Last night, I was tweeting about the various March Madness games going on - and there was smidgen of trash-talking coming from me. Just my usual snark - nothing too malicious (at least, I didn't think so). One of my tweets was something to the effect of I would make a joke about how hard VCU and Florida State were battling it out when they were just playing for the chance to get their butts kicked by Kansas. The very next tweet, I mentioned that there would be no point in making such a joke because Arizona beat #1 Duke and Ohio State was thisclose to getting beat by Kentucky (which ended up happening, making Kansas the lone #1 seed in the tournament). That's just how March Madness is - everyone has a chance to win, regardless of the what seed you're in (unless you're in at a #16 or #15 spot - then you're just there for the food).

So, this morning I look and I have a reply from... some person... with two simple words: "F*** you" (minus the stars, of course). Rather than getting upset and starting a sophomoric Twitter war over it, I merely giggled and marveled that my snarky comments warranted such a response. I also feel like I'd been inducted into an exclusive club - people who eloquently tick other people off via Twitter (of course, sports fans are more easily upset by trash talking than most people. Believe me - I've been on both sides of the issue).

Somebody please check the temperature in hell. I'm actually enjoying being on Twitter ^_^

(Oh, and I guess I should insert my obligatory Twitter plug - follow me at @wildcat_media)
The games in this section are on-going, which is why this will be an open thread.

Some initial thoughts:

I think Tennessee should change their name to the "Dreamsicles."  Seriously - every time I see a Tennessee player, I get the image in my head of a creamsicle.  Usually, I savvy the wacky color combinations and oddball mascots of college sports (St. Mary's Gaels, much? Richmond Spiders?) - but Tennessee just makes me want ice cream.

"The Blind Side" is coming out on DVD!!  YAY!!!!! ^_^

Those inane "2010 Census" lines in the the commentary - (You know I had to have a political barb in here, you just knew it, didn't you?) - What's the betting that it's costing us taxpayers $1 million+ to have the play-by-play guys say "Fill out your census form and send it back?"  Even the commentators think it's ridiculous.  I don't think I need to say anything more about that.

Well, my bracket is shot to heck.  I have Northern Iowa, Ohio and St. Mary's to thank for all that.  Oh well, I've never been one to put much stock in predictions (which is why I've never put money on it).

I discussed this with my friend Dallas today - you pick teams with your head, but you cheer with your heart.  I've made it a policy of mine: if I have no one to cheer for or against, I cheer for the lower seeded team.  This is what makes the NCAA Basketball tournament so much fun (and the football BCS system such a joke) - pretty much anyone has a chance to win (unless you're a 15 or 16 seed, then you just enjoy the fact that you were there).  The Cinderella teams are endearing and just flat-out fun to watch because no one expects them to do anything, but all of a sudden, they've beaten #3 Georgetown.  And they enjoy doing it.

The most boring tournament happened a few years ago (in 2007? I don't remember the exact year) when there were no Cinderella teams.  The NCAA selection committee were congratulating themselves for "getting it right" (whatever the crap that means), but the fans wanted to shoot themselves in the head - who on Earth wants to cheer for Duke or Kentucky? (unless you actually went to Duke or Kentucky).

Well, Washington is gaining on Marquette.  Boogers... (now watch - the teams I picked as upsets won't even fly a fart in the direction of a win).
Florida - WHAT THE CRAP????  Your idiotic football blueblood BCS nonsense pisses me off during football season, and your basketball team has a chance for redemption - AND YOU FAIL MISERABLY!!  You would have been a Cinderella team - EVERYONE LOVES CINDERELLA!!  (except Duke, but they're jerks anyway)  Oh, I forgot - you're too snotty to be a stinking Cinderella team.  (I'm glad I didn't get to serve in Gainesville.  Punks).

K-State - That was a freaking boring game.  I don't know why CBS thought we wanted to see that over the St. Mary's-Richmond game (like I said, everyone loves a Cinderella team).  I don't blame you - just whomp on the zoobies on Saturday and I will love you forever.


