It's funny - I was on Tumblr and there were a few people lamenting the end of their childhood with the release of Deathly Hallows part 2 tonight. Now, this is just me and my own feelings, but my childhood "ended" 4 years ago when Deathly Hallows was released in book form.

Don't get me wrong - I enjoy the Harry Potter movies. But they aren't the books. I'm just not emotionally invested this go around. And it's not like the franchise is ending forever (hello Pottermore!)

Still, it is the end of an era and I would be remiss if I didn't acknowledge it in some way. Harry Potter was my introduction to the ideas of fandom and - truly my first real obsession. It was the first fantasy I read while realizing that I enjoyed the fantasy genre and it was my gateway to British culture in general (which led to other things as well). I also credit (or blame, depending on how you look at it) Harry Potter for the fact I majored in English and wanted to become a writer. I admire JK Rowling for everything she's accomplished and the good things she's done with her fame and money. And, for a while, the fandom was a great place to be (even though it got a pretty exclusive there toward the end).

So - in honor of the occasion and for your entertainment, here's a light-hearted recap of all the movies.

That video makes me squee so happily. I don't even know why.

It's been a busy weekend, to be sure. So, I'll just hit the highlights and move on with my life.

- My extended family is nuts. Not in the literal committed-and-on-meds way - just a little odder than most people are. I had to drive my (much older) cousin home to Salt Lake over the weekend - the poor guy is so shy. He doesn't say "Boo!" without apologizing profusely, which is okay, I guess, until you've heard it fifty times. But he wanted relationship advice from me (he's 15 years older than me) and in asking for my help, we ventured into the mystical land of TMI and Brain Bleach... do I want to deal with this? Heavens no! Sheesh - I've never had a relationship of my own (nor do I want on). Why am I being asked to fix someone else's problems? -_-'

'kay, that's over - NEXT!

- I. LOVE. STUDYING. LIBRARY. SCIENCE. Laugh if you must, but this weekend I went up to Salt Lake to meet up with my MLS Cohort buddies and enjoy a full weekend of discussing collection development. Beyond getting all this new information so I can be a good librarian when I get to that point, I just love being around my classmates and colleagues. Maybe it's because I had a real downer week (the kids at school were being little twerps and I'll just leave it at that), but it felt good to get away and do something that makes me feel good.  I honestly can't wait to do my practicum this summer.

- While I was up north, my dad had me move some of my stuff that's been in storage since we moved nine years ago. We'd had it stored at this old house my parents own but are now selling (which, why we didn't sell it years ago is beyond me, but I'm not the one calling the shots). But since I don't have my own place to move all my stuff to, it just moved into another storage area (into a friend of mine's garage - I'm going to be living with her this summer anyway). Most of my stuff ended up getting thrown out because I didn't need it or because of mice (yeah...), so I actually have less stuff than I thought I did.

- Here's a funny story - for my class weekends, we meet in a small-ish library in Salt Lake City down the road from the University of Utah. It's right next to a Barnes and Noble, which does not help my finances at all. I'd arrived at the library early on Friday night, so I thought I'd go browse B&N to see if they had anything good. I ended up in the DVD section, perusing their Doctor Who DVDs to see if there was something I really wanted that 2Entertain wasn't planning a Revisitation version of later. Turned out they had the Black Guardian Trilogy at a decent enough price, so I bought that. The guy at the counter noticed what I was buying and actually seemed impressed that I was buying a Doctor Who boxed set and he started asked me who my favorite Doctor was - I replied that I really didn't have a favorite yet (well, I do, but I haven't seen them all yet, so I'm reserving judgment), but I'd been on a Peter Davison kick lately (hence, my purchase) and I really liked both David Tennant and Matt Smith. I think the guy thought it was cool that there was a 20-something girl in Utah that actually knew what Doctor Who was - even enough to buy some of the Classic series on DVD (or maybe I'm just giving myself gratuitous pats on the back).

