I just thought of this hilarious image concerning things in Deathly Hallows. Some spoilers:

I had this all written up yesterday, but then LJ went dark and soooo.... yeah.  Hope I can remember everything.

Leaky just posted something fantastic. It goes without saying that spoilers are included in this link, so proceed with caution (unless of course you've finished the book, in which case you are free to click away).

More spoilers beneath the cut...

It's the wrong reference, but who cares?

Finished "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" last night at midnight.  It's been a crazy weekend - full of laughing, crying, shouting, confusion and the list continues.  And all this happened without leaving my bedroom which I was barricaded in all weekend (my new roommate thinks I'm mad, but there you are).

To my flist (especially those who aren't as nutty about HP as I am): Someday I may finally have something other than Harry Potter to discuss.  Thanks for putting up with it, though.
Okay, I'm gone in fifteen minutes until probably Monday (erm... yeah, most likely Monday). Banner courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] wicked_visions 

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I was going to wait to do this, but Leaky posted one last news item from JKRowling.com.  It's a note from Jo acknowledging all the amazing people that got her to this point (and if I could link directly to her note, I would.  You go to Jo's website, click on the pink eraser on her desk.  That takes you to a closed door that usually has a "Do Not Disturb" sign on it, but the sign is gone.  Click the handle and the door opens to reveal a desk with a piece of paper on it.  Click the paper and read the note.  The Lexicon might have it up later, who knows?).  It humbles me that someone so wonderful and talented will come up with a letter to everyone who's helped her and it's even more awesome that she included her oldest daughter the way that she did.

I've been trying to come up with a meaningful way to express what I'm feeling right now.  On the one hand, I've been waiting for this since I was a goofy high school sophomore.  I want there to be closure to Harry's story - whether that bodes well or ill.  Then again, I don't want the experience to end either.

I have known Harry through what I call my "Formative Years" - through high school and college (some of us are late bloomers).  When I was first introduced to Harry, I was a shy little geek without a driver's license that wouldn't take a chance on anything.  I wouldn't stick up for myself or the people/things I love and am loyal to.  I was content to go wherever the wind took me and, looking back, I would not have been happy where I would have ended up (on a lighter note, I could hardly run the internet before Harry).  But now, all of that has changed to one degree or another.  I've learned that I love writing stories as well as reading them.  I've learned that I can have an opinion and a belief system that may not be popular with the rest of the world.  I've learned to stick up for myself and those I love because it's the right thing to do.  I've learned that it's okay to make mistakes (as long as Dumbledore likes it and he'll reward your house with a million points ^_^)  In short, I find myself echoing Melissa Anelli of the Leaky Cauldron: Before Harry, there was nothing brave about me.  After Harry, I work every day to be a deserving member of the House of Gryffindor.

Harry has been with me in my joys and triumphs and also my letdowns.  My good days were made better by the influence of Harry Potter and my bad days were made less bad by the examples Harry and his friends provide.  From the books to the movies to the websites to the podcasts to the nutty fan discussions to the disagreements to the midnights of release date insanity - I have found things that make me happy and things that I've applied in my life that have made me a better person.

There are precious few things that have come along in my life that have made such an impact and Harry Potter is one of them.  Because of Harry, I have gained the confidence to tackle things that I would probably would have otherwise avoided.  I have made so many good friends and acquaintances that I wouldn't have known.  I'm not saying that I credit Harry Potter 100% with everything good in my life, but he's responsible for a substantial portion of it.  If I had to make a list, it would go: Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, Mom and Dad, Family, Friends, Harry Potter, Everything Else (considering what Everything Else entails, trust me, that's substantial).

In conclusion, as I was coming home last night, I was listening to the "Wicked" soundtrack and a song came on that I felt was perfect to express what I want to say.  If I could send out a song dedication to Harry Potter and Jo Rowling, this would be it.  It's called "For Good":

I've heard it said
That people come into our lives for a reason
Bringing something we must learn
And we are led
To those who help us most to grow
If we let them
And we help them in return
Well, I don't know if I believe that's true
But I know I'm who I am today
Because I knew you:

Like a comet pulled from orbit
As it passes a sun
Like a stream that meets a boulder
Halfway through the wood
Who can say if I've been changed for the better?
But because I knew you
I have been changed for good

It well may be
That we will never meet again
In this lifetime
So let me say before we part
So much of me
Is made of what I learned from you
You'll be with me
Like a handprint on my heart
And now whatever way our stories end
I know you have re-written mine
By being my friend:
Like a ship blown from its mooring
By a wind off the sea
Like a seed dropped by a skybird
In a distant wood
Who can say if I've been changed for the better?
But because I knew you:

Because I knew you:

I have been changed for good

And just to clear the air
I ask forgiveness
For the things I've done you blame me for

But then, I guess we know
There's blame to share

And none of it seems to matter anymore

Like a comet pulled from orbit as it passes the sun.
Like a stream the meets a boulder halfway through the wood.

