Jan. 26th, 2011

Just a quick check-in today.

I finally got an email back from the Books Inside people (after almost a week), but the guy said that he'd been out of internet commission for a few days (I can understand that).  So, I guess this is finally going to happen!  I love it when things actually come to fruition after lots and lots of talk.

(May I make a note here - this entire endeavor took less than a month to develop, orchestrate and execute.  I think there are a few business-types out there that can take a lesson from my experience.  I'm not naming names, but from the times I've observed business deals - whether real estate or otherwise - takes months and even years to go through, I've just decided that stuff gets taken to ridiculous levels of ridiculous-ness and I say to heck with it).

Also, yesterday I got talking with my cousin-in-law, who was recently elected to the school board (in the same district I work in - full disclosure).  We were just talking about random things with school and such when he mentioned the superintendent of the district had asked if I would be interested doing the Alternative Route to Licensure (which I've mentioned before) because it's possible the principal out here may be retiring soon... maybe.  Possibly.  Actually, nobody knows.  I don't even think the principal knows what he's doing yet, but evidently the district's thinking about the future (which is their job).  Nothing's set in stone yet - it's just an idea (one that's floated in my direction before).  But it means that the super is starting to look for someone to take over and be in charge out here and I guess I'm a pretty good candidate at this point (btw - ARL also gives you your M.Ed, which is what you need if you're going to be a principal.  I think).

This looks great - on the surface.  But it also means that I would be IN CHARGE of everything out here - and I don't know how I feel about that.  I would much rather get my feet wet and ease myself into it before taking on the entire universe.  And I've also decided that I hate being in charge.  When I say "I hate being in charge," I mean like in managerial-type positions.  There are some things I don't mind spearheading (like the school play or the yearbook).  What's funny is that I just barely started taking a Library Administration class (it's required - I probably wouldn't have taken it otherwise), but that has nothing to do with this train of thought.

See, I really hate it when I think I know what I'm going to do, then something comes along that seems perfectly viable and it has a better chance of actually happening... but it's the complete opposite of what I had planned to do in the first place.  But it's as close to a sure thing as I can have at this point.  I dunno... I seriously have no clue what I'm going to do right now.  But truly, I don't need to know what I'm going to do because I'm doing all I can possibly be doing right now in my life.

And that's the most frustrating thing of all.
(I've wanted to review these books for so long.  And I'll probably add more here since it's a less-formal venue than the blog for my class).

Title -

Author -
Suzanne Collins


Publisher -

Date of Publication -
August 2010

Reading Level -
13 and up

Genre -
Science Fiction

Keywords -
Science-Fiction, Action/Adventure, Dystopian Future, War, Government, Entertainment, Family, Interpersonal Relationships, Mental Health

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