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 After about a month of training (which was actually a few days interspersed throughout a month), I finally got to start picking up shifts at the library!  I am super-excited about this because it has been entirely too long without having some kind of set schedule for myself.  I did get some of my internship hours in while I was training, so it's not like I was a completely lazy bum during that time, but still - nice to have steady work hours after being semi-unemployed.

However, my body didn't want to admit that I am a working woman again and I came back after an early before-hours shift (I was there at 8:00 pulling holds and sorting delivery items) and thought I'd lay down for a short nap.  Yeah, three hours later - THREE HOURS LATER - I wake up, still groggy and not quite sure where I am.  Oy...

Still, I'm just happy to have a job, even if it's just subbing.  But I have to say (with an incredible amount of knocking on wood) that this is by far the job I've enjoyed the most.  Today I was scheduled to be the backup circulation person for an hour, which means if the main person on the circ desk gets bogged down, I come in to help.  But even after we'd taken care of all the patrons, I just didn't want to go back in the backroom so I stayed out front (more or less under the pretense of "I'm still new and want to get more experience on the desk."  I don't know if that'll work in a few months).  It's not that I didn't like being in the backroom - I'd just rather be out in the library helping patrons.  Even if it's just making small talk with the kids operating their self-check-out - I just don't want to be someone who sits in the back and never sees the people coming in and out.

Something about just being in the library - whether I'm on staff or an actual patron - just soothes me.  It's not like other jobs where I'm deathly afraid that a manager is going to come and chew me out for some itty-bitty mistake.  Even if I do screw up, they're really forgiving (knock on wood, knock on wood, knock on wood).  And, dude - it's the LIBRARY!  I just love it.
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