Like a ship blown from its mooring by a wind off the sea.
Like a seed dropped by a bird in the wood.

Who can say if I've been changed for the better?
I do believe I have been changed for the better?

And because I knew you:

Because I knew you:

Because I knew you:
I have been changed for good.

I am grateful for my aunt and uncle recommending Harry Potter to our family all those years ago.  I'm grateful for a lazy summer day in August 2000 where I saw a little unopened paperback book sitting on the bookshelf in the basement.  I'm grateful that I was prompted to open that little book and read "Mr. and Mrs. Dursley of number four Privet Drive..."  I'm grateful for everything that has happened to me since and I am honored to have grown up with Harry and tagged along for all his adventures.  Even though the fandom and friendships will continue, the journey ends tonight and, while I'm sure many tears will be shed, I am grateful for everything it has meant to me.

"With you whatever happens."

See you on the flip side.

Love from,
Jenny Wildcat
July 20, 2007

PS, As of right now, my internet existence is null and void (what with Potter parties to attend and books to read and such).  I'll probably be back on Monday with a greater understanding of the universe ^_~

OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! Deathly Hallows comes out TONIGHT!!! (I'm at work, so I can't do the Chinese-Firedrill-type SQUEE-fest as I would like to, but I'm doing it in my head).

If I had planned my approached to DH better, I would have taken work off today and camped out last night at the unofficial DH pre-party for Barnes and Noble wristbands this morning (I have a reserved copy, but I couldn't be there at 9:00 to get my wristband for a reserved place in line).  [livejournal.com profile] elucreh  and [livejournal.com profile] shellic  had a group in line at 5:00 pm last night and thusly were the first people in line.  They said they'd get my wristband, so I'll probably be one of the first people to get my little mitts on a copy of DH.  I love having friends in high places (and elucreh thinks I'm awesome for my Hallows theory and my extensive discussion of House prejudices *sparkle*).

I did go down from about 5:30 until midnight last night to hang out with the group and get the general feel and informing the clueless masses about why we were doing this (I had to explain to some older lady that Harry Potter was our generation's Rod Stewart - she admitted that was the only thing she ever camped out for).

The party was fairly calm, though I can honestly say that this was first party I've ever been to where the cops showed up.  The B&N employees didn't lock up very well and one guy in our group started pulling on the doors as a joke and they came open and set off the silent alarm - no harm done, but it was kind of funny.  The owners came down with their huge black lab (Padfoot Lives!!)

Right now, I'm getting mad at this lady who just called into the radio station complaining that people are already lining up outside Barnes and Noble with their kids and it's going to be so hot today and is B&N going to let them inside and why don't you just go down to Costco or K-Mart tomorrow and get the book and RAWR.

The deejay replied to her: "Well, those people will probably know the end of the book an hour before you do." after explaining to the uninitiated that these people were actually in line for wristbands and were coming back tonight.  Morons. :P

I'm sure I'll post more later.  My goal is to completely spam my flist before midnight tonight.

 EDIT: Something to giggle over while we're out twiddling our thumbs:
This guy kinda sounds like he's from They Might Be Giants. In any case, a very well-written song (not to mention ten kinds of amazing!)
Subject line adapted from PotterCast's most recent anti-spoiler plea (and it looks like Leaky is broken, so I can't put a link to the specific post, but trust me, it's there).

I never thought it would happen to me, but I have had spoiler attempt after spoiler attempt on my life since yesterday morning.

Attempt #1: Some a****** thought it would be funny to post spoilers in my LJ comments (see yesterday's post for more info).  Luckily, they were only links to possible spoilers and not the spoilers themselves.  Perpetrator was banned and reported to the proper authorities.  Privacy settings on my LJ go through the roof in order to keep my DH-virgin eyes that way until July 21 (I've always been paranoid, but now I have an excuse).

