Apr. 14th, 2011

I can't believe this is finally happening!

Pardon this sentimentality, but it's moments like this that I really have to look at life.  I mean, I was still in high school when "The Lord of the Rings" movies came out (okay - I was in my first year of college when "Return of the King" came out, but still).  It's very unlikely that I'll see "The Hobbit" with the same group of friends I saw LotR with - most are married, some with kids and all are living far away from me.  Plus, I really don't keep in contact with them (one of the great blessings of moving before graduation).  But some of my best memories from high school are congregating at someone's house to watch the Extended Edition DVDs - even if some of the people there couldn't care less about the actual movie (who invited them?  Honestly...)

So, maybe it's silly that I'm looking at the initial production stages of "The Hobbit" and getting a little emotional about it (Me? Get emotional?  No!), but I measure life's events with fandom.  It really doesn't feel like much has changed since then, but in reality it has.  Anyway - I'm going to stop before I sound even more stupid than I think I am.

- Speaking of sentimentality - most of the kids at school were gone today.  The few that were there were getting Prom decorated and stuff, so I ended up with no students.  I got my stuff done for the library, so I went in to the gym to watch Mrs. L and the special ed student, D, play Around the World.  Long story short, I wound up playing with them.  It was nice to be shooting baskets again.  I even made one from almost half-court - which NEVER happened in my center-forward basketball career in high school (three-pointers?  NU-UH!  I always blocked the middle under the basket.  I had MAD DEFENSE SKILLZ ^_^).

No, serious - it really felt good to do that today.  I need to get out from behind my desk at school and go shoot hoops more often, especially when I have moments of boredom at work.  I think I would just rather play by myself and not in front of other people, even if those "other people" are my students (I'm just odd that way, I guess).



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