May. 12th, 2011

So... I tried to post from my phone while I was at the Utah Library Association conference earlier today.  And I have discovered that my post never appeared.  I swear I hit the "Submit" button... but alas - nothing.

In an effort to actually post something here that's useful and not just the usual fandom stuff like I have been lately, here are some of the highlights from today:

- Teen Authors Panel - There were actually two of these and none of the other offered workshops tickled my fancy, so I stayed for both.  And it was GLORIOUS!  One thing I struggle with is speaking up to strangers, especially in professional settings.  When I think "OMG - this could influence my career, thus affecting my entire LIFE!" my brain goes stupid and I just can't talk.  But at this panel, I got up the gumption to raise my hand and ask intelligent questions of the authors.  I even gave some of them my business card with my book review blog on it ( and told them I'd be interested in reviewing their books (maybe I'll get emails from their editors - one of the authors asked me if I did author interviews - which would be AWESOME to actually do).  I had never heard of any of these authors before, but they had some cool stuff.  One of the authors was a Sheila Nielson from the Provo City Library who wrote a book called "Forbidden Sea" after a bunch of girls in her library said they wanted mermaid books and she just didn't have them.  Two of the authors co-wrote a book called "Blogs of Wrath," which sounded fun.  The one book I did buy at the conference was "I Kissed a Zombie and I Like It" by Adam Selzer.  He was hilarious - I wanted to buy more of his stuff and have him sign it, but I resisted and just bought the one.

- Morning Business Meeting - I snuck in for that little nugget of joy at 8:00 this morning (considering I had to get up by 6:30 just to get ready and be there... oy...)  It was mostly awards and junk, but one thing that happened gave me a glimmer of hope for myself.  One of the presenters in the meeting was plugging the Mountain West something-or-other academic history library.  Before she came up, she was sitting next to a guy who just graduated from library school and was looking for a job in an academic library.  So while she was up at the podium, she pointed this guy out and then pointed out one of the seasoned historical librarians (who had just been awarded Librarian of the Year) and told the two of them to talk after the meeting.  It was meant as an example of networking and it just imbued me with the thought of "I can do this!"  And the people I talked to today were so nice and excited to hear that I was new in the library field, so that was encouraging.  It's good to know that the kinds of people you want to work for are friendly and won't eat you if you misspeak or something.

- President's Reception - Oh, this was fun!  They had door prizes and snacks and lots of exhibitors with TONS of free stuff!  I actually won a signed copy of "Write More Good" by the people from @FakeAPStylebook.  The funny thing is that I'm staying with one of my classmates and she is good friends with one of the authors of that book.  We actually were talking about that book last night before bed because I'd picked up her copy and was flipping through it.  It's funny.  A little crass, but I got a good laugh out of it (I'm turning into a heathen, aren't I?)

Tomorrow is when most of the workshops are.  And there are some pretty good ones to go to, so I'm excited about it.  Oh, and I also sent my resume to the Salt Lake City Library for one of their Library Assistant positions - fingers crossed!! (please, please, please)



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