And what did I see? SNOW falling at the end of September! ('kay, that didn't rhyme, but who cares?)

In reality, it's just falling slush, but yuck! And my socks are wet from walking around the grocery store parking lot (I didn't know the new shoes I bought weren't waterproof. Oh, I'm glad I didn't go to the Utah-USU football game. My parents offered me the tickets, but I couldn't find anyone to go with me. Now I'm glad I didn't. Oy...

So, with the crappy weather outside, what is there to do? Take quizzes, of course!

How weird is that?  It could be because of the dream I had last night.  I dream that I was getting married to my One True Love (and, like any dream, I can't remember any helpful details - like his name, what he looked like, etc.) and it was all sappy and gooey and romantic, so I woke up feeling pretty good about myself and wondering where my husband was (heh, just typing the phrase "my husband" gets me giddy ^_^).  Sadly, I came back into reality when I realized that I hadn't had a date in a year and *insert typical "I am single. Woe is me" pity party.*  What's really strange is that I'm pretty sure I've had this dream before.  Hmm.... Any dream interpreters in the audience?

So, the rest of the day is a "My roommate is gone for the day and I get to do whatever I want" day.  [profile] shellic came down yesterday and we went to dinner and rented a movie ("Music and Lyrics" - it was actually pretty good. Drew Barrymore's one of my favorites and Hugh Grant isn't too shabby either ^_^  That music video at the beginning was hilarious - you just have to see it).  This morning, my ward was having a Relief Society Enrichment breakfast for the general broadcast later tonight, so we went to that, then I drove her home to see her family.

Anyway, that's my day.  So I'm going to go read now.  There's not much else to do (other than fold laundry - I just remembered I still have stuff in the dryer).
Today, my roommate, S, invited a bunch of people over for Sunday dinner, which wasn't that big of a deal, except she did it without asking me.  And the people that she invited aren't the kind of people that I like to hang around with.  Oh well, as long at they don't get mad at me for sitting here and watching the first week of football (like I've been planning to do for weeks and weeks) in my jeans and t-shirt while they have a "civilized" "double-date" type dinner in their church clothes (personally, I find it difficult to relax in my nice clothes.  I don't wear church clothes all day on Sunday unless I absolutely have to).  I had my Sunday plans first, which never involve putting together elaborate meals for other people.  The most I'll ever do is throw something in the Crock-Pot before church and tell people to help themselves ("people" here meaning me, myself and I).  Don't get pissed at me because what you did conflicted with what I'm doing.

The depressing thing is that the guys that S invited over are an accurate sampling of the dorky  goobers that live in my apartment complex.  I might have been a little more eager to participate if there were some men that I would want to keep company with.  But these won't shut up about their missions and the subtle intricacies related therein (that we've heard in testimony meeting ad nauseum).  It's all well and good to go on a mission, but when you're home, find something else to get involved with so you have something to relate to with normal people.  Join a book club or go see movies or play fantasy football.  Hell, you could start knitting, I don't care.  Just do something that doesn't involve stupid companion tricks or rabid dogs or Mexican stomach viruses.

And my brother wonders why I don't date.

(Apologies for that short rant, but I spent my Saturday getting crap from my 17-year-old brother because I don't date and that should just "go find a boyfriend" (could anyone please point me to the nearest boyfriend tree so I can find a ripe one?)  Sheesh, I already blindly e-mailed some guy that I've never even met, but I thought it would be a good idea anyway.  Is it my fault that he didn't reply?  I'm just a little torqued off in the relationship department right now.)

Speaking of our national pasttime (well, it should be), my fantasy football team is kicking butt!  Granted, most of my teams have already played and the fantasy team I'm playing against has mostly Dallas Cowboys players (who don't play until later tonight), but I'm quite pleased with myself for doing so well my first week (of course, with my luck, Peyton Manning will be out with the flu next week and my team will completely fold).

(It's so weird seeing the split-screen of the Detroit Lions celebrating their win over the Raiders and the people who found Camille Cleverley's body at the bottom of Bridal Veil Falls.  I haven't been following the story at all, but that was a random observation.)

