So... I downloaded a boatload of PotterCasts (pretty much everything I missed on my mission) and I downloaded the audiobook for "Harry, a History" by Melissa Anelli (who is also a PotterCaster and the webmistress of The Leaky Cauldron.  And calm down - I downloaded it from, so it's legal).  I've been listening to all these - and, quite honestly, everyone is getting on my nerves.  Sue's constant apologetic tone for theories and reporting the news is annoying.  Melissa's thinly veiled attempts at political-correctness-and-objectivity-that-really-isn't ticks me off.  Even John's jokes have gotten vulgar.  Frak is okay - to a point (I guess since I've been introduced to him in post-mission life, I can handle him).

I guess it's time to move on.  As I listened to Melissa's book, I realized how little I have to do with that fandom anymore (that I probably never had much to do with the hardcore geekery in the first place).  Oh, I'm still excited about the next Harry Potter movie and the possibility of going to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park in Orlando - but Leaky has gone too liberal for me (or maybe they always were and I had the excitement of the books to disguise it).

I dunno... between dealing with the "Dumbledore is gay! Hooray!" puke-fest and the socialist HP Alliance, I feel like my fandom's been hijacked by people whose opinions routinely spit in my face and insult me on a personal level constantly.

A note related to Dumbledore's sexual preferences: as part of my playing catchup, I listened to PC's "Harry goes to Comic Con" live show.  Here, Melissa and several others were part of a Harry Potter panel.  Most of the audience, it seemed, were there for things other than Harry Potter.  Someone, not of the HP fandom, brought up the question of what Dumbledore's "outing" had done to the fandom.  Someone from either the Sugar Quill or Fiction Alley (neither of which I frequent, seeing as how I am not a fanfiction devotee) responded that it was great because they finally had ammo to throw at all the "hateful" people who requested that fanfiction be kept heterosexual and clean and that homophobia has no place in Harry Potter, so get out you intolerant non-homosexual religious person, you!

That's not exactly how it was said, but that's how I felt after she said what she said.  And the fact that people cheered for it just rubbed salt in the wound.  It's the first time that a podcast has made me cry.  Honestly, I thought all that hullabaloo would die down and life would go back to normal, but I guess it hasn't and it won't.

I don't believe homosexuality is moral or even natural - BUT I don't believe that makes people who have chosen to be homosexual inherently evil.  I believe they are human just like the rest of us and, just like the rest of us, they make mistakes that can thankfully be forgiven through the Atonement.  The choices they make are between them and their Creator and none of my business.

Don't Harry Potter fans know what it's like to be laughed at and ridiculed for something they treasure?  Sorry, but my values are a touch more deeply held than my love of Potter and they come first.  I never knew that Harry Potter fans could be bullies, but when you get to interview JK Rowling and are on Scholastic and Warner Brothers' speed dial, I guess there comes a point where you become "The Man" that you fought so hard against.

(As an aside, I laughed during the Wizard Rock chapter when the DeGeorge brothers of "Harry and the Potters" fame, who had worked so hard to flourish and not sell out of mainstream rock and "stick it to The Man" suddenly became "The Man" of Wizard Rock when they told Alex Carpenter of "The Remus Lupins" that he couldn't perform unless he was opening for the Potters.  Talk about hypocrisy.  I was happy when Alex told them - in effect - "screw you" and continued to play.  I knew there was a reason I preferred his music over the others.)

Anyway, that's one example of how I suddenly feel disenfranchised by my once-fandom-of-choice.  And it doesn't feel like I can do much about it because I'm just one person - one person who's been out of the loop for a year and a half doing something that, quite frankly, I'm sure I would get laughed at if I were to mention it on the boards at Leaky.

Mission life changes you.  You see things you once loved in a new light and, sometimes, that stuff has to drop out of your life.  I still enjoy the Harry Potter books, but the fandom continues to disappoint.  I'm not ready to give it up completely - I promised myself I would finish listening to all these PotterCasts - maybe some kind of redemption is possible, but I doubt it.  However, I hear Twilight has a big following - maybe I can find some intellectual grownups over there.

Or maybe I should just read the books and forget about any kind of fandom interaction.  I know I'll at least listen to my own theories.

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I finally got the quiz completed and here is my button (wait for it... it's coming... someday...):

More to come later!
Leaky posted a new quiz today that records your predictions for book 7: The Ultimate Deathly Hallows Predictions Exam.  The idea is that you fill out each question (Will Harry live? Will Voldemort live? Who's getting married? that sort of thing) and then when the book comes out, you can go back and see how good your powers of prediction (of course, we know that I'm going to score 120% simply based on my "Audrey is Not Dead" "24" predictions -- and I never even started a website! ^_^).

The problem is that it takes 10 minutes between pages to load.  I know exactly how I want to answer nearly every question, so it takes me less than thirty seconds to fill out, but an eternity to get the next page to load.  Oh well, it'll all be worth it in the end.  They're supposed to be doing a new section every 20 days until July 21, so I'm hoping that they get all these nasty kinks worked out soon.  In the meantime, I'm periodically checking there while I post so I don't look like I'm completely screwing off in the library two weeks before the semester ends.

