Feb. 20th, 2011

The Gallifrey One convention was this weekend in Los Angeles.  No, I did not attend in person.  Had I learned of it earlier (and had the money and time to blow on it) I would have gone.  But I'm adding that to the list of things I want to do within the next five years.  My only real regret (and it's really not that much of a regret) is that Peter Davison (who played the Fifth Doctor and is my favorite of the Classic Doctors that I've seen so far) was at this year's Gallifrey and it would have been amazing to meet him in person.  Oh well - they'll have cool people in other years as well.

Even so, I had a blast following it via Twitter and Tumblr and LiveJournal and various other places.  And since I figured out how to get Twitter updates on my phone, I even followed it during church (I realized how far gone I was when I saw my sisters playing the Dot Game out of the corner of my eye and I thought they were drawing Daleks).  Non-Doctor Who people who follow me on Twitter are probably wondering what the heck I was even talking about half the time.

All I have left to do is upload my homework that I finished yesterday (while I watched the opening ceremonies video over and over again - shut up - it was FUNNY!!) and wait for all the Gally attendees to get home, get over their hangovers and post more details and videos about the convention so I can fangirl like a crazyperson XD

'kay - Dad's calling us all in for a Family Discussion.  This is serious business (or maybe it's just we finally have a quiet moment and everyone's together and we never get to talk about stuff together.  I have no idea.)



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