and try to send something through UPS or FedEx, it's like trying to open a Works document in Word.  Or like Kryptonite to Superman.  Bad things happen.

Usually, I don't have a problem because most sites I order from typically ship through the US mail and they manage to find us just fine (not once in my 18 month mission to Florida did they lose a letter.  Quite a feat for them, I'm sure).  But Mom doesn't like Amazon because ONE TIME, they shipped FedEx and she didn't get her order (don't ask me why - they just did).  So, she had me order some stuff for Christmas from Wal-Mart.com.  Problem: Wal-Mart ships through FedEx - and I didn't know this until I got my order confirmation email that said "Your package has been shipped FedEx."  And I had put our regular mailing address (Superman: "What's this green, shiny object?").


Well, we called around and got it all straightened out, but we didn't get everything in time for Christmas.  And I was treated to a lecture about internet ordering from the folks, who are still using carrier pigeons to send letters (okay, it's not that bad.  But when I was on my mission, one of the first emails from my dad said "You'd be proud of me.  I learned how to type with two fingers!").  And then when the FedEx guy finally found our house today (as in, four days after Christmas), he went on to lecture me about zip codes and junk (one of the zip codes he gave me doesn't even exist, either).

Bear in mind, I don't have this problem very often.  It's only when I'm trying to order stuff for my family.  Sigh... the joys of living in the sticks... At least I have some fun stories to share with my flist.  You know you love them.
I'm foregoing my football rant this week on LJ because I have not yet posted about my Christmas (fear ye not - it's on my Blogger - see sidebar).

Christmas was nice and quiet.  After a whirlwind Thanksgiving, I guess I can handle having a quiet Christmas.  Little sister and new hubby came out for a visit (the weenie dog and the new hubby got nice and acquainted - new hubby's been working late nights and he fell asleep while we were watching football games, so the weenie dog fell asleep next to him.  It was classic).

The Utes did win their bowl game, so that was a happy thing.  I didn't get to see the Zoobies "blow out" Oregon State in Vegas (the Church is true again, apparently).  But the Utes whomped on the hippies of Berkeley.  I wouldn't have been able to handle it if the Utes lost to Cal, honestly.

Christmas day - I got Guitar Hero: Aerosmith, the third season of Heroes on DVD (because I bought it for myself and my mom wrapped it), temple clothes and some normal clothes.  My baby sister got every new Disney DVD (can someone explain to me what the big deal is about "Up?"  It's cute, but I can't see the BIG draw.  Maybe it's because my favorite character in that movie dies in the first ten minutes).

Oh - we got to talk to my brother who is on a mission in Argentina.  We only got to talk an hour, so I got to talk to him for ten minutes.  This was the first time in a year that I've been able to talk to him, so it was exciting.  Except when he asked about football updates and I started to tell him, everybody jumped on my case because "they" wanted to tell him.  Stupid thing made stupider: they never told him the updates.  Morons...

So, between playing Guitar Hero (on a busted guitar controller - the whammy bar is broken and the Star Power doesn't work.  Our wireless controller won't even connect - I'm going to kill whatever child broke both controllers) and eating chocolate and leftovers, it was a nice Christmas.  Not too much to report...

Oh - and we gave the weenie dog a Snuggie, which she hates.  That entertainment makes up for the less-than-eventful Christmas I had.  I got plenty of video and pictures of that circus.  I should post those up ^_^

(Mini football rant: I wish the Colts and the Saints had gone undefeated.  I was rooting for an undefeated Super Bowl.  Do you know how cool that would have been?  Sigh... only in my head...)
Okay, so I made a one of those photo Christmas cards to send out this year.  It consisted of my dressing my brother's mule deer mount up in a Santa hat and Christmas stockings.  Then, I captioned it with "Way to go Venison. Now I have to pull to sleigh."