The Harry Potter Read-A-Long community ([profile] read_hp) posted about banning other LJ Death Eater wannabes who get their sadistic kicks from ruining the endings of books.  They provided usernames, which I promptly added to my Banned User list.  This community and The Leaky Cauldron are the only two HP-related websites that have been proven to be spoiler-free (MuggleNet lost that distinction over the weekend, apparently - I'm just glad I dropped their sorry cans a long time ago).  I'm thanking the Powers That Be for Leaky, but it looks like their credible reputation is working against them since the site is down.  I guess they're about the only ones who won't post spoilers, so those who need their cyber HP fix are overloading the dock.  Sigh...

Attempt #2: Yahoo! News (of "OMG Harry Kisses a GURL!" headline fame) had a front-page blurb about DH spoilers abound on the web.  If I didn't knew Hotmail was just as bad (what do you expect from people who still think the Live Earth circus is relevant news?), I would switch over.  Anyway, I don't use Yahoo for news flashes.

Attempt #3: This was a completely innocent incident, but I blame Fate and no one else.  While my sister was a work yesterday, one of her co-workers was sifting through some HP spoilers on a website and they were all discussing them and how real they could possibly be (my sister claims that this co-worker usually surfs MuggleNet and that's how they found the spoilers.  I promptly told her that MN isn't worth the powder it'd take to blow it to hell - as Grandpa would put it).  Anywho, Emily said that they didn't think the spoilers were real because they just didn't seem plausible.  They were set up in a system that said "On page X, A, B and C happen," except Emily told me what A, B and C were.
    From what they were, I'm inclined to believe it was fanfic passed off as real, but I explained to her that this was just as bad as posting real spoilers.  Plus, she said some of the page numbers were up into the mid-800s, and we know for a fact that Deathly Hallows is 700-some odd pages long.  But I can't get what she told me out of my head and I'm hoping (HOPING) that it wasn't real spoilers.

Case for DH Innocence #1: Jo Rowling has updated the Diary section of her website.  It's not quite debunking the BS that's out there, but it makes me feel better (if it comes from Jo about HP, then it's legitimate - if we can't trust Jo, we're all screwed).

Two-point-five days until the party begins!  I can do this.

ONE LAST THING TO WOULD-BE SPOILER FOLKS: It pains me that I have to keep repeating myself because I really hate doing it.  Then again, the smartest person in the room often has to (especially when the room is full of retards): I know people who know people.  You spoil me and a Crucio curse will feel like a warm summer breeze.  And if posting spoilers is how you get off, I would highly suggest you get a girl- or boyfriend so they can tell you how much of a jackass you are.  Heavens knows your mother won't do it for you (if she did, she would have kicked you out of the house twenty years ago when you turned 18).

I have no kind words for idiots.  Never could do it.

EDIT: And that DH spoiler spotlight LJ has on the main page is driving me nuts.  Not that I wasn't already.

EDIT #2: Leaky is back and reporting that Jo's lawyers are on the case. HA, TAKE THAT YOU MEANIE BUTTS! (it's what my little cousin calls 'em...)  Woot for fans owling in and for practicing CONSTANT VIGILANCE (*does a happy victory dance and is pleased to have been part of the effort*)
    But one question, couldn't the lawyers start with the press (i.e. the Times) that is reprinting these spoilers?  They're just as bad!  Kudos to Leaky for not providing the link and only quoting what's relevant to us fans.

EDIT #3: Also, I've heard to avoid DeviantArt, since people there aren't very sensitive to the No-Spoiler rule either.  Sheesh, this is like season 3 of "24."

Just a friendly reminder from the folks at Harry and the Potters, the Leaky Cauldron and PotterCast: Nobody likes a spoil sport and nobody likes to be spoiled. I have been lucky so far to not have any of the Harry Potter books spoiled for me and now that I'm in the home stretch, I don't want to be spoiled. Nobody does. What's more, I have the a group of people on speed dial (or rather, in my Yahoo! email address book) who have connections to Jo Rowling, Scholastic, Bloomsbury and their respective lawyers who have many books to throw at those who spoil. All I can say is if you spoil, you deserve it.

Like the icon says, on Jo Knows until July 21, 2007. And that's how it's gonna stay.

(There was a nifty little audio link to a PSA Harry and the Potters did for PotterCast, but it is incompatible with my LJ, so it's on the PotterCast link.  Go listen to it, it's pretty funny).

