2011-12-20 10:45 pm

It's a Dangerous Business, Going Out Of Your Door

Yeah, I know that's a Lord of the Rings quote - but this is where it all got started!

Behold - the trailer for "The Hobbit!"

(I am so pumped for this!)
2011-12-02 10:34 am
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The End is Near!

My MLS Capstone is tomorrow.  Two years of the hard slog in grad school comes down to this - putting together a 10 minute presentation showcasing what I learned in those two years and praying that I learned the right things (as far as my professors are concerned, at least).  So, in honor of the occasion, I have a couple of theme tunes floating around in my head.  The joy of having a blog is that I get to annoy share them with you all.

1. Theme from "Rocky"

2. "My Way" by Frank Sinatra

Dear Sweet Gallifrey, this whole thing is making me loopy.  I'll be glad when it's Monday.
2011-11-12 11:01 am

Things in the Past 24 Hours That Have Made Me Happy

Okay, enough of that rant on the top of my page.  It's time for some joy! I've just found a bunch of random things that have brought a smile to my face and I wish to share them with you. There's nothing really specific and no set theme.  Just something to enjoy on this chilly Saturday -

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2011-11-07 08:02 pm
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A Rant. Cover Your Ears

Maybe I'm tired of school and all the stupid hoops they make you jump through.  Either way, it's rant time.

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2011-10-30 09:39 pm

And Now.. A Tribute to Russell and Julie (Oh, and That David Bloke Too...)

This. Is. GOLD!  There are not one, but TWO videos floating around in celebration of the RTD/David Tennant years of Doctor Who (at least, that's what I think they are).  Honestly, I have no idea why these were just found now, but it brought a little tear to my eye as I laughed by butt off at the sheer awesomeness of it.

First, the cast and crew of... well, all of the 2009 Specials singing to "I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)" by The Proclaimers (no spoilers, really. Unless you can somehow divine what the hell is even going on here. Um... no - you really can't. Random Graeme Harper spotting!)

And this is David Tennant, Catherine Tate and John Barrowman singing "The Ballad of Russell and Julie." Just - enjoy.

*sniff*... I miss those guys.

2011-10-26 10:14 pm
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I'm Famous!

Well, I'm in the Utah Library Association newsletter, at least.  Check it out!

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2011-10-25 01:53 pm

(no subject)

I've got time for a quick post before I zip off to work.  Yesterday, I went shopping with my mom and sisters and baby niece (who slept the whole time, but darn if she wasn't the most adorable sleeping baby in the entire history of sleeping babies!)  It's a mark of how much my job has become part of my thinking that I walked right past all the bookstores and video stores without buying a thing!  My entire mindset was "Eh, I can get that for free at the library!"  Of course, there are a few things that I want to own for myself, but I've stopped buying books before I've previewed them to see if they're worth owning at all.  This means I have money to buy nicer clothes for work (which I need because I have pretty much neglected wardrobe maintenance for the last five years) and food and gas to get there.

Also - kind of had a funny thing happen today.  A few days ago, my roommate got a text from a friend that said she (my roommate's friend) knew of a guy she wanted to set me up with.  The friend didn't say much about him - only that he worked with her husband and he's 33.  On Sunday, my brother came to visit and said he wanted to set me up with his best friend's brother-in-law.  His exact words: "He's your soulmate."

Well, I don't have time for all those silly social things that help you meet people to date (and I really don't know about "soulmate"), so I'm game for being set up by people whose judgment I trust.  I was out and about today and I was going to stop and visit with my roommate's friend (who I am somewhat acquainted with - enough to feel comfortable stopping by to see her, anyway), but I got this sudden and very strong feeling that I shouldn't.  Also, I had the overwhelming thought to call my brother instead and ask him about the guy he wanted me to meet.  I ended up leaving message for my brother and that was the end of that.  For now, anyway.

