Jan. 23rd, 2011

It's officially official - Super Bowl XLV will be between the Green Bay Packer and the Pittsburgh Steelers.  FINALLY - two teams that I have equal respect and admiration for playing for the Lombardi trophy (thus, I don't develop an ulcer from the stress.  Hey, sports is SRS BSNS around here).

First - I am thrilled beyond all reason that no AFC East teams are going to the Super Bowl.  At the outset of this year's playoffs, it looked like the Patriots would be the AFC's entrant, which had me rolling my eyes from here 'til next Tuesday.  Then the Jets took them out - while I have no great love for the Jets, it was good to have the Tom Brady fangirls at ESPN and NFL Network at bay.  But now, it's even better because after tonight, there's no reason to have Rex Ryan on TV flapping his big fat arrogant mouth (I honestly can't stand the guy).

Second - this is just going to be a fun game to watch.  I like Aaron Rodgers and I'd like him to win a Super Bowl (and maybe they can chill out on all the Brett Favre comparisons.  GET OVER IT - HE'S RETIRED ALREADY!**)  But I also like Troy Polumalu and the Steelers' defense.  Big Ben's okay too - I'm not sure how I feel about the whole sexual harassment allegations thing (I admit, I haven't followed that story very closely, so I can't really comment on it).  Bottom line - I like both teams and I'm just going to have fun on February 6 and enjoy the game.

Third - Billy Gardell (aka Mike Biggs from "Mike and Molly") is a Steelers fan.  There's no real reason for me to bring that up other than it's pretty cool.  I love that show.

**subject to last-minute waffling.  But please, for the love of Lombardi, Brett - stay home next year.



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