EDIT: To the jackass who thought it was funny to put a link to the whole book in my LJ comments (I didn't read it, but it was there and you claimed it was real), I have deleted the comment and you have been banned from posting in my LJ.  I sent the link along with your LJ username along to the Leaky Cauldron who are on a first-name basis with Jo's publishers.  Give her lawyers a hello from me, would ya?

EDIT part dos: Apparently there have been a number of like-minded jackasses who are huddled in their mothers' basements getting a strange high off of spoiling unsuspecting people (as they laugh wheezily until they have to reach for their inhaler - seriously you hack-job, Urkel-worshippers, it's not our fault you can't get a girlfriend).
    To avoid myself and others being spoiled, I have put my comment status as "Friends Only" and am screening comments.  I am also logging IP addresses for those commenting in my LJ (wish I would have done that this morning).  I'll put it back to normal after I've finished reading on July 21, but for now, this is how it's going to be.  I hate to have to avoid grand discussion before the final book, but the few pinheads have to ruin it for the rest of us have left me no choice (can't you do something less destructive - like dismantling a pipe bomb in your bedroom?  Do us all a favor and cut the red wire).
Stupid little me got thinking and then I got all nostalgic and sentimental (but not so weepy this time - saving that for next week).  I didn't go to bed until about 12:15 am and then it hit me:

This time next week, I will have a copy of 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows' in my hot little mitts.

I've been an obsessive Harry Potter fan since I was fifteen.  Back then, I was a tall, scrawny dweeb with glasses and a retainer.  I was the little grunt for the yearbook staff and I didn't even have my driver's license yet.  I read the first three Harry Potter books the summer before my sophomore year and read Goblet of Fire the first day of school (my mom surprised us with a copy after we got home).  I then spent the next three years going nuts with waiting for the fifth book and getting even more and more obsessive.  Two more years, and Half-Blood Prince was out (as was the old wizard).  Most of my obsession has been fueled by the Internet and forcing my friends to go to midnight showings and releases with me.  None of them are insane about this as I am.  Only this past year did I meet someone with whom I could relate:  [profile] shellic and I became roommates my last year of college and I finally had a fellow Potterholic to pal around with in real life.

So now, we're in the home stretch.  All the theorizing, all the discussion, all the movies, all the fandom-ness is down to these last seven days (In my case: seven years spent waiting for seven days before the seventh book - 07-07-07 weddings, eat your heart out).

It's 5:00 in the afternoon right now.  If I do Deathly Hallows the way I did Order of the Phoenix, I will probably have finished with the book this time next week.  That's how it goes with waiting for something big: you always spend more time waiting than you do actually enjoying the experience (Goblet of Fire: Harry says that the days leading up to the First Task in the Triwizard Tournament were much worse than actually going at it with the dragon).

I don't know when something this amazing and awesome will come around again, so I have to gush for a minute: I have been greatly inspired by Jo Rowling and the Harry Potter books.  I have branched out into other genres and I have learned to think about things in different ways.  Without Harry Potter, I might not have majored in English and I might not enjoy writing the way I do.  The theorizing has helped me learn to synthesize information and not treat information in a vacuum.  But most importantly, I have made friends and enjoyed myself and enjoyed life the way I think few people ever get to enjoy.  Harry Potter is one of my wide and varied interests, but it's a big part of the fun I have.  I've learned to be braver than I ever was before and I've learned to stand up for myself.  I've learned that heroes are flawed and I've learned how to defend people and things that I love.  It's not "just" the books that have done this - it's how I internalized what I love and subconsciously made it a part of me.

Whatever happens next week - whoever dies, whoever lives, whoever is on the good side, whatever turns out to be a Horcrux, whatever theories turn out to be true, it's been a fun and wacky ride, not to mention very soul-enriching.

Let the final countdown begin!
I actually had a completely different one at first, but I'm trying to clean up the content of my blog (it involved slash pairings, one of which is not only unlikely, but very laughable):

My Harry Potter Spoiler of Doom is:
A man with an orange on his head burns down Hogwarts, and everybody celebrates in the study, with the lead piping
Get your Harry Potter Spoiler of Doom

Looking forward to the midnight showing tomorrow night.  Let the Two Weeks of Combusting in a Shiny White Ball of Happiness begin!