In other news, I just finished "The Red Pyramid" by Rick Riordan (of "Percy Jackson" fame) and it's something I quite enjoyed.  Not as much as I enjoyed the "Percy Jackson" books or even "The Heroes of Olympus" (which is the sort-of sequel series to "Percy Jackson").  Maybe it's just because I'm not as well versed in Egyptian mythology as "The Red Pyramid" required me to be, but that's not to say I'm ready to dump it for something else.

Okay - quick post is done!
2011-10-20 08:45 pm

Sundry Updates and Junk

I know my updating has been sparse of late. I blame it on the fact that I can't post from work (a combination of being too busy and I would feel bad about doing that stuff while I'm on the clock). But I have a few things to write about and here they are in no particular order -

- Radio Free Skaro (though Traveling the Vortex scooped them on this) announced that The Caves of Androzani Special Edition will be released in North America on February 14!!  As a HUGE 5th Doctor fan, this is very exciting news to me.  I've been chomping at the bit for this one and Resurrection of the Daleks to be released over here, as those Revisitation sets have already been available in the UK for quite some time.

- I recently started back in to The Wheel of Time series that I gave up on back in high school.  I read the first seven of those books and enjoyed them quite a bit back then, but I had no idea where he was going with this and it just seemed to go on and on and on with no resolution in sight.  So, I resolved to set them aside and  and come back to them when the series was finished (or at least close to being done).  Well, since Robert Jordan passed away in 2007 and Brandon Sanderson took over to round out the series, i figured it was time to get back into it.  Though I'm going to audiobook route on this go-round.  Thanks to an hour-long commute to work (which I don't compain about since I actually don't mind the drive so much), it's a good way to go.  Plus, the library has all of them on audiobook and I've pretty much stopped buying all my books because Ican get them for free at work, so I can burn them onto my iPod and listen to them that way.  I think it's great!

- Work is... work.  I shouldn't say it that way - it's one of the best jobs I've ever had!  Probably another reason I haven't been posting on LJ - I don't have anything that's annoying me (wow - that's pretty sad when the only things worth blogging about are things that piss me off.  I ought to blog about good things too!)  I work in a freaking library, for goodness sake!  I get to see all the new books coming in and preview them (briefly) as I'm checking them in!  The other day I had a morning shift at one library and an evening shift at another one, so I just hung around reading at yet another library in the branch during the interim hours before I had to go back to work again.  You know you have a great job when you like spending your off-time there hanging out.  Plus, I get to know where everything is and I know the staff and they know me.  Of course, it'll be great when I'm working full-time at one branch (preferably as a librarian rather than a clerk), but I'll take what I can get for now.  The Salt Lake City system has a few job openings for library assistant (which has the duties of a librarian and a clerk rolled into one - pretty decent entry-level job that isn't a substitute), so I've applied there.  Even though I love working at Salt Lake County, I'll happily go work for the City if they'll take me (a great job, plus higher pay and benefits.  Sure, why not?)

- I am thisclose to being done with school.  And, boy howdy, do they make you earn it!  I have to put together a portfolio website (which is much better than writing a thesis that no one will ever read other than me and my professors) and I have to outline theories of library services.  Which is pretty stupid because library services is all about practicality.  I have a patron with a question, I help them with their question, we find what the patron is looking for and all is well.  I'm not going to sit back and contemplate the theory behind the service I'm rendering while I'm rendering it.  Maybe other, more intellectually snobby people do but that's a pain in the butt as far as I'm concerned.  And I highly doubt the public gives a flying ant fart about the theory of library services.  Sheesh... this is why I've had it with academia.  Anyway...

- My fantasy football team hasn't done so great this year, but I should be improving now that I have much of my fall semester behind me and I can turn my attention to more fun things.  I'm just in a league with my family and some friends - it's not like any of us has money in this thing.  I mean, I follow the NFL fairly well (better than most people I know), but I sometimes don't know which players I should put in.  My brother finally had to tell me I had one of the best running backs in the NFL on my bench and I could have been winning more if I'd put him in my starting lineup.  Well, of course I would figure it out the week the Bills have a bye.  Oh well - I don't think I have to play my obnoxious little cousin again.  He gloats so bad when he wins - it's miserable (and he's only thirteen - but he's been insufferable since he could talk.  He cheers for the Patriots, if that gives you any idea how big of a turd he can be).

