Oct. 13th, 2011 03:56 pm
Work is crazy, school is nearly over (thank goodness) but there are always those HUGE end-of-program projects to do. And I graduate in January. And family tradition dictates I attend the many get-togethers and parties (I honestly wouldn't have it any other way).

What I'm saying is, I'm still here LJ! But posting will be sparse for a while (like it has been the last few months). But I check my flist at least twice a week, if not more.
Ahhhh... Spring is starting to want to stick around.  I've been cleaning my room and I got my summer-ish clothes pulled out of storage the other day.  You know, after a while you get sick of wearing the same stuff, but then the seasons change and you get a whole new wardrobe without having to drop a dime!  At least, that's how I operate.

My school projects are coming along nicely.  Not finished by any means, but I'm closer than I was a week ago.  I think a couple more days where I am strongly-motivated might just do it.  Now the fun part is getting to that strongly-motivated state.  And yesterday the yearbook kids got the cover design finished so now we can send it to the printers and they can get started on it! (Oh Happy Day!!!!!)

Oh, and my grandma called yesterday for some insignificant something-or-other.  You have to know, my parents aren't exactly on speaking terms with my grandparents (something that happened while I was on my mission - I've gleaned details of it here and there, but it wasn't pretty).  Among other things, my mom is not happy with the amount of favoritism my grandparents show some of their grandkids and not others.  A few weeks ago, my cousin posted on Facebook how great it was that Grandma and Grandpa came to visit.  Coincidentally, Mom found herself on the phone with Grandma and asked about it and Grandma said that they hadn't seen anybody for months (Grandma doesn't quite savvy how all this internet social-networking stuff works).

So, anyway, I kept my conversation with Grandma short and light on the details.  Not that I enjoy giving my grandparents the cold shoulder, but it's so much easier than having to deal with my parents sniping at me for telling them our business.  Personally, I don't have a dog in this fight.  I just think there are some adults who have been acting like children and need to grow up.  But try telling them that - it's better that I stay out of the drama and let the soap opera play out from here (pass the popcorn, please).

In happier news, I found a high quality fansub of Sailor Moon that I've been watching in my free time.  I've decided to shelve my pride and try it out in the original Japanese - and I have to say, it's grown on me.  There will always be a special place in my heart for the English dub, but as one YouTuber noted, it is possible to like both (I love the music in the English version - and I highly doubt that the Japanese names would be the same if spoken in English.  They rarely are with dubbed anime).  There's a lot more to the story that got cut out of the English version and some of the jokes make a lot more sense in Japanese (of course, I had to look some of it up on fansites to get the full explanation, but once I did, everything was great).  And the phrase, "Tsuki ni Kawatte Oshiokyo" ("In the name of the moon, I shall punish you") is a lot catchier in Japanese too. ^_^  Maybe after this, I'll give the live-action version a try.

Also in the "Happier News" column, Sunday is the first day of the singles branch in Delta, which I am looking forward to.  I met the first counselor in the branch presidency when my brother-in-law was ordained an elder last week in stake conference and he's a pretty nice guy (the first counselor, I mean.  My brother-in-law's a nice guy too ^_^  Strangely enough, the first counselor is my brother-in-law's boss.  Small town living - gotta love it!)  I decided that I need to take the attitude that I'm not here solely to date and find a husband.  In fact, the letter that the stake presidencies sent out about this said that a Young Single Adult (YSA) branch gives YSAs opportunities to serve that they wouldn't normally have and helps prepare us to lead the church in the future.  So, I am going into this as though it's a training and teaching opportunity.  After all, I served my mission faithfully and learned everything I did there and now I need a chance to put that into practice.  I've heard it said somewhere that serving a full-time mission (whether 18 months or two years) gives you the equivalent experience of serving in regular church callings for 50 years.  Whether that's true or not, I figure I should use that more fully than I have been.