As I left the store, I had to get on the escalator down and I noticed a guy walk in with either his wife or girlfriend. This guy had a black t-shirt on with white lettering in the shape of a TARDIS that said "Bow Ties are Cool" and a white image of a bow tie above that. I wanted to yell out "Nice shirt!" to the guy, but he'd passed by the time I got to the bottom of the escalator (plus, I'm a little shy about yelling out in a crowded store - and I try not to get too over-zealous about my love of all things Who, especially in public. I don't do well with awkwardness). But seriously - how cool is it that I encountered not just one, but TWO people who seemed to know what Doctor Who was and even were fans of it? 'Course, I was in Barnes and Noble, which I lovingly refer to as "The Geek Store" but it just made my heart happy ^_^

It was exactly nine years ago today that "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" was released in theaters!  I know - it freaked me out when I realized it.  I was still in high school, for crap's sake!  Mom let me skip school that day (she called the school and told them I had an appointment... which is partially true, if you think about it) and I camped out at the movie theater for tickets.  The newspaper even came down and took pictures of people waiting.  I had been reading "Prisoner of Azkaban" and the newspaper folks got a shot of me reading my book, which ended up on the front page of the paper.  To this day, it remains one of the best photos ever taken of me (and I'm looking down ^_^  I probably have a copy of it in  shoebox somewhere).  Seems fitting, seeing as how this Friday, part one of  "Deathly Hallows" is coming out.

But nine years ago today - the SQUEE was unleashed.  Enjoy some nostalgia:

(Everybody's thinking it, I'm just going to say it: HOLY CRAP THEY'RE SO LITTLE!!!)

ETA: While we're talking about release date anniversaries, I was made aware by the [ profile] doctorwho  comm that today is also the day that "Time Crash" first aired for Children in Need.  And since this is one of my favorite DW episodes (I don't care if it "only" clocks in at 8:19 - or 7:42 depending on which YouTube link you're looking at - it has opening credits and is generally made of awesome - it's an episode), I share it with you now via a link so as not to upset the delicate balance of your flist.
'kay, I said it.  Happy?

This time, it's "The Vampires of Venice."  I will attempt to refrain from any  "Twilight" jokes, but no promises.

They can't be vampires 'cause they don't sparkle! )

My little sister's going to this high school teen swim thing tonight and Mom's bored, so she and I are going to go see "Toy Story 3."  I'm excited - after last night's Twilight lulz, I could do with a quality movie outing (BTW: my other sister said that Bella bugs her too, so I'm glad at least one of my teenage sisters has a bit of sense.  The other one was just mad that Bella didn't pick Jacob.  Oh. Brother.)
Good golly, gee whiz, my goodness!  There is plenty to talk about today!

- Numero Uno - The Voyage of the Dawn Treader trailer is out.  I knew this movie would be vastly different from the other two Narnia movies - they didn't just change director - they changed studios.  But still... Iiiiii'm a little confused.  Why are Peter and Susan in this thing - in Narnia? (not that I'm upset about that but... we established in the last movie that the older Pevensie siblings would not be coming back to Narnia.  I mean, I know 20th Century Fox took over from Disney, but still...)  And is Edmund trying to join the British army?  And... what the... White Witch??? EXCUSE ME???  Isn't she dead and gone?  I know my re-read of "Narnia" was a few months ago, but I'm pretty sure she doesn't make an appearance... Oy - I will withhold judgment until December - but I have to say that it's a nice touch morphing Lucy's face into Susan's when she's reading the magician's spellbook.

PS - I've nearly given up hope that either "The Magician's Nephew" or "The Horse and his Boy" will ever be made into movies simply because they don't focus on the Pevensie kids.  Which is too bad because "The Horse and his Boy" is my favorite of the Narnia books.  Don't ask me why - it just is.  Maybe it's because it doesn't depressingly end with everyone going back to boring old reality.  Not that I don't love the rest of the books - I just wish they didn't have to go home at the end all the time.

(by the way - I'm not a fan of the whole "every new movie coming out is in 3D" thing.  But that's Hollywood for you - they find some new thing that looks cool and eeeeeeeeverybody and their dog has to try it until it ceases to be cool.  I swear, that's the only reason they made more "Shrek" and "Toy Story" movies - just to have something to make into 3D.  I'm waiting for George Lucas to announce the next "Star Wars" trilogy to be released entirely in 3D).

Boy, that was a downer of a schpiel - let's go on to something fun!

- Numero Dos - I finished the first season of "Doctor Who" and have started into the second season.  That last episode of season 1 was INTENSE!  I LOVED IT!!!  Then, the Christmas special from season two - the Doctor's out cold for most of it, Rose, Mickey, Mum and the Prime Minister are freaking out - then Doctor #10 comes out of his regeneration coma and is all "What is everyone so scared of?" and proceeds to kick alien butt all over the freaking place!!!!  In a word - amazing!  Honestly, I love how flirty the "new" Doctor is (episode 1 of season 2 had me giggling nonstop.  Cassandra has no shame! ^_^)  From what I've been able to gather, Doctor 10 and Rose are a pretty popular ship and I can pretty much say why - I am quickly becoming a David Tennant fangirl.  Not that I didn't love Christopher Eccleston - he definitely brought his own little personality to the Doctor, but I am going to enjoy season 2 (I'm deliberately not rushing through this one because I want to savor the "SQUEE!" ^_^)