All in all - I've been doing quite well.  Can't complain too much.  I feel like my life is coming together and I really don't have anything to be worried about.  I mean, I love what I'm doing, I don't have to deal with anybody I don't want to and I pretty much keep to myself and I'm happy about it.

(and hopefully I'll post again soon.  I have been check my flist on a regular basis - I just don't post stuff here very much.  And that's kind of sad).

2011-10-13 03:56 pm
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Work is crazy, school is nearly over (thank goodness) but there are always those HUGE end-of-program projects to do. And I graduate in January. And family tradition dictates I attend the many get-togethers and parties (I honestly wouldn't have it any other way).

What I'm saying is, I'm still here LJ! But posting will be sparse for a while (like it has been the last few months). But I check my flist at least twice a week, if not more.
2011-09-18 03:37 pm
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Writer's Block: On the red carpet

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I'm watching football.

2011-09-11 08:52 pm
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What It Means to Remember


In 1990, Lois Lowry wrote "Number the Stars," a historical fiction novel about two girls living in 1930s Denmark on the brink of the Holocaust. In this story, one girl comes from a Jewish family and the other girl and her family is helping them escape the Nazis. Though this is a fiction, it is very much steeped in history in a way that children as young as 8 or 9 can understand the horrible things that happened to Jewish people during that time.

"Number the Stars" won the Newbery Award that year. During one of Lowry's speaking engagements, she says that a woman came up to her and asked why people wrote about the Holocaust and World War II. It was so long ago, why do we need to revisit these horrible events in history? What does it have to do with us?

Partially as a response to this woman's comments, Lois Lowry wrote "The Giver." This book is about a society that chooses to forget. They forget about war and fear and pain. They have everything decided for them and they are spared any hard or difficult thing. But at the same time, they also give up the joys and delights of life. There is no color or weather or differences or choices in this world - nothing to give variety to existence.

I bring this up because it has been ten years since September 11, 2001. Some people may think that it's time to move on. Sure, recognize this day and that it happened, but don't really make a big deal out of it. Because it's easier to forget such a horrible thing happened.

Yeah, in some ways it would be easier to forget. Just treat this day like any other day to sit in front of the TV and enjoy the opening weekend of the football season. Eat chips and drink soda and yell at the players and referees who screw up three or four states away because in the long run, it doesn't mean anything.

But some of us just don't want to forget.

To their credit (and who would expect any less?), the NFL is doing a lot of memorials and there are some good ads from companies to commemorate this day. I'm sure there will come a point where these are unnecessary and it won't be as big of a deal to remember and rehash that horrible day.

But I am glad that it hasn't happened yet.

I still remember vividly where I was when I learned of the attacks. I was in high school and heading to my biology class. I got a late start that morning, so I didn't get a chance to see the news or listen to the radio, so I had no idea that anything was wrong. We were supposed to have a test in biology that day, but our teacher had the news coverage on when we walked in and there was no way any of us could concentrate on something as silly as a biology test.

Now it's ten years later. In that time, I've been to four years of college, 18 months on an LDS mission and one semester away from my master's degree. I have a little niece and a handful of cousins that have been born since September 2001. I wonder if they will ever understand the significance of 9/11 - how scary that was, even for those of us who were on the other side of the country that day. I've never been to New York, but it's still an emotional thing for me to think about. Because terrorist attacks are things that happen in other places far away from me. They happen in countries that aren't as safe as mine. I don't have to worry about evil people who hate me and want to kill me because of my religion or my race or where I was born or where my parents were born. But to see something like that happen in the United States - a place where I have felt safe and secure my entire life - it rattled me. And I don't like being rattled.

