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I've got time for a quick post before I zip off to work.  Yesterday, I went shopping with my mom and sisters and baby niece (who slept the whole time, but darn if she wasn't the most adorable sleeping baby in the entire history of sleeping babies!)  It's a mark of how much my job has become part of my thinking that I walked right past all the bookstores and video stores without buying a thing!  My entire mindset was "Eh, I can get that for free at the library!"  Of course, there are a few things that I want to own for myself, but I've stopped buying books before I've previewed them to see if they're worth owning at all.  This means I have money to buy nicer clothes for work (which I need because I have pretty much neglected wardrobe maintenance for the last five years) and food and gas to get there.

Also - kind of had a funny thing happen today.  A few days ago, my roommate got a text from a friend that said she (my roommate's friend) knew of a guy she wanted to set me up with.  The friend didn't say much about him - only that he worked with her husband and he's 33.  On Sunday, my brother came to visit and said he wanted to set me up with his best friend's brother-in-law.  His exact words: "He's your soulmate."

Well, I don't have time for all those silly social things that help you meet people to date (and I really don't know about "soulmate"), so I'm game for being set up by people whose judgment I trust.  I was out and about today and I was going to stop and visit with my roommate's friend (who I am somewhat acquainted with - enough to feel comfortable stopping by to see her, anyway), but I got this sudden and very strong feeling that I shouldn't.  Also, I had the overwhelming thought to call my brother instead and ask him about the guy he wanted me to meet.  I ended up leaving message for my brother and that was the end of that.  For now, anyway.

In other news, I just finished "The Red Pyramid" by Rick Riordan (of "Percy Jackson" fame) and it's something I quite enjoyed.  Not as much as I enjoyed the "Percy Jackson" books or even "The Heroes of Olympus" (which is the sort-of sequel series to "Percy Jackson").  Maybe it's just because I'm not as well versed in Egyptian mythology as "The Red Pyramid" required me to be, but that's not to say I'm ready to dump it for something else.

Okay - quick post is done!



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