Mar. 1st, 2011

I want to do a video with this song. I just need the right inspiration. Hm...

I have an assignment due in two weeks that requires I interview a collection development librarian and write up a report about it.  We worked on an acceptable list of interview questions during our last class weekend and I'm sitting here getting ready for the interview tomorrow.  As I'm perusing the list, I realize that as we got to the end of the brainstorming of questions, we were getting exceedingly creative.  Questions such as "What circumstances was your collection development policy designed to accommodate?" start creeping into the equation.  Honestly - what day-to-day working librarian is going to have that on their mind?  (That's what you get from a room full of graduate students, I suppose).

Other than that, I'm having a really good evening.  I'm figuring out what my big research paper is going to be on for my management class (which is a relief because I really hate this class - if it wasn't required, I wouldn't be taking it at all) and the topic is actually relevant to my interests (by and large, management is NOT on my list of top ten things I want to learn about.  I hate being in charge and I try to avoid any situations where I might be put in charge of something.  Doesn't always happen, but there you go).  Plus, I watched last night's "Mike and Molly" on my DVR from last night - that was probably the funniest episode so far.  I love, love, LOVE Carl's grandma!  And this time, instead of Mike seeking her wit and wisdom, Molly was the one receiving Nana's sassy sarcasm (and Molly ends up dishing it right back, so it works out fabulously.  Forget Molly's stoner sister and horny mother - I want more scenes with Molly and Nana!)

All in all, a pleasant night.  :)



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