I don't know anyone personally who lost someone in these attacks, but I understand and I feel the loss just as much as if it was one of my parents or my siblings or my friends. I am supremely grateful to the firefighters, police officers, military and just plain ordinary people who stepped up that day and in the days since to keep this country and its citizens safe and free.

When I see my little niece giggle or when I get to play with my little cousins, I often think about the world they get to grow up in. It's getting increasingly dangerous, but it's also getting increasingly safe and people are becoming better. Here's what I mean by that: in the Doctor Who story "Genesis of the Daleks," there is a memorable scene where the Doctor has a chance to prevent the creation of his greatest enemies, the Daleks. The Daleks are the supreme evil in the universe and the Doctor has been sent back in time to destroy them before they can become the destructive force that so many people fear. The Doctor has this moment which has become known as the famous "Have I the Right?" moment. He wonders if he has the right to completely destroy the Daleks - even knowing the horrible things they will do. One line that I think gets overlooked is the one where the Doctor says that people will ally themselves against the Daleks and good people will do great things because they choose to fight the Daleks. This scene is not entirely about averting genocide as it is about the contrast of good and evil - the more evil there is in the world, the more good stands out against it.

That, I think, is the greatest lesson to learn from 9/11 - Evil exists in the world, but good will stand against it and that is what's worth celebrating.

It's certainly worth remembering.
2011-08-14 08:42 pm

This is Happening In Six Weeks

 I've been chatting back and forth with my classmates who are going to Serbia with me next month on our study abroad trip - this is starting to be more real.  Especially since we're probably going to go a few days early and sightsee in another European city (because, honestly, am I ever going to have this chance again?)  I think - THINK, mind you - that we will be going to London (as long as it's still standing by the time we get there).  If not London, then maybe Paris or Vienna (but I am soooo crossing my fingers that the other two who are going decide on London).

While I am super-excited, I am also dead nervous about it.  I am soooo not a world traveler and I have no idea how to handle things like should I carry cash or credit cards?  Should I even take my debit card?  I already know this is going to be expensive (luckily the school has some grant money available for us).  What about my cell phone - how much is a call from my phone to my classmates' phone going to be if we're both in the same country?  Will I have access to laundry facilities or should I just pack enough clean clothes for the whole time I'm in Europe?  What if I get lost?

I think I'll be fine and I'll have a great time once I get there - it's just all the anticipation and preparation that's driving me crazy.  Going on a mission was so much easier because the mission office took care of travel arrangements and having someone meet you at the airport and you're traveling with a big group already.  Plus, I stayed in the US, so changing money and worrying about debit cards wasn't an issue.  Organizing a trip on your own is so much tougher.

Have any of you gone on international trips?  Can you please lend a globetrotting greenie some useful advice?  I promise I'll post interesting pictures when I get back.
2011-08-12 08:32 pm
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The End is Only The Beginning

 Trying to wind down after a stinking long week (which is why I haven't been on LJ for two weeks).  I've been packing as many hours as I can for my internship so I can be done by the time fall semester is due to start.  I have 17 hours left to go, which doesn't seem like much, but I have to pack those hours around work, which makes my work days seem a lot longer.  But I think I can get the rest done by next Wednesday and then I'm done and everyone is happy.

I had an interesting experience yesterday - one of the places I can go sub is the county jail library.  Obviously, working at the jail library is vastly different from working at the public library.  I had a pretty good time - for being at the jail.  Basically, all I'm doing is Reader's Advisory.  The prisoners fill out a form asking for certain books and we pull them from out shelves.  But if we don't have something they ask for, we have to find something similar.  I didn't get to deliver the books so I didn't see any of the inmates, but some of the notes they wrote on their request forms touched my heart.  Some of them asked for self-help or feel-good books - many asked for religious books.  They can only request books once every two weeks, so I guess they really want to make their requests count.  Some of them did ask for some questionable items (one request form asked for a book about growing marijuana.  Needless to say, I did not fill that request.  I think I substituted a graphic novel), but for the most part, I got the feeling that most of these prisoners are trying to do good and be better people.