Love from,
Jenny Wildcat
Back in the day, I used to be really into filking songs for Harry Potter themes.  I found one that I wrote for the Leaky Lounge two years ago for the release of "Half-Blood Prince."  The discussion was prompted because someone had a gallon of milk in their fridge that expired on July 16, 2005 (HBP's release date) and they all started talking about how they wanted their milk to expire so they could have the book.  Geeky-nerdiness ensued and inspiration followed.  Now we're in the home stretch for Deathly Hallows, it would be appropriate to haul it out of mothballs and polish it up (it's the last chance I'll have to use this, so shut up):

Curdle Now

To the tune of “Better Now” by Collective Soul

SCENE: Potterholics peruse their refrigerators in search of milk that will expire on or around July 21, 2007.  Once they find it, they serenade it in some kind of weird-rock-and-roll-ish-joy.

Oh, you're newly Pasteurized
All tasty and clean
Expires on the twenty-first?
Time for you to turn green

When “Hallows” comes out, you’re thrown out
You’ve got to curdle now
I wanna shout out, want to spit out
Oh, please just curdle now

I’ll be happy as Gilderoy
With another book sold
Stand in my position
And think thoughts of mold

It’s no hard feelings, but I’m still waiting
I want you to curdle now
In sixteen* days, I’ve come a long way
Oh, please just curdle now

This milk’s done drinking
When book seven's sitting
In my little hot mittens now
(Repeat until the end of the song with “curdle now” repeated in the background)

*Because I updated this on July 5, 2007; Any number is acceptable as we get closer to July 21 (once you get to the mono-syllabic numbers, you can add "long" as a second syllable (example, when there's nine days left, it'll be "In nine long days," you get the idea)

Behold the geek!! (What can I say? I don't make icons).

Love from,
Jenny Wildcat

PS, Emily and I had a nice little text message chat (she was at work) and all is well with the world, FYI. Thanks for the concern.
20 days until Deathly Hallows!! *does happy, anticipatory DH dance*

As promised, here's my (rather lengthy) Deathly Hallows theory in its entirety.  I'm actually quite pleased with it:

In other news, I think my mom's a little depressed.  Not seriously-bad depressed, more like just down in the dumps.  A million wedding announcements proclaiming the nuptial of the children of a number of old college roommates will do that to a person.  I guess she feels bad because she doesn't think that my sister and I have social lives and we're going to be ornery old spinsters and snipe at all the neighborhood kids who are unfortunate enough to hit their baseballs in our front yards.  Plus, all these people we both went to high school and were friends with are getting married, so I think it makes her feel like we're both just being single for the sake of being different or some stupid Quibbler-like headline (we'll only find the Mystic Kettle of Nackledirk if we're happily unattached or whatever).

Plus, all these blessed events have been set for this weekend which brings me to another rant: how creative do you have to be to set your wedding date as 07-07-07?  Is there some mystical-yet-fortuitous property that comes from getting hitched on triple digits?  Never mind that everyone and their Great-Auntie Ethel's pet lobster will set the same date, thus having to make everyone you invited pick and choose - though they could pick and choose to stay home.  If you want to be really daring, set it for next Friday the 13th.  That'll give you something to tell your kids about.

Like this girl I work with: she got married last June 6 on 06-06-06... not because she and her husband wanted to honor Satan in their ceremony, but because she really likes even numbers and getting married on 06-05-06 or 06-07-06 would have been unacceptable (in her own words: "I'm OCD like that.").  Anyway, I just think it's funny that people have this fixation with numbers.  Yeah, it's kinda neat that this Saturday is 07-07-07, but it doesn't mean much for your future if something big happens on that day.

I may be weird, but I'm not that weird (and I'm hot because the beginning of July always marks the advent of the triple-digit temperatures and I never un-melt until September.  Blah...I hate summer weather).

Love from,
Jenny Wildcat
I just don't use this icon enough :3

Been watching old Animaniacs episodes on TV Links and LMAO at them.  Talk about childhood revisited.  Yakko was always my favorite ("Justice is not blind - she's crosseyed"), but Slappy Squirrel is awesome.  I love the ep where she has to deal with her nephew getting all emotional and crap over "Bumbie's" (as opposed to "Bambi") mother getting shot in the movie.  Pure gold.

Yesterday was interesting.  I got home late from the Kenny Chesney concert the night before (more on that later), but I have to be at work at 8:00 in the morning.  I basically spent the day doing data entry and also passing off a few low-maintenance edits.  4:15 finally rolled around and I came home and passed out on the bed - intending it to only be 30 minutes at most.  So guess what happens at 8:00?  I finally wake up from the Power Nap to end all power naps.  It didn't stop me from sleeping in until 10:30 this morning and taking another nap this afternoon (this one was thirty minutes, though).  Eh... what's a weekend if you don't relax, right?