- Numero Tres - "Superman" was on AMC this morning, so I DVR'd it and watching it this afternoon.  But stupid me didn't realize that "Superman II" would be on after it and I didn't tape that one!  I'm a little miffed because I've heard the second one is brilliant!  First one was good too - and it pains me to say that I've never seen either one all the way through until today.  Now that I've seen one, though - I think they should have let the original movies stand on their own and if they wanted to do new Superman movies, just do what they did with Batman and make a whole new re-imagined series.  I keep going back to "Superman Returns" ... and it wasn't that great, which is a crying shame.  Superman is, like, the granddaddy of all superheroes!  To let that movie be the last of the Superman movies is really sad.  I think so, anyway.

- Numero Quatro (I'm now wishing I would have just done this in English) - I finished "Cordelia's Honor" and went on to the next omnibus edition, which is "Young Miles."  I have to admit, I was expecting to really get into this one fast because I went through "Cordelia" like it was tissue paper (it was that good).  But "Young Miles" ... the first book in the edition is "The Warrior's Apprentice" and it took so long to figure out what was going on, even though I had a handle on Barrayaran culture from "Cordelia."  I think it was all the Betan stuff that got thrown at me all at once - I can't quite handle them.  But the next part in the book is "Mountains of Mourning," which is basically a short story that chronologically goes next and it takes place on Barrayar and I got into that just fine.  So, now the third part is "The Vor Game," which I assume is more about Barrayar and I'll probably get into that okay.  At least, I hope so.  It took me a week and a half to get through "Apprentice," and I don't like taking that long on a book that I'm reading for fun.  But - eh, whatever.

(Wow, it feels like it's been so long since I've done a really fangirly post like this - I love it!  But I have to go now.  I've got a church activity tonight and I probably ought to make an appearance)
Woke up this morning with a killer headache and the house was empty.  The Young Men and Young Women are going on a shotgun shooting activity this morning.  Mom's the Young Women president and Dad's the branch president, so they're in charge, plus my younger sisters are in Young Women.  Anyway, I was sitting on my bed moaning because my stomach started to hurt and - long story short, I am now drinking a Diet Pepsi from my mother's stash.  I usually hate Pepsi and Coke and their diet counterparts, but it's actually one of the few things that make my stomach feel better when I'm sick.  I guess we all have our uses (and the caffeine is helping my headache, which is good, I guess).

I came into town last night (as was mentioned previously), thinking I'd only be here overnight so I didn't bring a whole lot to keep me occupied in my down time.  Except I got a phone call from a place I applied for a job at and they want to interview me tomorrow (Friday).  Which puts me staying here an extra day, which I don't really mind.  But then I realize I've finished reading all the books I brought out with me and the ones I was holding off on until I'd finished what I was working on are out at the ranch.  I suppose I could call my parents and have them swing by home and grab them for me.

I come to LiveJournal and realize there's a whole slew of stuff I've been wanting to post about but I just haven't had the time to do it and do it thoroughly.  So, under the following cuts are things I've been stockpiling for at least a month or so.

Boy, Nature Got the Better of You! )

"The Princess and the Frog" - A Review )

"Iron Man" - Review )

"The Goose Girl" - A Review )

Holy crap - that was a lot of stuff to talk about and I feel like I was all over the map.  Which, I kinda was.  Hopefully I've got all this out of my system now...
My car is back - all fixed up and nice and working.  Life is good.

My roommate and I finally got cable TV hooked up and NFL preseason games are on.  Life is even better.

I think I'm going to bring my TV/DVD combo set out and hook it up here instead of this ghetto-fabulous '80s reject sans remote.  The picture on this keeps jumping, which is freaking me out.  But it'll do for now.

I can't believe how many icon comms I'm watching on LJ.  I'm pretty sure I have about 200-some odd saved onto my computer, but I only have 15 slots for icons on my LJ.  Eh, I don't make icons, but I just like looking at them.  They is purty ^_^

I finally saw Ratatouille last night.  I thought it was okay - not as good as Cars or The Incredibles.  But there was plenty to get excited about in the lobby - they've started advertising for the Christmas movie season.  There's a new Alvin and the Chipmunks movie (though the poster we saw made them look like "Brutha's in da Hood" rather than the classic Chipmunk look... hm...)  And Beowulf is coming out, which is Win and three quarters.  Plus there's the Golden Compass (which, I still need to finish reading).  Anyway, I'm looking forward to it.



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