The Photo )

I thought it was funny... until I had the thought that I would be sending this to families with young children and that the sight of one of Santa's beloved "reindeer" mounted on the wall would potentially cause heartache and strife.  I decided to write a funny story to go along with it that they could enjoy and not ruin the magic of Santa Claus and Christmas.  Maybe I succeeded, maybe I failed - but I figured why should only people I mail Christmas cards to have all the fun?  So, I posted it on my Facebook and I'm posting it here for all my friends to giggle at or be mortified by.  Consider it my Christmas present to you all.  Have a great Christmas - may you get all you asked for (or enough gift cards to get what you really wanted).

An Original Christmas Tale )
I'm here watching Sunday Night Football and I know it's the Christmas buying season because of all the sappy jewelry commercials.  And a blog topic occurs to me.  No way am I going to let this opportunity slide.

So, I have a question - do diamonds really equate love?  I mean, I know commercials are marketing ploys just to get a product's name out there and if you have the most memorable commercial people will buy your product.  But honestly, I can't tell one jewelry commercial from the next.  They all stinking look the same: guy and girl cuddling all sweetly in a blizzard or in front of a warm fireplace.  Maybe she's a little clingier than usual.  Guy is the epitome of gentlemanly chivalry - the kind that no living male could hope to be (I'm letting you guys off the hook here, you can thank me later).  Using the powers of suave that would put James Bond to shame, he pulls out a black box that contains a diamond necklace or earrings or a ring.  Girl expresses surprise - never mind that this has been his Christmas present routine to her the last five-ten years.

I can understand the diamond ring deal if it's an engagement ring (I may be cynical about all this romance crap, but I'm still female and an engagement is a special tradition that even I can't overlook).  But I have a pair of earrings from Claire's that are pearl and cubic zirconium that I just love.  They look the same as any diamond that any boyfriend could give me, I'm sure.  I just don't get what the draw is for a guy to spend zillions of dollars on something that I probably won't wear very often because it's way too nice.

Sure, if you want to spend ten paychecks on something that just sits on my neck or finger or earlobes, I appreciate the gesture.  But I'd rather that money be spent on something fun.  Shoot, let's take the money and go to a football game together.

Besides, if all you give is nice jewelry, it gets boring.  Seriously, how much thought goes into a piece of jewelry?  That's the easy way out for a guy.  Throw your girl a curveball once in a while - have you ever seen "Beauty and the Beast?"  The Beast stresses about a nice present for Belle and he ends up giving her an entire library - something the bookish Belle can truly appreciate.  And the Beast gets to save the diamond for another day when he can't think of anything else.

And then I wonder - what's a nice gift that a girl can give to the special guy in her life?  The answer isn't quite as easy and it probably depends on what your guy's interests are.  She really has to know what he'd like and actually have to put some thought into what she's going to give him.  But it's kind of weird - he gives her a "Past, Present, Future" pendant and she gives him "Grand Theft Auto" for the PS3 (well, I guess each couple has their own tastes - maybe I just think it's weird).

Just my musings... these jewelry commercials are stinking boring.  And I've never been in any kind of relationship where a guy would feel compelled to buy me something nice, so maybe that's where the cynicism comes from.  Meh... take it for what it's worth.

(Man, I keep popping my neck and it feels good.  My neck has been giving me grief lately.  That would be a gift I could appreciate right now - someone to massage my neck and back.)
We got our Christmas tree up!! Now Christmas can officially begin!

We have always gotten a real Christmas tree. Always. The only times in my life I have had a fake tree is when I was in college and the apartments don't let you bring in a real one. But this year, my mom suggested we get a fake tree. Happily, [livejournal.com profile] adjie1026 vehemently vetoed that (the rest of us weren't around or we would have joined in the chorus).

