My MLS Capstone is tomorrow.  Two years of the hard slog in grad school comes down to this - putting together a 10 minute presentation showcasing what I learned in those two years and praying that I learned the right things (as far as my professors are concerned, at least).  So, in honor of the occasion, I have a couple of theme tunes floating around in my head.  The joy of having a blog is that I get to annoy share them with you all.

1. Theme from "Rocky"

2. "My Way" by Frank Sinatra

Dear Sweet Gallifrey, this whole thing is making me loopy.  I'll be glad when it's Monday.
I finally finished my final project in my web design class and I am so relieved.  So now, my third semester is over and I am halfway done with my Master's degree (crazy).  In other news, I finally got the dog to calm down.  She's been barking at who-knows-what for the better part of the last half hour and it's driving me crazy.  There's no one coming in the house, no cars coming into the yard and no scurrying creatures in the house (those are what she usually barks about).  I love my little dog, but I think she might be getting a muzzle for Christmas (who knows? We got her a Snuggie last year and she hated it - so maybe she'll actually like the muzzle.  She's weird that way)

Oh - the play on Friday.  First of all, the place was packed, which is a big deal for us.  Usually it's just the parents of the kids involved in the audience, but we had all sorts of people from all over the valley - the district superintendent and his family even showed up!  My dad and my sister came in at the very last minute, but that's because they had to come in from town.  The play itself was fantastic!  The kids knew their lines (even the kid playing Ghost of Christmas Present - he kept psyching me out during practice that he couldn't remember his lines - EVEN DURING THE DRESS REHEARSAL!  I swear, I could have slapped him).  The music and the lights worked out wonderfully and everyone had fun.  All in all, it was a success and I'm happy with it.  The only disappointing thing is that the mother of the soldier we were raising money for couldn't make it, which is a shame, but the play made about $50 for his family which is a lot, considering our size.  We're continuing the fund-raiser through the end of the basketball season (which ends January 22), so we can add to it from there too.

We managed to get some pictures of the play, which are under the cut:

God bless us, every one! )

Today during our PolyCom biology class, the biology teacher told us that he stopped by the superintendent's house on Sunday and the super couldn't stop talking about how much he liked our play.  I don't know what the biology teacher wanted to visit to the super about, but that news stroked my ego ^_^

Unrelated question - My mom asked me on Sunday what I wanted for Christmas.  I'm really bad about on-the-spot questions like that, especially when it about something I want.  But after some consideration, I think I want a Kindle.  I mean, I buy so many books already (from Amazon, no less), I might as well get them cheaper and stored on one little gadget.  The only bad thing I can think of is that the Kindle isn't like the iPod where I could load music from CDs I already owned onto the thing.  I'm not sure how I would take books on my bookshelf and load them on my Kindle without buying them again.  But I think I'll be okay being a hybrid ebook/hardcopy-book reader.

Speaking of - just in case I haven't spammed your flist enough, here is my Christmas present to the internet!

Merry Christmas Indeed! )

(And may I say that, for uploading videos, YouTube really hates me.  I've tried to upload a couple of fan-made music videos lately that have be downright blocked while scores of similar fanvids go prancing off happily into the internet sunrise.  Maybe it's just me? idk... :/  So, I give up on posting to YouTube and instead will opt for my Vimeo account.)

Well, that's that.  I'm off to do... something.  Probably nothing productive.
Taking a break from working on a fanfic diligently studying for the impending end of my online classes, I log onto LJ and find this little gem and I MUST share in the fangirl joy (many thanks to [ profile] carbonelle from [ profile] therightfangirl, who got it from someone on YouTube - look it up).

I was very pleased to see that I have seen a good handful of these movies. I'm not the uncultured swine I thought I was!  (but I must find out which movie the clips of David Morrissey are from.  *runs off to IMDb*)



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