Mar. 26th, 2011

Last night, I was tweeting about the various March Madness games going on - and there was smidgen of trash-talking coming from me. Just my usual snark - nothing too malicious (at least, I didn't think so). One of my tweets was something to the effect of I would make a joke about how hard VCU and Florida State were battling it out when they were just playing for the chance to get their butts kicked by Kansas. The very next tweet, I mentioned that there would be no point in making such a joke because Arizona beat #1 Duke and Ohio State was thisclose to getting beat by Kentucky (which ended up happening, making Kansas the lone #1 seed in the tournament). That's just how March Madness is - everyone has a chance to win, regardless of the what seed you're in (unless you're in at a #16 or #15 spot - then you're just there for the food).

So, this morning I look and I have a reply from... some person... with two simple words: "F*** you" (minus the stars, of course). Rather than getting upset and starting a sophomoric Twitter war over it, I merely giggled and marveled that my snarky comments warranted such a response. I also feel like I'd been inducted into an exclusive club - people who eloquently tick other people off via Twitter (of course, sports fans are more easily upset by trash talking than most people. Believe me - I've been on both sides of the issue).

Somebody please check the temperature in hell. I'm actually enjoying being on Twitter ^_^

(Oh, and I guess I should insert my obligatory Twitter plug - follow me at @wildcat_media)



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