Anyway, my sisters and I got the tree up - lights and all (I even crawled under and put water in the tree stand, if you were wondering), and it looks really pretty. Some pics:

Deck the Halls! )
I'm taking a break after the Detroit Lions' heartbreaking loss to the Cowboys (after those dorks led the whole game, they lose it in the last minute of the game *shakes fist*).  Right now, the stinky Patriots are playing the Steelers, but I can't stand listening to those idiot CBS commentators licking Tom Brady's shoes (*vomit*)

We came back home yesterday in a veritable blizzard, which is not fun when you're the only vehicle on the road for 50 miles (the occupational hazards of living 100 miles from civilization - don't get me wrong, I wouldn't trade it for the world.  It just means a little extra preparation when you travel).  This morning, there were about 10 inches of snow, which is mind-boggling when you live in the dry, dry, dry desert.  Everyone's crediting me because I put in my mission papers and the last time we had a missionary out, we got precipitation every other week.  My brother'll be the next one to put his papers in and we'll overlap a bit.  The folks out here are going to have to build an ark (Mission Call ETA: three days!)

Anyway, since the county sucks cheese when it comes to road maintenance out here (there's probably one really good road crewman and the rest are monkeys with snow plows - we credit them with the rollover accident my brother and sister had a few years ago.  No one was hurt, thankfully.  Sadly, we can't prove that it was the road crew's fault because they got rid of the evidence before we thought to properly document it), we had to cancel church today (20 miles on icy, snowpacked roads = Not Fun).  It's melting now, but we're supposed to get slammed next week.  As long as I don't have to travel in it, it's kind of nice to be home with the family, reading scriptures, watching football and just enjoying each other's company while it storms outside.
Happy 2007 to all my buddies and readers (all three of ya ^_^)

It's been a profitable vacation so far, despite the fact that I was laid up in bed with the stomach flu two days before Christmas and I was fighting the after-effects until at least Boxing Day.  This is the first Christmas that I remember actually feeling like dying and that I honestly couldn't enjoy the festivities.  The worst part: I was laying in bed on the 23rd and my family was upstairs having a little Christmas party, complete with Santa Claus and Christmas turkey and I could hear everything they were doing :( :( :( sad pandas, indeed.  I will say this: If you think that getting drunk and hungover and puking your guts out is a good time, you seriously need to review your hobbies.

Despite my illness, I made a bit of a haul this year.  I ended up with:
Clothes, including two pairs of pants THAT ACTUALLY FIT!! (If you know of my sufferings trying to find jeans that fit, you know that this is cause to celebrate)
A Crock Pot (I can smell those Sunday roasts already)
DVDs: "Cars," "24" Season 5 (mmm... Kiefer... already counting down the days until January 14), the extended "Chronicles of Narnia" set, and the boxed set of InuYasha Season 2 (okay, I really bought that myself, but it was at a drastically reduced price)
The book "Eldest" (second book in the "Eragon" trilogy)
A fleece blanket
A wooden jewelry box (what I'm going to put in it...)
Fancy bath stuff
Plus, the whole family got an XBox 360 with Lego Star Wars, Madden '07, Cabela's African Safari, Cars, The Civil War and Kameo

All in all, not a bad outcome

New Years was fun, except that I was ready for bed at 11:00 pm.  I did stay up, but I crashed at about 12:30 after my brother set off the fireworks.  My little cousin pigged all the deli meats on the party tray, which made me want to pummel him, but I didn't (I figured that I'm 21 and he's 8, so it's probably not a fair fight, even though he can and does bruise me on a regular basis)

Now for the real drama: my brother was working with his colts today and I guess one of them took off when he was riding it.  The horse was heading for a tree or something and my brother tried to avoid it and fell off and hit his head.  He was okay; my dad got him in the house, but once he was on the couch, my brother started asking where he was and what just happened and even what day it was.  It was scary for a minute; he couldn't even remember Christmas and he panicked when he thought he missed it.  He even asked where our relatives were that were out for Christmas, but left a week ago.  He remembered who specific people were, like me and my dad and my sisters and he remembered that he gave me the shirt I was wearing.  It started getting funny when we started asking him who won out of the 49ers or the Broncos.  He remembered the 49ers winning in overtime, but he said it felt like a dream.  We figure he had a mild concussion, but he's fine now.

Anywho, that's my update for now.

Love from,
Jenny Wildcat



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