I have the hardest time finding videos that are purely for Thanksgiving, so I'm going with an old(ish) classic:

Hope everyone has a fantastic Thanksgiving!
Well, anyway, we've got a monster of a storm coming in.  Just in time for Thanksgiving.  Happy day.  (/sarcasm)

The kids at school today were too far gone to do anything productive.  The most we managed to do was first period Biology - they're getting ready to have a mock-debate about wolves and ranchers around Yellowstone.  But the English teacher didn't come on the PolyCom, so we just played Farkle the rest of the day.  I've never played Farkle before - and quite honestly, I stunk at it.  But it was fun anyway.

So now I'm just waiting for my family to get through this blizzard.  Our branch is supposed to be having Thanksgiving Pie Night tonight.  Mom bought a couple of Marie Callendar pies and told me to get them ready. I've got one pie thawing out and one pie... well, I put it in to bake, but it wasn't done.  So I let it bake longer - and I think I burned it.  Well, half-burned anyway.  Luckily, those weren't our Thanksgiving pies because that would have sucked.

The power's probably going to go off tonight at some point.  Even so, I'm here being bored and I got looking through my DVR archive - and guess what recorded a week or so ago at 4:00 am?  The full two-parts of "The End of Time" on BBC America.  And that must be watched.

*crickets chirp*

Well, I thought it was cool anyway.

Oh cool - time is ending.  Bye now!
Back on a Monday after a long weekend. Thanksgiving was fun - more fun than usual, it seems. Of course, I missed it last year, so maybe that has something to do with that. Here's the rundown of my weekend, if you care to know.

Family, Friends, Food and Football - Everything You Need for a Great Holiday )

And the footnote:

Capital Letters Are Reserved for Classy People. Like Jesus. )

(Hopefully nothing in this post gets me into trouble...)
The crew at PJTV.com celebrate Thanksgiving. See if this follows in any of your Thanksgiving celebrations.

Happy Turkey Day, y'all! ^_^
Just a quick post for Turkey Day:

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Hope everyone has a happy Thanksgiving and eats lots and enjoy time with family and everything else you all are doing!
So, I figure some of you are sick of that tirade that's been on my main page for a few days, so here's something slightly more exciting.

It's Thanksgiving this week!  Turkey!  Mashed potatoes!  Pies!  Family!  Football!  Cherished traditions that date back to time immemorial (and it's even better since the Detriot Lions are on their way to a winning season.  Watching them get their butts handed to them has been a family tradition since my dad was a kid, but I think we're all ready for a slight modification to that tradition).

Also, this Saturday marks the annual Utah-BYU rivalry game, which is always a treat, especially since the Utes are playing in Provo and are going to totally whomp on the Zoobs.  That's what happens when you start out kinda junky and the opposition spends September rubbing your face in it and then you get going better and then you play the opposition on their own field at the end of the year.  Keep your Ohio State-Michigan or your stinkin' SEC rivalries - I'll take the Intermountain Holy War any day ^_^

(Am I excited?  Yup, just a little)



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