May. 2nd, 2011

... and I am super-stoked about it!!!

He's been serving in the Argentina Buenos Aires North Mission.  He left before I came home from my mission in Florida, so I haven't seen him in over three years.  The last time I saw him was when my family took me to the Missionary Training Center in Provo and the last thing I said to him in person was to wish him luck in the state basketball tournament (they won the consolation bracket).  He left for his mission about three months before I came home from mine, so we completely missed each other.  The only time I've talked to him (other than emails and letters) is Mother's Day and Christmas phone calls.  But tonight around 7:00 MDT, he'll be getting on a plane in Buenos Aires and he'll land in Salt Lake tomorrow afternoon around 4:40 (that is a stinking long plane trip - to be fair he has two super-long layovers in Atlanta and Dallas.  Poor kid's going to be exhausted).

Anyway, I've had this song stuck in my head all day long and I figured why not share in my excitement?

This is going to seriously be the longest day in my life - then again, it'll probably go pretty quick (come on clock - MOVE FASTER!!)



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