Aug. 14th, 2011

 I've been chatting back and forth with my classmates who are going to Serbia with me next month on our study abroad trip - this is starting to be more real.  Especially since we're probably going to go a few days early and sightsee in another European city (because, honestly, am I ever going to have this chance again?)  I think - THINK, mind you - that we will be going to London (as long as it's still standing by the time we get there).  If not London, then maybe Paris or Vienna (but I am soooo crossing my fingers that the other two who are going decide on London).

While I am super-excited, I am also dead nervous about it.  I am soooo not a world traveler and I have no idea how to handle things like should I carry cash or credit cards?  Should I even take my debit card?  I already know this is going to be expensive (luckily the school has some grant money available for us).  What about my cell phone - how much is a call from my phone to my classmates' phone going to be if we're both in the same country?  Will I have access to laundry facilities or should I just pack enough clean clothes for the whole time I'm in Europe?  What if I get lost?

I think I'll be fine and I'll have a great time once I get there - it's just all the anticipation and preparation that's driving me crazy.  Going on a mission was so much easier because the mission office took care of travel arrangements and having someone meet you at the airport and you're traveling with a big group already.  Plus, I stayed in the US, so changing money and worrying about debit cards wasn't an issue.  Organizing a trip on your own is so much tougher.

Have any of you gone on international trips?  Can you please lend a globetrotting greenie some useful advice?  I promise I'll post interesting pictures when I get back.



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