Murray State - I can like you, even though by beating Vanderbilt you messed things up for my bracket.  This is how March Madness works - you pick the winner with your head, but you cheer for the underdog with your heart.

Villanova, Old Dominion, and Baylor - Thank you for not screwing up my bracket.  *cookies!*

Later tonight - UNLV-UNI, Tennessee-SDSU, UTEP-Butler and a bunch of other teams that I don't know off the top of my head.
In less than five minutes, Christmas in March will officially begin.  I have my bracket filled out, my game-day shirt on and I'm ready for this!

The Greater Cosmos(tm) knew I'd need a hardcore sports event this week - that's why everything went to crap last week.  Bring on the cutthroat competition and the testosterone!  Let me throw pillows and shoes at the referees! (but without hitting the TV)  I'm ready! *grrrrr....*

(Man - just watching the Price is Right before basketball gets going - these Showcases are getting stinking expensive!)
It's an Aggie vs. Aggie contest - that's hilarious (Texas A&M are the Aggies too - funny).

Let's go Big Blue!!!

And yes, the irony of byu playing Florida in the first round is not lost on me.  Come on, Florida - you gonna let those white Mormon boys beat you in your element?  You Gators have the tradition - don't screw with me here.  I know you're in Cinderella territory, so let's start polishing those glass shoes.
Just taking a break from watching the NCAA basketball tournament, which started today.  I've been watching all day and so far there have been no upsets, which is extremely unusual for the sports event that proclaims it is "March Madness."  For those of you who think the key is what you stick in the ignition of your preppy, tin-can hybrid, 64 teams are seeded in the tournament into a bracket.  Each team gets a number in the bracket and that is their rank until the brackets are whittled down the the Final Four.  There are four brackets with 16 teams each.  In the first round, the 1 team plays the 16 team, 2 plays 15, 3 plays 14, 4 plays 13 and so on.  An upset happens when a team with a lower seed beats a higher seed (ex. 13 beats 4).  If a lower seed gets far into the tournament, they are called a Cinderella team and they're a lot of fun to watch and cheer for because the rest of us are sick of hearing about how wonderful Duke, Maryland, Kansas, UCLA and the rest of college basketball royalty are (who am I missing?) XP

Right now, the first round is almost halfway over and there is usually at least one upset by now (George Mason, anyone?), but not this year.  Last year, there were upsets left and right and up and down and everywhere you went (maybe it's because West Virginia isn't in the tournament this year).  I don't know if the BCS football committees staged a hostile takeover of the NCAA selection or what, but it's shaping up to be a rather boring March Madness tournament (which is kind of an oxymoron).  It's like they put the Rich Fart States in with the Podunk U's that they knew wouldn't win.

Some teams tried to make a run at it today.  I quite enjoyed watching Davidson play Maryland, but Davidson really couldn't pull it out.  I thought they would.  Then, the one that really ticks me off, Oral Roberts can't even finish against Washington State (USU played ORU in the ESPN BracketBuster and USU beat ORU on the road, but ORU gets into the tournament and can't even make it interesting, so that's why I'm mad about that).

I don't know what it'll take to get the lower seeds to wake up and start winning, but they better do it soon or I'm turning basketball off for the month of March.  "Duke Wins" is not the sort of headline that gets my attention.  It's the same thing as printing something that says "Sun Rises in the East."  I guess this could make the BCS think about a tournament for football, since they're into rigging games for predictable outcomes in favor of their little darlings.

Also, the closest seeds in the first round is the #8 plays the #9.  BYU is seeded #8 and they are going to play #9 Xavier.  It's not really that big of an upset, but if there is to be an upset in this first round, I want it to be this one.  Xavier better show up to play the Zoobs or I'm going to beat somebody to a pulp (I'd prefer it to be that chicken-boy Dave Rose, but anyone in Utah Valley will do).

Love from,
Jenny Wildcat

PS, Since when does Ohio State have a basketball team in the #1 seed?  Beyond that, since when does Ohio State have a basketball team?  Are they trying to host a college sports monopoly or what?



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