I also saw Thor and Captain America this week and I have to say that I am really excited about The Avengers movie next year.   Honestly, I'm really impressed with how Marvel has put this whole thing together.  It didn't seem like a full-on series when the first Iron Man came out, but now they've  I've never really been into comic books - not out of distaste, but because I never could find them - but now I actually want to read some now (oh, and I'm really excited about the new Sherlock Holmes movie - I'm becoming quite the Robert Downey, Jr. fangirl ^_^)

What else - oh, I'm going to start writing for HillBuzz.  Not as a regular writer - just as a Ground Report submitter/correspondent/column-writer-person.  I sent a few in (this is the most recent one) and Kevin liked it and he asked me to send in stuff more regularly.  This will be interesting - I tried to write political columns for the paper back in college, but I was always too chicken to try.  But I think I've gotten better at it - and I give even less of a crap about the hate mail I'm certain to get.  Besides, the commenters at HillBuzz are pretty mature (at least, most of them know how to spell).

Also, one of the librarians where I'm doing my internship has me convinced to do NaNoWriMo.  She does a writer's circle once a month and she's going to sponsor a Write-In event.  Since I've had this idea for a novel for a long time and just haven't sat down to do it, I'm think I'm going to buckle down this November and just get it out.

Well, that's it for me - mostly to let my LJ friends know I'm not dead.
2011-07-30 07:34 pm
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My Life is My Work

 24 hours.  I HAVE WORKED 24 HOURS THIS WEEK, PEOPLE!! *joy*

Okay, okay, this might not look that impressive to you full-time 9-5 working stiffs, but for someone who has only been able to secure part-time work for the last year-and-a-half, this is momentous news.  Especially since in a couple of weeks, I'm signed up to sub for 31 hours in one week (including a couple of 8-9 hour days.  Well, the nine-hour day is including an hour lunch break, but I'm not going to get paid for that, obviously).

So, I've been working.  And it's made me tired.  But it's a good tired, like I've said before.  The only complaint I have is that I've been working more hours in the backroom than actually with the patrons.  It's not like I'm on a probation where I can't help patrons until I have so many hours being the grunt girl and then I can work the front desk because I've done plenty of front desk hours so far.  It's just how the scheduling works - sometimes you're up front, sometimes they hide you in the back where you lug books, shelve DVDs and sweat your armpits off (if there is any justice in this world, that little chub on my tummy will melt off from all the lifting and running about I've done).

Though I will admit, just looking at the stuff I've had to check in - kind of makes me want to start reading or watching some of this stuff.  I've never seen any of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but the library has it and there's no reason I couldn't check it out and watch it (I think it's on Netflix too, if I wanted to go that route).  Same with Battlestar Galactica.  And there's so, so, SO much YA stuff that looks good too.  There's a manga version of "Much Ado About Nothing" and I actually squealed when I saw that sitting on the cart (the other circ staff looked at me like I was nuts, but I didn't care).  I'm also a little curious as to what the big fuss is about authors like Janet Evanovich and Dean Koontz.  Not curious enough to put myself on the hold list for those books, mind (for those hold lists are long and legendary - I've hardly touched a copy of "Sizzlin' Seventeen" without a hold slip being spat out at me), but just wondering why those books are so popular.  Besides, I've checked out plenty of other stuff that I'm enjoying, so let me get through this stack before I start borrowing more crap.

In the meantime, I have a paper due on Monday that I decided to change topics on mid-stream.  Off to toil away!
2011-07-21 05:12 pm
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Update on Work

 After about a month of training (which was actually a few days interspersed throughout a month), I finally got to start picking up shifts at the library!  I am super-excited about this because it has been entirely too long without having some kind of set schedule for myself.  I did get some of my internship hours in while I was training, so it's not like I was a completely lazy bum during that time, but still - nice to have steady work hours after being semi-unemployed.