Oh yeah, the Kenny Chesney "Flip-Flop Summer" tour concert.  I ended up taking my sister [profile] adjie.  My dad wanted me to find a date, but not in this neighborhood.  Anyway, the concert was amazing.  I'd never been to a concert this big before and this was at the outdoor Usana Amphitheatre.  Kenny played all his really awesome songs ("You Save Me" is starting to grow on me, seeing as how that's the song that I won the tickets on).  And the logo for the tour was made of win - it was a "Pirates of the Caribbean" type skull and crossbones (except they were guitars) with a cowboy hat.  I got pictures, but since I'm not rich enough to spring for a digital camera, they're on my disposable camera, which will have to wait until after all the "Harry Potter" hoopla is over and I can get them developed.  Captain Jack Sparrow (not Johnny Depp, though.  Rats) even made a short appearance in the pre-concert gearing-up-for-awesomeness video, but he didn't say "Why's the run gone?" which I was hoping he would since they didn't make it any secret that a rum company was sponsoring the tour (that would have been extremely funny).

"How Forever Feels" was great live, as was "She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy."  I didn't realize I knew as many Kenny Chesney songs as I did, but I sang along to all of them.  The best part (IMHO) was when he sang "Back Where I Come From" and they played a montage of all the big Salt Lake City landmarks.  The whole crowd went nuts when they showed the Salt Lake Temple, the Delta Center with the Stockton-Malone statues (I refuse to call it EnergySolutions Thingy) and then there was Rice-Eccles Stadium with it's "Home of the University of Utah Utes" and "Real Salt Lake" banners, BUT they zoomed in on the "Home of the Utes" and ignored the soccer whatever.  Without insinuating anything that'll get me shot (or sent to Venezuela), that did my heart good. :P

If there was a complaint to be made, it's two things: ONE - Parking at Usana is a bitch.  It's on gravel (which, if your going to host a concert touted as "Flip-Flop Summer," wouldn't you assume people are going to wear the appropriate footwear and actually have some kind of surfacing they can walk on without impaling their feet?) and there are only, like, three entrances for cars to get into.  20,000+ people can fit in the amphitheatre, so they have to get home somehow.  I was a little aggressive trying to get out, so I got home about 1:00 am, but some people were sitting in that parking lot after the concert for THREE FRECKIN' HOURS.  Oy vay.  TWO - If you are a girl who's little on the hefty side, please, do NOT wear a size 2 tube top.  That in itself is bad enough, but then you start dancing to the music?  It ain't no Flip-Flop Summer no more.  More like a Flub-Flab Summer.  And maybe even something more not-PG-rated.  (yes, that was my lame attempt at humor.  I failed miserably).

July starts tomorrow and you know what that means?  21 days until Deathly Hallows!  I'm not as excited for the Order of the Phoenix movie, but it'll do for a start-up.  I never did write that Scribbulus essay about my insanely brilliant theory, but I did write it down.  No one can steal it!  I'll post it up here later, though.

Aaaand... Granddaddy Godric is jkrowling.com's Wizard of the Month (hey, if Sue Upton can claim to be related to Helga Hufflepuff, then I can claim to be Gryffindor's great-great-some-odd-granddaughter ^_^)

Wow, for spending a day doing nothing of redeeming value, this is quite the post.

Love from,
Jenny Wildcat

JK Rowling released the third and final WOMBAT today (Wizard's Ordinary Magic and Basic Aptitude Test).  Being that I still don't have much to do except read the training manual (this time it's online, though), I took it at work.  This one was really hard except for maybe the last section about Dark Magic (they were more defense questions than anything).  Maybe I could be an Auror myself!  I'm definitely not cut out for History of Magic, or maybe that's because Harry himself doesn't pay much attention in HoM (dumb kid ^_^).

So far on my WOMBATs, I've gotten straight "Exceeds Expectations," which I suppose translates into straight B's in Muggle grading.  Not bad, considering the questions aren't so much HP trivia and more deductive reasoning from what I know from the books and a lot of guessing.  It's as if I were actually a Hogwarts student and had taken Hogwarts classes (I can dream, right?)

When Jo said that there would be three WOMBATs, I thought that we would get the title of book 7 with the third test.  Obviously, that is not the case, so what could be waiting at the end of this?  I think it must be chapter titles.  I don't think she would release a passage from this last book.  That's a little too spoilery.  Then again, I could do with some more canon to work my new theory out with.

