(I had this all typed up, but for some reason Chrome decided "Backspace" means "Go back to the last page you were on and erase everything in the text window." -_-')

Monday night I went in to do my internship at the library.  Now, I'd had a pretty crappy day on Monday and I toyed with the idea of calling my supervisor and telling her I wouldn't be able to come in (they're pretty flexible with me since I'm not actually acting in an employee capacity).  But I figured the sooner I got my 120 hours in, the better.

I went to the reference desk and my supervisor gave me a project to do which required my full attention, but it was a bit tedious.  I was actually happy to have the task because I was ready for something slightly mindless, but that needed to be done.  While I was doing that, a seven-year-old girl came up to the desk and asked me if the library had any books about "rare creatures."

After getting through a few specifics (which is what they trained us to do in library school), I figured out that she wanted books on endangered species.  I started searching through the database and found some nice children's non-fiction picture books that I thought would work for her.  But before I could show her what I found, she told me she wanted "big thick books with lots of words" and she didn't want anything with very many pictures because that was kids' stuff.

Hand-over-heart, that's exactly what she told me.

So, I scrapped my last search and started looking for adult non-fiction books on endangered species.  I found a few titles and I took her to the animals section of adult non-fiction.  I found one title - and it was this huge biography-looking thing.  Even after our reference interview, I was still a little nervous about giving her something too advanced for her.  But she took the book from me and cuddled it like it was her favorite teddy bear.  She even said that her parents didn't let her read that stuff because they thought it was too old for her, but she would sneak her dad's books out and read them.
On the one hand, I didn't want any parents upset at me.  On the other hand, it's library policy to give patrons whatever they want - regardless of how old they are (unless they're kids with restricted cards - and even then the only thing we can restrict is R-rated movies).
We found some other titles she said looked good.  She said she wanted to look around on her own for a bit and I went back to the desk. About 45 minutes later, I was helping another patron when she came back and ended up talking to another librarian at the desk.  In addition to the books I had found for her, she had about three more books and was asking for more.
It just made my heart all warm and fuzzy to see a kid that age asking for books like that.  And being dead serious about it too.  The best way I can describe her attitude was "Don't patronize me with that childish BS."  Kids like that give me hope for the future.
I love my job :)
I have found the most effective method of birth control.  It's called baby-sitting.

(Yes, that was harsh.  Do I care?  Not right now).

My cousin from Reno and her husband are on a trip to visit family in New York, so they left their three kids with my aunt and uncle (my cousin's mom and dad and the kids' grandparents).  My aunt and uncle came out to our ranch to see their other daughter and son-in-law (my cousin and her husband that work and live on the ranch with us.  They have four kids).  So far, all seven of the wild bunch have left well-enough alone and haven't worn out their welcome.

Until today.  My sisters had piano lessons today, which means an hour trip to their piano teacher's house, a hour and a half wait, and an hour trip back (about three and a half to four hours gone).  Four of the most rambunctious of the wild bunch (all under the age of ten) decided to choose today to make themselves comfortable at my house and make me their best friend who will play with them and cause all sorts of havoc and mayhem.  That is, until one of them gets out his BB gun and starts pointing it where the little kids are.  So I had to take it away from him and he was pissed.  Then, one of them (the most bossy) decided to climb a tree and fall out, skin her legs and limp back to my house.  Then, the littlest got in a fight over who wanted to sit in the chair to watch a video.

I finally got the kids settled down (at least, I think they're still settled down), when I remembered that my mom wanted me to cook dinner.  And not just any dinner.  She wants me to cook sloppy joes and mashed potatoes, quipping that I am 22 years old and I should know how to cook something other than frozen pizza or microwave dinners.  But I hate cooking. My cooking skills are limited at best.  Too much can go wrong and it usually does (on my watch).  Either I don't do something right or something will start smoking or some other catastrophe.  When I lived in my apartment in Logan, the smoke alarm would start beeping when I would just turn the oven on (it probably figured: "Oh, she's cooking again, might as well get this over with).  I don't have the patience to cook and there are plenty of other things I would rather be doing.

I'm usually not very domestic, anyway.  About the only domestic skill I have and I enjoy doing is sewing, but that's more of a hobby.  I do like doing laundry (as long as I don't have to fold socks).

Just my musings.  Gotta go.  Mom'll be home soon and I ought to at least have the hamburger in the pan.  And I think someone downstairs is bleeding.  Oy.

Love from,
Jenny Wildcat

EDIT: It turned out no one was bleeding.  It was just another argument between the two littlest over who was going to sit in the favorite chair, but that was enough.  I just carted them all back to their house where their grandma (my aunt) had dinner waiting for them and she had the pleasure of corraling the little monsters wee chitlins.



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