However, my body didn't want to admit that I am a working woman again and I came back after an early before-hours shift (I was there at 8:00 pulling holds and sorting delivery items) and thought I'd lay down for a short nap.  Yeah, three hours later - THREE HOURS LATER - I wake up, still groggy and not quite sure where I am.  Oy...

Still, I'm just happy to have a job, even if it's just subbing.  But I have to say (with an incredible amount of knocking on wood) that this is by far the job I've enjoyed the most.  Today I was scheduled to be the backup circulation person for an hour, which means if the main person on the circ desk gets bogged down, I come in to help.  But even after we'd taken care of all the patrons, I just didn't want to go back in the backroom so I stayed out front (more or less under the pretense of "I'm still new and want to get more experience on the desk."  I don't know if that'll work in a few months).  It's not that I didn't like being in the backroom - I'd just rather be out in the library helping patrons.  Even if it's just making small talk with the kids operating their self-check-out - I just don't want to be someone who sits in the back and never sees the people coming in and out.

Something about just being in the library - whether I'm on staff or an actual patron - just soothes me.  It's not like other jobs where I'm deathly afraid that a manager is going to come and chew me out for some itty-bitty mistake.  Even if I do screw up, they're really forgiving (knock on wood, knock on wood, knock on wood).  And, dude - it's the LIBRARY!  I just love it.
2011-07-14 08:37 am
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Ending of Childhood - and all that junk

It's funny - I was on Tumblr and there were a few people lamenting the end of their childhood with the release of Deathly Hallows part 2 tonight. Now, this is just me and my own feelings, but my childhood "ended" 4 years ago when Deathly Hallows was released in book form.

Don't get me wrong - I enjoy the Harry Potter movies. But they aren't the books. I'm just not emotionally invested this go around. And it's not like the franchise is ending forever (hello Pottermore!)

Still, it is the end of an era and I would be remiss if I didn't acknowledge it in some way. Harry Potter was my introduction to the ideas of fandom and - truly my first real obsession. It was the first fantasy I read while realizing that I enjoyed the fantasy genre and it was my gateway to British culture in general (which led to other things as well). I also credit (or blame, depending on how you look at it) Harry Potter for the fact I majored in English and wanted to become a writer. I admire JK Rowling for everything she's accomplished and the good things she's done with her fame and money. And, for a while, the fandom was a great place to be (even though it got a pretty exclusive there toward the end).

So - in honor of the occasion and for your entertainment, here's a light-hearted recap of all the movies.

2011-07-05 01:32 pm
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Baby Time!

So, my niece was born last night (4th of July baby - hooray!)  I was with my parents and my siblings at the Demolition Derby while Mom was getting regular text message updates from the hospital.  Right around the time it started raining and getting miserable, we left for home and ten minutes after we got home, my brother-in-law sent a text announcing the baby was born and in good health and everything was great.  We headed down a little while later to see her.  And she is a sweetie!

Born on the 4th of July! )
2011-07-03 01:57 pm

Happy Birthday, America!

I'm going to be traveling the next couple of days, so I wanted to get this up before I left - in celebration of the 4th of July, a video of two of my favorite movies about the American Revolution (okay, one's actually an HBO miniseries, but it's awesome and I don't care) -

I love the score for "John Adams," by the way.

Also from "John Adams" - Congress approving the Declaration of Independence and reading it out for the world in epic fashion -

Happy Independence Day, folks!
2011-06-29 10:26 pm

I Have to Tell This Story Because It Is Seven Kinds of Awesome

(I had this all typed up, but for some reason Chrome decided "Backspace" means "Go back to the last page you were on and erase everything in the text window." -_-')

Monday night I went in to do my internship at the library.  Now, I'd had a pretty crappy day on Monday and I toyed with the idea of calling my supervisor and telling her I wouldn't be able to come in (they're pretty flexible with me since I'm not actually acting in an employee capacity).  But I figured the sooner I got my 120 hours in, the better.