Last night, I started what I think could be a Scribbulus essay (I was up until past midnight doing it - it's weird what comes to you in the shower).  My theory is that there is an opposite to Horcruxes (this part actually came from a discussion on PotterCast #92) and that opposite is a Hallow.  A Hallow is made by sacrificing yourself for someone else.  You encase your entire soul in a relic, but you have to keep that relic with you or you die.  That means that pouch around Harry's neck on the US cover of DH is actually Harry's Hallow.  This will help Harry defeat Voldy because sacrificing yourself takes a supreme act of love.

And that got me thinking, who else has sacrificed herself for others?  Lily Potter!  Which makes Harry, not a Horcrux, but a Hallow!  That's why Lily's eyes are so important.  That could be the mark of Harry being Lily's Hallow.  And since Voldemort has part of Lily's Hallow inside him (since he took Harry's blood to regenerate) and considering where the Final Battle is going to take place, ol' Voldy is a dead Dark Lord walking!  There's more to it than that, but it's in the works.

The problem is that I have to hurry to get my essay ready for the last release of Scribbulus before Deathly Hallows is release because after DH, my theory will either be proved or moot.

Woot!  I have a complex theory!  Go me!

Love from,
Jenny Wildcat

Deathly Hallows deluxe cover art, ahoy!!

Here There Be Dragons

First, I thought "Wow, another dragon!", but then I thought to look at the background, especially the village below.  It's very rural (note the farm fields on the left) and I think the pointy building on the bank of the river is a church.  It isn't Hogsmeade, b/c there's no giant castle around.  I think it's either Little Hangleton or Godric's Hollow.

The dragon seems pretty old.  I'm guessing it's blind and the whiskers around it's face are grey.  And it's wings are pretty worn, which could show some kind of age, unless the Trio was attacked along with the dragon (they don't look so great themselves).

I'm also wondering what kind of dragon this is (could it be Norbert? How fast do dragons age, anyway?)  The HP Lexicon says that the Antipodean Opaleye's eye has no pupil and it's multicolored (look at the high-res and it could be), but that dragon is native to New Zealand and Australia.  I don't think that the Trio is going that far away.  Norwegian Ridgeback (aka Norbert) has horns, but they're supposed to be bronze and this one's back isn't spiky enough.  Common Welsh Green?  Well, this one's an earthy color and the info I have doesn't say anything about horns and such (of course, I wouldn't have "Fantastic Beasts" handy when I need it, now would I? - the Lexicon doesn't have all of FB on the site because Jo wrote it for charity and who would buy a reference book when all the info is free online?).  The mystery continues...

What intrigues me (and makes me a little nervous at the same time) is that this dragon is probably very important to the story, being as it is on the cover (Arthur Levine's comment, notwithstanding) and I'm also anticipating Fawkes the Phoenix to be important as well.  The reason this makes me nervous is that I'm in the process of writing a story that also places importance on phoenixes and dragons, thought the phoenix comes first and is of higher importance.  Then again, a lot of stories use dragons and phoenixes, so I probably shouldn't worry.

And here I thought that all the exciting Deathly Hallows-related things had already happened and the next step would be July 21.  Silly me.

Love from,
Jenny Wildcat
Since it's summer, of course things change by the millisecond, so here's the quick rundown --

- My little sister and my cousin beat Lego Star Wars before I did.  Granted, there's one level we can't play because the disc or something freezes up (I swear, we have a Super Nintendo that you can run over with a bulldozer and it still works, but if you breathe wrong on these new consoles, they spaz out like Marilyn Bauer), but still, I'm irritated.

- The whole town (all thirty of us - no joke) is going to be scrubbed down and put on our best behavior for the county commissioners and twelve of their friends coming for lunch tomorrow.  I guess it's some tourism and travel committee that wants to see all the places of interest and since we're on the Pony Express Trail, we get to feed them.  The best part: they'll be eating at our cook house on our ranch, so today will be spent making the cook house look presentable for the highest dignitaries that we'll ever be honored to entertain (on the bright side: any excuse for a barbecue ^_^)

- I preordered my "Deathly Hallows" yesterday.  Yes, I am a procrastinator, but as long as I get there early for a wristband, who notices?

