Drat - don't have a Twilight icon... I should get on that.

Well, just came from seeing "New Moon" - the first movie I've seen since I've been home that merits a first-run movie review on LiveJournal.

But before I get that far: To the ornery goth Wal-Mart cashier chick that gave me a crusty when I bought my $1 New Moon Sweethearts - I don't give you nasty looks when you go see your indie porno artsy crap. I'm having fun and I'm not bothering you. In fact, I'm probably paying part of your paycheck.

Okay - on to the review! Spoilers are a given - but if you're really the type who cares about being spoiled on New Moon, you have read the book multiple times and have seen the movie at least once by now. But it's a common courtesy I extend.

She Who Runs With Vampires )
Now it's been over a week?  In my defense, I have been away from internet access since last Thursday.  Plus, I spent last Wednesday and Thursday substituting at the school again.

So, yeah, here's my life since then.  Be warned: it's long.  Just pick a cut link and here we go!

Oh stink, Fred Thompson's out of the presidential race.  Well, maybe Romney will make him the VP candidate.  In the meantime, I need to go thaw.
Oh wow!  Guess who is playing Edward Cullen in the movie adaptation of "Twilight?"  None other than the adorable Hufflepuff-Triwizard Champion Cedric Diggory!  (Okay, it's really Robert Pattinson, but it's kinda cool.)

Alas, I will be in Florida when the movie comes out, but that's what DVDs are for.  Think of the big movie-watching party I'll have upon my return ^_^

(whoooooo.... it's Cedric, the ghooooooost... I mean... vaaaaaampiiiiiire...  I guess only PotterCast peeps will get that, but, meh...)
Saw Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix movie last night in IMAX.  As my loyal readers know (all five of you), my expectations for this movie were rock bottom, simply because there was so much for them to do right and they already failed miserably at Goblet of Fire (shut up, they did), so what was there to think that they wouldn't completely botched OotP (which is an even longer book that GoF)?

Well, they didn't completely botch it.  Not remotely.

It goes without saying - Spoilers for the movie follow (of course it's long, what were you thinking?):

There's so much that I want to go into (and I haven't talked about my first Harry Potter premiere at Jordan Commons - the HP movie capital of Utah).  I found people to discuss my major DH theory with(!) and that made me happy.  I'll probably post more later, so tune in again.

Love from,
Jenny Wildcat

EDIT: I've finally looked at some local reviews of OotP and Sean Means at the Salt Lake Tribune hit it on the head: It's an installment of a series!!!  Jeff Vice at the Deseret News pissed me off, as usual (he doesn't like fantasy movies with a large following is all).
I don't usually rant about stuff like this, but this is bigger than a simple issue of "OMG HIS HAIR LOOKS LIKE CRAP!!!1!!1"

Love from (but not to the filmmakers),
Jenny Wildcat

PS, I hate this because I had a nice Harry/Ginny shipping post that I was going to write and then this sh** hits the fan.



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