I went to the reference desk and my supervisor gave me a project to do which required my full attention, but it was a bit tedious.  I was actually happy to have the task because I was ready for something slightly mindless, but that needed to be done.  While I was doing that, a seven-year-old girl came up to the desk and asked me if the library had any books about "rare creatures."

After getting through a few specifics (which is what they trained us to do in library school), I figured out that she wanted books on endangered species.  I started searching through the database and found some nice children's non-fiction picture books that I thought would work for her.  But before I could show her what I found, she told me she wanted "big thick books with lots of words" and she didn't want anything with very many pictures because that was kids' stuff.

Hand-over-heart, that's exactly what she told me.

So, I scrapped my last search and started looking for adult non-fiction books on endangered species.  I found a few titles and I took her to the animals section of adult non-fiction.  I found one title - and it was this huge biography-looking thing.  Even after our reference interview, I was still a little nervous about giving her something too advanced for her.  But she took the book from me and cuddled it like it was her favorite teddy bear.  She even said that her parents didn't let her read that stuff because they thought it was too old for her, but she would sneak her dad's books out and read them.
On the one hand, I didn't want any parents upset at me.  On the other hand, it's library policy to give patrons whatever they want - regardless of how old they are (unless they're kids with restricted cards - and even then the only thing we can restrict is R-rated movies).
We found some other titles she said looked good.  She said she wanted to look around on her own for a bit and I went back to the desk. About 45 minutes later, I was helping another patron when she came back and ended up talking to another librarian at the desk.  In addition to the books I had found for her, she had about three more books and was asking for more.
It just made my heart all warm and fuzzy to see a kid that age asking for books like that.  And being dead serious about it too.  The best way I can describe her attitude was "Don't patronize me with that childish BS."  Kids like that give me hope for the future.
I love my job :)
2011-06-17 03:29 pm

Quick Update

 It's not like I'm not on LJ all the time - but I just peruse my comms and get on with my day.  But lots of good things have happened and here they are - 

1. First, the BIG THINGS - Salt Lake County Library hired me as a substitute librarian.  Which means I check online once a week (or so) and see if there are any open shifts in the system (there are over 20 library branches in SLCo) and take as many shifts as I want up to 30 hours a week.  I don't get benefits - BUT the County is constantly hiring internally, so it's likely I will get moved up as the system grows.  Shoot, they're building three brand new libraries this year - I'm sure to get in on a permanent basis soon.  Even so - JOB! MONEY! FREEDOM! (er... something like that).
    1a. I'm also working on a practicum ("internship" with a fancy word) and my practicum supervisor is a branch manager and she said she started out as a sub and just worked her way up to being the Head Boss Chief Big Cheese in Charge.  So that's heartening.

2. My dear friend K, after years of going to school and paying dues and putting up with crap from family, friends and neighbors about her family situation, has also gotten a job.  She's the Family/Consumer Science teacher at a local high school - in fact, she's THE Family/Consumer Science teacher - the ONLY one.  So she's in charge of that department and she gets to teach these kids whatever the heck she wants (so long as she follows the state curriculum).  She's excited to get started and I'm insanely happy for her because she deserves it.

3. My mom called and said that this family in our home branch is finally moving!  Now, this family has pretty much gotten on my mom's, my sisters' and my brother's nerves for the past year or so.  They've been coming in on our ranch and telling us how to run our place and take care of our cows and we've all just about had it with them (but we can't tell them to leave us alone because that wouldn't be "very nice" and they actually do good work with helping us and a bunch of other crap that I just don't want to get into here DX)  But, they're leaving and I shouldn't be as happy as I am, but I don't care -THEY'RE GONE! HAPPY DAY!
4. I've just about finished my (ahem) SOOPER SEKRIT project for my little niece (who will be making her appearance in the next few weeks or so).  I will post pictures because, frankly this thing is too cool for words (at least, I think so.  But I'm biased ^_^)