Jan. 14th, 2011

I really should find reason to post more often.

We just came back from the Delta boys' basketball game - talk about nostalgia!  I haven't been to the Palladium since before my mission (and that was my brother's senior year - he's been out of high school almost three years now).  It was an intense game - double overtime.  I think our boys could have pulled it out, but they got called for a ticky-tack traveling and made some goofy passes.  But it was fun anyway.

Today also marks halfway done with the school year (for the kids, anyway).  They sure do leave things to the last minute (oy...) - I'm going to be punching in final scores all weekend to get things done in time for next week.

The principal called me in his office yesterday - just to chat about how things are going, nothing serious.  He wondered if I would like to give teaching a try and do the alternative route to licensure.  I thought about it... for all of two minutes.  I really don't want to teach - there's too much stress involved.  It would be nice being at a small(ish) school, but I would likely get a job at a bigger school where it's harder to keep track of the students.  Plus, you know there are always going to be those kids that give you a hard time over the fact they haven't turned in their work and they want to make a big stink about having a bad grade.  And I have to do MORE school and incur MORE debt.  No thank you.  I think I will stick to being the librarian - still has its own set of challenges, but I think I'd prefer dealing with those.

Also - I'm trying to find this picture of me from when I was five years old (a certain one, mind you.  I didn't just wake up with a craving).  When I was five, I found this pair of red plastic glasses rims - probably from a pair of kiddie sunglasses with the lenses removed.  I started wearing them because I thought they made me look smarter (I kid you not).  I think I even wore them to school a few times.  There's a picture of me playing outside with my sister and I have them on and I look adorable.  I want to find it just because I want proof that I wore "brainy specs" before I even knew what the heck they were (I was destined for geekdom from the start - it was inevitable).

I should go to bed now.  The thing about double overtime games is that you get home much later than you intended (and cheering at basketball games is very exhausting).

Oh ... by the way - GO PACKERS! (my team's out of the playoffs, so I have to cheer for somebody.  I'll also be happy with the Steelers if they get through.)



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