Feb. 10th, 2011

A few things this evening -

1. Jerry Sloan, who has coached the Utah Jazz since forever, resigned today (see what happens when I abandon the internet for a day?) Coach Sloan was one of the classiest, hard working coaches in any sport ever and I'm going to miss him a lot.  Another piece of my childhood passes on.

     1a. You know, this is one of the moments that it really pisses me off that Sloan never won Coach of the Year (even though there were a few times that it should have been his).  But he never was bitter about it - so I guess I shouldn't be either.

      1b. Same goes with the Finals.  As they say - we was robbed (I'm really bad at letting things go - so's my mom.  It's a family trait, I suppose).

2. I missed last week's "The Big Bang Theory," so I caught up today on the DVR.  I almost got a little teary-eyed with Sheldon's performance as his mom bidding little "Shelly" good-bye as he departs to the 23rd century with Spock. *tear*

    2a. But what in the name of Captain James Tiberius Kirk was up with this week's episode and Leonard re-enacting "The Graduate?"  Has Leonard taken up the role of slut boy nerd or something?  Weird...

3. I had two of the biggest book orders come in the last few weeks (I still have about five more books to catalog).  And there is some dang good stuff in there.  Expect reviews.

4. Watching "CSI" - Nick Stokes is too gorgeous for words.

5. Just got an announcement from my YA services class - now I get to learn how to write a paper in report form.  Yeeeeeeeeaaaahh...



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