Pardon my orneriness, but it's been a long weekend.  Don't even get me started on the Utes game.  Stupid offense... I'm redshirting this year.

Puh... I'm gonna go watch Football Night in America now. 
Okay, there's a lot been going on and I think it would behoove me to employ a couple of LJ cuts.  The first is a roommate/personal life rant, so you can skip that if you like.  The second a "Heroes" ramble (spoilers up to ep. 16 "Unexpected").

Wow, that's a long post (thank heaven for LJ cut).  That's what happens when the good, the bad and the ugly hit you all at the same time.  I guess I'll be fine.
Remember my post a few days ago about e-mailing a guy, J, that my friend, B, "introduced" my to? (if not, go read the post, because it's complicated to describe).  Well, I e-mailed him yesterday.  It was more of a "Hi, this is me, B said we could be friends, talk to you later" sort of thing.  J hasn't e-mailed me back, so I'm still playing the waiting game.  He is kinda shy (according to B), so it might be some time before he replies.

Funny thing, though: I was debating whether or not I should e-mail him when B came onto the Gmail messenger and asked me if J and I had talked or not.  I said we hadn't and she asked me why and I said it was because I was nervous about it (first keep in mind: the whole time we were chatting, I was writing the e-mail to this guy - wasn't sure if I was actually going to send it at this point).  She was nice about my hesitancy and just encouraged me to go for it, if I really want to (second keep in mind: B is also friends with J and she's kind of trying to set this up for our mutual benefit).

In other news, yesterday our ward's Institute class started (this semester's subject is the first half of the Old Testament, which I'm excited for).  Afterwards, there was kind of a socializing opportunity (with the obligatory brownies and lemonade) and my roommate, S, started chatting it up with one of the guys still hanging around.  I soon found out that this guy was C, a guy that she's talked about really liking but not really having any chance with because "all the other girls in our ward are after him too" (It can't be a coincidence that he's an accountant and she's an accountant - I'm sure there's a mushy-puppy-love-and-math joke in there somewhere).

My first thoughts was that I must be in very small minority of girls in our ward because this guy is not my type at all (which is fine, less competition for S).

So, we went home and barely five minutes after we got home, who should ring the doorbell but C?  S was very pleased and I left them to talk shop (I did stick around for a few minutes, but the incessant CPA talk was giving me a serious case of ADD).  After C left, S was on Cloud 9 (she may have still been giddy this morning)  And it was cute, that I'll admit.  I'll also admit that I was a little jealous.

As usual, my thoughts lead to random places: I was thinking that it was cute that a couple of accountants could possibly hook up, but would I like to find someone with the exact same career that I have?  I mean, I'm into English and literature and all that, but I don't necessarily like bringing my work and/or academic resume into my social conversation.  I'd prefer to discuss my hobbies (which are vastly different from what I do 9-5) and fluffy stuff like that.  Plus, I like to learn everything I can about everything I can learn about (if you understood that sentence, you get a cookie), which is why I'm hesitant to go for a Master's Degree because you study everything about one tiny part of one narrow subject.  I'm the opposite: I want to learn as much as I can (which usually translates to a tiny part) about EVERYTHING using everything at my disposal.

This is why being a stay-at-home mom appeals to me.  Do you know how much moms do? They run households, which means cooking, cleaning, running budgets, driving kids to activities, taking care of sick kids, maintaining household gadgets, performing repairs.  Moms get to help their kids in school and can learn about all those subjects.  Moms help their kids in the sports or music they play and the other activities they're involved in and the list continues.  Surely, Mom picks up more than a few facts and tidbits about what her and her kids (not to mention her husband) are involved in.  Moms get to learn a LOT, just by virtue of what they do (and that's not including the things she can choose to do in her free time - when she gets free time).

I'm not saying being a mom is all peaches and cream (speaking for my own mother, she's a saint with all the crap she's had to deal with), but it is something to look forward to.

Told you my thoughts were random.



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