It's certain I'm going to get some kind of calling.  Everyone in singles wards gets a calling.  Where this is a branch and it's much smaller, it's even more important that everyone has a job.  Plus, it's standard operating procedure that if a bishop/branch president of a singles ward/branch has a returned sister missionary in his congregation, she must be given a significant position (I'm not saying this to prop myself up - I served as Relief Society president in my student ward a few years ago and when I was selecting my counselors and teachers, the bishopric strongly encouraged me to consider the sisters in the ward who had served missions).  It's not a matter of if I'm going to get a calling, it's when and what exactly I'm going to be.  I make it a point not to say what I would like to do, because you usually end up as something you really don't want to be.  That's how the Lord works, I've found out.  If you say you want something, He gives you something completely different to help you grow and learn.  So, I am just going to say that I'll go wherever the Lord wants me and it'll be great. ^_^
(Why is my iTunes shuffling through all the depressing songs I have?)

I realized I haven't posted anything pertinent to real life in a while (or maybe it just feels that way).

Last weekend was fun.  I went with my family to Hurricane to watch Delta play their playoff game.  The first half was a big defensive battle, so no one had scored by halftime.  After halftime, Hurricane came out all fired up, so we figured that they would score and that it would be all over.  Except we got a defensive stop at the two yard line and one of our guys stripped the ball and ran down the field to about the ten yard line (none of the refs had blown the play dead, so the kid just took off).  Delta ended up winning 6-0 (they missed the extra point - the kicker's kind of a scrub).  And their big reward is... to go play in freezing Logan tomorrow and get massacred.  Oh well, my brother's looking forward to basketball season, so hopefully that'll be better than football season was.

Once we got home, we had [profile] adjie1026's birthday party and then we just played Halo all weekend (there wasn't a Sunday Night Football game because of the World Series - I'm not really into baseball, but I wanted Colorado to win.  I have to pose a question, however.  Would you rather your mascot be a big, imposing, mountain range or would you rather it be something that gets lost in the dryer?).  She got another Xbox controller for her birthday so we could play three at a time, so we did a big Halo tournament-thing with my siblings and my cousins.  I usually suck at Halo, but we played the King of the Hill game and I actually didn't do too bad (it's easier when you know where everyone's headed instead of just free-for-alling it and waiting to get sniped).

We came back to town on Monday, but I didn't come into Salt Lake until later in the day.  Tuesday, I didn't do much except read, but yesterday I got a call from the employment agency and they had an envelope-stuffing job for me.  All I did was stand by the conveyor belt and put CDs into these mailing sleeves with this really ugly and kind of creepy-looking kid on them.  But it wasn't too bad.  The people I was working with were nice and they let us listen to the radio.  It almost felt like a Young Men/Young Women service activity back in the day, except I'm getting paid for it (Money = Win).  I spent six hours there, but it felt like it went a lot faster.

Then, last night my roommate and I went to the YSA Halloween party up Millcreek Canyon.  I really hadn't planned on going, but my roommate wanted to go and I figured I still had my Hermione costume from all the Harry Potter hoopla over the summer and I might as well use it.  The party was okay, they had music (and supposedly a spook alley, but I don't think they ever got it together) and food.  The costumes were pretty fun.  Our bishop and his wife dressed up American Gothic and one of his counselors and his wife were a butterfly catcher and a butterfly (the butterfly was in the net - that was cool).  Someone else was a stick figure (they wore white sweats and used black tape to "draw" the stick figure shape) and there was another couple that were a pair of eyeballs.  This one group of girls dressed up as those old-school Trolls complete with the jeweled belly-buttons and the stick-up hair.  They told us that they had each put a whole bottle of Elmer's glue in their hair to make it stick up the way they did, which, I don't envy the job they're going to have getting that stuff out.

Anyway, that's what's been going on with me.  I'm going to have a book review post since I've finished a few books (and it'll probably be beneficial to more than a few of you, so look for that).  I'm debating whether I want to go home this weekend again, since I need to get working on my missionary paperwork and such, but I might need to hang around here in case someone wants to come see my apartment and (hopefully) buy my contract.  We've had a few calls, so that's good (please, someone want to come live here - pleeeease?)



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