In my defense, I was trying to do research on a presentation I have to give next Thursday for Prose Fiction.  We're reading a short story by Ursula K. Le Guin called "Texts."  If you don't know, Le Guin has written the Earthsea series and other children's fantasy/sci-fi, but she also writes things that the academic literary community likes, which is why she's anthologized in college textbooks and she shares a category with JK Rowling, which most academic writers would slit their wrists before they had to do that.  In fact, I'm trying to find this essay she wrote "On Despising Genres," but I can't get it without shucking out $11 that I simply don't have for an e-book that I read the hard copy of, but didn't like so much.

My problem with this is that "Texts" is such a little known piece, compared to Le Guin's speculative fiction and fantasy, that nobody's written a critique or analysis on "Texts" that I can use.  In the grand tradition of literature presentations/papers, the word of one writer is crap unless someone else has said the exact same thing before.  I'm thinking of just saying that I couldn't find anything, but does anyone have something to say about this piece?  Heaven knows I have plenty to say about it, but if we could get a sort of Canon-Conundrums-type debate going about this in class, that could be fun (not to mention a happy slap to the academic hard-noses -- hey, I'm graduating, I'm entitled to a little ribbing ^_^).

And last night's CSI was just a recap of all the miniature killer cases.  Not that I don't enjoy a little refresher course (and Grissom on a hunt for a drugged-up rat that burst out of a drowned body on the autopsy table -- never eat dinner while you watch CSI), the lack of Nick and Greg eye-candy made for a sad Wildcat.  Maybe the killer will call Hodges' cell next week.

Love from,
Jenny Wildcat
Note that I am still on my WHEE-AUDREY'S-ALIVE happiness high from yesterday, but this needs to be said.

Yesterday, The Leaky Cauldron posted news that the report that screenwriter for the fifth Harry Potter film, Michael Goldenberg, was unhappy with the script and some other crap was FALSE, despite what some other fansites were saying *cough, MuggleNet, coughcough* Today, Leaky posted an exclusive interview with Mr. Goldenberg to set the record straight.  Needless to say, there has been much ill feeling towards MuggleNet and, while Leaky is friends with the Muggle people and asked that there be no more bashing of their site, I must ask my fellow HP fans: What has taken us so long?  MuggleNet really isn't anything to write home about!  They're just a goofy fansite that has a craptastic podcast run by a bunch of weird little boys.

I used to go to MuggleNet and listen to MuggleCast until I got sick of the Emerson fangirls squeeling in my ear and the incessant U2 babble from Andrew and Ben (they're the worst of the problem).  There really isn't any sort of professionalism with the site and they'll post any stupid thing that's remotely connected to Harry Potter (I think there was a lame-ass mention of HP in an old "Friends" episode and they went all nuts about that).  This thing with Michael Goldenberg just proves that they don't care about the people that read their page.  They just want to be able to say "Hey, yeah, we have a website that people come to.  I can put that on a resume.  Oh look, another new image, let's make a new layout and let's write a book about all our book seven theories that will probably not even come true. And, yes, Emerson is God's gift to the world." *barf*  None of their jokes are even funny, but the MuggleCast listeners are forced to listen to all of their pointless banter because they don't edit their podcast.  And the "New Segments"... sheesh... They introduced, like, five every week.  Wonder how many "new segments" they have by now...

It's that kind of self-serving attitude that turned me off of MN and pushed me completely to Leaky.  I think it's because Melissa and Sue both work in professional journalism (Melissa's print and Sue does broadcast), but Leaky just exudes a sense of maturity.  Leaky does have a goofy side -- his name's John Noe.  Everyone loves John -- you can be funny, just have a decent sense of timing -- and it's not like John doesn't know when to be serious.

Leaky has a wonderful staff -- of all ages (one of their top tech guys, Nick, is about 18) -- that does all kinds of things for the site.  It's organized and we can always expect good reporting and awesome discussion and other things from them.  This is why I'm a Leaky girl first and forever.

MuggleNet stinks like Aberforth's goats.

Love from,
Jenny Wildcat
Being bored on a Saturday, I decided to take a couple of the quizzes on The Leaky Cauldron. Here are my results:

Some of these questions I have no idea where they found the answers to (like the address of Gambol and Japes? If anyone knows how to find this out, please tell me).

I got the small one because the big one wouldn't show my score.

The ever popular "Who Said It?" (that I already took, but it saved it, so I can't go back and re-take it and maybe get a better score... I guess these aren't the ACTs):

And, of course, the first ever Leaky Quiz - The Harry Potter IQ Quiz (though I've taken it before and all I got was Acceptable. I did better this time, but couldn't they find someone better than Percy to put on the button?) Maybe I'll take it again after I've re-read all the books again - and why does it think that I did so well because I used less-than-savory tactics? Feh...

Try them out yourself!

Love from,
Jenny Wildcat



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