- Oh, and one minor, small, insignificant note from yesterday -- I got a JOB!!  I'm a Quality Control Editor for an online university in Salt Lake and it PAYS!! (I'm not going to say how much because I feel a little weird bragging about the exact amount -- but I don't feel weird bragging about that I get that much... yeah, that made no sense).  Though, after bills and expenses, it probably really isn't that much, especially since I'm going to be apartment hunting soon and housing in the big city is not cheap, not to mention food and gas and car payments.  Oh well, welcome to adulthood ^_^

- On the subject of housing, I'm moving in with my sister for the rest of the summer until her roommates come back from summer vacation.  She lives up by the U, which is where I wanted to be so I could go to a student ward (as opposed to a singles ward - trust me, there is a BIG difference).  It'll be a little strange since I'm not very close with my sister, but she was nice enough to say yes.  And she works at night and I'll be working during the day, so it's not like we'll see a lot of each other (I need to ask her if she has internet in her apartment.  I think she does, but better to check).

- This arrangement is only temporary anyway.  I still need to go apartment hunting for when school starts in September.  I still haven't come to terms with the fact that I'm not going back to school in the fall.  I still feel like I'm on summer vacation and I need to get my books and fees paid and all that fun stuff.  It probably won't hit me until everyone else starts going back.

And that's my life.  It's not terribly exciting, but I feel like talking about it.

Love from,
Jenny Wildcat
Let's see if can get the latest DH countdown from Leaky to post here:

Run your mouse over the book and see how fast you can get the thing to spin (it's not like you're doing anything until July 21, right?)

Love from,
Jenny Wildcat
Okay, after three hours of wading through slow-loading pages (I even had time to go clean the bathroom between pages -- this is the end-of-year, try-to-get-as-much-security-deposit-back-as-possible, nazi-landlord-deep-clean, mind you) I have my next round of Leaky's Deathly Hallows Prediction Quiz:

I smell like Clorox ^_^
I finally got the quiz completed and here is my button (wait for it... it's coming... someday...):

More to come later!
Leaky posted a new quiz today that records your predictions for book 7: The Ultimate Deathly Hallows Predictions Exam.  The idea is that you fill out each question (Will Harry live? Will Voldemort live? Who's getting married? that sort of thing) and then when the book comes out, you can go back and see how good your powers of prediction (of course, we know that I'm going to score 120% simply based on my "Audrey is Not Dead" "24" predictions -- and I never even started a website! ^_^).

The problem is that it takes 10 minutes between pages to load.  I know exactly how I want to answer nearly every question, so it takes me less than thirty seconds to fill out, but an eternity to get the next page to load.  Oh well, it'll all be worth it in the end.  They're supposed to be doing a new section every 20 days until July 21, so I'm hoping that they get all these nasty kinks worked out soon.  In the meantime, I'm periodically checking there while I post so I don't look like I'm completely screwing off in the library two weeks before the semester ends.

In my defense, I was trying to do research on a presentation I have to give next Thursday for Prose Fiction.  We're reading a short story by Ursula K. Le Guin called "Texts."  If you don't know, Le Guin has written the Earthsea series and other children's fantasy/sci-fi, but she also writes things that the academic literary community likes, which is why she's anthologized in college textbooks and she shares a category with JK Rowling, which most academic writers would slit their wrists before they had to do that.  In fact, I'm trying to find this essay she wrote "On Despising Genres," but I can't get it without shucking out $11 that I simply don't have for an e-book that I read the hard copy of, but didn't like so much.

My problem with this is that "Texts" is such a little known piece, compared to Le Guin's speculative fiction and fantasy, that nobody's written a critique or analysis on "Texts" that I can use.  In the grand tradition of literature presentations/papers, the word of one writer is crap unless someone else has said the exact same thing before.  I'm thinking of just saying that I couldn't find anything, but does anyone have something to say about this piece?  Heaven knows I have plenty to say about it, but if we could get a sort of Canon-Conundrums-type debate going about this in class, that could be fun (not to mention a happy slap to the academic hard-noses -- hey, I'm graduating, I'm entitled to a little ribbing ^_^).

And last night's CSI was just a recap of all the miniature killer cases.  Not that I don't enjoy a little refresher course (and Grissom on a hunt for a drugged-up rat that burst out of a drowned body on the autopsy table -- never eat dinner while you watch CSI), the lack of Nick and Greg eye-candy made for a sad Wildcat.  Maybe the killer will call Hodges' cell next week.

Love from,
Jenny Wildcat



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